Jodie Goes to the Carnival

Jodie had been her father's sex slave for about 4 months when the carnival came to town. Jodie had seen the trucks carrying the rides from her bedroom window one morning as she knelt tied to the bedposts, her father's cock pounding into her tight 12 year-old ass. She was panting for breath, on the verge of cumming as she felt her father slide his thick fingers into her dripping cunt and curl them as he thrust them in and out roughly. She screamed out as a wild orgasm ripped through her body, feeling her father's hot sperm shooting up into her ass. He pulled out slowly after he had spent himself and lay back smiling up at his bound daughter. He thought she looked so beautiful against the morning sky, her red hair a riot of curls down her back, her rosy cheeks and long eyelashes, her small breasts with tiny, pert nipples pierced by small golden rings, her sweetly rounded ass cheeks, the freckles dusted over her golden skin. Her hands were bound to the bed posts with her ankles bound spread apart. There was cum oozing from her tight little ass pucker and down her softly rounded thigh. His heart swelled with pride for his little slaveslut daughter. She had turned out to exceed his wildest expectations. She had grown hungry for his touch and his seed quickly, accepting her training easily. She had accepted his demands, his rigid rules, his chains like she was born to it. She turned her head and smiled almost shyly at her father. He reached out his hand and stroked her hairless cunt gently. "You're my sweet slut, good girl," he crooned to her softly. Leaning up on one elbow he studied her face. "You deserve a treat, sweetness. Tell Daddy what would make you happy" She opened her mouth then closed it, appearing to be thinking hard about what she wanted. Then her face broke into a sunny smile. "Please, Daddy, please would you take me to the carnival?" she asked softly, sounding fearful of making such a request. He lay back and closed his eyes a moment. "Carnival, huh? Hmmmmmm." Suddenly he sat straight up and slapped her ass hard, leaving a red handprint. Jodie cried out softly, leaning into the head of the bed. "That is a wonderful idea, you sweet little cunt. The carnival it shall be! We'll go Friday night after I get home from work!" He reached for a set of keys on the bedside table and unlocked her wrists and ankles. "Now go fix me some breakfast and make it fast. I'm going to be late for work if I don't hustle." He left the room whistling as Jodie ran to tug a t-shirt over her head. She scampered down to the kitchen to start making her father's breakfast, smiling as she thought about all the fun she'd have at the carnival.

Two days later Jodie was anxiously waiting for her father to return home from work. She had worked hard, cleaned the house and finished the laundry. She had made her father's favorite dinner and dressed in an outfit she knew her father loved. She sat watching the birds splashing in the birdbath in the back yard, listening for her father's car. She was dreaming of riding on all the rides, feeling the wind in her face, smelling the cotton candy, hearing the music and voices. Suddenly there was a hand lifting her chin, a finger pressing into the side of her mouth, causing her to open. She turned her eyes to see her father pushing his rigid cock between her lips. She quickly took him into her hot little mouth like she knew he liked and stroked her mouth over his shaft eagerly. She didn't want anything standing in the way of her going to the carnival. After a few moments her father pulled his cock out of her mouth and sprayed her face with cum. She gasped and sputtered as she felt the thick hot ribbons of cum streak her skin. She looked up at her father with tears in her eyes. "Daddy! How can I go to the carnival looking like this?" she cried. Her father chuckled. "It's easy, sweetness. Just wipe off your face and you'll be fine. Plus you'll smell so good that everyone will know you're Daddy's little whore, baby. I love the thought of that!" He led her to the bathroom and stood her up facing the mirror. He wiped a towel over her cheeks, smearing the cum around. Then he massaged the cum into her hair with one hand as he cupped a small soft breast with the other, watching this in the mirror. His eyes met Jodie's as he stroked his thumb over the hardening nipple. "Mmmmm, my babywhore loves that, doesn't she?" Jodie just whimpered softly as she watched herself grow flushed in the bathroom light. She could feel the crotch of her panties growing damp. If she didn't do something soon she'd never get to go to that carnival, she told herself. "Daddy....please....pleeeease can we go now?" she asked softly. Her father laughed and drew her out of the room by her hand and to the car. He helped her in, whistling tunelessly as he slid in beside her.

Her eyes were round and glowing as she took in the lights and sounds all around her. Her father had a tight hold on her hand as he stood in line to buy tickets for the rides. She watched as he leaned close to the little hole in the window to talk to the man behind it. The man looked at her for a long time and then went back to talking to her father. She couldn't hear a word over the noise of the carnival, but she saw him hand over a large roll of ride tickets. She smiled up at the man and he leered back at her. Then her father began tugging her behind him towards the huge, brightly lit ferris wheel. After waiting a few moments it was their turn to board the small car and begin their ride. Her father tugged her close to him and settled his arm around her shoulder, his hand grabbing her small breast and giving it a tight squeeze that caused her to moan. The teenager securing the lock on the car gaped at them as her father winked at him, then kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue deeply into her mouth. Jodie blushed hotly as the car started to move.

By the time they exited the car and walked to the next ride, it was obvious the teen had spread the news of the old lecher molesting the little girl out in the open. At each ride they were greeted by men leering and trying to grope Jodie's sweet body. Her father stood back and watched as men of all ages reached out to caress, pinch and maul his little girl. She looked to him once for help, but saw he was enjoying it. Memories of standing tied to a post in the basement and whipped because she balked at letting one of his friends finger her cunt made her stand still and be quiet. At least she did get to ride some of the rides, even if her father or another man was fingering her cunt or ass while it happened. It grew later and later and the carnival seemed to be shutting down but still her father let her ride on certain rides with the seedy-looking men who ran the rides and games. It seemed they couldn't get enough of touching her small body, squeezing her developing breasts and rubbing the mound between her legs. Every now and then one would thrust a dirty, greasy hand down into the neck of her blouse or up the legs of her shorts and rudely abusing her flesh. Her father watched in amusement as their dirty fingers caused his daughter to moan and squeal.

One of the men whispered into her father's ear for a moment and Jodie was pulled off the merry-go-round and taken to a trailer parked in the dark field behind the carnival. A man opened the door to reveal a living room-like setting, with couches, chairs, a bed and other furnishings. Her father and five other men entered after thrusting Jodie roughly through the door. She was pushed into a deep chair and handed a glass of warm pop. She tried to listen carefully as she sipped at the funny tasting drink slowly. Her father smiled at her reassuringly as he chatted with the men. One of them nodded to a wall of video equipment and her father nodded his head and laughed. All the men watched as Jodie drank the rest of the pop and set the glass down on a table beside her. Her father sat back on the couch and crossed his legs comfortably. He turned to the men and smiled. "Gentleman, let me introduce you properly to my darling little slut of a daughter. She will do anything I tell her to do, because she has been trained properly and with great patience. I'm very proud of her. Jodie, come here, sweetness." Jodie stood up and walked to her father, stopping between his outspread knees. "Strip, Jodie." She blushed as she unbuttoned her blouse and slid it from her arms. She hooked her fingers into her skirt and tugged it down. She stood for a moment in her panties as the men took in her tiny rose-pink pierced nipples connected by a thin golden chain. Then she quickly skinned down her panties to reveal her plump, hairless mound. There was a general intake of breath as the men feasted their eyes on her gorgeous young body. "Kneel, Jodie. Worship Daddy's cock." Jodie obediently knelt between her father's legs and took his cock into her mouth, sucking and licking at him until he became erect. She slurped noisily at the fat shaft, her cheeks bulging with his fuckmeat as she expertly took him deep and fast. Suddenly a hand wound into her hair and tugged her mouth off the cock, making her kneel up painfully. She looked up into her father's smiling face. "Jodie, these men have been so nice and let you ride all the rides. Don't you think it would be nice of you to show them your appreciation?" The hand that held her hair forced her to nod up and down grotesquely as she whispered "Yes, Daddy."

She was helped to her feet and led to a platform bed in the corner of the room. A hand shoved into her back convinced her to climb up onto the bed. She knelt in the middle and watched as one of the men started to adjust a video camera on a tripod and another focused some lights on the bed. Her father stood next to the bed looking at her thoughtfully. "What can we do to make you a star, Jodie? Show how much you love getting a big cock up your ass? Or how you love sucking big dicks till they shoot cum all over your cute little face?" One of the men closest to the bed was tugging off his jeans as he leered at her naked body. He walked over to her father and nudged him. "I would love to fuck her tight little cunt, Dave. Let's start with that, ok?" Her father readily agreed and sat down in a chair facing the bed, an obvious bulge in his pants. The man climbed onto the bed after removing the rest of his clothes and laid down next to Jodie, his hand reaching out to stroke the soft skin of her small breasts. "Mmmmm, come here and let me taste that sugar, baby girl," he crooned as his hands touched her everywhere. He tugged her on top of his face, pushing up against her hairless cunny and starting to kiss and lick her. His hands kept up their exploration as the man behind the camera started the film. Soon he had his tongue buried in Jodie's wet cunt, slurping at her juices. She was rocking over his mouth and moaning softly as her clit throbbed against his mouth. Her father smiled as he heard her telltale whimpers, knowing she was close to cumming on the tongue thrusting deep inside her. The other men were all stroking their cocks as they watched. Finally the man eating her sweet cunt pushed her down so her dripping slit was positioned over his big shaft. "Ride me, baby girl. Get on that big fuckstick and ride!" He slapped her ass and gripped her hips, pulling her down harshly onto his oozing cock. He groaned deep in his throat as he felt her tight vagina clutching at his cock as he slid her down till he could see the bulge of his big prick in her tummy. "Oh shit, she is so fucking tight!" He started to lift her and push her back down as her moans and groans spurred him on. He knew he was going to cum in only a few moments because she was so tight around his cock. The other men were pumping faster, eager for their turns. One climbed onto the bed next to the couple and started to lick and suck at her tiny pink nipples. He slid his hand down her back and fingered her tight puckered asshole as he sucked a nipple deep into his mouth and bit down on it, hearing a rewarding whimper of pain from Jodie. Suddenly the cock impaled in her cunt started to explode, shooting load after load of hot cream deep into her pussy as she cried out in orgasmic pleasure. Suddenly there was a collective gasp as two other men came as they watched and stroked themselves. Jodie's father had his cock out of his pants as he watched the scene before him. The man behind the camera shouted, "Quick! someone start fucking her ass, her mouth...anything!" Another man got into the bed and started kissing her as he pulled her off the spent cock. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth, his fingers thrusting up into her gooey cunt. The man who had fingered her asshole was now pushing his thick cockhead against her tiny anus as he stroked his cock. Jodie groaned deep in her throat as she suckled the tongue in her mouth, pressing back against the cock spearing into her shithole. The men couldn't believe how this tiny fuckdoll was responding to the fucking she was getting. They forgot she was just a little girl and started using her like a little whore. They pinched her nipples and clit harder, twisting them, pulling at them and smiling as they heard her whimpers and moans. The camera kept recording the wild scene as her father sat and watched, feeling so proud of his tiny abused fucktoy. She never once refused to perform any act she was ordered to perform. She didn't beg to stop when her nipples were swollen to more than twice their size, or her asshole started to bleed. Her lips and small tits were battered and bruised. Her clit looked grotesquely red and swollen from all the pinching, biting and flicks it had taken but still she knelt with her ass in the air or pulled her legs wide open as she was ordered. Finally after all the men had been in all her holes at least twice her father stood up and ordered all the men off his precious daughter. He stood over the bed, looking down at his panting, sweat covered little girl as he pumped his huge throbbing cock. "Oh baby, you've made me SO proud of you tonight! Now aren't you glad we came to the carnival, Jodie?" He looked into her eyes as he started spraying his thick creamy fuck onto her face. "Yes, my little whore, you've been SUCH a good girl! Now we have a wonderful surprise for you, sweetness. Daddy knows how much you love the carousel with the pretty horses. You get to take one more late night ride, baby!" With that he jerked his cock a final time and sent a gob of white cum splattering over her lips. All the men laughed as they watched and tugged their pants back on.

A spent and very sore Jodie was led out into the cool night air naked and dripping cum from every orifice as well as her face. The place was dark as they walked across the carnival grounds. As they approached the carousel it suddenly lit the night with multicolored flashing lights. The music started as Jodie was led to a large black stallion with a golden saddle. Big hands hoisted her up and settled her into the saddle. More hands attached nipple clamps to her swollen nipples, causing her to gasp at the pain. A chain was looped around the pole holding up the black horse and attached to the clamps, forcing her to sit still. Her legs were strapped into the stirrups and another belt was fastened around her waist and down under the horse, holding her in place. Her hands were tied together and tied over her head. The men gathered around her, one man training the camera on her as another flipped the switch to start the carousel. It started to turn slowly. Jodie tried to grip the pole to steady herself as the horse started to move up and down, but could only brace her fingertips against the cold metal. All her sensation was trained on the unbearable ache in her nipples so that she didn't notice something strange happening to the saddle under her body. A small protuberance was rising from the middle of the saddle and poking up at her gaping cunt. With each upward movement of the horse it increased in length. After a few moments Jodie's eyes widened as she realized that something was being inserted into her cunt. She tossed her head as she tried to move up off it, but the restraints effectively held her in place. As the object rose higher it got thicker, until it was pushing deep into her small cunt, filling it completely, stretching it open wider and wider till she was begging for it to stop. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she realized it had stopped getting longer. She was hopeful the ordeal was over and looked at her father. He just grinned and shook his head as he watched her face. After a moment she felt the new torture beginning. Each time the horse rose the metal cock forced deeply against her tiny cervix. Each time the horse descended it started to vibrate. She whimpered and tried to rise off it, but the nipple clamps forced her back down onto the saddle painfully. The rotation of the carousel started to increase, as did the pistoning metal rod and the vibrations. Jodie was screaming and talking incoherently as a third devious torture was added. Suddenly shooting jolts of electric current zapped her cunt and nipples, making her writhe on the saddle and tug back on her nipples. She screamed and screamed as the carousel spun madly around, her tender body abused and tortured with each movement. After what seemed like an eternity to the small girl it started to slow and hands lifted her down after removing her restraints. She found herself in her father's arms, being carried to the car. He carefully tugged her shirt on and set her down on the front seat. As he buckled her seatbelt he told the man with the camera to hand over the film. He told the men he would make sure they all got copies of the video the next day. He placed the video cartridge in Jodie's hands gently and kissed her. "My little princess, " he whispered, "You've done so well tonight!" The car door was closed and her father got behind the wheel and drove off.

On the way home he kept telling Jodie what a wonderful job she had done, and how he couldn't wait to watch the video with her. She fell asleep leaning against him, breathing softly. Once home he lifted her gently and carried her to bed. He undressed her and washed her bruised and battered body with warm water and a soft cloth. He rubbed soothing lotion into her skin as she murmured, half asleep. Finally he pulled the sheet up and covered her. He took off his clothes and grabbed a drink. A few moments later he slipped the tape into the VCR and sat down to watch, occasionally turning to look at his sleeping daughter. She moaned and turned over as he stroked his cock. Just as he watched her cum hard for the third time on the tape he rose and walked to the bed. He pulled back the sheet and climbed over her, turning her head and opening her mouth. She came to groggily as he shot a huge load of steaming cum into her mouth. He fell over on his side clutching her to him tightly as she swallowed the mouthful. "Sorry, baby, I just couldn't help it. Daddy loves his little whore so very, very much!" He kissed her and pulled up the sheet once more, cradling his tiny fucktoy against him. He whispered into her ear, "We will have to make SURE we go to the carnival next year, Jodie!"