After The Party

A father discovers his daughter's secret desires. (Mf,
preteen, 1st, bi)


Mike had been told to collect Ellie, his 11 year old
daughter, from the party. He didn't mind as he would be
sure she would get home safely that way.

As he sat waiting in the car, he watched all the
partygoers spilling out of the house and it was
something to see. The organisers had designated it a
Vicars and Tarts party and he wondered who would think
of that for a bunch of kids that age. It was fine for
the boys but the girls all took it as a challenge and
really dressed for the part. He could just imagine the
effect of all that flesh on show to a bunch of
hormonally-charged boys and preferred not to imagine
what might have been going on inside.

Looking round, he could see a few of the parents had
joined in with the dressing up and some of the mothers
were worth more than a second look. He scanned the crowd
and saw one little cutie separate herself from a small
group of girls and turn in his direction.

The light wasn't good but could see she had long, wavy,
hair, a boob tube under a small jacket, a scrap of denim
as a skirt and, as he looked closer, hold-up stockings.
He could also just see how well made up she was too. As
she came tottering toward him on her high heels, he got
a real shock to see it was his own daughter.

'Hi Daddy!' she said and he leaned across to open the
door for her. Ellie threw her jacket and bag in the back
and as she got in, the tiny skirt rode up and he caught
a glimpse of a lacy black thong. Ellie made herself
comfortable and Mike started to pull away for the drive


Ellie was remembering the party. It had been great fun
and she had really enjoyed it, grateful her parents had
let her attend. She smiled to herself thinking how she
and the other girls had been able to tease all the boys.
Like most of the girls, Ellie had gone into a room with
a boy for a snog.

He was called Simon and she had fancied him for a while.
She hadn't minded when he slipped his hand inside her
top and fondled her little boobs, nor had she objected
when he put a hand under her skirt and began stroking
her slit.

She liked the feeling of it getting wet and his finger
inside her. She only stopped him when he got his cock
out and wanted to put it in her instead. Ellie had told
him no, not tonight but had eased his disappointment by
tossing him off. When he came, which he did quite
quickly, she only just managed to keep the spunk off her
clothes although a bit did splash on her shoes.

Leaving him in the room to clean up, she went back out
to get a drink. At the table she got talking to a
slightly older girl with purple hair called Joyce, who
was 13 and lived in the house. They chatted about life
and school and then Joyce suggested they went up to her
room where it was quieter.

When they got there, Joyce put her arms round Ellie and
started kissing her. Ellie responded, interested to see
what it felt like with another girl. Joyce led her over
to the bed, where they continued kissing and then
started to stroke each other.

In her explorations of the other girl, Ellie discovered
a tuft of Joyce's pubic hair and wondered if it was
purple too. It was then the doorbell rang as the parents
had started to arrive. Ellie and Joyce separated
reluctantly but swapped phone numbers and agreed to meet


Ellie was just thinking about her encounter with Joyce
when she realised Mike was talking to her. 'Sorry Daddy,
what did you say?'

'I was asking if the boys had behaved themselves. I know
what boys are like.'

'Is that what you were like when you were a boy?' she
teased him.

'Well' he replied, 'I, err, well, maybe.'

Ellie said with a laugh 'I bet you had to fight the
girls off! I know I would have let you do what you

Mike turned and gave her an odd look when heard that.

Then, seeing a lay-by ahead, he pulled into it and
stopped the car. Turning to Ellie he said sternly 'I
hope you weren't letting any boy at the party do what he
wanted.' 'No. I didn't!' Ellie replied quite crossly.
'Do you want to check my boobies for fingerprints?' At
this, she pulled down her top to show him.

Trying to keep calm at the sight of her tiny but well
shaped breasts he said, 'Alright, alright, that's

'No it isn't,' replied Ellie with a catch in her voice.
'There's this too.' Here she lifted up the hem of her
skirt to show off the minuscule black thong. As she
parted her legs, Mike could see the moisture glistening
on her open sex and he felt his cock rapidly getting

'I, I think you should cover yourself up,' Mike said.

'Why?' asked Ellie.

'Don't you like what you see?'

'I like it too much!' replied Mike hoarsely.

Ellie looked at him and said softly, 'I meant it when I
said I would let you do what you want. 'Cos I want it

Mike groaned. Looking at her in the light of the car's
interior, he really did want to stroke and suck those
tiny tits. He also wanted to finger that little slit,
pull down that thong and slip his rigid cock into that
juicy little hole. 'Please Daddy, do it,' Ellie said, in
a small voice, as if replying to his unspoken thought.


They got into the back of the car and started kissing
passionately. Mike had never realised it would be like
this with his own daughter; he felt guilty but that made
it somehow even more exciting. Ellie pulled his head
down on to her chest where he started to suck and nibble
at her breasts. As he did so, his hand stroked her soft
inner thigh and Ellie started to moan softly. By the
time he had his hand inside her thong, his daughter was
really wet and Mike's finger slipped easily into her

Pushing him gently away, Ellie wriggled out of her thong
and climbed onto his lap, straddling him with her legs
wide open. Mike's cock was out and putting his hands
under her bottom, he lifted her toward him. Ellie looked
him straight in the eyes and said quietly 'Yes, Daddy,

Mike guided her onto the head of his cock and pulled her
inwards, his cock slipping easily between her tiny,
soaking wet, lips. As he entered her, he felt slight a
slight resistance but Ellie pulled herself forward and
her hymen gave way. Ellie gave a gasp but carried on
pulling herself onto him until his whole length was
inside her. She then started to move against him, slowly
at first but inexorably gathering pace.

It was never too fast but Mike felt his spunk rising as
his daughter's muscles tightened on his cock. Ellie was
now moaning louder and then arched her back, pushing him
in even deeper as her climax hit. As she shuddered, Mike
started to cum, shooting his warm spunk deep into his
little daughter.

The movements of both of them ceased and Ellie collapsed
against her father. It had been everything she had
wanted. The momentary pain of her hymen breaking was
worth every minute of what they had just done. As she
rested against him, she felt Mike's cock shrink although
it stayed inside her.

Looking at him, Ellie said 'That was wonderful Daddy.'
Mike was at a loss for words. It had been fantastic sex,
better than he had had in years but he still had doubts.
As if reading his mind, Ellie said quietly, 'I wanted it
Daddy. Everything is all right.'


They were back in their seats and Mike was driving them
home. He had started to relax now, reassured by Ellie's
remarks. Ellie, meanwhile, was in a state of near
nirvana. Her sex was still tingling and she could feel
her father's sperm seeping out of her and onto her tiny
skirt, as she had left her thong in the back of the car.
She didn't care a jot, she was so happy.

When they reached the house, Ellie went in first, with
Mike following. She turned and blew him a kiss and ran
lightly up the stairs to her room. Watching from below,
he could see her bare backside and felt his cock
stirring again.

A voice spoke from the living room doorway. It was
Robyn, his wife and her words astounded him. 'So you
fucked her then?' He looked at her in amazement and
Robyn spoke again. 'She's been wanting you to for
months. Ellie has been spying on us having sex and when
I tackled her about it she confessed. She wanted you to
be her first but she was getting impatient, so we used
the party as an excuse for her dress up like a slut. I
knew that would get you aroused.' Here Robyn smiled
broadly 'So I helped her with her outfit.'

Mike was speechless and Robyn laughed at the expression
on his face. 'It's what she wanted. Everything is fine
now' Robyn said in an echo of Ellie's words.

'Anyway' she smiled, 'it's my turn now. So bring that
big cock of yours over here...'