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I had learned how to play with my little pussy but had never experienced a climax so I felt the warm feeling between my legs as I started to rub my little slit. Daddy's arm was still around me as I worked his cock between my little thighs, feeling the big head is I positioned myself so it was against my little cunt. As I lay there with my fingers playing on my pussy, I would ease back to his hard cock as I felt it touching my tiny slit. I was rubbing myself faster now as I felt him drop his arm down, letting his hand cover the hand I was using. He began to press his fingers over mine as I masturbated, his hard cock now against my tiny pussy. "What is my baby doing? Does that feel good to you? Is that sweet little thing itching you?" he asked, whispering into my ear as he pressed harder on my hand. "Uh, huh. It feels real good daddy. Is it Ok if I do this?" I asked as I felt his fingers pushing over mine. "It's Ok baby. Just don't let your mom know you have done this, especially with me beside you." he whispered to me, "Now play with it a little more. Lets both of us make it feel good, OK?" Then I felt his hand behind me as he removed his cock from his underwear, letting it slide between my young thighs as he brought the big head tight against my hot little pussy. He had control of my fingers as he moved them over my little slit, causing me to feel so good as we rubbed my little twat. "Baby! You are one hot little girl, aren't you?" he said as he removed my fingers from my little slit, "Now let daddy rub it for you. I promise to make it feel even better." And make it feel better he did. He slowly rubbed his finger along my tiny slit and then on my little button of a clit. I began to get so wet as I felt his big cock-head rubbing my slit as he took it and pressed it to my little cunt. He rubbed the thick head of it over my slit as I began to feel so warm and so hot inside. "Is this fucking, daddy? Are we fucking?" I asked him. "Is this what grown ups call fucking?" "No, baby. This is not fucking but it is close to fucking. This is just playing with your little pussy right now." He answered as I felt his cock began to work its way inside my little panties, the head now touching the smooth skin of my puffy little pussy with the hot flesh of his cock. "You are too small to fuck right now. Maybe one day we can do it too. I think you have had enough sex education for now so turn over and go to sleep." I did as he asked and we quit doing it that night. But it wasn't long before I was back in his bed again, curled up to him just like before. But this time Daddy removed my little panties and took off his underwear as we started to play once again.
Then he told me to get on top of him as he placed me on his chest, my hot little pussy facing him as I felt him take my ass cheeks and pull me to his mouth. "Daddy is going to show you how good I can make it feel. You will love this baby. I am going to kiss your sweet little cunny for you." he said as he put me to his mouth. I felt his hot tongue on my smooth little pussy as he slowly began to touch the tip of his hot tongue to my hot little slit. I could feel his hot breathe on me as he began to lick me the full length of my precious little pussy. My daddy was kissing my pussy for the first time and I was loving it! "Oh, daddy! That feels so good to me!" I cried out as I took his head into my hands, "Lick it for me, daddy. Lick your little girl's baby pussy." He did lick me and I knew I was getting wet as my juices started to flow. I did not have a climax but I was so close to it. He had me so hot and bothered as I humped my little pussy to him that night. Then he rolled me off of him and we went to sleep in each others arms that night. The next time we did it he went a little further, letting his tongue slip inside my young pussy as he held me to his hot tongue. This time he also began to rub my ass cheeks and play with my clit as he licked and sucked on my little pussy. Again, he rolled me off of him and we went to sleep again in each others arms. But the next night was quite different as he laid me down and spread my thighs as he crawled between them, taking my round little ass into his hands as he began to kiss and suck on my hot little pussy. I was loving it and was so hot! Then he took his big hands and held me tight to his probing tongue as I felt it go a little farther in me this time. He was lapping at me as my body began to shake, something wonderful was happening to me as my first climax swept over my hot little body. My daddy was making me cum! I was thrashing about as he just kept licking and sucking on my wet little pussy, my small cunt bucking against his hot tongue as I drove my little pussy to him. What a feeling I was having in my pussy as I came. "Oh! Oh! Daddy! Keep doing it!" I shouted as he fucked me with that hot tongue, "That feels so good to me! I am cumming, daddy! Your baby girl is cumming!" After that I would let him do it to me almost every night. I was always the one who initiated the whole thing. I craved his hot tongue on my little pussy. I had grown to love him sucking my little pussy and I loved the feeling he gave me when I climaxed. I was hooked on it. A few days later as he was licking my pussy, I saw his hand as he pulled on his big cock. I wanted to touch it too, to play with it and make him feel good too. "Daddy, can I play with your thingy? It looks so lonesome." I asked him as my hand wrapped around that thick flesh. As he turned me around so I could be close to his cock, he kept licking my little pussy as I toyed with his cock. Then he stopped for a second and asked me to kiss on it for him, telling me that I needed to make him cum. I did not know exactly how to make him cum but I was just before finding out as I took my lips and work them over his big cock. "Take the head of it in your mouth, baby. Suck on it like you would suck on a sucker." He asked as I opened my little mouth to take the thick head. "It will make daddy feel so good, baby." I did as he asked and began to slowly suck on his big cock-head while he continued to lick on my hot little pussy. I had the whole head in my mouth as I sucked on it and loved the feeling of his silky flesh, so hot to the touch, in my small mouth. Then he said something that I did not quite understand. "Baby, daddy wants you to make it cum. Suck on it harder and make daddy feel good." He said as he pressed my head a little harder to his cock. "Suck on it for me, baby.
Suck on daddy's cock." I kept doing it until I felt it start to swell in my mouth, it beginning to throb as I continued to suck. Then I felt his hot cum as he started to erupt, sending his hot cum into my suckling little mouth. I almost gagged as his hot cum filled my mouth and throat, the big cock-head at the back of my mouth as I sucked on it even more. He was cumming in my mouth and I was loving it! I could taste the salty love juices as they poured into me, filling my young mouth as it flowed out and down my chin. I was so full of daddy's cum! He pumped his cock a little more to me and then gave me an earth shattering climax as he ate my little pussy. Then he took it out and held me to him as he reached down and kissed his spilled over cum from my chin. "Did you like that, baby? Did you like sucking daddy off?" he asked. "Did you like sucking on daddy's cock, baby?" "It was so hot, daddy. I loved the feeling when you squirted in my mouth, even though it tasted a little salty. I loved the feel of it in my mouth too." I told him. "Daddy, I love your thingy." "Ok, baby. I am glad you did. Now I am going to set down a couple of rules that you are to go by." He told me as he took me in his arms. "Number one is, you are to start going without your panties at home. I don't want to catch you with them on any time you are home." "That sounds good to me. What is the other rule, daddy?" I asked. "Number two is that you never mention us or ever tell a single person what we are doing." He said as he kissed me on my neck. "Daddy could really get into a lot of trouble if you ever told anyone about us, especially your mom. You have to promise me that you will never tell. It will be our little secret, OK?" "I promise I will never tell anyone. It will always be my and your little secret." I told him as he hugged me tight and we went to sleep. It was the weekend that next day and mom was home so I had to sleep in my bed all alone. I was sort of missing daddy as I played with my smooth little pussy that night, making myself cum as I thought about sucking his cock while he was sucking on my hot little twat. Monday finally arrived and it was my time back in bed with daddy. I had did as he said and left my panties off when mom went to work. That was the first thing I did when she drove out of the driveway that evening. I was ready for my daddy. While we were eating dinner that night, he asked me to stand up and lift my dress. I did as he said to show him I had not forgotten the rule. He smiled at me and told me to go ahead and finish my dinner, which I did. We went into the living room to watch TV as daddy called me over to sit on his lap, my bare little ass nestled against his hard cock as he freed it from the confines of his pants. I was sitting there facing away from him as he began to move my body, pushing me along his now hard cock. I could feel that big dick between my thighs as I wiggled my little ass over it. My puffy little slit was on top of his huge cock as I rode him while he reached around me and played with my little clit. Then he too me over to the sofa and lay me down, dropping his pants as his huge cock stuck straight out. I was sort of afraid he was going to put that big thing in me but he had other ideas. "Baby, Don't worry. I am not going to put it in I am just going to rub it on your little snatch. Then I am going to shoot my cum on you little pussy." He said as he kissed my neck, "You will love it, I promise." I watched as he took his big cock-head and placed it against my tiny pussy lips, slowly rubbing it over them as he pulled on his cock. The feel of his hot dick rubbing my bare little pussy was driving me to want it in me, but he made sure that did not happen as he held it to my pussy. The more he rubbed it on me, the hotter I got. I was about ready to climax as I heard him say. "Here it comes, baby. Daddy is going to shoot my hot cum on your little pussy." He said as I watched his hand moving faster as the white juices started to flow from his cock-head. "Oh, Baby! Take my cum! See how it looks on your sweet little cunt. Oh, baby! Hold your pussy open for daddy's cum!" I felt his hot cum as he shot his huge load all over my little pussy as I held it as wide as I could. That hot fuck juice was covering my swollen little pussy as he just kept pumping his cock, his hot cum all over my cunt lips. It was so hot and it felt so good to me as he slowed to a stop. "Now, baby. How did my little girl like that?" he asked as I took my hand and rubbed some of his cum into my wet pussy. "Tell daddy how it felt to you." "Daddy, I loved it! Your cum is so hot!" I answered as he got up off the sofa, "That felt so hot and sexy to me as I felt every drop of it as it covered me.

I Love it!" The next day I was at school and started to talk to my best girl friend, Ann. We got to talking about boys and sex. I asked her if she had ever had sex and she told me no, but I could tell the way she said it that she had done it before. Then I asked her if she had ever been kissed down there. She nodded and told me that it felt so good to her. I told her that maybe she could spend the night with me soon and we would talk all night. That weekend Ann came over to my house and spent the night with me. Mom was home and daddy was busy with her as I noticed him eyeing little Ann. Was he wanting to do her too? I would find out, I told myself as Ann and I went to my bedroom. I told her that I had been licked and that I had even sucked on a cock before, not mentioning that it was my daddy's cock. Then I told her how good it felt to have a man cum all over my little pussy. Then she started to talk, telling me that she too, had been licked and that her daddy had fucked her. 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Mrs. Johnson told me to make sure they eat their dinner and then to see that they each had a bath, telling me to bathe each one separately since they would fight if I put them together in the tub. She also told me to turn off the TV at 8 PM and get them to bed soon afterwards. Then she left as I was alone with the two young girls.
I fed then and started upstairs to give them a bath as they followed close behind me. Suzy was on of their names and Liz was the oldest. As I took Suzy into the bath room and started running her bath water, Liz came up behind me. She then told me that she wanted to help me give Suzy a bath so I told her she could watch but that her mom told me to give her the bath. "Do you know why mommy wanted you to give us a bath and not let us bathe together?" Liz asked. "No I don't. I only know she said the two of you would fight if I put you together in the bath tub." I answered her. "That is not the real reason, you know. We like to play with each others thingy when we are naked." Liz said. "We have so much fun doing it too. Mom does not like for us to do it thought. Maybe you will let us take a bath together, huh? We promise not to let her know you didn't give us a bath. We promise!" The very thought of the two little girls playing with each other started to get my pussy so wet as I agreed to let them take a bath together if they never told their mom. They both agreed and I told then that I would have to stay in the bathroom with them, just to make sure they did not drown or something. But that was not true. I wanted to watch those young pussies as they bathed and played with one another. I helped them both undress as I cut the water off and watched their cute little asses as they turned to me, their beautiful little pussies so exposed as my own started to twitch. Both of them had such lovely little pussies and I want to kiss on them. I wanted to taste those sweet little pussies so bad as I helped them into the tub. "Do you want us to show you what we do to each other?" asked Liz as she saw the way I was staring at her young twat. "Does my cunny look good to you? We would love to show you and maybe you can show us yours too." "Maybe later." I said. "I want you two to take that bath now. So get to it so we won't spend all night in the tub." I sat on the toilet and watched as they began their playing with each other. Little Suzy stood up as Liz sat down, spreading her plump little thighs as Liz began to rub on Suzy's young pussy. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked Suzy as I almost came from seeing her doing this. Someone had taught her how to do that and I was going to find out who as I watched her run her little tongue over Suzy's smooth little pussy. Suzy was loving it as Liz took her hips and pulled her against her a little more as she really began to lap at her young little cunt. "Who taught you how to do that? Tell me who showed you how to kiss her so good?" I asked as my hand went to my own little pussy. "I bet they were good teachers, huh?" "Mom taught us how to do it. She loves to show us how to do it with each other." Liz said, "But you got to promise not to tell her we told you. She made us promise never to tell about her doing it with us. But I think you wouldn't tell anyway, would you?" "I won't tell if you don't. Now hurry up so we can all go to bed together. I have something special for the two of you." I said as I rubbed my wet little pussy. They play a few minutes with each other as Suzy did the same to Liz before they both got out of the tub and I had the duty of drying both of them off as I paid close attention to drying their little pussies as I rubbed their cute little ass and dried their beautiful little cunts. Both were still naked as I followed them to their room. They slept in the same bed so I led them to the big bed as I told them that they would have to sleep with me without their panties on. I also told them that I never wore any panties to bed and that I loved to play with myself too, that I would let them watch me if they let me watch them doing it. We all went to bed naked as we started to giggle, my hand rubbing their cute little ass as I spread my legs, exposing my horny little pussy to them. They squealed as both of them got down close to my twat as I began to hold my lips apart as I ran a finger over my slit. "See? We are just alike down there." I said, "Now watch what I do and then you can do it too." As I played with my pussy with one hand I brought my other hand to find Liz's hot little pussy. She spread her thighs for me as I began to rub both hers and mi=u own at the same time. I took one finger and eased it a little way into her tight young pussy as I did the same to mine. She took my hand and began to help me finger fuck herself as I could see the dew on her puffy little lips. I had to taste it! There was no holding back! "Liz, come sit on my chest so I can taste that sweet little thing." I told her as I saw Suzy playing with her young cunt. "Suzy, why don't you get between my legs and lick on me as I do it to Liz? Don't you think that would be fun?" "OK. I know it will be fun." She said, "That is what we do with Mommy sometimes." I took Liz and placed her pussy to my mouth as I felt Suzy start to play with my wet cunt. The very sight of her young pussy had me so horny as I reached my hot tongue to her precious little slit. I took her small body and began to lick her, going from her sweet little pussy to her tiny ass as I licked both her holes. Liz was loving it as Suzy started to lick me, her small tongue lapping at my wet slit as she found the right place on my clit. I began to probe Liz's cute little asshole with my tongue as she fucked my tongue, her little body going so fast as I ate her young pussy and ass. Then she started to cum as I felt her body tremble, her tight little pussy so wet now as her climax swept over her tiny body. Feeling Liz cumming on my tongue drove me to cum as I felt Suzy lapping at my wet cunt. 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