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Thread: Family Love -A Taboo Story

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    Default Family Love -A Taboo Story

    Chapter 1.

    Maria was upset. She was going to swimming today but could not do so. Her pubes were showing through her swimming suite and she had no hair removing cream to remove them. Suddenly she thought of using her brother's razor. Salman was two years her senior, she was 15, and they shared a common bathroom. Each had a door from their room into the bath. She went outside and made sure that he was not home. Relax she went to the bathroom and opened his cabinet. His Gillette razor was lying next to his shaving foam.
    After taking off her clothes she inspected her pubes. They were thick and black and covered her virgin pussy like a blanket.
    Maria was a beautiful girl. She had 34B sized breasts, slender waist and round buttocks. She slowly applied the foam on her pubes. In her religion, girls are not supposed to play with their pussies, but she was finding it hard not to touch the small bud at the top of her pink pussy. She slightly touched it and a shiver of ecstasy ran through her. She hadn't played with herself and did not know to do any further so she picked up the razor and carefully began to remove her hair. She was so much absorbed in it that she did not hear her brother come inside.

    "What are you doing with my razor, you idiot?"

    "Nothing." That was all she could say.

    Maria was so stunned that she could not find an answer.

    Salman lost all his anger when he saw her beautiful tits and her spread semi hairless pussy.

    When she realized her nudity, she quickly reached for the towel and covered her nudity.

    "Don't." That was all he could say to her.

    "Get out or I will tell Bushra."

    "What are you going to tell her that you are using my razor for cleaning your pubes?"

    "Please. I am your sister and you are not supposed to see me naked."

    "Okay, but on one condition."

    "What is that?"

    "You will tell me all about yourself and hear from me about myself, like you being my girlfriend."

    "Okay. But go away know or someone might come looking for us."

    "See you in the evening." And Salman went outside with a large bulge in his pants.

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    Chapter 2

    Maria could not concentrate all day long. Even the swimming gala could not cheer her up. Every time she thought about what had happened would sent a shiver through her young body. Being seen naked by someone for the first time and that person being her brother was both exiting and repulsive. She did not know what to do. On one hand she wanted to show her body to him and also get a chance of seeing him naked, but she was afraid that it may lead to other things which she was not prepared to experiment before getting married.

    At dinner table she saw that Salman was also tense.

    Their father noticed.

    "Salman. Did you and Maria had a quarrel today?"

    "No," said Salman.

    "Then why are you both not talking to each other?" He turned to Maria and asked her the same question.

    "Oh daddy I am tired after the swimming gala and nothing else."

    "Ok, its Sunday tomorrow, and you both can sleep without the trouble of going to school."

    They said good night and went to their room.

    After nearly one hour she heard a knock at her bathroom door.

    With trembling hands she opened it. Salman was standing in his sleeping suite.

    "Can I come in?"

    "Sure," was all that she could say?

    Salman switched off her lights except those on the bedside table.

    "What are you doing?" she said.

    "Ever one should get the impression that we are asleep, that's what I am doing."

    They sat on her bed staring at each other.

    "What do you want to know?"

    "Look Maria, I am your brother and I will do nothing of the sort that you do not like. So please relax and don't be afraid."

    He saw her relaxing and for the first time saw her smile a bit.

    "You look beautiful in your nightdress," she said.

    "Thank you, you also look beautiful especially when you are naked.

    "Please don't talk about it know," she cut him short.

    "Okay. But can I ask some private questions."

    She nodded.

    "What is the size of your boobs?"

    "34B" was her short reply.

    "And the color of your nipples?"

    "You saw them today so why ask?" She was getting bolder now as she saw that it was just boy's talk.

    "Well, you quickly covered yourself so I just had a glimpse."

    "Light brown," she said with a small laugh.

    "Are you wearing a bra know?"

    "No. I do not wear one when I go to bed."

    "Can I feel them?"

    "Certainly not, that is out of question."

    While talking she had a strange feeling there and she knew that she was wet. Her nipples were aching and she thanked God that the main lights were off and Salman cannot see them through her nearly transparent cotton qameez (shirt in English).

    "Please," her brother muttered.

    "Okay. I will show you one of my boob but then you have to answer my questions also and promise me that you will not take advantage of me."

    "I promise."

    She slowly raised her qameez and took out her left tit.

    It was Salman first time seeing a tit so closely. He had previously seen his mother’s when she was nursing his baby brother. But this was something new.

    "Is it beautiful?" she asked in a teasing voice.

    "Yes," was all he could say in a deep voice?

    "Please. Let me touch them," he pleaded.

    "Okay. But just touch it."

    He extended his hand and touched it. It was so soft. He touched the hard nipple. She gave a small moan

    "Does it hurt when I touch it?"

    "No. Please keep on doing it, it feels wonderful."

    He took hold of her shirt and in one clean sweep he threw it off her head. There she was naked from above with all her splendors.

    "You promised you won't do anything," Maria said, trembling with desire.

    "I just want to see them both. I am sorry."

    "Doesn't matter know any way, and no it all right. I want you to see them."

    He brought his mouth closer to them and took the left nipple in his mouth.

    She jerked and thrust her boob into his hungry mouth.

    "Oh it feels so good. Please suck them as Atif (her baby brother) sucks Bushra."

    He started with great enthusiasm. First on the left and then on the right until he felt her body tense and with a slight moan she relaxed. It was her first orgasm of her life and she thought that she had peed in her shalwar (pants in English). She felt embarrassed.

    Salman realized what had happened. "Did you come?"

    "What is that?" she asked in a lower voice.

    "It means, dummy, that you had an orgasm."

    She looked down at her shalwar and Salman could see a large wet patch.

    "I thought I peed."

    "No, you certainly had an orgasm. Did you enjoy it?"

    "Yes," she said shyly.

    "I want to see your pussy."

    He put a hand on the shalwar-covered thighs. She said nothing. Growing bolder he lowered her shalwar slowly until she was completely naked.

    Her glistering shaved pussy, wet from her come, was in front of him.

    He touched her there.

    "No please," she pleaded, "I am not ready for it."

    With a sigh he removed his hand. "Okay, but promise me that you will show it to me."

    Alright, and with that Maria put on her shalwar again. When she reached for her shirt he stopped her.

    "I want you like this don't wear your shirt, you look beautiful."

    Maria was reluctant but agreed. "OK now you will answer my questions."

    "Go ahead feel free to ask any thing."

    "Are you circumcised?"

    "Sure dummy, it is in our religion."

    "What is your size?"

    "What size?"

    "You know it what I am talking about" she said.

    He laughed. "Well I have nearly 7 inches of cock. Do you like to see it?"

    "Yes," she replied shyly.

    Salman lowered his pajamas and pulled out his virgin erect cock.

    Maria was stunned at the size of it. She had heard other girls talking about it but haven't seen one before. It looked beautiful and she wanted to touch it but she wanted her brother to ask her.

    "Well, do you like it?"

    "I don't know."

    "Haven't you seen a cock before?"

    "Do you think I am a whore?"

    "No. I thought, OK forget about it, will you touch it?"

    She slowly put her hand on his penis. It was so hot and silky.
    Her small hand was trembling as she felt the length of it.

    Salman was in paradise. He was also a virgin. Before today nobody has touched his cock. He was finding it hard to control his passion. He knew that a few more strokes and he would be coming.

    Maria was inspecting her brother's cook very minutely. "These are your balls" aren't they, she pointed to the hairy sack hanging below his cock.

    "Yes they are. Look Maria, why don't you keep on rubbing my cock?"

    "What will happen if I do so?"

    "I will come like you did."

    She started rubbing vigorously to please her brother. Salman felt his cook grew and started feeling the sensation building. After few strokes he knew he was ready.

    "Please faster, I am going to come."

    Maria intensified her efforts. Suddenly a load of hot seamen erupted from the tip of her brother's cook and landed on her chest. She didn't know what to do but jest kept on pumping. At least Salman sighed and his cook stopped erupting.

    "Thank you," he said and kissed his sister on her cheeks.

    "What am I going to do with all this mess on my chest?"

    He looked down and saw that his cum was all on her chest and beautiful breasts.

    He had an idea. He lowered his mouth and took her cum covered nipple in his mouth. It tasted salty but he kept on liking them until both her tits were clean.

    She was astonished and at the same time getting aroused again.

    Salman looked into her eyes and read the message.
    "Will you like to taste my cum?
    “She nodded in affirmative.

    He took some of his come on his finger and brought it to her mouth. She eagerly opened her mouth and took it and sucked it clean.

    "You want more," he asked.

    "Yes," she said. "Then why don't you taste it on my cock?"

    "You mean I take your cock in my mouth, isn't it dirty to do such a thing?"

    "No, nothing is dirty in love. Come take it."

    She looked down at his semi erect penis and back at him.

    "Come on, try it for once."

    Reluctantly she opened her mouth and took the head of his cook in her mouth and instantly felt the remaining of cum on his tip.
    He thrust and half of his now throbbing cook was in her mouth.

    "Suck it like a lollipop." She did so and found it was fun. She could feel his cook increasing in size in her mouth. But then she pulled back.

    “Look isn't it too much for one day, it is my first experience and I want to go slow."

    Salman was desperate but he wanted to please his kid sister. "OK but promise me that we shall do this again."

    Maria smiled. "Look, I also liked it but think about one thing and that is I am your sister."

    "Nobody will know about it I promise you," Salman replied.

    "It is not about anybody knowing. It is not right both in our religion and in law."

    "Look I liked it and so did you so there is nothing bad about it. I want to see you naked, completely, and make love to you."

    "Hey! Aren’t you going to fast?" Maria said.

    "Look I saw your breasts and your pussy didn't I?"

    She looked at her brother. He looked so adorable that she wanted him close to her. He was senior to her but looked like a baby pleading for something. She opened his arms and embraced him. It seemed as eternity.

    Suddenly she felt something hot on her still naked breasts. She looked down and saw that those were his tears. "What is the matter?" she asked him.

    "I love you so much that it is hard for me thinking you will reject me."

    "No dummy. I am not rejecting you. I love you. OK I promise we will do this again."

    "But I want to see you completely naked today and even at your terms."

    She was helpless. She separated from him and stood up. Brought her shalwar down and sat on the carpet at a safe distance from him.

    "You want to see my pussy so look at it."

    "I can't see it like this. You have to open wide."

    Maria slowly opened her legs and gave her brother a first full view of her pussy. Teasingly she lowered her hand and opened the lips of her virgin pussy.

    Salman could not believe his eyes. There she was his beautiful young sister spread open and her pink pussy glistering with her wetness.

    "Do you like what you see?" she asked teasingly.

    "Can I jerk off while looking at you?"

    "Do anything you like but with yourself."

    Salman took his rigid cook in his hand and earnestly started pumping at his meat.

    Within no time he was ready to come. Maria knew that he was about to come from the expression on his face. She was wet herself and tension was growing in her lions.

    I am coming announced Salman and with that threw a thick load of jism into the air, which landed on his sister's thighs. Maria also could not stop her hands from playing with herself. The moment she touched her clit, she started to come.

    Both brother and sister lay exhausted after the powerful orgasms.

    It was Maria who stood first and wore back her clothes. She came near her brother and gave his flaccid cook a small squeeze. It stirred. She laughed and asked him to wear back his clothes. After both were dressed Salman gave her a kiss on her cheeks and said good night.

    Both of them slept soundly knowing that more was in store with the rise of the new sun.

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    Chapter 3

    Maria woke up late next morning. Lazily she pulled the curtains, letting in soft light of March sun into her bedroom. It was spring which is the best month in Lahore (Pakistan). She walked out of her room and went straight to the lounge. It was empty except the maidservant. She remembered that her parents had to go to a wedding in their native village. The maidservant told her that only she and Salman were left behind. Hearing Salman name she blushed and remembered the events of last night. Not wanting the servant to see her blushing she went back to her room. She went to the bathroom to do the morning necessities. The door to
    Salman's room was unlocked. She went to look it but after a mischievous grin let it remain open. Slowly she removed all her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. She knew that she was beautiful and the mirror replied in affirmative. After doing the necessary rituals she took a bath and wiped herself dry. The wearing a beautiful lacy bra and panties she went to Salman's room. He was sleeping soundly. She slowly removed the light blanket over him. To her surprise she found that he was sleeping naked. His flaccid cook was visible. She drew closure and started inspecting it. It was a mere two inches in length, not long as she had seen it the previous night. She lightly touched it. It was soft. She then ran a finger on his balls. They were bigger than she thought and oval in shape. Salman had a thick bush of pubs and she made a mental note that she will ask him to remove them. Salman stirred in his sleep and she tiptoed back to her room.

    Later in the day when she went out she met him in the lounge watching Pakistan and India cricket match. They both said hello and smiled at each other. She sat near him on the sofa.
    "Come closer to me," he said.
    "No somebody might notice it."
    "Papa and mamma have gone and they are not coming back till late at night," he replied.
    "The maidservant? What about her."
    "I gave her leave and there is nobody in the house and also I have looked the front door."
    "You rascal. You have something in mind."
    "Come closer to me and will you and please remove your shawl."
    Maria smiled to herself and after removing her shawl went near her brother and placed her head on his shoulder.

    "You know Salman, I feel like I am your wife."
    "Except that I haven't made love to my bride."
    "We have been married only for say 10 hours," she giggled.
    "Did you love what we did last night?" he asked.
    "I really enjoyed it; by the way I say your small cock in the morning."
    "Do you think it is small?"
    "I have nothing to compare it with," she replied. "Salman will you do one thing for me?"
    "What do you have in mind?"
    "I want you to please shave your pubes for me."
    "OK I will do it for you."
    Maria saw a bulge in his pants. She put her hand on it and smiled. "You are hard Again," and without waiting for his reply opened his pants and brought his cook out with its full glory.
    It looked beautiful in full lights.
    "Salman Do you masturbate."
    "Yes. Often."
    "Do you think about someone when doing it?"
    "Yes I do," he replied.

    "Can you tell me who?"
    "Well sometimes about you and well I cannot tell you about the other one."
    "Please tell me, I won't tell anybody, you know that."
    "I think about Bushra quite often." When he said that he looked at her for a sign of any anger but there was none.
    "Have you seen her naked?" she asked.
    "Well her boobs when she is feeding Atif."
    "What do you visualize about her?" she asked.
    "I think about sucking her tits and drinking her milk and sometime fucking her."
    Maria was getting turned on. "Will you like to fuck me?"

    "Sure, that will be the best thing ever to happen to me. But will you let me do it?"

    Maria looked straight into his eyes and with a seductive smile lowered her head and took his erect penis in her mouth. She wanted to please her brother and be his bride. She vigorously kept on sucking him

    "Oh my god Maria I am going to come. Please suck harder." Maria increased her speed and within a few strokes she felt her brother’s cock stiffen. She knew that he was about to come but she wanted him to come in her mouth. To show him that she truly love him. Then she felt the first set of jism hit her throat. She kept on sucking earnestly and load after load of semen filled her mouth and some of it trickled down her lips. When she realized that he was spent, she let his cock slip out if her mouth and looked up.

    Salman brought her up and kissed her on her full lips. He felt his cum on them. She opened her mouth and their tongues met. The taste of her sweet mouth along with his cum taste felt wonderful. They kept on kissing for some time. Then they separated.

    "How can I thank you Maria?"

    "You don't have to thank me remember I am your sister and wife."

    "My wife! I thought you were just making me happy by saying it."

    "Salman, I want us to live like husband and wife unless I am really married. But to tell you the truth I love you so much know that I wish we could be married and I can raise your children.

    "I love you too Maria and we shall talk about it later OK. Now can we go to my room?" He got up and taking his sisters hand they both went to his room. Once in their room they embraced tightly and started kissing. Soon both were naked and staring at each other. Salman took her in his hands and laid her on the bed. He took her nipple in his mouth and started sucking on it.
    Slowly his hand traced down and he found the lips of her moist pussy. Maria purred like a cat. His mouth followed his hands and slowly he was kissing her thighs. Then he placed his mouth on her pussy. Maria gave a cry of ecstasy and thrust her pussy forward to meet his tongue. Salman licked on her clit and virgin fuck hole.

    "Love me Salman please."

    Salman extended his hand and took out a bottle of cream he used for masturbation. He applied some to his cock and then looked at his sister.

    "Are you ready for it my dear?" He asked.

    "Yes I am all yours my dear brother; I am your wife. Love me and take my virginity. Give me all your seed."

    With that Salman put the tip of his cock on his sister fuck hole.

    "Look, it may hurt a bit but you will enjoy later on," he said.

    "I know. Just fuck me." At last Salman heard the word he was waiting for. He was so turned on by the use of vulgar language by his sister that he pushed his cock with a vigor.

    Maria was finding it hard to breathe. She felt her brother's cook hit her hymen and when his cook tore it she felt like she was going to die of pain. Tears started rolling from her eyes.
    Salman stopped for a moment seeing her tears but Maria thrust her hips and the rest of his penis entered her virgin hole. She could feel his hairy ball touching her asshole. They lay still for some time both savoring the moment. Maria could feel her brother cook throbbing in her tight pussy. Slowly Salman started pumping.

    "I cannot hold on for long. You know it is my first time," said

    "Just come inside me that is all I want from you my dear."

    Salman knew he could not last longer so he increased his speed and within no time he started to come. Maria felt her brothers cum filling her pussy. She was overjoyed. Here was her brother, her man, filling her with the seed of life.

    After some time Salman took out his cook from his sister’s pussy.
    It was red with her blood. She also saw blood on his cook and quickly looked at her pussy. There was a large patch of blood on the bed sheet and her pussy was all red.

    They looked at each other and then started to laugh together.
    They both went to the bathroom and cleaned themselves and removed all traces of their love making form the room.

    "Next time I will make you come," said Salman.

    "It doesn't matter, you love me and that is more important for me than having an orgasm and I know that like a good husband you will fulfil my sexual desires.

    "Don't start calling me your husband. It might become your habit let other people know about it."

    "Please don't let me stop calling you that, I promise you I shall be careful" Maria pleaded. "OK but not always. Now let’s go out and take a walk."

    "I can't, my pussy is sore and I want some rest before anybody arrives," she said.

    "Let us then watch TV," and with that both of them went to the lounge.

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    Chapter 4

    Days went by without much excitement. They tried to have sex at every possible time, but ended up having oral sex only as they were afraid of being caught. They would suck each other off or masturbate each other. Salman even brought some porno movies but was unable to watch them as the VCR and TV were in the lounge and they were afraid of being caught. One night when Salman went to his sister's room he found his sister very tense.

    "Is something wrong?" he inquired.

    "I am one week late and I think I am pregnant," she replied.
    "What are we going to do now?"

    "But we had real intercourse only once."

    "When we first did it, my periods had just ended and I think you got me pregnant that very night," she said.

    "Can't you ask somebody, maybe your friends," he asked.

    "No, I don't have a friend this close to confine to," she said.

    "Then what are we going to do, wait a minute, why don't you ask Bushra about it?"

    "She will kill me if she finds out about us," she replied in a tearful voice.

    "I know she will be angry but you know she won't tell anybody."

    "Are you sure?" she asked.

    "Yes I am sure," he said, however he wasn't sure what would happen when she will learn about their love affair.

    Next morning Maria did not go to school, pretending she had severe headache, and remained in her room. After some time she heard a knock at her door and her mother entered.

    When Maria saw her mother she started crying.

    Her mother was taken aback. She came near her daughter and put an arm around her.

    "What is the problem my dear, is your headache so severe?" her mother asked.

    Maria looked at her mother with tearful eyes. Her mother instantly realized that something was wrong.

    "What's the matter darling? Come on tell me."

    Maria had already made up her mind of telling her the true story no matter what happens.

    "I am late and I think I am pregnant," she replied.

    It was like a bombshell to her mother. Her sweet 15-year-old was telling her something that she hadn't expected to hear. She could not talk for some time. She looked at her weeping daughter. She looked so pretty and innocent that it was impossible for anybody to think that she would have done such an act. But something had to be done first and that was to give her medicine for her periods. Questions can be asked later on.

    "Young lady, you are to answer my questions but now I am going to give you a pill which will hopefully will do the work, however I am very disappointed." With that her mother left her room and came back with a pill and a glass of water. She gave it to Maria who took it with water.

    "Now tell me everything and I mean everything," her mother said.

    Fazio’s mother Bushra was herself a beautiful women. She was married at the age of 18 and even at 36 she had a nice figure.
    Her daughter was a true copy of her even in sex she thought.
    Bushra herself had lost virginity at 17 when she had her first sexual encounter. Her girlfriend Lubna had taken her virginity.
    She remembered how she had gone to her friend's house for a night stay and during night she was awakened by a hand on her breasts. In dim lights she saw that it was her friend Lubna, She was totally naked. Seeing her awake Lubna smiled and kissed her.
    Bushra had seen Luna’s breasts many times and had shown her beautiful tits but this was something else.

    "Come on remove your clothes," Lubna said and without waiting for an answer started removing Bushra’s clothes. Bushra did not protest, she was turned on by what was happening. She had not seen a pussy other than her own and wanted to see Luna’s. To summarize, they inspected each other in detail and licked each other pussies. Lubna lost her hymen to her best friends when she inserted a carrot in her pussy. Their lesbian love continued after their marriages and even lately had given head to each other. But that was a lesbian affair and there was nothing to worry about being pregnant.

    Now Bushra was waiting for her daughter to answer her question and what was going to come wasn't in her wildest dreams.

    "You are not going to kill me, are you?" pleaded Maria.

    "Certainly not, but I am greatly disappointed, however I myself was your age and I realize a girls need in our man oriented society," her mother replied.

    "Salman," was all she could say.

    "What Salman?" Her mother was puzzled.

    "I did it with Salman and believe me it was all my fault and I love him," she replied in one breath.

    Bushra was dumfounded. Salman her son was doing it to his sister.
    She didn't know what to say but just kept on starring at her daughter.

    "Oh mother, I am sorry but please say nothing to Salman, we love each other so much that it didn't look sinful for us to make love. If he was not my brother I would have married him."

    Bushra sighed deeply to control her nerves. She could not figure out what to say. "******" had always excited her but not in her own home. She thought about it as just a thing of fiction. But here reality was staring at her. But she saw that her daughter was on the verge of collapse and she had to do something.

    "Tell Salman to meet me when he comes back from school and you take some rest," she said in a motherly manner trying to play down the situation.

    "You are not going to beat him or tell daddy," Maria asked.

    "Certainly not I am not going to do anything crazy, I just want to talk to him relax will you," and with that she left her daughter’s room.

    Bushra went straight to her room. She was thinking. What was she going to do about it? She knew she cannot let it happen anymore but how? Both her children had tasted the joys of sex and it was going to be hard for her to keep a permanent guard on them.
    Then she reached a conclusion. She will let them play with each other and have oral sex. That way they can get their rooks off and Maria might not get pregnant again. She started planning how she was going do it.

    Salman came after lunchtime. When he saw his mother he knew that Maria has told her everything.

    "Hi Bushra," he said.

    "Did you meet Maria," she asked.

    "No I just came in," he said.

    "Alright come to my room." Salman followed his mother to her room thinking about what is going to happen to him.

    His mother closed the door and locked it. Salman stiffened. His mother turned around and pointed to a chair. He sat down not knowing what was coming.

    "Salman I am your mother and it is my duty to tell you between right and wrong. What you are doing is wrong, totally wrong. If you love somebody it does not mean that you can have sex with that somebody. I know that you love me but does that mean that you would like to have sex with me."

    "Look Bushra, I know that you could have thrown me out of the house for what I have done which you did not and I am thankful for that. You know that ours is a strict society and it is not permitted but I want to confess that I do not feel it is wrong."

    Bushra looked at her son. What she saw was a beautiful young man confessing his desires. She realized that her own pussy was getting wet. She had planned that she was going to teach him about oral sex. Her own sex life was not that active. Her husband didn't think sex something to be done regularly. He was a typical Pakistani male who thinks that it is only for men to enjoy sex.

    She smiled at him.

    "You are very bold, are you not afraid of what you are saying, “She asked him. Then without waiting for his answer she asked,
    "Come over here."

    Salman walked towards his mother and stood in front of her.
    Without any hesitation her mother opened the zipper of his pants and pulled out his cock. Salman was so shocked that his penis shrank.

    She took the small penis in her hand and looked up at her son and smiled. "You have a lovely cock."

    She gave her sons cock a few jerks and it started to rise. Bushra was trembling with desire. Except her husband’s cock, which was a mere 5 inches, she had not seen any other penis. Salman's penis grew fully erect to it full 7 inches. It was long and thick, his mother noted.

    "Do you like what I am doing?"

    "Don't know," stuttered Salman.

    Bushra pulled down his pants and Salman shrugged them off. Then she pointed to his shirt and in one sweep Salman took it off. Bushra looked at her naked son and gave him a motherly smile.

    "You have grown up into a beautiful young man." Extended her hand she took hold of his throbbing penis. "And you have beautiful penis," then sliding her hand down she lightly grabbed his balls.

    "Now I know why Maria is crazy about you. You have everything to please a woman."

    Salman's throat was dry of anticipation. He swallowed hard and looked at his mother with open eyes.

    "Do you want to see me naked?"

    Salman could not believe his ears. He had always dreamed about sucking her milk.

    "That's the best thing that will ever happen to me," he replied.

    Bushra smiled and took off her clothes without any hesitation.
    Salman gazed at her ripe breasts full of milk and then to his eyes trailed to her pubes. They were dense but her pussy outline was quite visible.

    "Do you like what you see," she said. Salman nodded and sat down with her. They starred at each other. She guided him to her breast.

    "Mummy! Did you breast fed me when I was born? He asked while starring at those beautiful tits.

    "No, I had no milk at that time, I was very young when you were born, go ahead empty my both boobs." Salman didn't need any further invitation. He lowered his head and took one nipple in her mouth and started sucking. A stream of hot milk poured from his mother's breasts and filled his mouth. He kept on drinking it until both of them were empty. Bushra was getting hotter,
    While her son was busy sucking her boobs she took his rigid cook in her hand and started rubbing it. When Salman released his mother’s boobs he was on the verge of orgasm. Her mother also felt that he was about to come. She drew near his cock and extends her tongue and licked the pre cum oozing from his piss hole.

    "I want you to come in my mouth," saying that she took half of his cook in her mouth started sucking him vigorously. She had not sucked a cook before and prayed that she do it right to her son. Salman could not hold any longer. This was too much for him.
    He shot deep in his mother's mouth. Bushra kept on sucking until the last drop and happily drank all his load.

    When his cook shrank in her mouth Salman retrieved it.

    "Did you like it, it was my first time!"

    Salman embraced his mother and kissed her on her lips. "It was wonderful, tell me did you enjoy it Mummy? “I certainly did, “she replied.

    Salman's hand went to his mother's lap and rested on her pubes.
    They were wet with her pre cum.

    Bushra opened her legs wider and Salman's finger found the lips of her moist pussy. "I want to see your cunt."

    Bushra laid on her back and opened her legs wider. Salman adjusted himself between her legs and with one hand opened her pussy lips getting a full view of his mother pink pussy. He lowered his head and touched her clit with his tongue. Bushra bucked her ass and ground her pussy against her son's mouth. Salman started licking all along her pussy inserting his tongue deeper in her fuck hole. Bushra had previous lesbian contacts and had experience in being licked but the mere fact that it was her baby boy was something else. Her orgasm exploded like a bomb on her son's face.

    When things cooled, she sat up and looked at her son who was smiling. She kissed him on his lips and tasted her own juices.
    Taking him by his hand they went to the bathroom and washed away their marks of lovemaking.

    "Mummy! Will you let me have intercourse with you?"

    "You mean fuck me."


    "Soon, but first I am going to educate you and Maria about sex.
    Sex is not just fucking, it carries various responsibilities that have to be addressed.

    "Are you going to tell Maria about us?"

    "Sure, this is going to be our secret and I hope she is good at keeping secrets. However don't tell her until I speak to her. Go now, your father will be home soon and I don't want him to suspect anything and by the way, your father is going for a two month training to Karachi so we will be free to do anything, she smiled at him wantonly.

    "When is he going?"

    "Next Saturday, in the morning."

    "When are your spring holidays expected?"

    "They are going to start on next Sunday, only one week is left."

    "So you have to wait for a week before we do anything and remember stay away from your sister till then." "I will!"

    "Promise." Saying this Salman went to his room to change and plan for the future.

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    Chapter 5

    Bushra's husband left next Saturday for Karachi. Both the elder kids had gone to school being their last day and young Atif was asleep. She thought of what she had done to her own son and to her amusement didn't find it regretful. The mere thought of his beautiful cock made goose bumps on her body. The day passed on lazily. Before 12 o'clock Maria returned. She was still embarrassed facing her mother so she went straight to her room.
    Her period had started and today was its last day. She went to bathroom to check her pads and found it clean. She quickly took a bath and changed her clothes. She collected her used pads in a disposable bag and went out to dispose then off. Her mother was sitting in the lounge. "What was in your hand?" She asked her daughter. "Nothing, just my used pads."

    "They have stopped, haven't they?"

    "Yes, I just had a bath."

    "Come, sit here next to me."

    Maria sat next to her mother. "Mummy! Are you still upset about what I have done?"

    "No, I am not, however have you given it thought."

    "Yes, I have. I am sorry but I do not find it a sin. I love him." She started to cry.

    "There is no need to cry over it, I know your feelings towards your brother and it looks like you are deeply in love with him.
    By the way, if you ask me personally, I don't regret it now."

    Maria looked at her mother with red swollen eyes. Was she hearing what she had heard! "You mean..."

    "Yes, you two can enjoy each other but you should be cautious of getting pregnant again." With that she embraced her daughter and kissed her on the forehead. "We shall enjoy ourselves until your father comes back"

    "We?" Maria asked.

    "Yes we! Do you think you are the only one who wants to get laid? I am as hot as you are and to tell you a secret I have sucked him off."

    "You mean you sucked Salman's cock?" Maria was stunned.

    "Yes, and he came in my mouth," she said, smiling at her daughter.

    "Gosh, it's incredible, when did you do it?"

    "Last week, when I talked about your little adventure with him,
    I was so carried away and also I am as sex starved as you are.
    Your father does not satisfy my sexual desires."

    "Did he fuck you?"

    "No, we were waiting for your father's trip and secondly I didn't want to do it without you."

    Maria giggled, "Have you shaved yourself down there? Salman loves hairless pussy."

    "We’ll let him decide how he wants me." "OK, Maria lets go to my room, I have a surprise for you."

    She led Maria to her room and opened her wardrobe. From that she took out a beautiful wedding dress.

    "Look I brought you this dress for you as a gift. You are going to wear it for your brother like you are his bride. Come give it a try."

    Maria blushed. She unzipped her shirt and removed it. She was wearing a black bra. Bushra noted the firmness of her daughter’s breasts. The bra seemed a bit tight so she made a mental note of buying her a new and sexy one.

    "What is your size?"


    "Remove your bra so I can see them."

    Without any hesitation Maria unhooked her bra and her beautiful tits dangled deliciously in front of her mother. Bushra was pleased by what she saw. She extended her hand and touched them.
    They were full and firm. Maria's nipples hardened at the touch of her mother. Bushra noted it and smiled. Then to Maria's surprise brought her mouth to one of her nipple and playfully nibbled on it. She noticed her daughter's body grow tense.

    "Don't be so tense, I just want to taste your sweetness. You are beautiful."

    Faizia relaxed. She gazed at her mother's boobs through her shirt and noted that she was not wearing a bra. Maria had seen them many times before. Her mother never covered them when feeding Atif and knew they were beautiful but today was different. She wanted to see them bare. Bushra saw her gaze and lifted her shirt and removed it.

    "Do you like them?"

    Maria noted that they are not as firm as hers but very larger, maybe size 38, and the nipples were wheatish in color. She touched the breasts and pressed their fullness. Small drops of milk oozed out of them. Maria looked up and gazed at her mother.
    Bushra took her head and brought it to her breast and whispered "Suck them dry." Maria needed no further encouragement. She hungrily sucked on her left breast and when it was empty moved to the other one. Bushra's pussy was on fire. She touched herself down there and stated slowly rubbing it through the thin fabric of her shalwar (pants). Maria realized what her mother was doing. She left her tits and with both hands lowered her mother's shalwar. Bushra gasped with anticipation. She removed her pants and opened her legs for her daughter. Maria saw her mother's bushy cunt. It was the first time she was looking at another pussy and was thrilled. She lowered her mouth and slightly kissed the throbbing lips of her mother's cunt. They were wet with juices. She was startled to find her mother so wet. A massive flood of cum was overflowing from her pussy. This made Maria feel very hot. She started to get wet. Bushra felt her clitoris growing bigger by the minute. Bushra ran her hands through Maria's hair while gasping with pleasure.

    Bushra whispered hot words to her daughter, "Yes! Yes!"

    Maria reached up and kissed her Bushra. But it wasn't an ordinary mother-daughter kiss. This was a sultry, sexually explicit mouth-to-mouth kiss. A kiss that would forever change the way they treated each other. In that moment, the mother-daughter relationship was replaced by one of two lovers who pledged their love for each other.

    Bushra helped her daughter remove her pants and looked at her shaved pussy, which was shining with cum. She laid down on herbed and signaled her daughter to do the same. They did a perfect 69. Maria spread Bushra's pussy lips apart and pushed her tongue into it. She had not tasted a woman before, it was salty and pungent. This made Maria feel doubly excited. Bushra pushed her pussy up against her daughter until it was buried in her face.
    She was enjoying every minute of this. She gazed at her daughter's pussy, only an inch away from her eyes, and admired he pink folds of her inner lips and the small clit. She extended her mouth and took the clit in her mouth and ran her tongue over it. Maria grinned her pussy on her mother's mouth while vigorously sucking her pussy. Bushra felt Maria's body stiffen. She knew she was about to cum. She intensified her efforts and felt her own orgasm building. Both mother and daughter came simultaneously flooding each other with their cum.
    They lay still for some time savoring the movement and then parted.

    Bushra smiled at her daughter "You are a fast learner or do you have a lesbian affair?"

    "It was my first time and yours."

    "I have done it before, with your Lubna Auntie but it was wonderful doing it to my own daughter. Now let us clean ourselves and try your new dress. We have a lot of work to do for tonight's "celebrations."

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    Chapter 6

    Salman arrived home in the evening. The maidservant told her that both his mother and sister had gone to do some shopping. She had the baby in her lap who was sleeping. Salman went to his room for a quick shower and came down after some time. Both the ladies had returned home. Salman said hello to them. They both were very excited but did not tell anything to him. After 6 p.m. Bushra asked both of them to come to her room.

    "Salman do you know Maria is getting married?"

    Salman looked at both of them. "Certainly not, who is the lucky guy?"

    "You dummy, she is going to marry you tonight, well not officially but technically."

    Salman smiled and looked at his sister and to his surprise found her blushing.

    "So you are not going to meet her till 9 o'clock. Go to your room and prepare yourself for the occasion. You will find a new suite in your wardrobe and listen, due to the urgency of situation, I could not invite any guest." The three of them laughed in union. When Salman went back to his room to get some sleep. When he came down, fully dressed, after two and half-hours, he saw that his mother was arranging food on the table. She had sent the maid servant along with the baby to the servant quarters with the instructions not to come back till next morning. Salman saw that his mother was also dressed in a new suite. Bushra said hello to her son and kissed him lightly on his lips.

    "You look beautiful," she said. Then they heard Maria's room door open and Maria came out. She looked beautiful in her Red wedding dress. She was wearing a lot of Jewellery and was literally glistening. She had a shy smile on her lips. Her mother went forward and took her hand and kissed her on her cheeks. She led both toward a sofa and asked them to sit together. Then she removed a diamond ring from her finger and gave it to Salman.

    "I was going to give it to your wife Salman, however I am happy that it is my daughter who is going to wear it. Go ahead, give her the ring. Salman took his sisters delicate hand wore it on her finger. Bushra took out a Polaroid camera and took their photograph.

    Bushra kissed both of them. Seeing both her children happy and looking lovingly at each other brought tears of joy in her eyes.

    "OK , let’s go and eat something before you two can go upstairs and enjoy yourself but remember do not forget your mother.

    "We certainly are not going to forget you rather we invite you to stay the night with us, don't we Maria?"

    "Yes mother, do come with us to our room after dinner."

    "No I don't want to disturb your privacy. I know you have done it before but tonight is your special night."

    After dinner the three of them went to Salman's room. Once in the room, however, the three of them sat silently for some time not knowing what to say. Salman broke the silence by bringing Maria closer to himself and kissed her full on her lips. She opened her lips and his tongue found hers. They kept on kissing wantonly. Salman was aware of his mother presence and that made him more excited. Slowly both of them started getting undressed.
    Once naked they looked at their mother.

    "Don't stop, keep on doing it, and see you in the morning." With that she left the room.

    Salman lifted his sister and slowly laid her on his bed. He laid down with her.

    They kissed deeply, exploring each other's bodies with their hands. Salman squeezed the flesh of her buttocks as she ground her pussy into his crotch, her fingers digging into his butt and pulling him harder into her. Maria saw his cock rising, and smiled. She took it in her hands and pumped it a little and whispered in his ear, "Eat my pussy."

    Salman immediately moved down between her legs. Maria parted them, giving him access to the beautiful womanhood that was guarded by the gently throbbing clitoris. She was already moist, her pussy lips glistening with desire. Salman kissed her and immediately she grabbed his head, and pressed it down into her crotch. Salman licked the folds of her labia, and heard her moan. She spread her legs wide, giving him a full view of her nakedness. Salman feasted his eyes upon the feminine beauty of his sister, her glistening pussy lips fluttering with excitement. Maria moaned and begged him to eat her.

    Salman touched her lips with his fingers and gently parted them.
    He could see the glistening pink passage of her vagina, and could see small drops of her feminine secretions oozing out, as he reached out with his tongue. She tasted incredibly wonderful as he pushed his tongue in further. Maria lifted her hips and pressed her cunt in his face. Salman grabbed her buttocks and pushed his tongue as far as he could. His lips pressed into her clitoris, and he could feel the hard nub of her sensitive flesh against it. Salman took her clit in his lips and massaged it Maria screamed as a powerful orgasm shook her body.

    "Oh my God, Salman. I can't stop cumming, brother. Don't stop.
    Keep chewing on my clit. Oh God, I'm going to die in bliss."

    She repeatedly thrust her pelvis against his lips as her body shook with waves of orgasms. Then she collapsed, her breath coming in rapid gasps. She pushed Salman's head away from her sensitized groin, and opened her arms to welcome him. She held him tightly to her, and continued to breathe rapidly. Her face was flushed, and her body still trembled.

    After several minutes, she smiled and looked in my eyes.

    "Salman that was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. It was so beautiful, I didn't want it to stop. But if you would have continued to kiss and suck my clit, I would have died. Oh, brother, what a trip that was. I love you so much."

    They held each other in a tight embrace. Salman felt satiated in her arms. His sweet sister was kissing him repeatedly as her body slowly returned to its normal state, loving him with her eyes, hands and lips. Salman felt so much love for her, that he pulled her into him, and kissed her hard on the lips.

    "Maria, my lovely sister. I now know how much I love you, darling. You are the most incredibly sexy, loving and sweet woman I know. It's really too bad that you are my sister, and so we cannot consummate our love for each other properly. But I want you to know that I love you like I will never be able to love another woman, and that I will always be there for you.

    "I already know that, sweet brother. I have enjoyed it beyond imagination."

    "Oh Maria. Why did we have to be siblings? You have no idea how much your beauty arouses me. As long as we continue to feel this way about each other, I can't think of a more loving and caring way for me to show you how much I love you."

    Maria started crying.

    "Oh Salman. You can't imagine how much your love and feelings mean to me. Someday, I hope I meet someone as loving and sweet as you, but for now, I am glad I have you, brother. Losing my virginity to you was the most intimate gift of love to you, and nothing will change that. I will never feel guilty about making love to you, brother. So don't hesitate. Take me, your loving sister, and fill me with your love. I want you inside me. Don't make me wait any longer."

    Salman kissed her teary eyes. Her love and her trust in me touched me deeply. They held each other and caressed their naked bodies.
    Salman could feel her arousal building. He was aroused, but there was no lust. Instead, the only feeling that overwhelmed both of them was the genuine, pure love they felt for each other.

    Salman looked into her eyes. Maria was also looking intently in my face, her body pressed against mine. She reached for his throbbing organ, which was pressing, against her thigh.

    "Salman, now is the time. Penetrate me with your beautiful cock.
    Let me feel its strength deep inside my womb."

    She threw her leg over him, and pushed the tip of his cock against her opening.

    "Come, Salman. Give me your love. I can't wait."

    Salman turned her over on her back and rolled on top of her. She embraced him, and gave him the most bewitching smile. Salman eased himself between her legs, as she opened them. He kissed her deeply; exploring the sweetness of her mouth as their tongues dueled with each other. His hands groped for her taut nipples and gently pulsating skin of her firm breasts. Maria moaned and took his cock in her hands. Spreading her legs wider, she rubbed the tip against her clitoris, smearing her love juices all over it.

    "Enter me, but gently," she whispered.

    Salman pulled back slightly, and pressed forward. He felt his cock entering her tight and warm passage, and an incredibly sweet feeling of love came over him. He was about to enter his sister's passage and wanted it to be the most loving and enduring memory for her. Salman pushed harder and his cock slipped in all the way into her. Maria gave a big sigh of relief, and began crying. Her whole body shook as she sobbed, holding Salman tightly, and kissing his neck and face repeatedly.

    "Just hold me, Salman. Let me savor this moment for some time. Don't move. I want to grip your cock deep inside me, and feelits hardness."

    They lay there for several minutes, engulfed in the intensity of their union, every part of their bodies feeling the excitement and love they shared. After a long time, Maria stirred as she felt the softening of her brother's cock. She looked at me, and smiled.

    "Brother, I can feel you deep inside me. Oh, Salman. How can I tell you how much this means to me, how much I love you? Can you feel my love, darling?"

    "Yes, Maria. I can feel your tight grip around my cock all the way to the base. You are so tight. I won't ever forget this moment. I love you very much, sister."

    "Then make love to me, and fill me with your juice. Let me feel the pounding of your cock in me. I feel so liberated now that I want to talk dirty with you. Come on, brother, fuck your young bride."

    Salman felt his cock harden as their excitement mounted. He raised himself over her, and looked at their union. Maria braced herself as he came down with force, and rammed his cock into her. She moaned loudly and clasped here legs around his waist as he began pumping his cock in her tight, slippery passage He continued to plunge into her for several minutes. She was building up to another orgasm, as she began rolling her head from side to side, and clutching her breasts.

    "Yes, Salman. Keep pounding. I am getting close, darling. Don't stop now."

    She began thrusting her hips against his downward plunge. He felt the grip around his cock tighten as she mounted a counter assault. He felt the balls tighten and knew that he was about to unload into his sister at any moment

    "Maria, I am coming, too. Hold on, sweetheart. I am about to fill you up with my juice.

    "Wait for me, Salman. I want to come at the same time. Please help me, brother. Don't come before me.

    They held each other tightly as he rode her. He fell on top of her and began thrusting with minimal movement of his hips, as his cock remained buried deep into her cunt. Salman could feel the contractions of her cunt lips around the base of his cock and thrust into her with increasing tempo. Maria opened her mouth and kissed him, pushing her tongue deep inside his mouth. That triggered their explosions, and they both came together, moaning and grunting loudly as his cock erupted with a powerful force, splashing her womb with his seed

    Maria shuddered, and exclaimed, "Oh my god, oh my god. I can feel your cock shooting your juice in me. I can feel the spurts, darling. You really did fill me up, brother, just like I asked.
    You did not hold back anything. Oh, I love you so much, Salman.
    You gave me all you had."

    "So did you, darling."

    "It is worth every moment, Salman. My love for you has no limit, and this is the only way I could show it to you. Are you happy?"

    "Oh Maria making love to a woman will never be the same for me, no matter how many girls I take to bed. You will be the only one
    In my heart with a special place."

    "What about the girl you will marry some day? Won't she have a place in your heart?"

    "Of course she will. But no one can take your place."

    "The same for me, brother. You will always be my special lover.
    And I want you to know that I will give you my love again any time you wish, even after we both are actually married. What we have is beyond lust, at least for me. It is too special to be buried forever after this experience. Will you give me of your love when I ask you?"

    "Yes, my sweet Maria." Salman looked at his watch. It had been almost three hours since they had started their lovemaking.

    Maria put her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

    "Carry me in the bathroom, and let's take a shower together.
    Then we'll go to sleep."

    Salman picked her up in his arms, and carried her into the bathroom. Maria kissed him. He put Maria down in the tub, and started the shower. They cleaned each other off, playing with each other as they enjoyed their intimacy. Both dried themselves and went to bed naked to a well-deserved sleep.

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