"No fair! You suck Daddy!"

Mario plummeted off the platform for the last time. My baby girl dropped
the controller in her lap with a huff, blowing a strand of hair to the

I grinned at her pouty expression. "What do you mean? I pummeled you
fair and square. You just need to not let me grab you so much."

"GAME" boomed the TV, throwing up a scoreboard: SHAE: 2. DADDY: 7.

"One more," she said, lips pursed with determination. The character
select came up and she picked Link. I picked Kirby.

Sometimes quiet nights at home were best. I had bought a new console a
week ago to go with the new TV, and my daughter had been glued to it
ever since, challenging me every night to endless tournaments that she
inevitably lost. Tonight we had enjoyed dinner and a movie before
settling down to pummel each other in Smash Brothers, and I had long
since lost track of time. We had played deep into the night, huddling
together on the couch in the darkened living room, washed blue by the
glow from the television.

"Argh! Hold still!" Shae was leaning forward intently on the couch next
to me, mashing buttons crazily. Link launched a frenzied whirlwind of
devastation, but I let Kirby float away and dance mockingly just out of
her reach. She pursued, attacking doggedly, finally catching me with a
slash that sent the little creampuff flying.

"Hah!" She smirked. "Got you."

"Not over yet," I chuckled.

I could still beat Shae in most games, but I had to admit she was
getting a lot better. My 11-year-old daughter was a clever girl and
eventually learned my tricks, forcing me to play harder and improvise
new tactics to stay on top.

The powerup was coming any moment. Lured in by the promise of a few easy
hits, Link hounded me to the edge of the platform, just in time for me
to grab a star and smash him into the air, inhale him bodily, then leap
off the platform and spit him out into the abyss. I guided the puffy
pink blob back to safety with a mid-air jump.

"NO WAY!" Shae threw up her hands and then slumped back against the
couch with a grunt of exasperation. "I had you that time."

"Sure you did," I teased.

"You should go easy on me Daddy," my daughter said, crossing her arms in
a feigned sulk. "I'm just a girl."

"I am going easy on you. It's not my fault you can't beat a little
marshmallow...guy...creampuff...thingy." Actually I didn't really know
what Kirby was. It was probably better not to know.

"How about Mario Kart?" I suggested.

Shae continued grousing but finally agreed. "Best out of 3," she said.
She was a lot better at Mario Kart.

I switched games as my daughter flopped bonelessly onto her side so she
could rest her head in my lap. Shae had already brushed her teeth and
switched into her nightgown, the long green one with the spaghetti
straps and the cute little frill around the top. The girl had an entire
dresser full of lingerie and scanty sleepwear, but this simple gown was
one of my favorites and she knew it. The satiny cloth hung almost to her
knees, slightly translucent, tantalizing with brief displays of the
girly curves underneath in the flickering light of the television. It
was divided in front, just above the navel, meant to be worn with
matching panties. Shae disdained all such requirements; her pussy was an
inviting little cleft peeping from between the silky folds.

"You're going down now Daddy." Shae snuggled her head into my lap,
trying to get comfortable, long golden hair pooling into a natural
pillow. "I was practicing all day yesterday while you were at work."

"We'll see." I massaged her bare shoulder, enjoying the fuzzy warmth
rubbing against my legs. A black t-shirt and boxers were all that
separated me from the squirming head in my lap.

Peach squared off against Bowser and an array of computer players. Shae
always called dibs on the delicate princess.

"3!...2!...1!...GOOOOOO" We shot off around the track, jockeying for
position and powerups. Bowser was slow and I had to fight for the lead,
skirting the inside of some tight curves.

Shae jabbed her controller against my hands and Bowser tumbled off the
track, sabotaged. "Hey!" I protested. My daughter kept playing, feigning
innocence. "You fight dirty, girl," I muttered. She smirked at the

"Dunno what you're talking about Daddy." She took the lead with a
well-placed turtle shell, and squirmed her head against my lap again. I
had wiped out again, so I ran my hand down the smooth skin of her arm in
a long stroke. The green cloth of her gown hugged tightly in all the
right places and draped in alluring folds in others. Tracing the sweet
curve of her side all the way down to the round hip, I admired how the
thin fabric teased with tiny glimpses of the young body without
revealing too much. Having my baby girl nestled against me was coaxing
the inevitable response: an obscene tent growing from the cotton of my
boxers, stiffening with attention until it was poking up at her neck.
She snuggled down against it again, biting her lip while pretending to
concentrate on keeping her lead - she knew what she was doing.

Distracted, I fell hopelessly behind and didn't even place. "Hah! You're
going down now!" Maniacal glee twisted her face as she savored her
impending victory.

Trying to ignore the aching throb at my crotch, I took my hands off my
daughter and grabbed my controller again. Now it was serious. She hadn't
beaten me yet and I wasn't going down without a fight. I grinned at the
stubborn determination on her face as the checkered flag waved and we
set out again.

She took the lead immediately, jabbing her controller at my hands every
time I started to catch up. Determined not to be beaten by such base
tactics. I held the controller high over my head and laughed as Shae
slapped ineffectually at my arms. A well-placed blue shell put me back
in second place.

"Hmmm, your lap is so warm Daddy," she declared in her best sultry
voice. It seemed she had given up on the direct assault and doubled down
on the backup plan, pretending that she was just trying to get
comfortable as her head wiggled in my lap. The cotton fabric stretched
even farther, flesh pulsing in painful constraint under the mounting
assault. My baby girl never had to do much to rouse her Daddy into a
raging erection: an enticing view as she bent to pick something up, a
light touch with pleading eyes, a brief flash of a nipple or her pretty
pussy lips - my daughter could command my cock like a snake charmer.

Shae was waving her controller in front of my face as she negotiated
Peach around a hairpin turn. Bowser hit an acceleration ramp and took a
shortcut, flying high over a wall and landing ahead of the racers on the
other side. I chucked banana peels frantically, and Shae spun out on one
and slammed into a wall.

"AGH! Damn, how do you DO that Daddy!" Shae slapped vainly at my
controller again and then punched me in the leg in protest as I gloated.
Her wild squirming helped shift things to a less constrained angle, and
the head of my penis poked from the open flap at the front of my boxers.

"WINNER!" the game proclaimed enthusiastically. Bowser took the gold cup
and Peach had finished second, taking the silver.

"Ok that's it. I think you need a handicap!" she sputtered.

I stretched languidly, yawning, enjoying the feel of my prick massaging
the back of her neck. "I have a handicap."

"I mean you need MORE of a handicap!" Shae sat up and scooted over on
the couch, landing with a graceless plop on my lap.

Now the game was getting interesting. She pressed the button for the
next match and then leaned back against my chest like I was a recliner,
leaving my nose buried in her hair. Peach shampoo this time - the dreamy
scent of my captivating little girl filled my nostrils and fogged my
brain with a pink haze.

"I canth thee," I mumbled into the back of her head, spitting out hair.
My character was barely visible on the top of the split screen.

"Exactly," she said. "I can see you though!" A red shell rocketed from
nowhere and toppled Bowser from his cart.

Maybe I should let her win this one, I thought. My daughter's bare rump
rested back against my belly and the nightgown was a loose pool around
my waist. Shae squirmed as if she just wanted to get comfortable,
sliding down until my upright prick rested against the soft channel of
her pussy.

I heaved a contented sigh, wrapping my arms around her to hold the
controller in front. I didn't need to see it. The wiggling motion of my
daughter jamming her buttons vibrated the aching flesh of my dick
against her slippery folds. Bowser was far behind - I didn't care. I
held the forward button and let the rest of my senses enjoy the blissful
proximity of my baby girl.

Cheerful, perky, relentlessly teasing, Shae was the perpetual sunshine
of my life. Ever since introducing her to the joy of sex at 7, we had
grown closer together and more happy every year. In idle moments I
pondered what life would have been like if we had taken a different
path, but life without the total partnership of my wonderful, sexy
daughter was inconceivable. I treasured every moment I could spend with
her, loved every inch of her curvy, athletic body with the round hips
and flat chest that swelled with the faint beginnings of a little girl's
breasts. I smelled her hair again, revelling in the intoxicating scent
of my daughter ripening with arousal as her Daddy's meaty prick rubbed
against her tiny cunt.

With a tiny wiggle of my own I slumped farther down on the couch,
adjusting the angle of my cock. I could barely see the screen at all
now, but that didn't matter. Squeezing arms around my daughter's body, I
felt her chest rise and fall in faint gasps, listened to her heartbeat
race as her Daddy pushed against her slit. Precum mixed with slippery
juices, transferred from puffy lips to the shaft of my prick as we
rubbed together.

"WINNER!" The TV boomed.

"YESSSSSS!" My daughter threw her hands in the air and waved wildly,
exulting in her victory. I dropped my controller and grabbed her hips
reflexively as the motions rubbed her dripping lips along my shaft,
sending ripples of pleasure up my body.

"Hey Daddy!" my baby girl looked back at me with a devilish grin, face
flushed with victory. "I finally beat you."

"You sure did sweetie." We grinned at the shared joke. The game didn't
matter. Shae didn't really care if she beat me.

Massaging her hips in slow circles, I beamed at my daughter, feeling the
swell in my heart and my cock as they surged with familiar love for my
little girl. She gazed back, panting slightly in the expectant silence,
her sex leaving a dewy trail on the firm tool between her legs, eyes
glazed with pleasure and housing the spark of naughty playfulness that
belied the deep affection underneath.

Hands reached for each other, fingers twining urgently, and the
controllers clattered to the carpet as I rocked her against me and
buried her waiting mouth with a kiss.

My hands cupped her neck, stroking the delicate muscles in her neck as
it arched to meet her Daddy's mouth. The sweet smell of my baby girl in
my lap flooded my senses, silky hair flowing through my fingers in fine
waves as I reached for her shoulder and crushed her tiny frame to my
chest. Melting in my arms, lips pressing back urgently against mine, she
squirmed as I followed the trail down the fabric of her nightgown to
where it parted in front, fingers tracing a light circle below her navel
and then rubbing a long stroke down her thigh when her leg arched upward

Our lips parted in a hot gasp when I twisted her body as far as it would
go, my aching cock poking her in the bottom, having left a dewy trail of
precum along her lower back. The flickering light of the television
reflected in my daughter's eyes, twin pools of blue gleaming at me with
a wordless, hungry need, the desire for her Daddy to take her, to have
her, to consummate the perfect love of a Daddy for his daughter.

My questing fingers had seemingly gone exploring on their own, returning
from the excursion slick with juices. She had tried to distract me, but
my horny girl had wound herself up just as much as her daddy. Tiny peaks
poked against the sheer fabric of her gown, two perky nipples thrusting
up from the smooth sweep of her chest. I rocked her in greedy motions,
pulling at her leg and twisting her against my chest as my hands sought
out every lovely treasure of my daughter's writhing body, fueling the
fire of the low moan rising in her throat.

She squeaked in surprised relief when I finally let her up from the
kiss. I let her squirm out of my grip and turn around to face me on the
couch, spreading her legs to either side so she could kneel on my lap.
My rod waved like a flagpole and then thumped against her belly with an
eager demand as she settled. She stared down at it, eyes shining with
the craving of its firm promise. Shae was a slight girl with delicate
features, short and thin even for an 11-year-old, and her pussy was
every bit as small as the rest of her. It always seemed impossible to
her how the meaty organ rubbing the skin a few inches from her slit, a
thick shaft almost as big around as her fist, could fit into the little
hole between her legs. It was a mystery she loved to explore as often as

My daughter's hands pressed on my shoulders, pushing me to lay back
against the couch. She wanted to do all the work. Tossing her hair over
her shoulder and biting her lip with the impatient determination she
always had when horny, she lifted up her pelvis and spread her lips,
grabbed my waving manhood with her other hand to position it at the
entrance to her cunt. Thrilling currents of warmth leaped from my
crotch, spidering out along my thighs and stomach when the tip of my
bubbling prick pressed at the cusp of my daughter's tight channel. She
scooped the glans against her lips, coating it with juice, and then
began to lower herself onto me with agonizing slowness.

My legs shivered, the silky cloth of her hanging nightgown rubbing the
skin in tingling waves. The head of my cock squeezed between her spread
lips, bent slightly, and then popped inside my baby girl's wet pussy,
sending a thrilling shock down the shaft. I grabbed her legs on either
side of me, knuckles driving a rigid grip against her thighs as my
bulging dick began its ******uous journey into the steamy warmth of my
daughter's sex.

First one inch, then another - wet flesh clutched in glorious spasms as
my little girl pushed down, taking me farther and farther into her
sucking passage. Each small thrust brought more progress, my glans
squeezing into the tight cleft until it bumped against yielding flesh,
pressing up into muscles that relaxed and parted slightly more with each

I struggled to control the rising urge, shuddering involuntarily, trying
not to cum early, as her muscles gripped and massaged the aching flesh
inside her. Deep urges warred inside me, desires to flip my daughter
over and hold her down as I pistoned her Daddy's cock into her like a
beast. But despite my daughter's endless appetites, her pussy was still
that of an 11-year-old girl, and we sometimes had to work a bit to get
me all the way inside her. Going too fast just hurt her. I didn't mind
though: a little girl's pussy is paradise even if you had to take it

I drunk in the sight of her beautiful body: head back and eyes closed,
neck arched and quivering with erratic moans, she lowered herself with a
steady determination onto her Daddy's cock. Flickering blue light from
the television traced the graceful silhouette of her shoulders, her
hips, arms quivering with passion and stomach muscles clenching with
concentration as she settled her descent with 5 inches of her Daddy's
manhood inside her.

"Aaaa-aaaaahhhhhh," the sound burst from her mouth as she stopped,
released in a rush from the pent-up pleasure of the invading flesh. She
rocked her head forward, spilling hair over her shoulders and chest, and
opened her eyes, orbs bright with an animal hunger that mirrored my own.

"Da-addy," - a single word, broken and coated with her pleading need.
Our gazes locked, and I pulled at her arms to lean her down toward me.

We matched, Daddy and daughter, our bodies two pieces of a perfect
carnal puzzle - coitus with my daughter even had its own language. Her
hands rested on my shoulders, the blue halo of her head reaching down to
mine to lock in a kiss, lips pressing and writhing, tongues acting out
our frantic desire for each other as they searched and met. That one
word from my baby girl was a volume, bound with her trembling
expression: she had gone as far as she could, pushed down until it
started to hurt.

Turgid flesh throbbed inside her, massaged by the spasming walls of her
pussy. She was tighter than usual tonight, muscles tense with stress
from her school exams. I wasn't worried - my baby girl never let me
down. I would just have to loosen her up a bit.

Cupping her head, I crushed her to me in a messy kiss, fingers trailing
through the strands of her hair. She bit my lip lightly, and we locked
our mouths together, pressing urgently, pushing, then parting as our
tongues met and briefly dueled. I tried to ignore the mounting volcano
in my dick and let my hands chart the curving slopes of of my daughter's
body, rubbing her back, the smooth arms and enticing belly, pressing
over the cloth of her nightgown before diving underneath to grasp the
tiny breasts and pert nipples. A tweak and a pinch, the perfect twist of
my daughter's dials, and she squeaked in surprise as our kiss broke,
then buried her head on my shoulder with her eyes shut tight.

My hands were the conductor, playing the symphony of my daughter's body,
rubbing down to her hips and then around to grab her butt, trekking up
her spine, massaging in broad, restless strokes as I directed the little
girl's horny energy into a focused rush. The hot breath against my
shoulder and the swell of her heartbeat were melodies I wove together,
building tempo, squeezing all the lovely regions of my little girl's
body towards a racing climax. I was already on the brink from her
teasing, but I held off and drove my daughter towards orgasm, matching
my rubbing with the gentle beat of my cock pumping inside her. I could
feel her opening up, breathing harder, arousal loosening her muscles as
I squeezed another inch inside with a gentle thrust. Her thighs quivered
against mine, the sure signal of my little girl's mounting pleasure.

The flimsy cloth of her little green nightgown rubbed my chest, dragging
across the coarse hairs. A small push to her shoulders, and she sat up
obediently, sinking back fully onto my cock with a whimper, taking
almost the full length inside her. A glance and a caress were the words
of our language, a bond of ardent passion that connected a Daddy and his
Daughter in wordless love. She raised her arms and I slipped the
delicate nightgown up over her head and tossed it aside, revealing the
full glory of my baby girl's naked frame in the blue glow.

Nothing on Earth is as gorgeous as the tender body of a little girl. My
hands fit her hips, rubbing the hourglass swell of her slim torso up to
the budding breasts, two faint mounds barely beginning to rise from the
flat chest. The elegant neck, captivating face, delicate ears - my
fingers traced the map of my little girl, finding every feature that
decorated the curves and contours of her smooth flesh. Her hand grabbed
my own when I cupped her cheek, holding it against the warm skin,
nibbling my thumb briefly. We had built to a slow, bouncing rhythm, my
thick cock thumping in and out of my daughter until with a final thrust,
I felt the last inch slip inside and my balls slap up against her

"AghhAHH!" Shae gave a sudden cry when the last of her Daddy's meat
slipped into her pussy, then rocked forward to plant both hands on my
chest, eyes shut and arms trembling.

I let her rest, buried to the hilt inside her. "Doing ok sweetie?"

She nodded, tension quivering in her neck until she expelled a breath
and opened her eyes. "Yeah. Feels tight today, but it's ok."

"You're doing great." I struggled with the surging missle of flesh
buried in her tunnel, the head pressed tightly up against her cervix,
trying not to cum yet. I needed to let her catch up.

"Take your time, baby girl," I urged, stroking her head patiently. I
always tried to be as gentle as possible, never pushing my daughter
beyond her limits. I don't think I would ever be able to forgive myself
if I hurt her.

She gulped twice, chest heaving, then caught her breath and smiled at
me, the customary girlish grin rising up and splitting her face like
sunshine. "Thanks Daddy. You're so good to me."

"How could I be any less?" I massaged her hips again, gently rocking the
penis buried inside her. "You're my little angel. I'd do anything to
make you happy."

She swallowed. "I love you, Daddy." Solemn devotion played her face
between the twitches of pleasure from my cock hitting her insides. A
thousand times we had professed our love, but for Shae, it seemed like
every time was special - a declaration that came from beneath the
teasing and mischief, straight from the vulnerable core of the devoted
girl, the tender, emotional part of her that so often came out during
our lovemaking. No words could ever burst my heart wide open quite like

"I love you too, baby girl." My voice cracked, swallowing around the
lump in my throat. I'd say it as many times as she wished to hear it,
and more.

I built our rocking back into a rhythm, letting my daughter bounce in
slow strokes on her Daddy's dick. I did love her, more than I could ever
say. Words were inadequate. We were perfect for each other, an ideal
match, minds conjoined in love just as our bodies were. There would
never be anybody else for me other than my precious girl with her loving

Our pace increased. My daughter bounced in excited rhythm on her own,
matching my pushes, the slippery pussy gripping my glistening manhood
like a velvet vice. Stretched lips glided over taut flesh, leaving a
moist sheen on my shaft, before reversing to suck me inside as I thrust
again and again, increasing the length and the pace as our passion built
like a bonfire.

Daddy and daughter, joined in blissful coupling: laying down, doggy
style, sitting or even standing up - we had made love in every way it
could be made. We had never held nothing back from each other,
committing ourselves again to the sweet union of our hearts and bodies
every time we joined. I increased the pace, frantic, pelvis bucking
against the bottom of the little girl bouncing on my cock. She grunted
with each thrust, volume rising as she rode a wave of pleasure on the
end of her Daddy's penis.

"Uaaaagh! Daddy!" Shae cried, eyes pleading, face a rictus of primal
passion. She had taken over, legs working to thrust herself up and down
on me. Another cry, wordless, rich with the hunger that spurred her
body, a rampant and desperate need to have her daddy's cock splitting
her pussy, engorged flesh cramming itself inside her. I laid back,
incoherent with the ecstasy my little girl was giving me.

Abruptly she was pressed against me, leaning forward, using the freedom
to work her hips in longer, rapid strokes, rising to the tip of the long
shaft and slamming down to take it inside again. Golden hair covered my
vision. Lips vibrated the skin of my neck in a long moan and twin points
brushed my chest, my daughter's erect nipples running a rapid track as
the rest of her body committed to the rhythm of our sex. Eyes glazed,
brain short-circuited, I gave myself up to the swelling maelstrom
building in my groin as my baby girl pumped my cock into her slippery
pussy with crazed energy. Shae was enthusiastic in bed, but this was the
first time she had taken charge so thoroughly.

Sharp pains prickled in my shoulderblades - fingernails, digging in, my
daughter clutching wildly as she hurtled towards orgasm. My arms went
around her of their own accord, drawing our sweaty chests together.
Still blinded by the scattered hair, I felt rather than saw the deranged
armful of horny girlflesh convulse in my arms just before the taut
muscles constricted with lightning spasms in her pussy, pulling at the
strained meat inside her as if milking it for seed.

A final powerful thrust, and my baby girl bottomed out and stayed there,
gasping helplessly against my neck in the throes of her climax. My hands
moved on their own, grasping the soft globes of her bottom and holding
tight. An endless lightning bolt surged up my spine to my brain and the
world exploded, jerking my muscles as cum erupted in a rapturous flood
into my daughter's pussy, spurting like a firehose of lava, flooding the
tiny space with her Daddy's warm cum. Our bodies trembled in shared
ecstasy, muscles vibrating and twitching, the jerking motions of my cock
squeezing the milky fluid of our love up into her womb.

We were one body, shared in the communion of love unique between a
father and his little girl, convulsing together as our heartbeats joined
in racing rhythm. I floated in murky bliss, punctuated by the powerful
jolts from my cock spewing the last fading spurts of my passion into her
body. Arms and legs - I wasn't sure which were my own. I brushed hair
from my nose, gasping, sucking down air. The powerful heaving rocked the
body cradled against me, coarse chest hair rubbing against my daughter's
tiny breasts as gentle waves lulled her out of the storm of her own
frenzied joy. Like a vessel bobbing on a becalmed sea, we drifted in
hazy static, panting, my daughter's arms wrapped around my neck in an
iron grip as if afraid of drowning.

The walls of warm fog rolled back, senses returning, bringing the sweet
smells of sweat and love, peach shampoo, and the peculiar scent of raw
satisfaction that my little girl's body always had after her Daddy had
cum inside her. My arms remembered how to move, rubbing themselves along
the smooth skin of her arched back as she lay against me, my dripping
cock still half-erect inside her snug pussy.

She seemed half asleep already, faint rumbles sounding in her throat
with each breath exhaled on my neck. I felt like I could have drifted
off myself, leaving my manhood plugging the generous helping of sperm in
her vagina. Shaking my head, I struggled against the drowsy temptation.

"Sweetie," I whispered in her ear, "that was amazing."

"Mmmm, mmmph," she mumbled, her vocabulary lost in the storm.

My lips planted a kiss at the base of her ear, whispering again. "I love
you baby girl."

"Luv u Daddy." Her words slurred with sleepy contentment.

"But you have to get off sweetie. I have work tomorrow."

"Nnn mmph," she protested. "Don't wanna."

As nice as it was lying there with my half-hard dick still leaking cum
into my daughter, I knew I couldn't sleep on the couch. My back would be
agony in the morning.

"Come on hon, get up." I shifted slightly, trying to sit up so I could
lift her off me. She pinched my nipple in protest.

"Ow!" I yelped. I could feel the grin plastered on the face buried
against my neck. "That hurt."

"But I'm comfy," she countered, wiggling her hips with a sigh so she
could lay more closely against me.

I patted her head. Maybe a soft approach was best. "I'll bet you're cold
baby. I mean, you are naked."

"Your fault," she giggled, enjoying the game. "Now you have to keep me

"Mmm hmm, mmm hmm." I patted the head of the little girl snuggling
against me. "But just think how warm our bed is. We keep it pretty
toasty under the covers."

"Hmmmm..." the little imp pretended to think this over. "Ok, carry me."

Easy enough. Shae was light as a feather. I moved my arms under her
shoulders to lift her up, but she pinched me savagely again.

"Ouch! What was that for?"

She tittered against my chest. "I said I don't wanna get off. Carry me."

I sighed in mock protest. "Fine. You're so demanding."

Holding her to my chest, I sat up and grasped the soft handles of her
butt in both hands. She hooked her arms around my neck and locked her
legs around my waist as I stood up. Slowly, keeping the little girl
impaled on my dick, I managed a few staggering steps around the couch.

Shae sighed with contentment, clamped to me tightly. My erratic steps
slid my tool around in the greasy insides of her cunt, coaxing it to a
renewed firmness. I wasn't sure why, but my daughter had been insistent
lately with demands for me to cum inside her and stay inside. It seemed
like another one of her teasing games, and I was more than happy to

"I can't see," I protested. The illumination from the TV faded behind
me. I hadn't left any lights on in the hall, and I didn't think I could
hold her up with one hand. Scraping the wall with my shoulder, I fumbled
for the light switch.

She yawned like a contented cat. "You'll manage."

My shoulder bumped a picture frame and it clattered to the floor.
Muttering, I gave up on the switch and headed down the hall, steps
bouncing my little girl in a gentle rhythm.

Wet kisses on my neck were my reward as I fumbled our way to the
bedroom. I could feel the muscles of her pussy tightening again,
squeezing my prick back to bulging excitement. Shae was insatiable.
There was nothing she loved as much as having her Daddy's cock buried
inside her, and if I let her, she would happily make love to me until I
was drained to a withered husk of a man. Even making love 5 or 6 times a
day on our vacations until I collapsed in exhaustion, she was always
ready for more. I didn't think I could ever keep up with her libido. A
little girl's appetite for sex could be endless.

"Ack!" Pain blossomed in my shin as wood rattled. "Ok, found the
bookcase." Shae giggled hysterically at my misfortune.

Our bedroom was just beyond. Huffing, I made the last few steps, then
pivoted and plopped on the bed. My little girl yelped as the jolt buried
her to the hilt on my prick again.

"There," I panted. "I got you all the way to the bed."

"See? I knew you could do it. You didn't even have to take your cock out
of me."

I scooted back on the sheet until we were comfortably entrenched and
pulled the blankets over us. Manhood pulsing inside her with anxious
vigor, I rubbed her back, hugging her close as she lay against my chest,
enjoying the delicious feeling of my daughter's snug insides. Our hearts
beat together in frenzied tandem, thumping through the sweaty chests
pressed against each other. I squeezed my daughter like a pillow,
planting hungry kisses on her forehead and grinding her on my meat,
building the mounting rhythm into a tide of twitching pleasure that
raced through our bodies.

"Mmmmm, feels nice," Shae yawned, as she snuggled against me. "Told you
I'd eventually beat you Daddy."

"You sure did sweetie. You're getting pretty good."

"I just had to figure out...your weakness," she tittered, wiggling her
hips and then squeezing, revelling in the feeling of her Daddy's cock
pressing against her pussy walls.

I hovered on the brink, my twitching prick vibrating in her tiny pussy
like a tuning fork. "You're supposed to kiss the loser you know.

She laughed and pushed up to bury my mouth with a kiss, thin lips
writhing enthusiastically against mine. My hands stroked the perfect
curves of her 11-year-old body under the covers, crushing her against me
with an animal urgency. Pussy lips glided over my rigid cock as I bucked
softly, feeling the slippery heat of her tight channel engulfing me
fully. Girlish moans punctuated the heavy panting as her Daddy plowed
her, toenails scratching against skin as our legs writhed together and a
frothing swirl of ecstasy built at the boiling point where our crotches
joined. My hands clenched, fitted to the sweet globes of her bottom,
rocking her pelvis in growing strokes of frantic need as I thrust my
dick into the tiny clutching channel of my daughter's pussy. She broke
our kiss, hot breath washing over my face before crying out with wild
abandon. We teetered together at the cliff, my hand cupping her head
against my shoulder as the tide of our passion gushed into a torrent
that swept us helplessly along. Our bodies convulsed together, sharing
the climax that knifed like lightning from the white-hot edges of my
baby girl's fingernails on my back and the thundering crescendo of my
thick cock slamming one final thrust into her pussy and flooding it with

My senses shattered into crystal points and detonated, exploding into
molten jets that spewed into her tummy, muscles locked and writhing
together as our orgasm melded us into one perfect body of primal
euphoria. Sweat and saliva and the hot breath on my neck were the
background of my daughter's joy as she bucked her hips and filled my
ears with her passion, a long cry of wordless ecstasy, completion,
fulfillment as her Daddy buried his cock deep inside her and filled her
up with his love.

I floated in warm bliss, the pinpricks of the pointed fingernails on my
back like a constellation guiding me home. The dizzying waves finally
ebbed, my consciousness a shipwreck that bobbed slowly to the surface.
Tangled hair, moist breathing on my ear, the lingering scents of shampoo
mixed with sweat and sex and the pool of Daddy's cum around her crotch -
all the sensations of my lovely daughter, arms wrapped around me with
grasping affection. I cupped her head against my neck, cuddling my
beautiful girl as I stroked her hair.

We lingered in silence, snug under the blankets with arms wrapped around
each other, bodies trembling together with the language of lovers so
inexpressible in words. Shae was drifting happily, head pressed against
my shoulder and wearing a satisfied smile. I stayed buried inside her
where I belonged, my cock acting as a tight plug for the two helpings of
cum I had put in my daughter's tummy. Her pussy still wrapped my flaccid
cock, teasing it with faint twitches, promises of further desire for her
Daddy's gifts.

With a final yawn, I straightened the blankets and pulled them up,
letting the shared silence of sleep wash over us.