Debauchery, Depravity, Defilement M/g

The morning light started to filter into our bedroom. Susan
had finished her reminiscing about her childhood days and we both
hadn't slept a wink. We were too restless with anticipation of what
was to come. It was a Saturday morning, and Susan and I normally sleep
in and let the girls get up and fix themselves cereal for breakfast
and watch cartoons. I kind of had mixed emotions because in an hour
or two, my life was going to change forever. I was going to give in
to all my perverted urges and completely let go any and all boundaries
when it came to sex. The craziest thing of all was it was at my
sluttish wife's request. It didn't take long before that same morning
light brought with it the sound of little feet. Our youngest, Amy,
was the first to brighten our bedroom with her beaming five-year-old
smile, bounding onto our bed and snuggling in between us. Linda, on
the other hand, was about a half hour later, sauntering in still half
asleep. She moved to the foot of our bed and sat there yawning.

Susan piped up and, with excitement, said to the girls, "I
have something very special and important to tell you. Remember that
secret wish I told you about, girls? The one I always dreamt about?
You know--the one about our family the way I would love things to be."
Little Amy chimed in, "But Mommy, you said we had to keep it a
secret, even from Daddy; that it was our special secret."

"Baby girl, it's quite alright. Daddy knows all about our
special family games and you don't have to hide it anymore. Mommy
wants us all to play together from now on. Daddy wants to watch us and
even play too."

It was Linda's turn to put in her two cents and she opened
with, "Can I see Daddy's cock?!"

Amy joined in with a "Me too! Me too!"

Susan cut in with, "Girls, why don't you ask Dad nicely?"

Linda said, "Please, Daddy, can we see your big wiener? We
have only seen pictures that Mommy has shown us of men's thingies. I'd
love to see yours so much!"

I nearly fainted when five-year-old Amy said, "Daddy I want to
kiss your big birdie and see what it tastes like."

I didn't have morning wood that morning, but when I heard that
last statement from my five-year-old angel of a daughter, my cock
instantly sprang to attention. "Do my girls really want to see and
play with Daddy's cock? Baby girl, do you really want a taste?" I
asked in astonishment.

Susan, half chuckling, whispered in my ear, "Remember, my
love, half of both these girls is part of me and my pervert kinky
genes. The other half is from you, and we know what kind of a sick
fuck you are now, big boy. So you have to figure they both are as
twisted as me, maybe even more." Then she licked my ear and said,
"Let them see your cock, Randy. You're going to love what's going to
happen next."

I slid out from under the covers, put my thumb in the
waistband of my pajamas, and said, "Girls, do you really want to see
my cock?" When I received affirmations, with nods and the two of them
saying, "Please, Daddy!" and "Go on, Daddy!" I crossed the line
forever. I pulled down on my bottoms and my hard cock sprang into full
view for Susan and the girls to see. Both girls let out gasps and
their eyes were as big as saucers.

Susan exclaimed, "See, girls, I told you it was big and

The three of them feasted their eyes on my dick like it was
the last ballpark frank left at Yankee Stadium and they were starving
hotdog connoisseurs. Susan reached out, grasped my member, and
commented, "See how big hard and warm it is, girls? We are going to
have a lot of fun with this part of Daddy." Susan then coaxed the
girls with "Go on. Touch it all you want. Dad loves to be touched."

Little Amy reached out first and touched the head of my cock
and said, "Hehehehe! It's sticky!"

Susan replied, "Yes, it gets that way when Daddy's cock gets
happy. It's called precum. It means Daddy is getting excited. Go
on. Taste some. It's sweet!"

Little Amy drew back her hand and licked her finger, making an
"mmmmmmm!" sound.

Susan then told Amy, "Go on, baby girl, kiss Daddy's cock and
try to suck more of that sweet syrup out. Go on, baby. Mommy would
love to see you suck your dad's cock!"

My five-year-old moved forward and engulfed the head of my
cock in her sweet little angelic mouth. I could feel her little
tongue swishing over the head and she started to suck, trying to
extract more of my salty sweet precum.

Susan whispered in my ear, "Look, Randy, your little princess
is a born cocksucker! Fuck, this making me so fucking hot! I have to
get Linda to lick my pussy! Randy, do you want to see our other
daughter eat her mom's pussy?"

My mind was reeling! This wasn't some homemade porno video;
this was reality! I whispered back to Susan, "Yes, and a whole lot
more!" She just winked and licked her lips.

Susan moved out from under the covers and lay on top of them
and removed her PJ top and unhooked her bra. She then pulled off her
bottoms and slid down her panties. All the while our seven-year-old,
Linda, was watching wide-eyed as her baby sister slurped up the precum
from the end of my cock. Susan beckoned her with, "Come here and play
with Momma till it's your turn with Daddy."

Linda didn't hesitate. She obviously had played this way with
Mom countless times. She instantly moved into a passionate French
kiss with Susan. Her mother had taught her well. Linda then moved to
her mother's right nipple. It was a sight to see this spectacle of
Sapphic ******. I was in some kind of perverse heaven, and it was
only going to get better!

Susan, looking over at Amy, said, "Show Daddy what I taught
you, baby!"

With that little Amy began to suck my cock like a kindergarten
crack whore. I moaned, "Oh, my god!" Susan then told me, "I have been
having her practice on bananas and my sex toys for months.
Imagine--she can deep throat at five!" Susan then stroked Linda's soft
brown hair and softly said to her, "Baby, Mommy's pussy needs you."

With that Linda ceased sucking Mom's tit and kissed her way
down to her mother's shaved pussy. She began lick up her mother's
pussy cream like a cat at a saucer of half and half. My wife looked
over at me with a shit-eating grin and said, "Now my life is the
fucking way I want it! With you on board our family is complete and
we can have anything we want."

I couldn't speak. For a five-year-old, little Amy was rather
adept at her newfound skill, and I was on the verge of blowing my load
in her sweet young mouth. I still had doubt but my wife quashed it,
saying, "Cum down her throat, lover. She longs for that."

I erupted like a fountain in her child's throat and she gagged
a little but managed to swallow my whole load. She then slid her
mouth off my softening cock, smiled and said, "Thank you, Daddy! I
love you!" She moved up and hugged me and planted a cummy kiss right
on my mouth. I could taste my cock on her baby lips. I was
momentarily shocked when she pushed her little tongue into my mouth
and started to French with me.

My baby girl broke the kiss, looked into my eyes clouded with
lust and asked, "Daddy, would you like to taste my naughty parts?"

"Oh, baby girl, would I!" I said in reply. My heart was
pounding and my now deflated cock was starting to get hard all over
again. I had Amy lie down and I surveyed her little puffy pussy lips.
They looked so sweet and smelled of soap and pee. Her cute little
crack made my mouth water for a taste. This was one of the final
hurdles, and there were very few boundaries left for me to cross.

Susan ceased her moaning long enough to say, "Go on, lover,
taste that sweet baby girl pussy! You're going to love it!" She then
said, "Go on! Eat that baby cunt and be the pervert husband of my
dreams! We're going to know pleasure most people don't even dare
dream of!"

My face descended into my five-year-old daughter's crotch, and
there was no stopping after that. My tongue shot out and slithered up
and down her sweet little crack. She giggled and said, "I love you,
Daddy. Do I taste good?"

I stopped long enough to say, "Yes, baby, you do!"

Meanwhile I could hear Susan's heavy breathing and moans of
pleasure as our seven-year-old sucked her pussy. A line of praise and
soft obscenities streamed from Susan's mouth to fill Linda's ears and
spur her on. This only served to energize me, and I sucked and licked
little Amy's pussy with abandon. Amy added her own praise and then
said something that shocked me from my rapture:

"Daddy, do you want to taste my pee, like Mommy does? If you
do, I have to pee now!"

I stopped licking long enough to say, "Please, baby girl, pee
in Daddy's mouth!" I then went back sucking her little cunt.

She then said, "Okay, Daddy, here it comes."

Suddenly my mouth was flooded with this bittersweet salty
nectar, more sweet then bitter. I clamped my mouth over my baby
daughter's pee hole and drank as quickly as I could. The flavor and
the act of what I was doing were completely intoxicating.

Amy exclaimed, "Daddy is drinking me dry!"

Susan chimed in, "That's what good daddies do!"

I drank as quickly and as deeply as I could, but some of my
baby's piss got away from me and flooded over my face. I was in an
incredible state of arousal and my cock was rock hard again. I lifted
my head and looked over at Susan. She was smiling at me like the
Cheshire Cat.

"There is something else the girls want, Randy. They want to
see and play with your ass!" She suggested that I get into a position
on my hands and knees and hold my ass cheeks apart. I did as she
asked and the three of them inspected my asshole like it was their
next snack. I felt a tongue rimming my asshole and poking inside.
Susan told me it was little Amy licking my ass; then there was a pause
and it was Linda's turn to lick my ass. I was going out of my mind
with pleasure, and it would not be long before I blew my load again.

Susan had other ideas, and it wasn't time for me to come just
yet, if she had anything to do with it. She wanted to prolong this
heightened state of arousal in me, to push it to even higher limits.
She wanted more.

She bent over and whispered in my ear, "I want to see the
girls eat your shit, lover. Try and shit while they lick you
asshole." The thought of doing this was almost incomprehensible; my
brain was so foggy with lust. She then said, "Come on, lover. They
both want it, and so do I. You know you want it too!" She was
right! Just then I felt a finger wet with spit enter my shitter, poke
around and slide back out. I then heard Linda say, "Mmmmmmm! Amy, it
tastes so sexy!" The finger was replaced with a smaller one, as Amy
took her turn to sample the flavor of my ass. She too gave a
favorable report, saying, "Yummy!"

Susan then said aloud, "Come on, lover! Feed them!"

With that I pushed on my bowels and strained to give them what
they wanted. I could feel a tongue flicking over my ass lips, but I
couldn't tell whether it was Amy or Linda until I heard Linda utter
the most obscene and exciting thing: "Come on, Amy, eat Daddy's shit,
just like Mom's!"

With that something moved and a log of my shit was headed for
my opening...and my five-year-old daughter's mouth. The end of my
turd started to emerge, and I could feel Amy's tongue working on it.
She was obviously accustomed to the taste of shit because she savored
it like dark chocolate. A full three or four inches emerged before
she bit off a chunk and began to chew. Linda then pushed her little
sister out of the way and took up position in Amy's place. She
clamped her mouth over my sphincter and sucked like a vacuum cleaner
with her tongue fluttering over my emerging crap. She took a full
mouthful and was then replaced by her mother. Susan's hands and mouth
were familiar as she sucked the rest of my shit from my colon. I
turned around, my hard cock bobbing in the air, just in time to see
the three of them in a passionate shit kiss.

I stroked my cock a few times, and it was all I needed to
explode in an orgasmic shot of sperm. Susan noticed that I was about
to cum and caught it in her hand and mixed it in with the shit they
were using to kissing with. The sight was unimaginably obscene and
totally mind blowing: My wife and two young daughters kissing and
devouring my shit and cum together like filthy perverted creatures
from some kind of nightmare! I was now changed forever. Pandora had
opened her box, only this time all the perversions imaginable were let
loose upon the earth, and I was going to enjoy them all.

I watched the spectacle for a while as my cock deflated and
then had a sudden urge to empty my bladder. The girls were finishing
up their treat when I stood up on the bed and let loose a stream of
piss on their heads and in there faces. I was now forgone with lust
and openly degraded them verbally. I commanded loudly, "Drink my
piss, you sluts!" I followed with "We are all fucking human toilets
here, the whole damn family!"

Susan and the girls fought each other to gain as large a
portion of my piss as they could, and they used it to wash down my
shit. Once she could talk, Susan smiled with shit-covered lips and
said, "Now our family is complete and the girls have the daddy they
want and need."

The four of us lay on the bed for a time in a nasty cesspool
that was our bedding. We just rested a bit until we were ready for the
next act in our cavalcade of perversion.

Susan said to me, "Randy, I just loved it when you talked
dirty and nasty. I think we all should talk dirty from now on."

I agreed it had a certain liberating effect and helped to
spice up anything we were doing. I also liked the corrupting effect it
would have on the girls. God help me! I was beginning to love all
this degradation. It was like a drug and you always needed a fix. God
no, but the devil was smiling. We talked to the girls and explained
the ground rules: No potty mouth outside the house, but when we were
home and playing our special games, anything nasty would be

We all were getting our third wind back and Linda was next to
make a request. Wiith Mom's coaching she said, "Daddy will you fuck
my asshole with your big cock, so I can shit on it and watch Mommy
lick it clean!"

I replied, "Linda baby slut, I would be happy to butt fuck
your asshole, but make it nice and shitty. Mommy loves it really
messy, okay?"

With that I lay down again and Linda got into position with
her ass over my crotch, facing my feet. I wasn't quite hard enough
yet, so Amy and Susan both took turns licking and sucking me back to
life. By the time I was fully hard again, my cock was slick with spit
and snot. Susan guided my cock into our seven-year-old daughter's
anus and forced her to sit on it, saying, "Sit on his cock, you dirty
little ass-fucking slut!" I watched while she pushed her down. My
cock slowly entered at first then, with a pop, went into her cute
little asshole as Linda let out a squeal of pain or joy, I couldn't

Susan coached Linda to ride up and down on my shaft for a
time; then she started to shit and my cock was almost pushed out of
her ass. Her soft brown shit seeped around my cock and coated it like
a chocolate-covered banana.

I was watching the goings-on when little Amy came up and
whispered in my ear, "Daddy, I have to shit. Can I do it in your

I hadn't tasted shit in years, and when I had it was Susan's
when we were just married and trying everything kinky under the sun.
Now my little angel wanted to shit in her dad's mouth. I thought,
FUCK YEA! I told her, "Sure, baby slut, anything you want. Daddy
would love to eat your shit!"

While Susan and Linda were busy pumping Linda's ass and shit
all over my dick, I got Little Amy's ass in my face, started running
my tongue up and down her sweet little ass crack, and started to poke
my tongue into her tight little hole. I thought this could be heaven
or this could be hell, I didn't care anymore. I just wanted to do it.

With the sensations of Linda's ass to spur me on, I began to
suck Amy's ass out wholeheartedly. I wanted it. I wanted to taste my
baby's shit. I wanted to eat it. I wanted it more than anything.
God, I had become just like Susan! I was just like Susan! Little
Amy's rectum began to move and I could feel the tip of her turd. My
taste buds were assaulted with a combination of flavors. They were a
mix of nuts, bitter chocolate and camembert cheese. It was horrible
and wonderful all at the same time. Her turd grew and grew, and I had
to bite it off and chew, working quickly.

As more of this nasty, sexy log slid out of her anus and into
my mouth, I could hear Amy exclaim, "Daddy is really eating my shit,
Mommy!" But Susan was busy licking my shit-covered cock below Linda's
asshole. I felt sick, elated, and high all at the same time as our
youngest offered me another chunk of shit to devour. I was hooked.
There was no going back know. Amy finished here bowel movement and I
proceeded to clean out her asshole. When I was just about finished,
she jumped up, turned around and planted another one of her crack
whore kisses smack on the mouth savoring the taste of her shit.

After enjoying the shitty kiss for a short time, I couldn't
feel Linda's ass anymore and gently slid Amy's face out of the way so
I could see. Both Susan and our oldest daughter were busy slurping
and sucking my shit-covered prick. Little Amy saw this and quickly
moved to join them. With their female mouths working my shit-covered
cock, all I could think was, Life is good! I was totally spent and
felt like I needed to nap to regain my energy. The girls had other
plans. They wanted one last shot of cum as a topping for their nasty
dessert. I couldn't resist, and an earth-shattering orgasm shot
through my loins and exploded in their faces. They didn't miss a beat
as they licked up my spunk like it was honey on top of sweet
chocolate. The whole scene was surreal, and I thought to myself, God,
I wish I had a video of all of this to enjoy over and over!

The girls and Susan worked tirelessly for what seemed like a
long time, cleaning every trace of shit and cum from my crotch and
balls and ass crack. They then lay back with me and enjoyed the
afterglow of our familial orgy of filth, Susan next to me and the
girls on either side of us. Susan asked, "Well, lover, how do you
feel now?"

I replied, "Well, shit slut mom, I would have loved to see a
video of what just happened."

Susan then said, "Perhaps we should record our fun and games
on video to enjoy later."

Laughing, I jokingly said, "Or show our friends." Susan's
eyes lit up. I could see I'd struck a nerve, so I asked, "What,
Suzie? What do you have in mind now in that shit-filled, wormy brain
of yours?"

She said, "Perhaps a way to make big money and meet other
folks to play with."

I said, "You can't be serious! Isn't that kind of dangerous?"
She just said, "Perhaps, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Having Amy drop my laptop on purpose was a gamble. Knowing you could
crack the encryption on my hard drive was a gamble too. I like to
gamble, Randy, and you know it. I knew you were a pedo pervert when I
married you. I just got you out of your shell."

She was right. She was completely right. So I figured I'd
just let her have the driver's seat and enjoy the ride. We talked
about how I would deal with the technical aspects of video making and
Susan would cultivate contacts. Life was getting a lot more
complicated but also more interesting, and I could never return back
to the way it was.

Susan told me that her friend April had made requests to see
our two girls play together without Mom. We had an easy subject for
our first video, and I was getting horny thinking of what it would
look like.

The End