The continuation of part one of the hike. Kim and her
uncle are finding that being nude in the great
outdoors is but fun and rewarding. (Mg, pre, ped, exh,
1st, oral)

We walked back to camp holding hands. Kim went over to
the side of the lake while I started a fire and got
dinner ready. I looked over at my nude niece as she
tanned herself on a large boulder.

"You hungry yet?" I asked.

"What ya makin'," Kim asked back.

"Fish and good stuff," I said back to her.

"K" is all she said back.

We ate in the nude. I couldn't help but stare at Kim
as she ate. She seemed to like the attention I was
giving her and kept smiling at me between bites.

"Are you cold?" I asked.

"Not really," Kim answered.

The sun slipped behind the west ridge causing the air
to cool. We cleaned up and then Kim put her hoody on.
Nothing looks better than a 12 yr old in a hoody with
nothing else on. Her long tan legs and her exposed ass
and pussy made her look delightful. My cock had been
half hard since we had gotten back to camp, mostly
because I was willing it down. But seeing Kim walking
around in just her hoody got to me. My cock sprang to
attention. I gave it a few strokes and Kim smiled as I
did so. I walked over to her and sat down on the
boulder. She walked over and sat next to me. She put
her head on my shoulder and I could smell sent of
smoke in her hair. She put her hand between my thighs
and then on my cock. We stayed like that for a while,
watching the lake as it darkened.

"Hey!" I heard Scott's voice call us as he and Tina
came near.

"Want to join us in the springs?"

Kim stood up and started walking toward the trail as
our two nude neighbors approached. I got up and walked
over too.

"I see you two have been having fun." Tina said as she
looked at my hard on and laughed.

Kim smiled and I did too. Both Tina and Scott were
completely nude except for flip-flops and a towel
wrapped around Scott's shoulders. Tina held a
flashlight although it wasn't that dark out yet. Kim
took off the hoody so that she was completely nude
then gave a little sassy pose for us and laughed.

"Let's go!" Kim said as she shivered. Her skin was
covered with goose bumps and her nipples were fully
erect. Scott looked down at her causing his cock to
stir then started walking. Kim and I followed. My
erect cock swayed as I walked behind Kim and Tina. I
loved the way their asses looked as they walked. It
made my cock grow harder if possible.

We reached the springs and Scott climbed in. Tina
looked at my cock and smiled at me then got in the
springs too. I got in next and Kim held my hand to
balance her as we found a nice spot in the hot spring
water. Kim sunk in the water with a big smile on her
face. I watched as Scott and Tina kissed each other
obviously putting on a show for us. Kim giggled as she
watched them. I could feel my balls float in the warm
water, enjoying the feeling of being nude and free. I
turned my attention to Kim as she sank all the way
underwater and came back up. The night was dark now.
The only sounds were far off bird calls and the
trickle of water from the spring. Kim came over next
to me. Her hand moved under the water to feel my hard
cock. We watched the moon come up over the ridge
casting a blue light over the forest. Scott and Tina
were still kissing. I could hear sounds coming from
them but couldn't make out the words.

Kim was looking at my eyes as she slowly pulled on my
cock. I looked at her and reached out to feel the
smooth skin of her breast. She closed her eyes as my
fingers ran along her skin and manipulated her nipple.
Kim stopped pulling on my cock as I followed her gaze
over to Scott and Tina. Scott had gotten out of the
water and sat on a rock. In the moonlight we could
easily see his silhouette. His cock was hard. Tina
moved up his body and took his cock in her mouth.
Scott threw his head back as Tina took the head of his
cock in her mouth then swallowed the whole shaft. Kim
and I moved closer to watch.

Tina caught us out of the corner of her eye and took
her mouth off Scott's cock.

"Want to try it?" She asked looking at us. We didn't
reply but just watched as she sucked on it a few more
times. Kim's hand was on my cock again, not stroking
it, just holding it in her hand.

"Would you do it?" Kim whispered to me.

"Do what?" I whispered back.

"What she is doing to him?" She asked.

"Would you?" I asked her.

"If you did." She said. Her voice was so quiet I
almost couldn't hear her.

Tina stood up and traded places with Scott. She opened
her legs as Scott moved between them and started
licking her pussy. She grabbed the towel that was
within her reach and put it behind her head. Kim and I
watched as Tina's body move and twist as Scott licked
her pussy. Tina pulled her legs up to expose more
pussy for Scott. Scott had to move up some, causing
his cock to escape the warmth of the water.

"Touch it." I whispered to Kim.

She looked at me then at Scott's cock and back at me.
She leaned in to me.

"You do it first." She whispered.

I'm not into guys really but was so horny that I
thought maybe I would to see what happens. Kim and I
got closer to Scott. I reached out and put my fingers
around his cock, slowly moving it in my palm. I could
feel his cock veins and his smooth balls. He didn't
stop licking his wife, or even seem to notice the hand
on his cock. I felt it for a few moments then let go.
I watched as Kim moved her hand up to his cock and
started to squeeze it and feel it. I moved behind her
and put my hand around her front to manipulate her
nipples. We both were very hard. I moved my hand down
to feel the hard nub between her legs as she squatted
in the water.

Tina was lost in the moment. She was moaning and
sighing as Scott worked on her. I could see Kim's hand
trace Scott's cock and balls in the darkness. I was
mesmorized by what I was seeing. My cock was lightly
touching Kim's back as I leaned over her shoulders.
Scott moved and Kim let go of his cock. He moved up
the flat rock above Tina as she took his cock and
aimed it to her pussy. Kim and I watched as Scott's
cock sank into Tina. Scott started to move his hips
slowly, making sure that Kim and I could see his cock
go inside Tina's pussy. We watched as he rested his
weight on her body and they kissed. We weren't just
watching two people fuck but two people making love.
Kim was in a trance as she watched. Tina would moan
and tell Scott how good it felt to have his cock in
her. She repeated that over and over again I am sure,
for our benefit.

"It's beautiful." Kim whispered to me.

We watched as Scott and Tina made love for almost
fifteen minutes before Scott's ass went into
overdrive. Tina's body shook every time Scott thrust
in. Her tits moved up and down to the movement of his
thrusts. Scott was breathing hard as he neared his

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Came the sound out of
Scott's throat. I was sure if there was anyone around
they would have thought it was a call from a Big Foot.

His ass clenched as he gave a final thrust and shoot
his cum into Tina. Kim and I watched as his ass
flinched three of four times and then he collapsed on
his wife. Both of them kissed then Scott backed up
pulling his cock from Tina's pussy. It was still hard
and we could see the wetness glisten in the moonlight.
Scott stood up and helped Tina enter the water again.

"How was that?" Tina asked Kim. I was sure Kim was
blushing but I couldn't see in the dark.

"So nice." Kim softly said. "What's it feel like? She

"It's like something building inside you." Tina said.
"It's hard to explain but the feeling is the best
thing you could ever feel. Have you ever had a itch
that was bugging you?" Tina asked. Kim nodded. "And
then the feeling when someone scratches the itch and
how nice it feels. Well it's like that only ten times
better." Tina said to her quietly. "It's love."

Kim nodded and looked over at me.

"Can we go back now?" Kim asked me.

I wanted to relax in the spring a little more but
thought I had better do what Kim wanted. We got out of
the spring letting the air dry us. Tina turned on the
flashlight and shown it on us. My cock was hard,
throbbing with the beat of each heartbeat. Kim stood
there letting the light play on her as she took my

"Can you make it back without a light?" Tina asked.

I looked at the full moon then looked around. It was
not that dark.

"We can make it." I said.

Kim and I walked slowly back to camp. She didn't say
anything to me but would squeeze my hand as we walked.
I made sure she was able to see where to go.

The fire still had a little flame as we came in to

"Are you cold?" I asked.

"No. I feel great," Kim said.

Kim disappeared into the tent, while I looked at the
moonlight playing off the lake.

"You need this." Kim said handing me a bar of soap.
"Can you...?" She asked.

I would have done anything for her at that point. My
cock was half erect from the relaxing atmosphere. I
looked at the water and then the back at Kim.

"Ok." I said as I went to the edge of the lake. I
looked over to camp and saw the bouncing light of
Tina's flashlight as they came by. The stopped and
talked to Kim as I stood ankle deep in the water.

"Hi neighbor!" Scott called over to me. I waved. Kim
came running over to me.

"I'm gonna go with Tina for a sec k?" She said. "Hurry
and get clean k? and get the tent ready." She

I watched as Kim left with Scott and Tina. I was
actually worried about what she was going to do but
knew that Scott was satisfied sexually so maybe she
just wanted to talk to them. I wasn't sure but my cock
went down as they left. My next chore was to wash up.
The water around my ankles seemed warmer than the air
but I knew that it wasn't. I moved into the water,
which wasn't too bad, until it was half way up my
thighs and sank in. The water sent a chill up my body
as I sunk in then came back up. I quickly soaped
myself all over. I washed my armpits many times and
washed my hair with the soap too. I got use to the
water and enjoyed myself, but I thought next time I
would bathe in the springs.

After washing I got out of the lake and went over to
the fire to dry off. The night was quiet as I stood
there. I could make out some laughter coming from
Scott and Tina's camp and could see the glow of light
from that direction. I kept smelling myself to make
sure I didn't smell to badly of smoke then got in the
tent and set up the sleeping bags. Kim was not a bad
camper. She kept most of her things in her pack but
she did have clothes strewn around. I started to
gather them and came across her panties. They looked
so small. I held them up to my nose and inhaled. I
could make out the faint smell of Kim's pussy juice. I
put them in my pack and not hers.

"Anyone here?" I heard Kim's voice.

I came out of the tent. Tina had escorted Kim back to
camp with their light. My cock started to harden as I
looked at the two nude females in the light. Tina was
smiling and Kim was giggling.

"What did ya do?" I asked.

"Tina washed my hair and brushed it out for me." Kim
said with a smile.

Here I was all worried that something nasty was going
on but it was just girl stuff. Kim's hair did look
much better. I was sure mine wasn't as nice looking.

"Well,... good night you two." Tina said to us. I
watched our camp get much darker as Tina walked away
with the light. Kim went in the tent and came out with
her hoody.

"Come on." She said and took my hand pulling me. She
pulled me over to the boulder by the lake and set her
hoody down on it. She sat down and pulled me to her. I
leaned back and she leaned over resting her head
between my shoulder and chest. She stretched out by my
side. I could smell the shampoo in her soft blonde
hair. We stayed that way for most of an hour watching
the full moon light up the night. We didn't say
anything. It was perfect. She was warm and soft and
nude to boot. She had her hand resting on my stomach
and would gently rub it. This caused my cock to harden
many times. When my cock started to go soft she would
run her hand around going down as far as my hips but
never touched my cock. I was in heaven.

"Have you ever done it?" Kim asked breaking the

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Sex." She asked. "Have you done it?"

"Yes." I told her.

Once again she was silent. We heard the noise of
something move across the lake but could not see
anything. After that noise it was dead quiet.

"Will you do me?" She asked in a quiet voice, putting
her hand on my cock. "Like we saw Scott and Tina?" She

I didn't say anything but knew I had never wanted
anything as much, even if she was my niece. Kim leaned
forward and then stood up. She took my hand as I stood
up. We slowly walked to the tent.

The fire was out as we got inside. The light from the
moon shown through the door exposing my 12 year old
nude niece. She leaned on one hand and smiled at me as
I looked at her. I leaned forward and gently kissed
her on the lips. Her lips were soft and had a faint
taste of mint on them.

"Have you been kissed before?" I asked as I broke off
the kiss.

Kim shook her head that she hadn't. I leaned in again
this time resting my hand on her hard nipple as I did
so. She started kissing back. I could feel her lips
move over mine as she pressed her lips into me. Kim's
breath grew loud as she took air through her nose. I
could feel our teeth meet as we pressed our lips. I
pulled her over on top of me as we passionately
kissed. My tongue probed the inside of her mouth. My
hand reached down her back to her tight ass. My finger
ran the length of her ass as she spread her legs to
accommodate my finger. I rolled her on her back and
kissed down her small body. I fingered her moist pussy
as I sucked one of her nipples then the other. Her
hand pressed my head down as I engulfed her nipple in
my mouth sucking it and tickling it with my tongue. I
kissed lower, kissing her belly button, and lower down
to her pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh! AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Kim gasped as I
licked over her clit. One of her hands grabbed my hair
and pulled me into her bald pussy as her other hand
presses the soft skin of her breast.

Kim's legs started to flail then went stuff as she
came. Kim moaned as I kept kissing her pussy, sticking
my tongue into her cunt hole as far as it would go.
She rolled on her hips, bringing her legs up to her
side as I kissed as sucked her cunt. Kim was wet but
her fluid had no nasty taste. It wasn't sweet like I
had heard girls pussy's to be but was more bland with
a taste of something I can't describe. Once again her
legs stiffened as she came to another climax.

"Fuck me now." She quietly hissed.

She let go of my hair and let me up. I moved up and
kissed her, letting her lick her pussy juice off my
tongue. I reached down and rubbed the head of my cock
on her pussy opening. She spread her legs as wide as
she could as I moved forward. My cock split her pussy
lips as the head went inside.

"Uuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh" came the sound from
Kim's throat.

I pushed in further feeling the thin barrier inside. I
pressed in harder as I felt something give a little.

"Ooowww." Kim said as her eyes opened to look at me.

"You okay?" I said. Kim nodded her head.

"It stings." She told me.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked. She shook her head.
I had never fucked a virgin before. I had heard about
it but had never done it. And I had never even dreamed
I would be fucking a 12 year old!

I pushed in again. This time I felt her hymen give
way. Kim hissed like she was in pain. I could feel the
walls of her pussy contract around the top of my cock.
I stayed like that until Kim caught her breath again.

"Tina said it was suppose to feel good." Kim said.

I backed out then pushed in again. My cock sank deeper
each time I thrust into my niece. With one thrust I
bottomed out in Kim's cunt. I could feel the heat of
her pussy surround my cock. Her cunt walls seemed to
squeeze my cock as I pushed it in. I started to move
my cock slowly in and out of Kim's cunt. I could hear
her breathing start to get heavier as I moved over her
small body.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Ummm." She said. "I feel full."

I bent down and kissed her. She kissed me back. I
could feel my cock push into what had to have been her
cervix. As I pushed forward I could feel it open. We
rolled to our sides as my hips thrust into Kim's. She
had started returning the thrusts as we fucked. She
rolled over to her back and wrapped her legs around my
waist. My hips started to hit a rhythm as we kissed. I
would stop and rest sticking my tongue inside Kim's
mouth as far as I could. Doing this I was able to stop
from cuming.

"Do it , do it." Kim said as I started to increase the
speed of my hips. Kim's hand was between us rubbing
her clit as I thrust in and out of her.

The sound from Kim's mouth was high pitched but not
too loud. Her body started shaking as she climaxed.
The jerking of her body caused my heavy balls to
unload. I pressed my hips into Kim as far as I could
and shot my cum into my niece. I could feel spurt
after spurt shoot out of my cock as I came in her.

I let the weight of my body rest on my niece. My cock
was still lodged inside her as I pulled her over and
on top of me and kissed her. We kissed that way for a
long time before Kim sat up and climbed off me.

"Wow that was so cool." She whispered with a giggle.
"Come on." She said as she grabbed my hand and we
exited the tent. My cock was still half hard as she
pulled my down to the lake. In the moon light I could
see her beautiful nude body as she squatted down and
started to pee. I leaned down as she stopped the flow.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Just pee." I told her.

She started to pee again as I lowered my tongue to the
stream. She leaned back as I licked her clit feeling
the pee splash against my chin and some going into my
mouth. Her pee tasted like urine smells but since she
had just been drinking water for the last two days, it
wasn't very strong. She giggled as I did that. Once
she stopped peeing she pushed my head away and stood

"Want to kiss me now?" I asked. Kim just giggled.

"Really?" she asked.

I bent down as she pressed her lips to mine. I felt
her tongue as it entered my mouth. We kissed a few

"That's weird," she whispered to me.

Once again I kissed down her body to her pussy again.
She parted her legs as I forced my tongue up her
pussy. I could taste her pee and pussy juice as well
as the bitter salty taste of my cum. She started to
moan again. I held on to her ass and pushed a finger
inside her ass hole as I continued to lick her. Kim
started to hump my face as she got closer to another

'Uuuggghhhhhhhhhh." She gurgled as she came again.
This time her body shook, discharging whatever was in
her cunt. She almost fell over as she did. I held on,
licking her as she came off the high.

"Wow." She said to me melting in my arms. We both were
covered in sweat even though it was cool out.

"Fuck me again." Kim said to me. "In the moon light."

We moved to the boulder where Kim had left her hoody.
I laid back on the rock on top of the hoody as Kim
took my now erect cock and slowly lowered her body on
it. I could feel my cock part the smooth warm skin of
Kim's pussy as she sank down on me. Her hips started
to gyrate in a circular motion. She rested her hands
on my shoulders as her hips sent thrills up and down
my cock. I reached up to play with her small tits as
we fucked. I could feel her press her clit down onto
my pubic bone and jam it into me. Her head was back as
I explored the nude body on top of me. Kim didn't feel
heavy on me at all. She maybe tipped the scales at
around 85 lbs. and wasn't quite 5ft tall.

As her body started to shake she cried out. "I love

Her head dropped forward as she shook. Kim's hips
moved up and down then rocked forward and then stopped
to rest. She did this as the feeling in her cunt
started to explode. One more time her body stiffened
and shook as she came. As she was coming down from her
climax, I thrust my hips up and into her. My cock shot
cum inside her again. This time she rode me as I
bucked her light body up in the air. My cock was a
good 7 inches in her as she rode my cum thrusts.

I lay there in the moonlight with my 12 year old niece
on top of me. She collapsed on me and just held me.
Both of us were once again sweating. She kissed me as
she moved her hips around causing the feelings in my
cock to make me almost pass out. We kissed until the
sweat from our bodies had dried. Kim seemed so
comfortable on me. I loved her nude body, I loved her
fun attitude and her non shyness. Then I thought of

"Kim?" I asked, "Have you had your period yet?"

"Not yet." She said to me. "Why?" she asked. "Oh" she
followed up with and giggled.

"You're not going to tell your mom about this." I said

"No way." She said.

"What about Billy?" I said with a chuckle. Kim gave me
a little slap and stuck out her tongue. Then looked me
in the eye.

"Maybe I will." She said with a giggled.

As she was giggling my cock slipped out of her pussy.

"Come on." I said, as I pulled Kim toward the lake. I
pulled her in the water with me. She squealed and
laughed as I pulled her to me and kissed her. We
kissed in the lake as I moved my hands all over my
niece's nude body washing the sweat off her. Once she
started to shiver, we got out and ran to the tent. We
dried off and kissed each other. I grabbed my watch
and checked the time. It was 2 am. We had been fucking
and sexually playing for almost 6 hours. I zipped the
our sleeping bags together and climbed in. Kim kissed
me then snuggled into me. She fell asleep in no time.
I ran my hands across her smooth nude body until I too
passed out.

The heat of the morning woke me. Kim was still asleep.
I could hear some muffled talking from Scott and Tina.
I looked at my watch. It was past ten in the morning.
I looked down at my nude niece as she slept. My cock
was hard and I pushed against her ass. Kim rolled over
on her back and opened her eyes.

"Hi" I said to her leaning over and kissing her. She
smiled at me as I unzipped the bag so I could get a
look at my nude niece. She stretched and kicked her
legs out of the bag. I ran my hand from her hard
nipples down to her leg and felt her pussy as I came
back up.

"How do you feel?" I asked. "Does it hurt here?" I
asked as I sank my finger into her pussy.

She shook her head. I moved to look at her pussy. The
skin around her pussy lips was a little pink. I bent
down and kissed them causing Kim to moan some.

"I feel good." Kim said as she stretched out her nude

"I love you." I said as I kissed her again.

"I love you too." Kim said as she blushed a little.

"You know what?" I said to Kim. " I have wanted to
kiss you for a long time." I told her.

"Since when?" she asked.

"When you were about eight or nine." I told her. She
giggled at that.

"What about more?" she asked.

"Well..." I trailed off.

"What." She said with a giggle.

"When you were ten and we went to the beach. You
remember that?" I asked. Kim nodded.

"You looked so sexy in that little bikini." I told
her. Which was no lie. She had this small yellow
bikini that was so snug that it showed the outline of
her pussy lips when she sat down. We built a sand
castle together and I just gawked as she moved around
opening and closing her legs. While in the waves, her
top almost came all the way off, showing me the pert
little nipples she had then.

"Well I wanted to grab you and fuck you right then." I
told her.

She laughed at that and reached out to feel my hard

"I went out in the ocean and jacked off looking at you
when you were playing in the water." I told her.

"You did?" she asked with a giggle.

"I wanted to show you my cock but thought better of
it." I said.

"I wish you had." Kim said to me. "I wanted to see one
since I was about seven and Jamie told me about seeing
her dads."

"What would you have done?" I asked.

"Bout the same stuff we did last night." She said

I thought of how nice it would have been to have
fucked Kim at ten years old. I mean 12 was young
enough but could you imagine doing it with a hot ten
year old?

"I would have liked that." I told her. "Plus you kiss

Kim started to giggle at that. "Know what?" Kim said.

"What." I asked as I ran my hands over her nude body.

"I had a crush on you when I was little." Kim said
blushing. I gave a chuckle at that.

"I had a teddy bear that I pretended was you and would
kiss him all the time at night." She went on.

"How old were you then?" I asked. Kim blushed again.

"I was seven when I started that. I loved it when you
would come over and do stuff with us." She told me.

"That's nice." I said as I looked into her eyes.

"But you kiss better than the bear." Kim said

With that I bent over and kissed Kim again.

"How long did that last?" I asked. Kim giggled again.

"Until I saw Billy naked. Then I pretended it was
him." She hid her face in the sleeping bag as she said

"You want to do your brother?" I asked.

"Uh huh." Came a muffled voice from the bag. "You
think he would?"

"I know he would." I said. "Last year when we started
talking about you he got a hard on."

"You saw it?" Kim asked.

"I did." I said. "It wasn't as dark as he thought." I
said with a chuckle.

"We kept talking about you and I would make a few
nasty remarks about your ass or your bikini. Billy
just listened. He had his eyes closed. I think he was
thinking of you as he jerked off." I told her.

"Did he shoot?" Kim asked.

"Yes he did." I said . After he looked embarrassed but
I pretended not to notice or make anything of it."

"Did you get a boner too?" Kim asked.

"I always get a boner thinking of you." I told her as
she giggled. "If you do fuck him I want to watch ok?"
I said jokingly.

"K" Kim said. "Promise." And giggled some more.

"Will you fuck me again?" Kim asked. "Just for a few

I didn't have to be asked twice. Kim spread her legs
as I got between them and sank my cock into her
upturned pussy.

"That feels soooo good." She said.

I started pumping my cock slowly in and out of her.

"Don't cum in me k?" She said.

"Why?" I asked.

"I want to do something k?" she said.

"Ok" I followed. "Tell me when to stop."

We fucked for a few minutes and then Kim told me to
stop. She got up and started rummaging through her
pack. Her ass was turned toward me and I couldn't help
but move closer to her and slip my cock in from
behind. Kim arched her back as my cock went in her
pussy from behind.

"Oh" She said as she pushed back to me. I reached
around and played with her nipples as she moved back
and forth.

"We gotta stop." Kim said as I pulled out of her.

"Why?" I asked.

"I want to show..." She let it trail off as she pulled
a brush from her backpack and started brushing her

"Brush your teeth k?" She asked me.

I stepped out into the warm morning sunshine with a
raging hardon. I got some water and brushed my teeth.
Soon Kim came out and joined me brushing her teeth.
Once we were finished she kissed me.

"That's way better." She said.

"Are you hungry?" I asked her.

"No, not really." She said after a slight pause.

"What are you up to?" I asked. Kim just giggled.

Kim took my hand back to the tent and put on her
shoes. I did the same. She had me brush her hair in
the back so it was presentable then let me look at
her. She twirled nude in the morning light.

"I love it here." She said.

Kim grabbed my cock and played with it a few seconds
then took my hand. She pulled me to Tina and Scott's
place. Tina was sitting nude on a camping chair
reading a book and Scott was rubbing sun block on his
nude body. He noticed us as we walked toward him.

"Morning." Scott said as we walked over by their tent.
Tina put down her book and looked over at us. My cock
was waving in the air and Kim kept playing with it.

"Hi." Kim said and looked at Scott's cock as it
started to grow.

"What brings you two here this morning?" Scott asked.

"Kim brought me here..." I said as Kim interrupted me.

"I wanna show you somethin'." Kim said.

Kim pulled me down so she could whisper in my ear. "I
want to show them that you fucked me."

I was surprised but very willing.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"They did it in front of us." Kim whispered back.

Kim let go of my hand and walked over to the flat rock
that jutted out into the lake and climbed up on it.
Scott looked at me then down at my cock. Tina came
over and put her arm around her husband as Kim started
to hum and do a little dance on the rock.

"What's she doing?" Scott asked me in a whisper.

"No idea." I whispered back to him.

"I think it's cute." Tina said. "Plus it's not my body
that caused this hard on." Tina said as she grabbed
Scott's hard eight inch cock.

Kim danced for a while as we all watched her.

"Come on!" She said to me with a wave of her hand.

I walked over to her as she whispered to me to sit on
the rock facing Scott and Tina. I did so. Kim moved
over my legs and danced a little more humming as she
did so. Then she lowered herself down onto my cock
while facing Scott and Tina.

I could hear them both gasp as soon as Kim's pussy
lips spread over my cock. She kicked out her feet as
my cock sunk all the way in her. The only thing
showing below her pussy was my full balls. She turned
her head to me and we started kissing. I reached
around and played with her small breasts as Tina and
Scott watched us. The look on Scott's face was almost
laughable and Tina's looked as if she had wanted to
see this from the time she first saw us. Kim started
bouncing on my cock until I couldn't hold back any
longer. I thrust my hips up and came inside my little
niece again. As I came she was looking directly at
Scott. I had to admit I liked fucking Kim in front of
them. I would have liked to fuck her in front of any

Kim got off my cock. I could see some of my cum run
down the inside of her legs as she walked over to
Scott. She reached out and took hold of it, moving her
hands across his shaved pubic area and cock. Tina
smiled at her as Kim took Scott's hand and pulled him
over to the rock. She bent forward and got on her
hands and knees. While spreading her legs then looked
back over her shoulder.

"Fuck me." Kim said to Scott. "Please."

Scott looked at Tina and me. I nodded that it was ok.
Then he looked at Tina.

"Isn't that what you wanted?" Tina said with a
chuckle. " You always wanted to fuck a little girl
ever since I met you."

I watched as Scott moved his cock to Kim's pussy. I
could see why Kim wanted me to fuck her to start with
so that her pussy could be stretched for Scott's
larger cock. Scott put the head of his cock between
her pussy lips and Kim backed against him. I could
hear Kim moan as she felt his cock sink deep into her
tight cum covered cunt. Tina and I moved closer. I
couldn't believe how turned on I was seeing this. Even
though I had just come not five minutes before, I was
hard again.

Scott put his hands on Kim's hips and started pulling
and pushing her hips. His cock went further and
further inside of her. Scott reached around and pulled
on one of Kim's nipples. She balanced herself on one
hand and pressed Scott's hand to it. Scott's knees
were bent as Kim was much smaller than he was. I could
see the muscles in his legs tightened and flex as he
held still and let Kim rock her body back and forth.
It reminded me of watching a German Shepard fuck a

Tina pulled me closer to the fucking couple. Scott's
balls were hanging down and swinging between his legs.

"Had I known this would turned me on so much, I would
have gotten my little sister to fuck Scott." Tina

"How long ago did he tell you about fucking a young
girl?" I asked.

"We were dating at the time. So that would have been
when I was 19 or 20." Tina said.

"How old was your sister then?" I asked.

"She would have been 10 or 11." Tina told me. "I knew
he liked to look at her; and one time she saw us
fucking. Scott pulled his cock out of me so she could
see it."

"What did she do?" I asked.

"Stood there looking at it then ran to her room." Tina

"He ever show to her again?" I asked.

"Not that I know of." Tina replied.

"Did he ever see her nude?" I asked.

"No. Just in a bikini or and nightgowns." She said.
"But had I known, I would have asked her to fuck Scott
while I watched."

All the while we were talking Scott's hands were
traveling all over Kim's nude body. Kim moaned from
time to time as Scott pressed his cock in and out of

"You have any nieces or close neighbors that Scott
could use?" I asked.

"I can think of a few." Tina said. " I have a 9 year
old niece that thinks Scott is the hottest thing in
the world. I know he would fuck her in a heartbeat."
She said with a laugh.

"If he does, invite me over to watch." I jokingly

"You're on." Tina said seriously.

Tina put her hand on my hard cock then felt my ball

"You have a nice cock." She said. " I have always
wanted to see something too." She went on. "I have
always wanted to see another man suck Scott's cock and
balls as he fucked me."

Tina looked at me and nodded to Scott. Scott was lost
in his fucking of my niece. I don't think either Kim
or Scott was paying any attention to us.

"Will you?" Tina asked. "For me?"

Tina gently pulled Kim back from edge of the rock.
Scott was holding on to her hips as his ass started
rocking to meet Kim's back thrusts. I leaned over and
sat down between Scott's legs. I could see his cock
going in and out of Kim and his ball sack swinging
back and forth above me. I took a deep breath and
reached up to Scott's balls. I felt how smooth they
were. I could see his shaved ass hole wink at me as I
moved up between his hairless legs. I stuck out my
tongue and licked his balls. I let my tongue explore
his sack as I tasted the sun block he had applied
earlier. I moved up further to meet the area of his
cock and lick Kim's clit. I leaned against the rock as
I started to suck Kim's clit and run my tongue over
Scott's hard shaft as he fucked my niece. I reached up
and took one of Kim's nipples and played with it while
Scott played with the other one. My other hand went up
between Scott's legs as I grabbed his ball sack,
feeling it then pulling on it. I could hear Kim start
to breath heavy as I sucked and played with her cunt
and Scott's cock. That's when I felt Tina grab my cock
and sit on it so she could watch the show from behind.

Tina started to fuck my cock as I played with her
husband and my niece. I let go of Scott's balls to
feel Tina's tit. Her tits were firmer than Kim's by
far and her nipples were long and wonderful to pull
on. I started licking Kim's clit wildly as Scott took
Kim's hips in his hands and started slamming his cock
into her. Kim's legs stiffened and she rose up on her
toes as she came. I pulled on her nipple as she
reached a high she hadn't yet experienced. Scott
sensed this too and let his cum fly in to her.

Kim's legs buckled, I caught her weight as she did so.
Scott could feel her go limp too and picked her up by
the hips and thrust into her again and again sending
his cum deep inside her. I could taste Kim's juices as
well as Scott's cum as I continued to lick Kim's clit
and Scott's cock. All to soon, Scott stopped pumping
his cock into Kim. I dropped my head away and watched
as he pulled his cock out of her. Kim stood up on
wobbly knees and smiled at us. Scott stepped over me
and offered his cock to Tina as she humped me.

"Mmmmmmm." I heard Tina say as she licked her
husband's cock.

I couldn't hold back any longer and came inside Tina.
Tina's cunt was nowhere near as tight as Kim's but it
still felt good to have her on me. I came inside her
and shot off as much as I could. My cum stayed in Tina
as she climbed off me. Kim was giggling as she watched
what was going on.

"So?" She asked. "Did you like it?"

"He'd fuck you anytime you wanted." Tina said as she
played with Scott's cock.

"I will too." I said not to be missed.

"I'm hungry." Kim said to me as she felt my limp cock
still covered in Tina's juices.

"Can we go?" Kim asked.

"Sure." I said. "Want to go hiking later?" I asked.

"We were planning on it." Scott said.

"Look." Kim said to me as she leaned back on the rock
and opened her pussy. Cum dribbled out of her open
hole. She smiled up at me.

"I love you." She said.

Kim took my hand and we slowly walked back to camp to
have lunch.