Donut Holes

(mc, nc, ff, mf, series)

It was a typical business morning. Ten cars waited at the
drive thru, so I decided to head inside and wait in line. Maybe it
would be quicker. On the other hand, maybe it would be some
Inside was the same story. Two lines, each with 5 or 6 people
in them. Mostly businessmen with gray hair and suits. Two, though,
had little daughters with them.
The girls were cute. Dressed in little, homemade, one-piece
dresses and clinging to daddy's hands, neither was more than 5.
Though the little ones were interesting, I really wasn't in the
mood for anything. The girls behind the counter were, in a word,
portly. Not at all my style, even just for fun.
So I got my coffee and sat down. It was then that I noticed
the two real women in the place.
One was a businesslike one with two girls sitting with her.
She had short blonde hair and wore a business suit with a short
skirt. She was thin, with small breasts and a firm-looking ass. The
daughters were a treat, too. One looked to be 6 or so and was as
cute as the two in line. The other looked to be 10 or 12 and was
starting to mature. Tiny tits poked out behind her sheer shirt, and
she sat with that self-conscious air of a girl who was just beginning
to notice her sexuality. She was a near-perfect copy of her mother.
Just coming in the door was another woman. She was
oriental, probably Chinese from her facial features. About 25, she
was just my age, more of a girl than a woman. She was thin, with
round, medium-sized tits bulging out from her knit top. As she
moved forward in line, I noticed her bottom half. She wore a pair
of tight-fitting legging pants and the outline of her underwear
showed around her small ass. She looked really nice.
I was beginning to take interest. I looked to the girls behind
the counter. They were thinking of their jobs, with boring coffee
and donut and cash symbols bouncing around inside. I reached out
mentally and rearranged their thoughts to serve all the dull old men
first and quickly, leaving the men with the little girls and the oriental
woman waiting.
I then erected a mental gate of sorts to instruct everyone
driving in to use the drive thru. Reaching out behind the counter
once more, I instructed the serving girls to all focus on the drive
thru and not notice the dining room anymore. That should do it, I
thought, now for the fun.
Looking around, I tried to decide what to do first. The two
men and the Chinese girl were beginning to get upset about being
ignored by the help, so I figured I'd have to take care of them first.
I instructed the Chinese girl to wait patiently as long as
necessary in a chair. She sat down and stared outside. Good.
Next, I replaced the mens' anger with a desire to play with
their daughters. Each sat down on the dirty floor and began to
tickle their girls and do all those nice things fathers know to keep
their little girls laughing. Just for fun, I instructed the girls to switch
fathers and the fathers to not notice.
I then turned my attention to the woman at the table. She
was looking around at the men on the floor with some confusion,
wondering what they were doing there. I reached out and
instructed her not to be concerned at all with them. Then the fun
was to begin.
First, I instructed the younger of her daughters to undress.
She was to wear just her little panties and to leave her dress on the
next table. She quickly began to undress and soon was sitting nearly
naked. Her little nipples were pink and erect, probably from the
cool air. She still smiled and ate her donut.
Next, I told the older daughter to remove any underclothing
and to come stand in front of me. She stood up and reached under
her skirt, removing a pair of small, white cotton panties. Then she
pulled her arms inside her dress and pulled off the straps of her bra.
It matched the panties, small and white. She laid them on the table,
so I instructed her little sister to put on the bra. It was too big for
her, but she looked cute in it.
The girl then walked over to me and stood before me,
looking as if nothing unusual was happening. I had her turn around
in front of me. She was a dream. She now looked about 12, just the
right age. Her small breasts were perky and still lifted her shirt,
peaked by two tiny, hard nipples. I had her bend over with her back
to me so I could see up her skirt. Her little pussy was just visible
between her thighs. It was hairless, but almost mature. I could see
her little breasts hanging down under her shirt now, too. They were
creamy white like the rest of her skin. Perfect.
Not wanting the mother to be unhappy with this show, I
instructed her to take off her panties and hike up her skirt at the
table. She did this, showing off her hairy snatch. It was a dead
ringer for her daughter's bare one. I inserted some pleasure
symbols into her mind. She reached for her breasts and began to
massage them. I then looked though her mind, hunting for an idea.
Her sexual experiences were surprisingly varied, indicating even
that she was having an affair at the time! But the wonderful thing
was that this affair was with a woman at her office! Fantastic! I
could have shouted out loud!
I grabbed some of her lesbian experiences and inserted them
into her young daughter, still sitting pretty next to her. She
immediately looked on her mother in a different light and crawled
between her legs. She stuck her little tongue into her mother's
crotch and began to lick expertly. Her mother was going crazy with
lust, rubbing her breasts with one hand and pressing her daughter's
head harder against her cunt with the other. That was good for
now, I decided.
I the looked into her older daughter's mind for sexual
experiences. She had fooled around a bit with a neighborhood boy,
but nothing worthwhile. Deep in her subconscious, though, I
noticed another experience. Her older cousin had once convinced
her to suck him off, and this had continued for a few years.
Excellent. I grabbed her experiences and looked through them a
bit. She had enjoyed her play with her cousin, I was surprised to
learn, and had only stopped because he had gotten married and
moved away.
I inserted the cocksucking knowledge into the two little girls,
playing with the wrong fathers. Each quickly changed their
attitudes and began to rub against their non-fathers' legs, running
their tiny hands around their now bulging crotches. Before the
fathers could react with alarm, I inserted a feeling of excitement and
acceptance, and the men smiled and stroked the little girls' hair.
Each little girl then unzipped the mens' flys and pulled out
their now hard cocks. They stroked the mens' flesh and tickled it
with their little hands, occasionally licking here or there.
I wanted to see the little girls, too, so I instructed them to
take off their little panties and to stroke their tiny slits with one
hand. Each began to furiously rub her crack, rolling her little hips
from side to side. The fathers had closed their eyes and were
moaning with pleasure.
I glanced over at the woman and her daughter, still locked in
a lesbian embrace. The little cuntlicker had moved around to also
show me her crotch, now bare, as she frigged herself. I guess my
instructions had affected all three of them, not just the cocksuckers!
Her slit was bare and underdeveloped, but she was pleasing herself
nonetheless. Her mother, too, was coasting from climax to climax,
having now opened her dress shirt and bra, exposing her B-cup
breasts. She was kneading her nipples, now hard and tall as little
This was getting me excited, so I turned back to my pre-teen
exhibitionist, still displaying her assets for me. I instructed her to
think of me as her lover and she immediately rose and sat on my
lap. Covering my face with little kisses, she began to unbutton my
shirt. I reached out and did the same, wanting a piece of her
developing breasts.
Her tits were small, and just as firm as I had hoped. They
stood out from her chest as if supported by an invisible bra, and her
nipples were hard and warm. She moaned as I cupped my hands
around them, massaging their sides. She moaned again and pressed
her chest into mine, rubbing up and down and pressing her crotch
into mine. By now, my cock was straining to be released, warm
between her 12-year old thighs. She felt it pressing against her and
moved back to release it.
She knelt on the floor and unzipped my shorts, pulling them
and my briefs off with one motion. my cock sprang up into her face
and she lovingly gripped it and began to stroke it. She moved and
acted just as the little girls had with their fathers' cocks, licking and
stroking it and rubbing it against her face.
I looked up to see the men pulling their little girls' heads
down on their cocks, no longer able to hold back. They each
exploded into the girls' mouths and the girls each sucked and
swallowed the older mens' jism. Lying still now, breathing heavily,
the men collapsed to the floor, looking at the little girls. Each girl
was splattered with come, with drops in their ponytailed hair and all
over their pretty dresses. They each slowly massaged their cunts,
having long since climaxed. The little girls were tired from their
efforts, and I let them curl up together to sleep.
The little girl sucking on her mother's cunt was tiring, too,
though my instructions overrode her urge to sleep. I decided to let
her stop and join the two others sleeping on the floor. The mother,
though, looked distraught at losing her cuntlicker. Shw was still
filled with lust, though I hadn't instructed her to be. She looked
over at the men, lying with cocks in hand, and walked over to
snuggle with them. She lay opposite from them, with her ass near
their faces, and stroked their cocks expertly. The men began
fondling her butt and stroking her pussy, exciting her and
themselves more. I watched intrigued as the two men positioned
themselves on either end of her, one sliding his cock into her snatch
while she sucked the other's slick cock. They began to move
together without my intervention, growing more and more excited
by the minute.
In the mean time, the woman's daughter was busy rubbing
her cunt and playing with my cock. She wasn't too good at it, but
she kept me up and hot, and the sight of her excited me more. She
was kneeling between my bare legs, with her shirt open, exposing
her small breasts which swayed in time with her licks on my cock.
Noticing my renewed interest, she released my cock and sat in my
lap facing me, my cock pressed between her legs at the entrance to
her hole. Once again, she rubbed her chest on mine, causing her
slick cunt to gyrate against my cock. I reached down and lifted her
up by her ass, as she reached between our legs and placed my
cockhead at her entrance.
I lowered her back down to my lap, piercing her tight hole
with my rod. She squealed as her hymen broke and she settled
down, my cock buried inside her. She was exquisitely tight and wet,
her hot walls rubbing the sides of my shaft. Slowly she began to
wiggle and move up and down, fucking my cock with practically her
whole body. Her tempo increased as she squealed and shrieked in
excitement. My mind was almost drowning in her mental symbols
of delight.
She climaxed on my cock, screaming in ecstasy and throwing
her body around wildly. Her outburst was loud enough for her
mother and the two men to look up from their carnal dance. They
smiled warmly, then resuming their fun. The girls behind the
counter also looked up for an instant, then remembering their
commands to ignore the dining room. Some drive-thru patron was
asking about all the commotion, but the girl at the microphone
answered that it was nothing interesting.
Just then, the door opened. I looked up, angry that my
commands had not been followed and a bit worried that perhaps
another possessor of the symbols had interrupted my fun. A woman
walked in and stopped in the door, shocked at the sight of the men
and woman fucking on the floor, the sleeping, wet little girls in the
corner, and the pre-teener still squirming on my cock.
I quickly inserted an instruction to freeze into her head, just
as she was about to turn and run out. She stood stock still, her mind
continuing to boggle at the sight inside the donut shop.
She was no symboler. I hunted through her mind, identifying
her as a worker at the next store along the road, having walked over
for a bottle of juice. My instructions had applied only to those
driving in! Damn! I adjusted my gate to turn walkers away,
thinking the place was too busy. Then I turned back to look at the
She was in her mid twenties, jewish-looking, with longish,
curly dark hair. She wore an unflattering sack-dress which made
her look fat, though her breasts still managed to make twin lumps
on her chest. I removed any thoughts of alarm at the sight inside
and instructed her to come in and drop her dress. She pulled the
loops of cloth off her shoulders and let the cloth drop to her feet.
Contrary to the looks of her dress, she was not fat, just
"solid". Her breasts were a bit bigger than the mother who now slid
back and forth on the cocks of the two fathers. She wore a plain
white cotton bra and matching panties. Why don't women dress
excitingly anymore? Angry, I inserted a subconscious desire in her
mind to dress more sensually in the future, from her panties to her
dresses. I then instructed her to lose the boring white pieces. She
now stood before me naked, her breasts sagging a bit and her hairy
cunt starting to moisten from the sight of the goings-on in the dining
Not wanting her for myself, I turned her attention to the two
men and woman on the floor. She went to them to join in their
game, and they accepted her happily. She sucked on the
pussy-fucker's cock as the other woman continued with the other
I allowed the young girl in my lap, tired from her sexual
exertions, to climb off and join the Chinese girl, still sitting patiently
at her table. Ah, yes, I thought, my other prospect!
I now took a better look at the Chinese girl. She was thinner
than all in the room except my pre-teen lover, but her breasts
weren't as small. Even covered by her shirt they made a pair sizable
I instructed her to "awaken", no longer ignoring the
goings-on in the room. She surprised me by smiling at the sight of
my slick, erect cock and the adult antics on the floor. I smiled back
and beckoned for her to join me. Without instruction, she pulled
her shirt over her head, revealing a sexy black silk bra! At last, a
really sexy woman in the bunch! She pulled her leggings to the
floor, too, revealing matching black silk and lace panties. Some
fine, black pussy hairs escaped around the sides of the panties, and
her breasts bulged above her tight bra. Her nipples already poked
out under the silken cloth.
She moved in a very sexy way, coming to sit on my lap,
stroking my chest with her small hands and red-painted nails. I
gazed at her creamy-white breasts and opened her bra's frontside
clasp. Her breasts spilled out into my hands, firm and hot. I
kneaded her nipples and lowered my mouth to suck and nibble. She
threw her head back and ran her hands along my sides and arms,
one hand eventually finding my cock. She tugged at it, expertly
sliding her hands along its length and pulling it toward her crotch.
I was stunned when she pressed my cock between her legs
and I felt it sink into her cunt right through her panties! They were
crotchless! She wrapped her legs around the back of my chair and
pulled herself forward, filling her velvet-smooth, hot cunt with my
shaft. She began to spasm on my lap, rubbing her clit on the bush of
pubic hair above my cock. I reached down to grab her buttocks,
lifting her and smashing her down against my crotch. Her breasts
rubbed exquisitely on my chest as she threw her head back and
squealed in excitement.
At that moment, the four on the floor all exploded in a pile
of heaving bodies, all rubbing on one another. Come flew
everywhere. They all collapsed, petting and kissing and licking.
The four young girls had awoken and were now piled in a lesbian
foursome, sucking cunts and stroking bodies.
The sight of the young girls, their fathers and mother, and
the interloping girl all tossing about in sexual fulfillment was too
much for the Chinese girl and me. We looked at each other, locked
our bodies together, and began to climax. Rhythmically rolling and
tugging, we built and built to fulfillment. I exploded inside her, my
sperm dripping from her cunt and covering her panties. She
screamed and hugged me to her breasts, which I grabbed and
sucked earnestly. Collapsing on me, she nibbled and kissed my
My climax sent symbols flying every which way, eliciting
climaxes from everyone in the room. Even some in their cars burst
in sexual excitement. All the girls behind the counter groaned and
tore at their polyester-uniformed crotches, collapsing at their posts.
The four young girls just pulled together into a mass of young flesh,
screaming in ecstasy.
Recovering from my excitement, I looked around at the
room. It was covered in come and female juices. I instructed the
girls to lick each other clean, and turned to instruct the men and
women to do the same. I left the serving girls the way they were,
only inserting instructions to find nothing wrong with the present
situation. Later, no doubt, they would be embarrassed by their
dripping crotches, but they would never even try to think of a cause
for their behavior.
Now free of sexual juices, the young girls responded to my
instructions to lick the Chinese girl and I clean. We were still
locked together, but slowly pulled apart, completely satisfied.
Everyone put their clothes back on, wiping here and there with
napkins in an effort to make them appear presentable.
Finally, I gathered all of my fellow customers around in a
mental instruction session.
The men were to bring home the wrong little girls, never to
notice the switch. The girls, in turn, were programmed to "be" each
other, to take on each other's lives in every way. I also inserted a
few special symbols which made the girls telepathic broadcasters of
a sort. No one who ever knew them would notice that they had
been switched. They now were each other. I did leave the
cocksucking knowledge intact, though. You never know...
The mother was left pretty much as she had been. Her
lesbian affair was too hot to tamper with. I did instruct her to write
about it, though. Perhaps in the future her stories will appear as
Similarly, her daughters were left as they were, though with
both the lesbian and heterosexual experience intact. The pre-teen
girl was to enjoy her sister without guilt as long as she desired. Her
mother wouldn't interfere...
The interloping woman was to forget everything except my
order to be more sexy. She was lonely, and I figured I was helping
her out. I also left her with a desire to write about her experiences
and share them with me.
Finally, I turned to the Chinese girl. She had come to (and
with) me willingly, only needing a nudge to remove her inhibitions.
I asked her what she wanted. She wanted me. Her former husband
had left her for an American woman and she was longing for the
touch of a man. I assured her problems were over and invited her
to join me in my travels.
Our experiences will appear here in the future...