Looking at his wife, Claire and his ten year old
daughter, Mollie, he knew that no one would ever
think of them being complete sluts and whores.

The impression they gave to others were of a
very proper mother, wife and daughter. Oh they
were during the day when there were people
around, where people could see them, but at
night at home or at someone elses home or one
of the special clubs they would go too, the two
of them were complete sluts and whore's sucking
and fucking anyone or anything that would fuck

Ted had taken Mollie's virginity when she was four
years old. Claire had brought her to bed naked,
licked, sucked and tongue fucked her tiny little
cunt until she actual had an orgasm, then she had
held Ted's stiff big cock at her own daughters tiny
virgin cunt opening and held it while he slowly
pushed it up inside of her tiny virgin cunt, tearing
her hymen taking her virginity, as she screamed
and cried with the pain. He didn't stop just
plunging his cock up into her tiny cunt. He pushed
hard and forced it through her cervix right up into
her womb. He had forced almost three inches
of cock into her womb.

After that a couple of nights later, having fucked
her three or four times a day and night, he had
then plunged his cock slowly up into her tight
little anal opening driving it all of the way up
into her tiny bowels.

After that he fucked her in both her cunt and ass
almost every night and two or three times during
the day, always with her mother watching.

After Mollie was broken in real well, taking his
cock into either her cunt or ass with out a whimper
or a cry, they took her with them to visit one of their

The friends, fucked her as hard as he could as Ted
fucked his friends daughters, three year old cunt
and ass. He also fucked the man's wife while he
watched the man fuck his own wife.

The next time they went out, they went to a special
club. While they were there, Ted watched over ten
men fuck Claire in the mouth, cunt and ass and little
Mollie suck and fuck eight or nine men, with her
'mouth, cunt and ass. She did it with out a whimper
or a cry of pain, even taking most of the cocks right
up into her tiny womb.

By the time Mollie was ten she had sucked and
fucked so many men that they had no idea how
many. Ted knew that she had sucked and fucked
over a hundred men by then. She had sucked and
fucked, white men, black men, asian men.

Another thing she had sucked and been fucked by
probably over twenty or thirty dogs. Dogs of men
who enjoyed watching their own wife and daughters
suck and fuck them. Ted and Clair would have
Mollie suck and fuck anywhere between four and
ten men, then have her suck a dogs cock and let
the dog lick her well fucked, cum filled little cunt,
then put her on her hands and knees and let the
dog ram his big thick cock up into her well used
cunt. The dog would fuck her and force his big
knob up inside of her little cunt letting it swell
up and tie the dog cock in her for up to a half hour.

But now it was time for only Ted to fuck her
at least for this entire week. By then end of the
week, his little ten year old girl should have her
daddy's baby planted in her womb. No other
man or boy would fuck her except daddy, making
sure it was daddy that planted his baby in her
young womb.

Ted lay his little ten year old girl down, knowing
that her womb was fertile just waiting for his
sperm to mate with her egg that was waiting for

Mollie, wrapped her hand around daddy's cock
like she had wrapped it around over a hundered
other cocks, then she licked it, then opening her
mouth she sucked it into her mouth and down
her throat, also like she had done a hundred other
men's cocks and many dog cocks.

Yes she had learned before she even turned five
how to suck a big stiff cock down her throat. Her
daddy's being the first cock she sucked down her

Mollie knew as she sucked her daddy's cock this
time that he was going to plant his baby in her
fertile womb. She wondered what it was going to
be like having a baby in her tummy.

Looking at her mummy, she saw her mother with
her own swollen stomach, pregnant now five
months. The thing with her mother though they
had no idea who the father of the baby was.

Mama had during her entire fertile time, fucked
over ten or fifteen men a night, keeping her cunt
full of hot fertile sperm of every one of them,
every night. for six nights she had made sure she
fucked more than ten men every night, letting them
fuck her and spew their fertile sperm right up into
her womb.

Mollie had watched every one of the men fuck her
mother every night and watched them cum in her
mama's fertile cunt. Of course her daddy was right
there watching along with Mollie. Daddy watched
every one of those men fuck her mama and cum in
her fertile cunt to make sure that mama got
pregnant and neither daddy or mama would ever
know which one of the men that fucked mama
was the daddy of her baby. Mollie had watched
mama fuck white men, black men, and asian men,
all during her fertile time. They didn't even know
what race her baby would be. That was the way
her daddy wanted her mama to do it and mama
thought it would be exciting not knowing who the
father was or even not even what race it would be
until she had it.

Her daddy was telling her mama and her that he
actually hoped the baby would be black or asian
so that every one would know that mama was
fucking men other than daddy and had even let
them get her pregnant. Mollie knowing that this
baby of hers would be her daddy's was already
thinking about that the next time she got
pregnant she wanted to do it just like mama was
doing it. So she would know who or what race
the daddy of her baby would be until it was
'born. The thought was already exciting to her,
but her first baby which she knew she would have
before she even turned eleven, would be her
own daddy's. She was anxious for him to plant
his baby in her.

Mollie lay on the bed her small legs spread
wide her wet cunt fully exposed just waiting
for her daddy's big stiff cock to be stuffed
up her well used cunt.

She was only ten, but fertile and ready to
be used for her daddy to plant his baby
in her.

Ted moved between his daughters small
legs, and with out hesitation rammed his
stiff cock up into her fertile cunt and began
fucking he hard and fast. He would be
spewing his hot fertile sperm up into her
as many times a day as he could. He would
be spending the night with his cock buried
deep in his little girls cunt, making sure
he kept it full of his hot sperm.

Every day for the full week Ted fucked his
little girl whore, his little slut of a daughter.
Every day he spewed his hot fertile sperm
up into her womb.

Oh Ted loved fucking his well used daughter.
He loved the thought of having is cock in his
own little girls cunt, that so many men had
used and enjoyed.

Ted had hundreds of photo's and videos of the men
that Mollie had sucked and fucked. Photo's of
men's cock's in her small mouth and down her
throat. Photo's of her young cunt full of cock after
cock, black, white and Asian. Photo's of her
gapping pussy, leaking streams of sperm, sperm
of one to over ten men leaking out of her.

Of course he had photo's of her with three cocks
buried deep in all three of her openings, filled with
cock at the same time. Photo's of her sucking dogs
cocks and having the dogs cocks buried and tied
inside of her.

Of course he had photo's of Claire his wife full of
cock, photo's of cock after cock in her openings.
Photo's of her sucking and fucking dogs. Photo's
of her with three cock filling her at the same time.
Photo's of her just like the photo's of little Mollie.
Also video tapes of both of them being fucked
and gang banged.

Now he was being video taped fucking his own
little girl, planting his baby in her womb. Photo's
of her with his cock buried in her throat, in her
fertile cunt and her tight little ten year old ass and
bowels, photo's of his sperm leaking out of her
fertile cunt.

After seven days of fucking her many times a day,
he was sure that his little girl was knocked up with
daddy's baby, but they would just have to wait and

Mollie fucked no one but daddy for a month and
a half then when she showed positive for being
pregnant, they took her to his brother who was a
doctor for young kids. His brother had fucked her
before, and Ted knew he would like to fuck he

After examining her, Ted's brother did in fact
fuck her in the mouth, cunt and ass. And yes,
little ten year old Mollie was pregnant with
daddy's baby which should be born almost
three months before she turned eleven.

Ted, Claire and Mollie were then all excited
at little Mollie being pregnant with Daddy's
baby. Then they took Mollie to one of their
special clubs and watched as eight men fucked
her now pregnant cunt. When they took her
home her little cunt was full of strangers
hot sperm. She also had several helping of
sperm in her stomach and in her bowels.

Ted and Claire were excited at both mama
and daughter being pregnant, mama with
a baby no one knew who or what race the
father was and little ten year old daughter
pregnant with Daddy's baby.

As Ted lay in bed between his now pregnant
wife and pregnant daughter, he was happy
with the way they lived. He was happy that
his wife was pregnant, even though they
had no idea who the father was and that his
daughter was pregnant with his own baby.

Ted was also looking forward to his brother
bringing his own wife and two daughters
over to visit. He knew his brother would
enjoy fucking both Claire and Mollie while
he himself fucked his brothers wife and both
of his young daughters. One daughter
six and the other three. Ted always enjoyed
having his cock buried deep inside of his
brothers little three year old daughter and
fucked her every chance he got.

Yes, his brother's wife and both of his
daughters were whore's and sluts just like
his own wife and daughter, and his brothers
daughters only being six and three but already
loved sucking and fucking many cocks one
after the other and three at a time. They could
take a cock up into their bowels just as easy
as they took them up into their tiny cunts.

They had both also even at their young age,
been fucked by over fifty to seventy five men.
Relatives and strangers. Black, white and Asian
men. They had also already been fucked by
several dogs just like their mother had. She had
fucked so many men for her husband she had no
idea, but like Claire knew it was over a hundred
different men and different cocks. All fucking her
mouth cunt and ass.

Also like Claire, Ted's wife, she was also planning
on getting pregnant just like Claire did. By having
so many men fuck her that she nor her husband
would have any idea who the father was. Her
daughters would also be watching her fucking all of
those men during her fertile time watching them
making sure they were getting their mama pregnant.

As Ted lay between his now pregnant wife and
pregnant ten year old daughter, he was remembering
back before either of them had fucked anyone but
him. He had enjoyed it, but it was so damned
exciting watching them suck other men's cocks and
watching other men fuck them and fill their cunts
full of their hot fertile sperm.

Ted knew that maybe one day, they would no longer
suck and fuck other men, but until then, he also
knew that all three of them would continue to enjoy
mother and daughter fucking men together watching
each other take cock after cock into one or all of
their openings.

Ted lay with both wife and daughter in his arms,
drifting off to sleep a satisfied smile on his face
and a sexually satisfied wife and daughter in each