Loving Pakistani Family
This a true story of our ******or family. I start my first sex with an ******or
in the age of 23 with my loving father at that stage his age is 45. I am not
feeling any shame or sorrow or else to take this opportunity of sex. Because in
my feelings that in sex , enjoyment pleasure there in no boundaries of religion,
society, relations, and etc. I am telling u that how I start my first sex or
love with my father.

In our family we are only 3 sisters and 1 brother my mom and my dad. We belongs
to Lahore, Pakistan. My father is a business man having a good physical fitness
and good attitude. In our home no any restriction for any kind. We are muslim.
But religion cant stop our step in this kind of relation.

One night, this is new year night and we all r the member of Lahore gymnasium.
Lahore gymnasium is the club for the upper class people. We r living in Gulberg.
On that night we went to the Lahore club and we welcomed the new year. We took
our dinner there and then some musical and dance party. And some drinks.
Basically I didnt drink before but that day my father give me one glass of
foster beer. I took this one first time and this is tough for me. But I like to
take this one. My father is regular drunker. After the party we moved toward
home on our car. Me and father came on the same car and I am beside the father
in front seat. My other family came on other cars with different timings. We
left about night 1pm. I drunk and I am not in correct mentally position. My
father also drunk and he is also like me but little better. On the way when we
reached to canal there is no traffic and some music going on stereo. I m in the
dress of shalwar qameez and my father in jeans shirt. My father one hand on the
gear lever and one hand on the stearing. During the gear change his one hand
touch to my right thigh. He said sorry. I said no problem. I feel good this
touching because this is first time some person touch me like that. I put the
hand of my father again on thigh and I said that I like it. He said u like it.
Then he starts rubbing my thighs and I became more in comfort. I said to my
father I love u. Do u love me? He said off course. Then we reached to home. I am
not in the position to come out he helped me to come out and took me to my bed
room. When he put me on the bed I asked my father that hug me I love u. Then he
hug me. I asked my father u like to do some thing with me. He said r u sure. I
replied ya. Then I asked ok kiss me on my lips then he kissed me and put his
tounge on me. I enjoyed my first kiss ever. Then I asked him to remove my
clothes then he removed my qameez(shirt) and then my bra. And suck hard to my
bobs. I like it. I like it. I said. Then he removed my shalwar(trouser) then and
try to kiss on my pussy and said that najia u r like ur mother. I put the eye on
u from previous many days but today I got chance then he removed his jean and
shirt and underwear and give his dick to my hand and ask to suck. I said ok and
I asked to switch on the tv and put the film this is a xxx film and we start the
sex. About 5 times in the night. And he put his cum into me under my pussy. I
didnt resist to him for that may be he need child from me. No problem in sex no
problem. And after that he lay down with me on my bed and we discussed too much
things and enjoyed. At the mean time some person opened the door. This is my
sister on the door and he watched toward to us that we are nude and on the bed.
She shocked and he called to other family to watch us. My mom and other sister
and brother came there. And gave us a look. But this one not give us too much
problem because they joined us there in the sex. My brother did with my mom and
sis and my father hit to other sis Rabia. Now we are all r ****** family. And
enjoying life. I m married now but no problem for sex because my husband also
belongs to an ****** family. And he is doing sex with me and also with his own
sister and mom as well. I have 3 children one from my dad which after fucking
first time to me and two from my husband. So we are enjoying these amazing
relations. And now day by day the new families coming to this society. Because
they need some thing change and new in the life. We are belongs to the society
with about 26 families became the member withing 4 months. And they are
increasing day by day.