When I was young in the morning I used to go to my parents but my mom will go to office much earlier than my dad so well just stay in bed that she left one day my daddy started taking his finger from my side of panties over by pussy he started fiddling with it and I felt very good
Every day he will Friedle my pussy with his finger and I will get wet and I have a good feeling like somebody has punched me in my belly it felt so good oh my God daddy
One day daddy asked me you want to feel better Kaylee I said yes how do I feel better daddy while fasting both of us have to get naked
So we got completely naked my panties were gone my top is gone his underwear was gone I was completely naked his penis was sticking out and that dipping slightly saying that my persistent again exact and suddenly he moved down facing me and spread my legs and put it my legs on his shoulders and start licking my pussy and flickering my clitoris it felt so good and I had a best orgasm in my life he kept on doing for half an hour wiping his face and eating me as if theres no tomorrow I loved it and after 45 minutes I had to push them away from my pussy because I was dizzy with happiness and pleasure
Then he asked me Kaylee are you going to make daddy happy like he made you do I said yes yes he says OK you can get up I live down and you can hold my cock suck on your step and rub your tongue all around it it was weird but it was hot red and leaking some salt fish clear cream which I like the flavor
After yes cock for 10 minutes he told me to shut the knob office cock and suck it like a lollipop oh my God he started making weird noises and started having shortness of breath and his boss contacted in the scrotum is Saralee said Kaylee Im coming Im coming as soon my mouth was filled with delicious cream which he told me to drink if I want to get prettier and get flawless skin
Kept on doing this for almost 2 years every day and then one day he said you are going to pick up a woman and is placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy and slowly started pushing it I felt a little pain but the pleasure of her so much that I completely forgot about it as soon he managed to shove his cock in my pussy it felt heavenly Eddie was pulling in and out and I was lifting my hip up-and-down as he was fucking me with this lovely cock and soon suddenly my pussy crammed on top of a skunk and he became very bad and soon he Scott growing large I thought I am going to die but then suddenly he released lot of cream in my pussy felt like gallons and I had it biggest orgasm in my life
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