Their Scheming Daughters

He lay there watching her. She slowly slipped her
blouse off, then her bra, exposing her firm breasts
and stiff nipples.

Then off came her short skirt and he was getting the
pleasure seeing her almost completely naked body
for the first time.

She stood there beside the bed, letting him enjoy the
sight of her young exposed body. She was slender
and almost fully developed. Her breasts were firm
with no sag at all.

Finally with a smile on her face, she slowly slipped
her panties down and off and stood there with her
legs partially spread giving him his first look at her
swollen pussy lips. He could see that they were
already wet with her own juices. He just knew she
would be so tight, hot and wet on his stiff cock.

She slowly moved onto the bed, then came up
against him, pressing her entire naked body against
his own naked body. She pressed her firm mounds
against his chest as her lips met his for the first
time in a passionate kiss. Yes, her kiss was just as
passionate as her mothers had ever been.

Her small tongue licked his lips then slipped
between his to caress his own tongue. She pressed
against him as he lightly sucked on her probing
tongue sending pleasure through her.

She also knew that she was going to enjoy it
immensely when he slipped his big thick cock up
into her tight cunt opening to fill her more than
she had ever been.

Yes, she knew he was going to fuck her and fill
her cunt with his hot sperm. She was depending on
just that. She wanted his hot sperm up inside of
her cunt, wanted it filling her own young womb.

His hands fondled and squeezed her small firm
breasts as their lips caressed each others. God they
were so firm and soft and filled his fondling hands
just beautifully.

He moved one of his hands to her back and
began caressing her bare back, as her own
hand caressed his on it's way down.

Slowly he moved his hand down until he
was caressing and squeezing her firm
ass cheeks.

Her own hand squeezed his own ass. All
as their lips pressed together.

Suddenly she pulled away and began kissing
and licking her way down his stomach. He
just knew what she was going to do and
was anticipated it. He longed for it, He relished
the thought and knew he was going to return the
pleasure as he licked, sucked and tongue fucked
her young hot cunt.

He just had to watch her as her lips and tongue
neared his stiff cock. It was all he could do to
keep from spewing his hot fertile sperm all over
her face as her lips kissed his sensitive cock head.

She kissed and kissed his cock head, the licked
her tongue around and around it, sending waves
of intense pleasure over his entire body.

He was watching as she suddenly opened her
mouth and took his sensitive cock head in. He
had never felt or watched anything so erotic as
her taking his big stiff cock not only into her
mouth, wrapping her lips around his thick cock
shaft, but watching her slowly suck it into her
mouth, deeper and deeper until he felt it press
against the back of her throat then slip right
passed the back of her throat to slip down
her throat until she had his entire cock deep
in her mouth and down her throat. He couldn't
believe that she had managed to take it all of
the way down her throat.

He quickly then returned the pleasure. He pulled
her on top of him until her legs were spread on
each side of his head and her young hot wet
throbbing cunt was right at his own mouth.

He sent a wave of pleasure flooding over her as
his tongue licked up and down her young tight
hot wet cunt, lapping her juices up.

His tongue caressed her sensitive clitoris. She
would have cried out with pleasure if her mouth and
throat had not been full of his stiff cock.

There they lay, daddy's cock filling her mouth and
throat and daddy's tongue licking his young
daughters young tight hot wet, throbbing cunt slit
and lips, then slipping in and out of her tight
tunnel and sending waves of pleasure through her
as he licked her sensitive clit and sucked on it hard.

Finally he had taken all he could. He moved her
off of him and laying her down, he spread her legs
wide moving between them. He rubbed his thick
long cock up and down her wet swollen pussy lips
then to her tight entrance.

He leaned down and kissed her again, as he slipped
his fatherly stiff cock plunging all of the way up
into his daughters tight cunt, relishing the heat and
tightness of her young body.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and as he
fucked his own fifteen year old daughter she fucked
him back just as hard and as good as she got.

Yes, he was fucking his own daughter. She had
come to him while he was in bed and without saying
a word stripped and crawled onto the bed with him.

She was now fucking him back just as hard and as
fast as he was fucking her. In and out, in and out,
in and out, he fucked his cock up into her, into his
own young fifteen year old sweetheart.

Yes, he was fucking his own fifteen year old
daughters tight cunt and she was fucking him
back just as hard as he was fucking her. One thing
he wondered was where she had learned to fuck
like that.

When he plunged his cock up inside of her he knew
she was not a virgin. He wondered just who she
had let fuck her and take her virginity and when.
How long had she been fucking? He just had to
know. But not right then, he was going to enjoy
her young body as much as he could before he
began questioning her about who she was fucking
and sucking.

She suddenly cried out with pleasure as her first
orgasm of the night swept over her. She pulled her
tight young cunt up and his cock and held it deep
inside of her as her cunt muscles milked his sperm
right out of his balls up into her young womb.

He didn't stop when he cum. She was so hot and
tight and it was so exciting fucking his own little
girl, playing with and sucking her small breasts
and nipples, even biting them and leaving his
teeth marks on them that he retained his stiff cock.

On and on he fucked her sending her through three
intense orgasm before he added his second helping
of his hot sperm up into her womb.

Finally laying there with his cock buried deep inside
of his own young teenage daughter, he got up the
nerve to ask her.

"Honey," He said, "his cock still buried deep
inside of her. "Who did you fuck and give your
virginity too?"

She kissed him, then grinned at him. "Do your
really want to know daddy?" She ask him.

"Yes, honey, I want to know. How long have you
been fucking someone? He ask.

Grinning at him, she kissed him again. "Daddy,
Connie and I made a deal with each other. She
will be staying this weekend with me. Well, last
weekend when I was staying with her, I let her
daddy, fuck me and take my virginity. He fucked
me all weekend. Now don't get upset daddy,
Connie's still a virgin, she was having her period
last weekend and when she comes over this
weekend to stay with me, she wants you to fuck
her and take her virginity and fuck her all weekend.
Yes, daddy we made a deal. Her daddy fucks me
and takes my virginity and you fuck her and take
her virginity.

We also made a deal, that when we fuck each others
daddy and our own daddy we don't use any
protection. Yes, daddy we want to take a chance
that either each others daddy gets us pregnant or
our own daddy gets us pregnant." She told him,

"Daddy I'm hoping you get her pregnant first
though. I think it would be exciting my daddy
fucking my girl friend and getting her pregnant."
She told him with a smile on her face.

"You know that this weekend when your fuck
her and take her virginity daddy, she might just
be fertile and maybe you will give her your baby
too. I sure hope so. I would love to see her with
her tummy swollen with my own daddy's baby."
She said giggling again.

Slowly as they lay there taking about how she
lost her virginity and who she lost it too and him
fucking her friend and taking her virginity and
getting her pregnant, she again began fucking her
tight cunt up at her daddy's stiffening cock again.

In a short minute, she again had his cock stiff
and hard and was fucking him hard. Then she
had him roll over so that she was straddling him
and she began fucking her own cunt up and down
on daddy's stiff cock, as his hands again enjoyed
the feeling of her firm small developing breasts.

Yes, he was enjoying his new found pleasure with
his young daughter. As she fucked her young tight
cunt up and down on her daddy's stiff cock, he knew
that from this time on he was going to enjoy not
only his own daughters hot body, her firm soft
breasts and nipples and her tight hot cunt, but he
was also, after this coming weekend, also be
enjoying the hot tight virginal cunt and tits of her
close girl friend, Connie.

Yes, he was going to enjoy his neighbors young
fifteen year old virgin daughter a lot also. Of
course he also realized that his neighbor was going
to be enjoying his daughter, now fucking him along
with his own daughter also. Yes, He knew that
the two of them would be swapping daughters back
and forth between them.

As he lay there with his own daughter fucking him,
he wondered which one of the girls would get
pregnant first and who would be the first to plant
a baby in the others young daughter or would the
same one plant a baby in both of the girls. He
wondered as his own daughter bounced up and
down on his own stiff cock, if they would even
know which one of the fathers was the one to
plant a baby in the girls.

Yes, he knew they would both be fucking both
girls one hell of a lot and either of them could
impregnate either or both of the girls. But what
the hell he thought as he began pumping another
helping of his hot fertile sperm up into his own
daughters young cunt and womb, we'll probably
never know but we'll sure enjoy fucking both
of the girls for a long time.

As he fucked his own daughter, he made himself
one promise. He promised himself that he was
going to be the first to fuck his own daughter and
maybe his neighbors daughter in the ass, being the
one to enjoy their virginal bowels with his big
stiff cock. He had to smile at himself as he
promised himself that pleasure. He knew that
before morning his own daughter would no longer
have a virgin ass. He would be slipping his stiff
cock up into her later that evening.

As he lay there, with her sitting on his stiff cock
without moving, keeping it buried deep inside
of her as she took another helping of his hot fertile
sperm, he was anxious to let her mother, his loving
wife, watch as he fucked their sweet young thing.

He also wondered if then her mother would want
to help him fuck her younger ten year old sister
letting him take her virginity and showing her the
joys of family fucking and swapping neighbors.
He knew he would also enjoy fucking Connie's
little nine year old sister. He wondered if Connie's
daddy was going to now be fucking his younger
daughter also. He knew he himself was sure as
hell going to enjoy his own younger daughter when
she and her mother returned home from grandma
and grandpa's.

There was one other thing also as he thought about
the sex between the daughters. Hopefully they
would also include the mothers of the girls, their
own wives. Yes, he sure as hell would love to
fuck Connie's mother and fill her womb full of
his hot fertile sperm also. Yes, even though he
would also have to go along Connie's father
not only fucking his daughter but also have to
go along with him also fucking his wife along
with his daughter. But then that could get
exciting also if he could get them all together
and have a week long fucking get together
watching the other fuck your own wife and
daughters while your fucking his, letting your
wife watch you fuck the other wife and daughters.

Yes, hell, just thinking about watching Connie's
daddy fucking his wife and daughters was a real
turn on to him. Yes he would like to watch his
loving wife, sucking and fucking Connie's daddy's
cock as his wife, sucked and fucked him with them
Damn it was going to seem like a long time until
the coming weekend when he was going to enjoy
his neighbors virgin daughter and hopefully knock her up.

Oh yeah, he thought as his loving fifteen year old
daughter again fucked herself on his stiff cock, he
would just get her, his loving daughter and Connie,
after both of them were actually fucking both of
their daddies, to get their mothers to also swap
husbands back and forth along with swapping
daughters back and forth. But with the wives
always being together watching each other fuck
the others husband and the husbands watching
their wives being fucked by the others wife.

Yes, he thought as he filled his daughters womb
with more of his own fatherly sperm up into her