My sister Sherry and I were always close. She was about a year
older than me and at nineteen she was drop dead fine. Everywhere we went
older men would stare, their cocks bulging, as we walked past. She was
five foot two inches, short blonde hair, blue eyes, fully developed,
with an incredibly tight body --this was it, the peak of her physical
form. She was going to try out for the cheerleading squad this year and
she was sure to make it.

I was eighteen, sexually maturing, and in a constant state of
arousal. Since my parents were divorced and I lived with my mother and
sister there were no nudey mags in the house. I used to masterbate
looking at the summer editions of Sherry's Seventeen magazines. I also
used to sneak peeks of my sister at any and every opportunity that
presented itself and some I even created. My room was next to the
bathroom and I started taking advantage of this. In our small house
there was only one bathroom so when someone was showering it was common
for another family member to enter the bathroom to wash their hands,
brush their teeth, or take a leak. I started waiting until my sister
had just gotten out of the shower to walk in like I needed to wash my
hands. In this way I could sneak a quick peek before she covered
herself with her hands or towel. I was over-using this ploy and looking
back I realize that it must have been obvious to my sister what I was

When we were younger, maybe eight or nine, we came up with what we
called "Tracers." Essentially, it evolved from giving each other back
rubs -- which at that age were completely innocent. Doing "Tracers" was
accomplished by taking a pencil and ever-so-lightly tracing squigles and
circles on the other's back while they lay face down. It was quite
relaxing and tickled in a delightful way. Your turn getting "traced"
usually lasted five minutes; then you would switch. We continued doing
"Tracers" well into our teenage years.

One day it took on a new light. I was really horny and wanted an
opportunity to sneak a peek at my sister. I waited until I heard the
shower turn off and quietly came to the bathroom door, which was
slightly ajar. I peeked through the gap to see Sherry bent over the
sink brushing her teeth. She was wrapped in a towel but it was very
small and I could see her entire rear beaver exposed toward me. Her
butt kind of wiggled as she brushed back and forth. I could feel myself
getting a hard-on watching her plump slit sway back and forth, framed by
her incredible thighs!

I waited until the show was over and then entered. "Can you walk on
my back? It's really sore" I asked. "I guess" she said.

I walked into my room and lay down on the floor on my stomach. She
stood over me, "Where is it sore?" she asked. I turned and looked up,
able to see under the towel I could see her blonde inviting muff. "My
upper back," I said. She stood on my lower back and slowly walked up.
My back made several popping sounds and the release of tension felt

After she got off I sat up. "Well, I guess that's it" Sherry said.
Wanting to prolong this encounter I said, "Wanna do tracers? I'll give
you extra for walking on my back." My boner was real obvious but I
didn't care --my brain was on auto-pilot! Much to my suprise she said,

I fished a pencil off my desk, took off my shirt and laid down face
first. She drew lazy circles on my back but for five minutes all I could
think about was her pussy. I stood up and she slid over to were I had
been laying. I sat down next to her, my underwear wet with pre-cum from
being hard so long.

"I guess we need to take this off" I said, reaching over between the
deep cleavage of her breasts and releasing the towel secured there. As
the towel dropped I looked at her firm mounds; they hardly sagged at all
but instead stood out like two perfect cones -- capable of packing 36
cups with spillage over the top!

I looked up and met her eyes. She was looking straight at me! I
quickly asked, "Ready?" She laid down now fully naked but I placed the
towel across her buttocks so she didn't feel awkward about the situation
and decide to leave. However, I was careful to leave room to view her
beaver from behind. She folded her arms above her and lay her head on
her hands -- looking the in other direction.

Her breasts kind of smushed out on either side as she lay on them.
I started on her lower back -- tracing swerving lines from side to side.
After working my way up her back I started tracing back down. This time
though I casually traced further down each side. I watched for response
-- expecting one at any moment. I gradually traced down each side until
I was making strokes that went down onto the sides of her smooth white
breasts. I was so horny now my mind was fuzzing over but I maintained

"For extra I'm gonna do your legs, okay?" I asked innocently.
"'Kay", she mumbled, her eyes closed. Sherry had perfect legs! Her
shapely calves led up to silky thighs that normally barely brushed just
below the gap under her young pussy. This time they were slightly
parted. I started on her calves, making light strokes from ankle to
knee. Slowly, slowly, I started making my way up onto her thighs. I
moved up closer. I could clearly see the full lips of her vagina --
covered lightly with blonde hair. Her lips were parted and bulging
slightly as if they were a bud on the verge of flowering.

At first I made strokes only on the backs of her thighs, but traced
zig-zags all the way up to where her buttocks met her legs in a subtle
cleft. Next I moved to the inside of her legs. Beginning with the
inside of Sherry's thighs just above the knee I proceeded upward.
Making slow, light, careful strokes I traced into the hollows of her
thighs leading to her plump twat. As I entered the hollows between her
legs, so close to her lips that the tip of the pencil brushed the hairs,
I noticed a slight shudder go through her body, as if a chill had passed
through her.

All this time I had hardly taken my eyes off of Sherry's cunt. I
had never seen a pussy this close; not having any magazines. As her
body shuddered that first time I noticed something running down the seam
of her parted labes. It was clear and at first I thought it was just
water but then I realized that she had been out of the shower for some
time and was otherwise dry.

I realized her eyes were still closed so instead of the pencil I
lightly slid my middle finger up and down the inside of her thigh. My
dick was dripping pre-cum like a leaky faucet! What was she thinking?
In a snap decision, as I stoked her thigh with one hand, I placed my
pinky gently between her lips -- just the tip so it only narrowly
widened the gap of her parted lips. This was the test! Would she
scream? Slap me? Starting low, almost under her, I slowly slid my
finger up the seam of her lips, gathering the nectar settled there.
Removing my finger, I brought it to my mouth. Sherry tasted sweet and
yet tart. I had never tasted pussy before but she tasted great!

I noticed her eyes were open slightly, she shut them. She had seen
me! Still, she didn't speak up. I moved up beside her. "Is my turn
over?" she asked. "No." I said, "Roll over." She did and then looked
up at me. "Close your eyes again" I said. She shifted her eyes down to
my bulging shorts then closed them, holding back a grin.

I looked at Sherry. Laying there, exposed, her full beauty hit me.
The gentle slope of her nose, her pouty mouth. Even laying on her back
her breasts didn't flatten or sag; they stood there firm, the tips of
her nipples erect. I started between her breasts with my index finger,
tracing figure-eights around the base of her cones. I slowly raised the
figure-eight, tracing higher up on her breasts, edging ever closer
toward her nipples.

If I thought Sherry's nipples were erect before I was wrong! As I
neared the tips of her breasts with my devious weaving her nipples began
to swell, and swell. The closer I edged the bigger they got; as round
as a half-dollar and now standing an incredible inch high each. As I
reached the top I rubbed her now rock hard nipples with the palms of
both hands; pressing them lightly and moving in a circular motion. When
I did this she let out a gasp, arched her back, and moaned.

I rolled her nipple between my fingers as I slid my other hand down
her flat stomach -- down lower, between her legs. My middle finger slid
inbetween her lips and she let out a soft "Oh!" as she unstraightened
her legs, placing her feet where her knees had been, and spreading them
a couple of inches further. I could smell her strongly now and the
scent in the air was driving me crazy -- penetrating my senses. I
closed my eyes and licked her juice from my finger.

I moved down between her legs. "We shouldn't, Brit." she said,
although not very emphatically. "Don't worry, I've got something else
in mind." I said, as I instead lay down, my face in front of her
dripping snatch. I reached up with my hands and began caressing her
perfect breasts and rubbing her stiff nipples. She lay her head back
again as I slid my tongue between her slippery lips. "Mmmmm! So
dirty!" she cooed. It was like drinking after days without water;
Sherry's juices so satisfying yet every taste increasing desire for

As I shoved my tongue into her hole and caressed her tits she
writhed around on the floor, periodically letting out an "Oooooo!" and
grinding my face into her wet muff with her hands; squeezing my head
with her thighs as I lashed at her clitoris. After several minutes of
this she came, filling my mouth with her honey. She whispered "Fuck me,
Brit! I want you in me!" I stopped lapping her pussy and moved up
between her legs, wiping her cum from my face with the towel as I did.
I stopped over her engorged breasts and filled my mouth with her right
nipple and sucked it savagely as if it were a candy. She slid her soft,
delicate hand under my waistband and stroked down my long member to my
balls. "Oh my God!" she said nervously, surveying my length and holding
my bulbous purple head in her palm, "It's all sticky!"

I rolled off of her and after removing my shorts reclined against my
bed, spreading my legs. Sherry, on all fours, crawled between my legs
and glancing up into my eyes wrapped her pouty mouth, that I had dreamed
of filling many times, around my sticky cock. Getting into it she began
swallowing me deeper, slowing and lenghtening her strokes, as I reached
under and rubbed her nipples. Her blonde hair fell on my lap and ticked
my thighs and scrotum. I couldn't believe this was happening! Sherry,
my own gorgeous sister blowing my nuts off!

She slid her lips off of my cock, licking the tip to remove the pre-
cum. Sherry stood up and placed her feet on either side of my waist. I
looked up at her pussy, cum running down her inner thighs, and then up
to her breasts looming over me. "What now?" I asked. She knelt and lay
on my stomach; my eight inch prick resting in the crack of her ass.
"I'm your fuck toy." she said as she leaned over, her hard nipples
pressing against my chest; her face inches from mine. I grabbed her
blonde hair and pulled her face to mine, I kissed her hard -- our
tongues twisting, our breathing heavy!!

Sherry straightened up and lifted her hips. Reaching behind her she
guided the tip of my cock between her legs. She eased down on my prick
allowing her moist labes to wrap around my swollen purple tip. Her
pussy was incredibly hot and slick! She slowly lowered until three
inches of my throbbing member had disappeared -- I felt an obstruction
and she stopped. Sherry was still a virgin as I had hoped; many nights
my balls had ached dreaming about taking it from her. I placed my hands
on her hour-glass hips and pushed her onto my cock! Her hymen was tough
so when it finally broke the force of the release drove my remaining
five inches into her fuck tunnel. "Brit!" she screamed, her eyes wide
with shock, the tip of my cock pressing against her cervix!

She lifted up until only my head remained inside. I stopped her
there and slowly pushed her back down onto my dick covered with a film
of her juice. She wrinkled her brow in pain and sweet pleasure and began
sliding slowly up and down my veiny pole. Sherry's cunt was so
unbelievably tight that it almost hurt but she was so lubricated with
her spunk and my pre-cum that the result was near sensory overload!
"Mmmpf!" I grunted! I could go forever like this! I sat up and wrapping
my arms around her, lowered her backward onto her back.

Sherry was exteremly flexible and I pressed her legs over her head -
-raising her hips to allow maximum penetration. Right as her legs
reached her shoulders with a quick move she looped her arms through her
legs and was completely folded in half! I began to drive my cock into
her with long, hard, deep thrusts; each one evoking a moan or shreik!
My balls swung against her heavily, the size of pinballs, in their sack.

"Oh. God! Shove your big penis all up inside me!" she cried. She
was crying between the moans and gasps! "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed.
She came immediately, her pussy squeezing -- sucking-- at my penis as
her beautiful body quivered beneath me. Pussy juice sprayed from her
slit with every thrust! Her face flushed but I continued to stuff my
pink rod into her. She seemed to be cumming with almost every stroke --
her orgasms running into one another -- as she tossed her head from side
to side. I continued drilling her. building myself up methodically,
watching her writhing beneath me.

I could feel myself nearing climax, her spasming hole bringing me
ever closer to the brink. "I'm almost ready to pull out!" I blurted,
readying myself -- I didn't want to get my sister into trouble. "No
Brit!", she whined, "Cum inside me! I want you to squirt your fuck load
inside me!" I was overjoyed! To shoot cum on her stomach after all
this would have been a let down!

I leaned over her resting on my forearms -- "I wanna suck your tits
while I cum!" I said. She scrunched her ample breasts with her arms
offering them to my waiting mouth. I sucked wildly at her tits
switching from one to the other as I violently slammed my cock into her
-- faster, harder! I could feel my scrotum beginning to tighten! My
eight inch cock swelled further, nearly the size of my wrist. I drew
back until just my head parted her steaming snatch and then dropped into
Sherry with the weight of my hips. "Oh my God!" she screamed, her hot
cum squirting and splattering from her cunt as I repeated this over and

"Fuck me!" she screamed frantically, an insane tone in her voice as
she lost control! Her hips were bucking wildly, lifting up to swallow
my huge cock, grinding her throbbing clit into my crotch. I sucked her
nipple harder as a I felt my scrotum beginning to contract. "This is
it!", I grunted, a stabbing ache shot through my groin! "Soak my nasty
twat!" she pleaded!

I plunged into her so deep the plump lips of her boiling vagina
actually wrapped around my contracted scrotum! She cried out in a
sustained wail and clawed my back and I bit down on her nipple. Sherry
contracted hard, her lips pulling at my balls, the hot sticky walls of
her twat rippling and squeezing my cock! So incredible was the
sensation that my eyes rolled back in my head as it fell between between
her tits. Cum rocketed thru my cock, spraying in two-second-long
sustained jets deep inside my sister! Her body jolted like she'd been
shocked as I came hard against her cervix! "Unnnnnngggggg!" Sherry
croaked, suprised by the force and quantity of my hot load squirting
deep inside her! "I can fell it...ohhh!...exploding...inside me!"
Sherry blurted convulsing over and over. "Ohhhhhh! much
into me! Ohhhh God!" she strained, me shooting what seemed like endless
amounts of jism into her tight teenage hole!

"Don't pull out." Sherry hoarsly whispered after we had both
finished spasming. We lay there several minutes, me inside her, gently
sucking her nipples as my boner slowly subsided within the still hot
walls of her vagina, twitching and dripping its remaining cum until it
was completely limp.

"Looks like I'll need another shower." Sherry remarked slyly. "Give
me a few minutes." I said fingering her clit, "I'll help with those hard
to reach spots!" We both laughed. That was eight years ago, in the
years following that day we've had regular encounters. Actually, that's
an understatement! I've fucked my sister in every way my mind could
conceive, never having a moments hesitation from her! Just two weeks
ago she was here for Christmas, and even though we're both in
relationships, I fucked her until she was raw!

-- Fin --