A man takes his niece on a hike in the Cascades. While
there they view and get to understand nature in a
intimate atmosphere. They also meet another couple
camping and get to know them. (Mg, pre, ped, voy, 1st,
oral, rom)



Chapter 1

For the last four years, I have been taking my nephew
Billy hiking and camping so I could spend some time
with my sister's son and get back to nature. The hikes
were usually up in the Cascade Range as far off the
beaten track that I could go. When Billy and I started
hiking he was all gung-ho for it until he actually had
to carry a pack and walk in the mountains for a few
miles. As we had started when he was only 12, I set
the hike and area to what I thought would be to his

After the first trip, my niece Kim started begging my
sister to let me take her along. She was eight at the
time and my sister and I agreed that when she turned
12 she could accompany her brother on the hike. What
my older sister and I thought would be a passing fad
for the eight year old girl, instead turned into
something that never died. Each year before and after
the hike she would pester her mother and me to let her
go even though she hadn't turned 12 yet.

The years went by and by the time I had finished
college and had a job that I was doing well at, the
yearly pestering became Kim's obsession. My sister
would call and remind me about it almost weekly. I
liked my niece very much. She was very cute, well
almost too cute, in fact, I thought she was pretty. I
was attracted to her, as much as an uncle and a niece
could be, and she always seemed to be close to me when
I was at my sister's. However, hiking with a 12 year
old girl was not something I could ever look forward
to doing. When Billy was 12 he complained the whole
way up and back. I could just imagine how much whining
his little sister would do.

When I hike I like to go far into the wilderness and
get away from everything. No phone, no lights, no job,
just nature and a fishing pole. Of course there was
also the tent, water purification pump, sleeping bag,
dried foods, a compact shovel and a whole list of
things that had to be brought in to make the camping
fun. Even though I liked to get away, Billy would
bring his iPod and game boy along. Even though I tried
to pack as light as I could there was still quite a
lot of weight when it was slung on your back. Billy,
being a boy and 16 now, could handle a lot of the
load, making mine easier and lighter as he grew. Kim,
however, wouldn't be able to handle half of what Billy

July came around and with it phones calls from my
sister telling how excited both kids were about the
hike. I thought as long as three of us were going then
I could spread the load a little more. Kim would have
to do some of the work. I took off a week from work in
the middle of August so that I was assured that at
least it wouldn't rain every day. I planned to drive
in the fire roads as far as I could then set out on a
ten mile hike east of Mt. St. Helens. I had been to a
lake there when I was a teen and I remembered that the
hike was long and hard but the lake was beautiful. It
wasn't big but not too many would hike that far in so
the fishing was fantastic. When I was there as a teen,
my dad and I didn't see anyone the whole week we were
there. My plan was to pick up the kids at 6 in the
morning and spend fifteen minutes talking Kim out of
going. We would drive two hours to the fire road and
then spend about an hour driving the dirt ruts as far
in as we could go. On the map it scaled out to about 5
miles. We could do it in an hour. After that we would
start hiking north east to the lake. The ten mile hike
would take about five hours, maybe six if Kim actually
came along. That would put me at the lake at three or
four in the afternoon. Camp set up in a half hour,
then to the lake and the best fly fishing in the
world. After dark, I could relax in one of the hot
springs that were prevalent in the area. I was looking
forward to it. There could be nothing better for a
single 26 year old man to get away from it all.

The night before the hike I went over to my sister's
to get the back packs ready. Billy was still at work
but Kim followed me around. I told her the hike would
be hard. I had been running all summer just so I would
be ready. I tried to make it sound like it was the
hardest thing in the world. Kim said I didn't need to
worry because she had been jogging all summer too. I
loaded their back packs and headed home. Got the jeep
gassed up and checked the tires, filled my pack and
went to bed. The alarm went off at 5 a.m., a bit too
early for me, but I was on vacation. I could sleep in
tomorrow if I needed to. I packed up the jeep and
headed to my sister's house. When I got there Kim was
outside with her pack standing in the driveway.
Usually, it would be cool thins time of day but the
day before a high moved in dragging with it record
breaking heat.

"Where's Billy?" I asked her.

"He's not going." She replied. "He's been throwing up
all night."

My heart sunk a little in my chest. Just them my
sister came out side, attired in her robe.

"Billy's been throwing up all night." She told me as
we headed inside the house. I walked down the hall to
Billy's room and looked at him. I had hoped that maybe
it wasn't that bad and he could still go. One look at
him told me otherwise. I was now stuck with a dilemma;
not go hiking at all, go hiking alone or go with Kim.
I wasn't hoping for the latter.

"Can we go now Uncle Wes?" Kim asked.

"Uh… uh…uh…" Is all the came out of my mouth. "A
promise is a promise." My sister said to me holding
her robe shut with one hand, sneering at me.

"But.." is all that came out.

I looked at my niece. She had the look of hope in her
eyes. I looked at me sister, then back to my niece.

"We need to repack if we are going then." I said, not
believing what I had just said. Kim grabbed her pack
and Billy's pack and pulled them to the jeep. I took
out my pack and started to distribute the things that
I had put in Billy's pack to Kim's pack and mine.

We left my sister's house at almost seven o'clock. I
thought this is how the whole hike will be, slow and
behind schedule. I looked over at my niece and smiled.
She smiled back. She looked around then fell asleep.
Half an hour later she asked me to find a place to
stop; she needed to pee. Again more time wasted. This
happened three more times before we turned off on the
fire road.

Chapter 2

The fire road started out okay. Two dirt paths cut
through the grass. It wasn't bad going until we
crossed the first stream. After that the road got
rocky and very uneven. I had to maneuver around fallen
trees and washed out areas of the road. It got very
bumpy, and I was glad I had four wheel drive and a
high clearance. I had to stop a few times to make sure
I was even on the road. Kim and I would get out walk
in front of the jeep looking for anything that looked
like a road. When one of us found something we would
yell to the other then follow that path.

When we stopped once, Kim walked in front of the jeep
and bent down looking at something. She called me
over. The ground there was soggy and in the middle of
it was a tire track. I couldn't tell how old it was
but it did tell me we were still on the fire road. The
trek along the fire road took over an hour and a half
and it turned out to be seven miles long, not five. At
the end of the road, there was a beat up Land Rover
parked off to what would have been the side of the
road had it kept going. I decided to park there too.

Kim got out of the car and stretched. I got out too,
only this time I noticed how hot it was getting. There
was a break in the trees and the sun was beating down
on us.

"Is it always this hot?" Kim asked. I didn't answer.
There was a breeze that made the heat seem a little
better but not much. Kim grabbed her pack and started
rummaging around in it.

"What are you doing?" I asked

"I want to change." She said, as she pulled out some

"Mom made me wear these." She said pointing to her
jeans and hoddie. "She said it would be cooler up

I watched as Kim went around the front of the jeep and
slid her jeans down. I wasn't trying to stare but when
she stood up I could see the top of her light blue
panties. I smiled to myself, and then she pulled off
her hoddie. As she did so, the back of her t-shirt
rode up her back and bunched around her shoulders. I
moved to get a better view of my niece's bare back and
her tan thighs below her panty clad butt. I caught
myself and went back to the packs. Kim came around the
jeep holding her jeans and stuck them in the backpack.
She had on some shorts that looked a little too short
for hiking and the t-shirt she had on didn't quite go
all the way down to the tops of her shorts.

Kim and I put on our packs. It was already passed
eleven, and I was sure this was going to be a long
day. I hoisted the backpack on Kim and had her turn
toward me so I could adjust the straps. As I was
adjusting her shoulder strap I inadvertently brushed
her little tit with the back of my fingers. I ignored
it and kept going and Kim didn't say anything either.
I then adjusted the waist strap. While doing this, the
back of my hand pushed into her firm yet soft skin. I
did it again just so I could feel it. When I finished,
I couldn't believe what I had just done. I was sure
Kim thought nothing of it. It was just part of
camping. I made sure her pack was secure and put on
mine. I got out the topography map out, found where we
were and started hiking. There was a trail to follow
but not a well marked one. It was just a slight
opening through the trees that went uphill. At times
there was a dirt trail and other times the ground was
covered with pine needles.

"How ya doin' Kim?" I asked.

"Fine." I heard her say between breaths.

To my amazement, she wasn't complaining or falling
behind. I wasn't trying to go slow for her, I was just
walking and she was keeping up. The forest of the deep
Cascade Range is so beautiful it is hard to describe.
The trees are thick and tall, with the smell of pine
sap I the air. Fallen trees are covered in moss and
large ferns grow everywhere. Small streams cut the
earth as the water seeks lower altitude. Rocks too,
are covered in moss and every so often, a cold or hot
spring will appear, dumping its water in to a small
pond, before finding a low spot in the land and
emptying out.

The temperature was warm, even for August in the
Cascades. The trees shaded us mostly, and every so
often a breeze would rush between the trees to
evaporate the sweat from my face. I was enjoying my
surroundings, listening to the birds sing and the
rhythm of my steps and Kim's right behind me. She
hadn't complained at all. I looked at my watch. We had
been hiking for almost an hour.

"Uncle Wes?" Kim said short of breath. "Can we take a
rest now?"

I stopped and watched as she sat down on a rock. Her
face was covered in sweat and some of her long hair
was plastered to her face. She was a trooper. She
slumped a little on the rock, letting the rock take
the weight of her pack. I looked at her legs. They
were long and tan. Not a hint of fat on them anywhere.
She smiled up at me.

"How much further?" She asked.

I took out the map and showed her where I thought we
were and where we were going. Her face scrunched up
and her mouth went to one side of her face.

"Where is the car?" She asked.

I looked at the map and showed her. I saw her body

"You said you wanted to go hiking." I reminded her.

"I know." She said in a quiet voice.

"Let's get going then." I said.

Kim took a big swig of water and I helped her stand
up. She started walking. I watched as the backpack
with legs headed between the trees.

After about ten minutes I told Kim to stop. I got out
the map and looked at the surrounding peaks to get a
bearing. We had moved up to an open meadow that at one
time was probably a pond. I took the lead as we again
headed up a slight incline. We had walked for almost
another hour when:

"Uncle Wes?" Kim asked. "Can we eat?" She asked.

I looked at my watch. It had been a long time since
Kim had eaten anything.

"Lunch." I said as I undid my pack and dropped it to
the ground.

I helped Kim get her pack off as she found the nearest
rock to sit on. I dug in my pack as Kim chugged some
water, spilling some of it down her t shirt. I pulled
out two Lunchables and walked over to where Kim was

Kim's t-shirt was soaked with sweat and the water she
spilled had made the front translucent. I could see
the cones of her young tits and the darkening of the
areola under the shirt. Her nipples even seemed to be
sticking out a little. I tried not to stare but
couldn't help myself. My cock started to stir as I
looked at my niece's nipples through her shirt. She
was oblivious to the whole thing. She was just
grateful that she was eating. After lunch I looked to
see where we were. From what I could tell, we had made
good time. We had only stopped a few times to rest and
Kim was turning out to be a much better hiker than
Billy ever was. I helped Kim on with her backpack. Her
shirt had dried and become opaque again, then put my
pack on. She followed me and we talked a little as we
walked up and down the small rises. We turned and
followed a small stream for a while before the trail
diverged to higher ground.

"Uncle Wes?" Kim asked. "I gotta go." She added.

We stopped and I help Kim off with her pack.

"Umm…where do I go?" she asked. I looked around.

"Any place you think is good." I said to her.

Kim looked around. She looked down off the trail to a
big rock. She headed down there. I sat down to rest
too. When I couldn't see Kim any longer I stood up.
From her vantage point, she couldn't see me when I was
sitting. Standing however, was a different story. I
looked down to see Kim a little beyond the rock. She
was facing away from me. She had her t-shirt hiked up
around her belly and her shorts and panties in her
hand. Her feet were spread a little as she hunched
over to pee. I could clearly see the un-tanned globes
of her naked ass as she peed. I couldn't help but
stare. I reached down and felt my cock harden at the
sight. I felt a little guilty as I looked down at her,
but also a little horny at the same time. I knew I
shouldn't have watched.

"What do I wipe with?" She yelled back up the hill.

"Find a leaf or something." I yelled back turning my
head to sound further off.

I watched as she stood up a little and hopped over to
a bush. She stood up bottomless facing away from me. I
couldn't believe how perfect her ass looked to me. I
watched as she wiped and then hop around as she put
her panties and shorts back on, then sat down quickly.
It seemed forever before Kim's head came into view as
I leaned back on my pack. She gave me a smile and held
out her hand to help me stand. I was sweating and
wanted to cool down. Kim was just in a t-shirt and
shorts. I had jeans and a flannel shirt on. I leaned
back against a tree and took off my shoulder straps.
Kim looked at me quizzically as I took of my shirt and
stuck it in a pocket on the pack. Kim smiled at me as
she watched my bare chest come into view. It felt much
better this way but the shoulder straps did dig into
my shoulders a little. We put her pack back on and
began hiking again. I could hear Kim drink from her
canteen as we walked along the trail. It was more
level now and I was walking as fast as I could. We
stopped every ten minutes to rest. I was getting tired
and the heat wasn't letting up. Kim's sweet, sweat
soaked features made me smile at her.

At three o'clock we stopped and I took out the map. I
couldn't see any peaks because of the thick trees. The
trail rose again and turned. When I found a break in
the trees I looked around again. I could see three
peaks and found them on the map. I found where we
were. I couldn't believe it. We had less than a mile
to go to the lake. We could be there before four. The
trail dropped down to a small stream. We turned north
and followed the stream. The sun was high in the sky
and the shade of the trees was welcomed. The stream
turned eastward and we followed it. We hadn't seen
another person the whole day. This was actually the
first time this had happened on a hike in the last
four years. There were less and less people the
further you hiked but we hadn't seen a soul this whole
trip. I stopped where the little stream exited the
lake. Kim came up to my side and took my hand in hers.

"Wow" she said.

The lake wasn't large by any means, maybe a quarter
mile by a quarter mile. The water was smooth as glass
as we looked at the reflections of the tree lined
shores. "Where to now?" Kim asked.

I pointed along the north side of the lake.

"That way." I said.

Chapter 3

Kim took the lead as I lagged a little behind. There
was a trail, most likely a trail made by deer as they
made their way along the lake. Kim just followed it.
The trees on the north side of the lake were not as
thick as those on the south side, enabling a clearing
for us to set up camp near the shore. I watched as Kim
walked along the trail. I could hear the breeze
through whistle through the trees and birds flutter
from branch to branch above me as I walked.

I watched Kim some 40ft ahead of me as she made her
way through the trees. Suddenly she stopped and froze.
That made me stop too, but I wasn't sure what she was
seeing. This was the Cascades after all and bears live
here, that was my first thought. I watched as Kim sunk
down a little. As quickly and as quietly as I could I
caught up to her.

Kim was looking through the trees ahead of her. The
movement caught my eye. It wasn't a bear. Kim was
looking at the camp of some other hikers, a man and a
woman. They were both completely naked. The man was
standing in the water up to his knees and the woman
was walking around talking to him. I heard Kim giggle
as the man walked out of the water over to the lady.
We could hear them laugh but couldn't catch the

"Why are they naked Uncle Wes?" Kim whispered to me.

"They probably got hot hiking in the sun." I whispered

Kim giggled.

The couple looked around the early to mid 30s. Both
seemed to be in very good shape and also quite tan all
over. They were laughing and seemed to be enjoying
themselves. Kim and I got a little closer to where we
could see better. The guy was talking and shaking his
cock a little. The woman would say something then she
went in the tent. She came back out and gave the guy a
tight hug and a kiss. We watched as they kissed some
more, then the lady backed away from the guy. She was
pulling on his cock which had hardened. We watched as
the lady sunk to her knees and took the guy's cock
into her mouth.

I heard Kim gasp as she watched the lady's head bob
back and forth on the cock. Kim's breathing became
louder. I wasn't sure my niece should be seeing this
but I was too turned on at the moment to think about
anything. The lady let the cock drop from her mouth
and stood up laughing. The guy just took a few steps
and looked around.

"Come on." I whispered.

Kim and I stood up. Kim followed me as the trail
neared the camp of the naked couple. The man caught
our movement as I came into the sunlight.

"Hi." He said and waved as I slowed. I waved back. The
nude lady also turned around and smiled. I had already
adjusted the hard on in my jeans and was in front of
Kim so she couldn't see. I watched as the man's
attention turned as Kim came out of the shadows. His
hard cock was still bobbing in the air; however he did
cover it with his hand as Kim stared at him. The lady
smiled, looking like she wasn't sure what to do.

"Hi." Kim said with a cheery voice and a wave. The man
uncovered his cock and waved back. Kim stumbled on a
root as she stared at the nude man. She caught herself
and stood up, blushing a little. She stopped and
watched as the lady moved closer to the man.

"Sorry." I said as I reached out and took Kim's hand.

"It's okay." The nude man said back to us as we headed

All of a sudden, Kim was very talkative.

"Did you see that?" She asked me. "He had a boner."
She said in a quiet voice and a giggle. "Is that what
you do when you camp?" She asked.

The questions came too quickly for a response. I
crossed a small stream and stopped at a clearing in
the trees. "We're here." I said as I shucked my
backpack. Kim looked over her shoulder to see if she
could still see the other people. She couldn't; we
were maybe only 200 ft away from them but could not
see anything because of the trees. We could still hear
them once in a while.

"Why were they naked Uncle Wes?" Kim asked. I was at a
loss for words but I did the best I could.

"Some people like to be one with nature." I said. "And
being naked just makes it all the better." I added.

"Oh." She said as she dropped her back pack.

"Do you and Billy go naked when you camp?" She asked.
I didn't know what to say, so I just left it hanging.

"Let's get camp set up." I said. "Go get some pine
needles and bring them over here." I said as I pointed
to the place I wanted them to be. The next five
minutes we collected a small stack of pine needles and
placed them on the ground. I spread them out, and then
set the tent on them. Kim assisted me as we got the
small tent up.

"So you and Billy get naked?" Kim asked again.

The truth was we did get nude a few times in the hot
springs but that was all."When we had been hiking it
was cool and rained a lot" I told her. "So we just
tried to stay warm."

"Oh" she said with a disappointing look on her face.
"Not ever?"

She said with a quizzical look.

I wasn't sure what to make of this so I thought I
would see where it would go if I told her the whole

"Well…"I paused, "We did get naked a few times when we
went in the hot springs." I told her. This brought a
giggle from her and flash of her bright blue eyes.

"Um…can I go pee?" She asked.

"Sure." I said. "I'll just finish up here and catch us
some dinner."

I watched as Kim walked down to the lake then back up
to the trail. I wasn't paying much attention to her as
she wandered back toward the other hikers. I finished
the tent, hoisted the food off the ground and put the
sleeping bags in the tent. I was still shirtless as I
had worked up a sweat again. I looked around for Kim.
It had been a while since she had left. I followed the
trail back toward the other camp. As I got close to
the camp, I could see Kim squatting down in the
shadows watching them. One of Kim's hands was resting
on a log steadying her. The other hand was out of
sight in front of her. I could see her elbow move back
and forth. I got in line with her to see what she was
watching. The lady was standing up with her arms in
the air. The man was applying lotion and rubbing her
body with it. They soon changed position as the lady
did the same thing to the man, only she lingered
around his cock making it grow as she rubbed it.

"Kim." I said in a loud whisper. She turned her head
and fell back.

She looked like I scared her. She put her finger to
her lips in the "shhhhhhhhhh" sign and waved me
closer. I got on the ground with her as we watched the
nude people together. I heard the lady laugh as I
pulled on Kim's arm and went closer to shore. The lady
had put out a towel on a flat rock and lay down. The
man was standing slowly jacking his cock. We heard a
laugh then could pick up the conversation.

"…you let her see it." That lady said to the man.

"I know." He said. "How old do you think she was?" He
asked. "Maybe 11 or 12, I would guess." The lady said.
"She was a cutie."

"She sure was." He said. "Do you think that was his
daughter?" He asked.

"I don't know. She said. "He looked too young to have
a kid that age."

"But he sure had a nice chest." She said laughingly.
"And abs." She followed up.

"Do you think he minded that she saw us?" He asked
still stroking his cock.

"It didn't seem to bother him." She replied.

"He was looking too hard at you." The guy said

"Should we cover up while they are here?" She asked.

"Why?" the guy said. "They already saw us nude, and me

What else is there to see?" he asked.

"I suppose you are right." The lady said. "Plus it's
so damn hot out here."

"I know what made me hot." The guy said, as he bent
over and kissed the woman.

She swung her legs around and he kneeled between them.
His pushed his cock down and slid forward. Kim and I
watched as he started fucking her. His ass was moving
up and down as they made love on the rocks.

"We better go." I whispered to Kim.

Her face was flushed and her eyes wide as she nodded
to me. We quietly left and went back to camp. Kim was
quiet once we got there. I could plainly see her
nipples protruding under her t-shirt.

"Are you gonna tell mom about this?" Kim asked.

"No." I told her. "Why do you want me to?" I asked.

"No way." Kim said with a smile. "She'd freak." She
said with a giggle.

"Tell you what." I said. "We will just keep this whole
trip a complete secret. Okay?" I asked.

Kim nodded her head.

"Plus," I told her. "Billy knows how slow and boring
these camps can be."

"Is that why he brings his Game boy along?" Kim asked.
I just laughed.

The fishing was good. Kim stood at the shore and
watched as I tested different flies until I found the
one the fish were after. In a matter of minutes, I had
caught four fish. Two were actually big enough to eat.

We had fried trout and au gratin potatoes (freeze
dried). I filled the canteens from the spring nearby
and we sat on some rocks, one which we used as a
table, and had dinner. The sun had gone behind the
mountains but it was still warm out.

"Smells good." We heard a voice say from the trees.

"It tastes even better." I said back as two people
emerged from the trees.

"Sorry you saw us…" The man paused, au natural earlier

He said with a smile.

"We should have been noisier." I said with a laugh.

"Have you seen anyone else around?" He asked.

"Not a soul." I said. "Have you?" I asked.

"Only you two." He said.

"I'm Wes." I said.

"We're the Collins." He said. I'm Scott and this is

I stood up and shook his hand. Kim kept eating and

"And this is?" Scott asked looking at Kim.

"Kim." She said with her mouth full.

Scott was a nice looking tall thin guy. He was maybe
6'3 and probably tipped the scales at 195. He had dark
hair that was thinning a little on top. What I saw of
him nude, he had a good build and a nice sized cock.
Tina was about 5'6". She was a blonde on top but had
dark pubic hair. Her tan wasn't as dark as Scott's.
She had nice looking breasts from what I could see of
them and I would guess a b cup. Her boobs didn't sag
very much if at all, and her nipples were long, at
least they were when I saw them. Both Tina and Scott
had on hiking shoes, shorts and t shirts.

"Where are you headed?" I asked.

"Springs." Scott said. "Not too far away and nice."

"You goin' do it naked?" Kim asked.

"Kim!" I said.

Scott and Tina both laughed.

"As a matter of fact…" Scott said and let it hang.

Kim giggled.

"Does that bother you?" Tina asked?

Kim shook her head. Then blurted out, "I liked seeing
you…" then blushed.

Scott and Kim laughed.

"We didn't think anyone would hike this far in" Tina
said. "Plus it's so hot right now." She added.

"We were planning on being nude most of the time we
were here. That was until you two came by." Scott

"We love hiking nude." Tina said.

"You don't need to do anything different on our
account." I added.

"Really?" Tina added with a look of surprise on her

"Are you okay with that dear?" Tina asked Kim. Kim
looked sheepishly at me then turned to Tina and nodded
it was okay.

"Well." Scott said. "We better leave you to your
dinner," and he started walking.

Tina smiled at us both as she took Scott's hand and
went up the trail.

Kim and I finished dinner and cleaned up. Before it
got completely dark, we gathered some firewood. We
then skipped some rocks across the lake, counting how
many we could get before the stone sank in the water.
The temperature dropped as night closed in. A full
moon rose from the east lighting the forest in a blue
glow. It was easy to see once away from the fire, but
Kim and I took flashlights.

The air had cooled enough that I put my shirt back on.
Kim was still in her t shirt and shorts. She had goose
bumps and when there was a breeze, her nipples would
get erect. I like looking at them. Kim was more
interested in all the stars she could see, which gave
me a better look as her head was turned skyward. I had
just put a new log on the fire when I caught two
lights slowly bouncing down the trail.

"Hi neighbor." I heard Scott's voice say as they got
closer to camp. I was standing next to Kim as the
light from our fire lighted Scott's and Tina's nude
bodies. Kim giggled as they got closer.

"How was the dip?" I asked, causing the two nude
people to stop.

I was sure Scott was a full fledged exhibitionist as
he stopped. Tina, while still nude kept a little more
in the shadow of her husband. Both had their
previously warn clothes wadded up in their hand.

"Great." Scott said. "You should go."

"How far away is it?" I asked. Scott moved close to
the fire.

His cock and balls hanging freely as he spoke.

"Not too far." he said. "It's almost at the east end
of the lake."

Tina was moving to Scott's side as her body was now
exposed in the light of the fire. Kim reached over and
took my hand. She squeezed it as I tried to keep the
conversation growing.

"How deep is it?" I asked.

"Maybe three feet." Scott said.

I looked down at Kim's t –shirt. I could plainly see
that her nipples were erect, casting shadows off to
the side. Scott caught to where my vision was going.

"Is it very hot?" I asked.

"It's perfect." Tina spoke up. "Just like bath water."

"It is a great way to relax." Scott said.

As he was talking he was staring at Kim's shirt. His
cock was starting to harden as she was looking. Kim
gave a big stretch, causing the material of her shirt
to go even tighter over her erect nipples.

"I'll have to try it." I said.

"And what about your dau… Scott paused, "Uh Kim?"

"She' s my niece." I said.

Scott's cock was sticking out straight in front of
him, slightly moving to his heart beat. His cock had
to be a good seven or eight inches. Tina followed
Kim's stare and reached out and wrapped her fingers
around Scott's cock.

"I thought you looked too young to have a daughter."
Tina said.

"I'm 26." I said as I watched Tina slowly move her
hand around Scott's cock.

"I'm 35 and Tina never tells her age." He said with a

Tina let go of his cock and gave him a little slap on
the arm.

"I am 32 and proud of it." She said as she put one of
her arms around Scott's trim waist and returned to
massaging her husband's cock.

"And how old is Kim?" Tina asked.

I could hear Kim swallow to try and get some moisture
in her throat.

"twe." Is all that softly came out.

"Twelve." I replied.

"Well you are a pretty, young, woman." Scott said as a
line of precum dropped from his piss hole. Kim's hand
was crushing mine as she squeezed harder and harder. I
had no idea what kind of effect this was having on
her. I was as hard as a rock, which wasn't unnoticed
by Tina. I suppose as Kim's uncle I shouldn't have let
Kim see any of what we saw today. I shouldn't have
watched her dress by the jeep or watch her as she peed
on the hike. All of that had gotten to me. And to top
it off we had two nearby campers that didn't mind
being nude in front of us.

"It's getting late." Scott said as he broke the
silence. Tina let go of his hard cock and it bounced
as he backed away from the fire. They turned on their
flashlights and headed down the trail. I watched as
Tina's tight ass caught the last of the firelight
before she hit the shadows. We could hear their
laughing fade as they walked. Kim and I didn't say
anything for almost half an hour.

"I'm ready to turn in." I said.

"Okay." Kim said as she stretched.

I got in the tent and turned on the lantern. I rolled
out both bags while Kim went to take a pee someplace.
When she came back, I took to the trees to relieve
myself. Kim was already in her bag when I got back in
the tent. I took off my shirt as Kim watched. I then
pulled off my socks and slid in my bag. I turned off
the lantern and lay back, and then swiveled to get my
pants and boxers off. It felt good be on my back.

"Some day?" I said

Kim giggled.

"Are you okay with that?" I asked.

"I mean seeing Scott naked and…" I paused, "You know.

Kim giggled again.

"It was so big." She giggled.

"Have you ever seen one?" I asked. Which brought
another giggle from Kim but this giggle was somehow

"Yes." She said softly.

"I mean for real, not on the net or anything." I said.

Kim giggled again.

"Who was it?" I asked

There was silence for a few minutes as Kim started to
yawn and fight off sleep.

"Promise not to tell?" She asked.

"I'm not saying anything to anyone about this trip."
Was my reply. She giggled at that then yawned. My cock
started growing and I stopped the urge to grab it and
jack off.

"Billy's." she said in a whisper.

"Billy's?" I asked. "How did you see it?" I whispered.
"I peeked in his room through the window." She said.
"He was naked and had a boner and was playin' with
it." Kim rolled over to look at me in the dark.

"When did you see it?" I asked.

"Few weeks ago." Kim said.

"What did you see?" I asked

"All of him." Kim said. "He was on his bed rubbing it,
then it shot stuff." "He wiped it off and turned off
his lights." Kim said with an embarrassed voice.

"Did you like it?" I asked. She didn't answer but gave
a little giggle.

"Did he ever do it again?" I asked. "Did you ever see
him do it again." I said soft trying not to sound so
excited. Kim giggled.

"I tried but never saw it again."

"You won't tell him will you." Kim asked.

"I never would tell anyone. It's our secret." I told

"Thanks Uncle Wes, you're the best." Kim said as she
yawned. I slowly reached down and took hold of my
cock. I had to jack off. I turned over to feel my
weight on my cock. It felt good but not good enough. I
slowly unzipped my bag, felt around for my flashlight
and slowly opened the tent.

"Kim?" I whispered. "Kim" I softly said.

There was no reply, just the steady sound of her
breathing. I climbed nude out of my sleeping bag. I
turned on the light with the hope that Kim would wake
up and see me lying on my bag nude with a hard on. She
was out, no such luck. I unzipped the tent and stood
out in the moon light, my cock pointing at it like a
gun. I reached down and gave it a few strokes. I got
an idea. I put on my shoes and headed nude down to
where the hot springs were. Scott was right, they
weren't too far away. I took off my shoes and settled
into the warm water. I could feel my balls start to
float as I relaxed against a smooth rock. I reached
down and started to stroke my cock. It didn't take
long before my cum was floating away with the current.
I relaxed a few more minutes then got up. The air had
cooled, but my body temperature had risen as not to
cause me any discomfort. I walked nude down the trail
hoping that Tina or Kim would see me. It was just a
hope. I got back to camp and slipped into the tent.
Kim was still breathing steadily as I climbed into my
bag and zipped the tent up.

Chapter 4

The sun warmed the tent as it rose over the trees. I
opened my eyes and looked over at Kim as she slept.
She really was an attractive girl. My cock went to
full hardness as I watched her sleeping. I started
stroking my cock as I did so. I wanted to wake Kim and
let her see her uncle in the nude. Kim sighed and
rolled to her side. That brought me to back to
reality. I let go of my cock and grabbed my jeans and
tried to slip them on in my bag. I was able to get on
leg on but that was all. I looked over at Kim. She was
still asleep. I unzipped my bag and rolled to my side
pulling my jeans up. Just as I was pulling them over
my ass I heard a giggle. I quickly finished pulling on
my pants and rolled over staring at a wide eyed Kim.

"Morning." I said.

Kim smiled at me then rolled to her back and rubbed
her eyes. Her blonde hair was messed up and tangled; I
could tell my hair was too. Kim gave me a giggle as
she looked at my hair.

"I'll start breakfast." I said as I opened the tent
door and got out. It was chilly but the warmth of the
sun felt good on my bare torso.

"I saw your butt." Kim called from the tent followed
by some laughter.

I walked over to the stream, bent over and filled my
hands with the cold water and splashed my face. I
splashed my hair and wet it down, combing it with my
fingers. I stared the fire again to boil some water.

"What's for breakfast ?" I heard Kim ask as she
crawled out of the tent.

"Instant oatmeal." I told her

"Oh" she said as she watched me take out two bowls and
empty two packets in each bowl, followed by the hot
water. I handed Kim the bowl and looked at her. She
had her hoddie on with her short shorts.

"This isn't too bad." Kim said as she ate her

"How did you sleep last night?" I asked.

"Like a rock." Kim said.

"Are you sore at all?" I asked. My legs and the small
of my back and shoulders had a slight ache to them.

We finished breakfast and cleaned up. I got my fly rod
and went to the edge of the bank, casting into the
still water. Kim sat on a nearby rock and watched. I
caught three fish and put them in a pool we made in
the little stream.

"Morning." I heard Scott say. Kim and I looked up to
see Scott and Tina wearing only hiking boots and a
fanny pack around their waists. In the full sunlight
they looked good. Kim reached over and took my hand.

"Where are you off to?" I asked.

"A nearby lake." Tina said.

"Do you want to come along?" Scott asked with a

"Do we have to be naked?" Kim asked.

"No." Scott said with a laugh, his flaccid cock
swaying as he did so.

"Can we?" Kim asked me.

"You really want to?" I asked her. She nodded.

I was willing to follow the nude Tina anywhere.

"Okay then." I said.

I was going to put on a shirt but decided against it.
The day was already warm. Kim smiled at me and Scott
started walking up the trail. Tina followed him and I
followed her. Kim followed behind me. I was enjoying
the view of Tina's nude tight ass as she followed
Scott. As we walked, Tina and Scott carried on the
conversation. I took part mostly asking questions. The
conversation included how long they were married and
what they did for work. They enjoyed camping together
as often as they could and loved to be nude outdoors
in the wilderness. The conversation was quite tame but
I was sure it could have gotten much more explicit had
Kim not been with us. The hike wasn't very long. Kim
and I were sweating heavily when we reached the little
lake. Scott and Tina seemed not be sweating at all. We
walked around the side of the lake to a large rock.
Scott looked in the water and dove in. He swam around
a little and got out.

"That was refreshing." He said.

Tina looked at him and jumped in. She came up and took
a big breath of air.

"It's cold in here." She yelled and quickly swam to
the shore and got out. She was covered with goose
bumps and her nipples were extended their full length.
I had had a hard on most of the hike. If Kim hadn't
been there I would have joined them in the water. I
was watching Tina when I heard a splash. I turned
around to see Kim's head emerge from the water.

"It's not that cold." She said as she splashed around
and got out. Her t-shirt was translucent. The material
clung to her small boobs, outlining them perfectly.
Her dark areolas clearly shown through the material
and her little nipples were extended. Her shorts were
not as translucent but hugged her like another skin.
She pulled her shirt out and away from her body and
shook the front. The martial started to dry too
quickly for my and Scott's enjoyment.

Tina and Scott lay on the warm rocks. Kim lay down
next to Scott, looking at his flaccid cock, and then
looked up at the sky. I was getting a thrill of
watching Kim watch Scott. Tina too had noticed the way
Kim was looking. Tina sat up and looked at Kim.

"Do you want to touch it?" Tina asked Kim.

"You can if you want." She followed. Scott looked over
at his wife then at Kim. His cock started to harden.
Kim watched as his cock went from lying across his
upper thigh to elongating and resting just above his
stomach. Kim looked over at me. I didn't move. I
watched as she sat up and reached out and touched
Scott's cock. Her hand recoiled after she touched it.
She looked around making sure if what she was doing
was okay. Scott rested on his elbows and spread his
legs a little as Kim started to feel his hard cock.
Tina sat up and watched as the little 12 year old
started to feel around Scott's cock. She ran her hand
around the head of Scott's cock, then reached down and
felt his sagging ball sack. Scott didn't have too much
hair on his body. He had pubic hair around his cock
but it looked like he trimmed and his balls seemed to
have been shaved.

My cock was rock hard in my jeans as I watched Kim
slowly rub Scott's cock up and down. Scott was
watching her every move and so was Tina. I quickly
adjust my hard on in my pants hoping no one saw. All
eyes were riveted on Kim's hand. Her face was one of
study as she traced the veins in Scott's hard on with
her finger. She started to rub her hand all over his
cock and then wrapped her fingers around it, as much
as she could hold, and started moving her hand up and
down. I wondered when she learned that, until I
remember what she had told me about watching Billy
jack off. Scott sat up a little higher as Kim kept her
arm pumping. The only sounds were the breeze blowing
through the trees and some birds singing far off.

"Uhgggggg." Came from Scott's mouth as his cock
erupted, sending cum flying up this torso. Kim aimed
his cock and squeezed it as his cock sent stream after
stream of cum on his stomach. Kim giggled as she moved
his cock around and let go of it.

"Did you like that?" Tina said to Kim who was giggling
but was also blushing. Kim nodded and looked over at
me. I returned the smile. Scott stood up and dove into
the lake, removing the cum from his body. Kim watched
as he came out of the water. Kim stood up and walked
over to me.

"Can we go back to camp?" She whispered. "I'm hungry."
I nodded to her.

"We are going to head back for lunch." I said to Tina
and Scott.

"We will see you later." Scott said back.

Kim followed me as we started walking away.

"Thanks" Kim called back and waved as we left.

We walked a while and stopped. Kim took my hand in
hers and looked up at me.

"Did you like playing with Scott?" I asked. Kim smiled
and nodded.

"It felt…warm…and hard…and smooth." She said. We
walked in silence for a little while when Kim piped
up, "Would you ever hike naked?" She asked. I didn't
want to answer so I asked a question back.

"Would you?" I asked.

Kim fell silent for a while then said "I…think … I
…would." She said with pause.

"I would too." I said. "Well, I guess I have before."
I added

"With Billy?" She asked.

"We hiked to a hot spring naked a few times but it
wasn't very far." I said. "And no one saw us and it
was dark." "Did you see his penis?" Kim asked.

"Yes." I said.

"Was it stiff?" She asked

"No." I told her.

"Did he see yours?" Kim asked.

"Yes." I said. Kim was silent the rest of the way back
to camp.

She held my hand the whole way as the day got hotter.

Chapter 5

We had lunch and I took out my fishing pole.

"Uncle Wes?" Kim asked. I looked over at her. "Can we
go on a hike over there?" She asked pointing to the
other side of the lake.

"I wanna see what's up there." She said. I looked at
the slope across the lake.

"If you want to we can." I replied.

Kim smiled and got some water. I put down my fishing
pole and walked to were my canteen was in the stream.
"Ummm..Uncle Wes?" Kim asked, looking down at the
ground, moving a small rock with her foot.

"What?" I asked. Kim paused again.

"Can we go like Scott and Tina?" She said, her voice
almost inaudible.

"I'm not sure I heard you." I said.

She raised her head and looked at me then looked back
down at the ground.

"Can we hike like Scott and Tina do?" She said louder.
I was taken aback at her request but I really wanted
to get nude and let Kim see me. I also wanted to see
what Kim had under her clothes.

"If you want." I said. Kim's head snapped up as a
smile broke across her face. Kim skipped over to the
tent and went inside. I thought I had better get
undressed as fast as I could before Kim changed her
mind. I sat down on a rock and took off my shoes and
socks, then pulled off my jeans releasing my hard
cock. I put my hiking shoes back on and draped the
canteen around my shoulder. I looked down at my body
and hoped Kim wouldn't be turned off with what she
saw. I am 6 ft tall. Weigh in at 190 and have a well
shaped body. I worked out every day for enjoyment and
I had a tan from spending the weekends at my condo
pool. My cock was a good 6 ˝ inches, and at the
request of my last girlfriend, I had shaved off all my
pubic hair. I turned and looked at the lake when I
heard the tent flap open. Kim, stuck her head out and
looked at me. Her eyes went wide as she saw my nude
body and hard cock. She stayed like that for what
seemed like eternity but was probably only about half
a minute.

"Don't look." She said to me. "Turn around." I did as
she asked. I was wondering if she had just played some
kind of joke on me and still had everything on.

"Okay." She said. "You can turn around.

I turned to see my niece walking toward me totally
nude with her shoes in her hand. She was even prettier
than I could have imagined. She had dirty blonde hair,
and bright blue eyes. Her eye brows were dark, causing
her hair to look lighter. I looked at her growing
tits. They were about the size of a half a lemon
tipped by dark pink areolas. She had a tight stomach;
I could see her abs under her tanned skin. Her hip
bones were very prominent as they flared out from her
trim waist line. She had no sign of pubic hair as I
looked at the swell of her mons. Her tanned, long
muscular legs dropped below her body. She looked long
and lengthy and absolutely gorgeous! She was tanned
from head to toe except the area that was covered by
her bikini. And from the looks of it her bikini didn't
cover up as much as I had thought it would.

"Can you help me with these?" She asked, holding her
shoes. She sat on the rock and stuck out her foot for
me to put on her shoe. I took her calf in one hand and
slid her shoe on with the other. I did have to push to
get her foot in. She raised her other foot. My eyes
went directly between her legs as the slit in her
pussy opened a little, giving me a flash of pink. At
the top of her pussy slit, I could make out a few
sparse hairs. She had the loveliest pussy I had ever
seen. Kim giggled as I let go of her foot. She was
staring at my hard on which was pointing up at a 45
degree angle to my body and doing a jig to the beat of
my pumping blood.

"Come on." She said as she took my hand and pulled me
to the trail. I watched as nude niece excitedly moved
down the trail, jumping off fallen logs and turning to
make sure I was close behind her. I loved seeing her
little tits bounce as she jumped from rocks and logs.

Kim did a pretty good job getting us to the other side
of the lake. She stopped and turned looking at me.

"Can, I have some water?" She asked.

I gave her the canteen and watched as she drank and
drank. "It's hot out her huh?" She asked me. I nodded
taking in her nude beauty.

"You're not shy are you?" I asked her. Kim giggled.

"Do you want me to be?" She asked. I didn't say
anything. "You're not gonna tell anyone are you?" Kim
asked. I shook my head.

"This trip didn't even happen." I said.

"What are you gonna tell mom?" She asked.

"I will just make up some boring story." I said.

"What are you going to tell her?" I asked.

"Nothin'." Kim said to me with a giggle.

"Do you like being naked?"' I asked. Kim nodded that
she did.

"I get naked in my room sometimes at night just to be
naked." She said. "I even have gone naked out in my
backyard." She said in a whisper.

"Really?" I said.

"I was naked when I saw Billy." She said.

"You were?" I asked incredulously.

Kim blushed. "I thought I was home alone." She
started. "Mom and dad were gone and Billy wasn't at
home either." She went on blushing a little. "I guess
I lost track of time, because the light in Billy's
room turned on." She paused. "I thought he was going
to see me so I tried to see if he was looking for me."
My cock was hard and I was trying not to stroke it as
I pictured my nude niece spying on her brother. She
went on. "Billy was walking around the house and when
he found no one was home he started to take off his
clothes." I was going from window to window trying to
see what he was doing. He went someplace then came
back to the kitchen. He was totally naked. I heard the
phone ring and he talked to somebody and started to
play with his stiffy." She said. I reached down and
started diddling too. Kim's eyes had glazed over a
little as she kept the story going. He talked on the
phone for a long time then hung up. It was the first
time I had seen a real naked boy before. He went to
his bedroom and I got a chair from the back porch. I
looked in his window as he laid down on his bed and
started to pull on his stiffy. He did that a while
then he started shooting stuff out of it." Kim said.

I looked down as Kim ran her hand between her legs as
she told the story. "He laid on his bed for a while
just rubbing it." She said. "Then he got up and went
to the bathroom. I heard him open the bathroom window
and the shower turn on. I looked through the screen
and watched as he got in the shower. I ran inside and
got dressed then knocked on the bathroom door." She
said as she giggled. She looked down at my cock and
smiled. "Come on." I said and took her hand as we
headed up the small rise. Kim locked her fingers with
mine as we walked along. Moss covered most everything
and it was substantially cooler on this side. The
forest was beautiful as I helped Kim along. I turned a
little and stopped. I felt my cock rub the back of
Kim's hand smearing a little precut on it. She looked
down and let go of my hand.

"Sorry." I said to her. She smiled back at me. "I
gotta pee." She said and walked away from me. She then
turned around and came back closer. Seeing my nude 12
year old niece framed by the lush green of the forest
was almost too much for me to handle. I wanted to cum
so badly but didn't dare touch my cock. Kim smiled at
me then squatted down, spreading her legs wide as she
could right in front of me. She then smiled at me and
let her pee fly. I looked between her legs as the
stream of urine shot from her pussy lips.

The stream turned to a dribble as she stopped and
stood up.

"It's easier to do that naked." She said to me.

We walked a little further and looked at a small
stream. "Let's go back." Kim said to me and took my
hand. As we walked, she swung our arms with our
fingers entwined. Every once in a while the arm swing
would go errant and the back of her had would hit my
thigh. It became a game and a few times her arm would
hit my cock. Kim would just giggle. We didn't say
anything, just slowly walked.

Kim stopped and looked at me. She let go of my hand.
She stared at my cock as it bobbed in front of her. I
reached down and took her wrist and pulled it to my
cock. She started to feel my cock and balls, then the
smooth shaved skin at the base of my cock. "It's so
smooth." Kim said softly.

The feeling of her soft, warm hands on my cock was too
much for me to take. She was facing me pulling softly
on my cock with both of her hands. I took a big breath
and reached up, feeling Kim's nipple. She turned her
body away from my hand. I put my hand and down,
blushing. She looked up at me then reached down and
took my hand. She placed it back on her small tit and
leaned into my palm. I could feel her hard nipple as
she purred. I took her other tit in my other hand and
felt the soft skin on her growing breasts. I came. My
cum shot spurt after spurt. Cum flew on Kim's arms and
stomach. I had never cum that hard before. I could
feel a strain on my ass the cum was so great. Kim
started to rub my cum off her. I knelt down and
started to wipe it off too. I poured some water on my
hand and rubbed the cum off her stomach and dropped my
hand down to the top of Kim's pussy. She let out a
little gasp and I took my hand away. I took Kim's hand
and we walked back toward camp.

"Do you like me?" Kim asked

"I have always liked you." I said in return. Kim
stopped and put her arm around me. I returned the
gesture as she rested her head on my chest. I could
feel her two nipples dig into my skin just above my
cock. My cock pressed into her warm skin as we hugged
in the forest. Kim broke off the hug and started
heading back to camp. My cock was growing again. I
loved seeing my niece in the nude. We got back to
camp; the heat wasn't as bad when nude I thought to
myself. Kim kept walking passing our camp.

"Where are you goin'?" I asked her

She turned and stopped. "Just down here," she said.
"Come on."

I put down the canteen and we headed down the trail to
the other camp. Kim took hold of my hand again as we
slowly walked down the trail. My cock was hard again
and Kim looked at it. "Can I?" She asked. I let go of
her hand and she started to play with my cock again.
She held onto it as we walked along the trail. She
seemed to get more excited the closer we got to Scott
and Tina's camp.

Kim let go of my hard cock as soon as she saw the
other camp.

She took my hand and pulled me along.

"What's for dinner?" I shouted out as we got close.
Scott and Tina were laying on a flat rock next to the
lake. Tina was the first to see us. She nudged Scott
and he turned around. A very naked Kim and I walked
into their camp. "Well." Scott said as he took off his
dark glassed and stood up. His cock was quickly rising
as he eyed my nude niece. Tina looked at my hard on
and smiled at me as we got closer. "We were wondering
if you were going to join us?" Tina said.

"Its nice to be nude isn't it?" She said looking right
at Kim. Kim nodded. She was looking back and forth
between Scott's hard on and my hard on.

"I wish I had a niece like you," Scott said and winked
at me.

"I'm just ucky I guess," I said back to him. "She
looks good enough to eat." Scott said to me and raised
an eyebrow.

"How long have you been naked?" Tina asked.

"After lunch." I said.

"Your idea" She asked.

"It was Kim's." I said. Tina smiled down at the nude
girl and nodded.

"I haven't ever seen a nude girl your age." Scott
said, his hard cock dripping precum. Kim blushed and
put her head down. "She is a dream isn't she?" I said
back. Both Tina and Scott nodded.

"Have you two touched yet?" Tina asked.

Kim's head snapped up and smiled nodding at Tina.

"I'd sure like to see that," Scott mumbled.

Kim reached over and once again started playing with
my cock. Tina and Scott looked on in a trance as she
did so. Kim was enjoying the attention. I turned
toward her a little and Tina moved so she could see
better. Kim was working on my cock with one hand and
rolling my balls in her other hand when I reached down
and felt her tit.

"Myyyy." Tina softly said as she watched.

I started to feel the other breast, feeling the
pointed erect nipple. I bent down and kissed Kim on
the cheek. She closed her eyes as I kissed her neck
then dropped down and sucked her nipple in my mouth.
My hand dropped to the firm, bald mound between Kim's
legs. I softly ran my finger along her pussy slit,
feeling its warm moistness. I let go of Kim's nipple
with my mouth and looked over as Tina pulled slowly on
Scott's cock. I moved over to a rock and leaned Kim
against it. My hand went one more time to Kim's pussy
as she spread open her legs to give me access. Scott
got right I front of us with Tina pulling on his hard
cock. I pulled open Kim's pussy lips, exposing the
inside of her pink cunt to Scott, Tina and me. Kim's
head was back and her eyes closed as she squeezed my
cock. I found Kim's clit and started to rotate my
finger on it. Kim's hips bucked as she groaned and
shuddered. My Fingers traveled the length of her
pussy, feeling the new found wetness of my niece. My
cock once more shot its load under the manipulation of
Kim's hand. The first shot arched up in the air and
nearly hit Tina on the leg. Kim opened her eyes and
giggled as she made me cum. Scott's cock erupted too,
sending cum just the below the rock Kim was spread out
on. Tina was rubbing her clit as she worked the cum
out of Scott's cock.

After we had cum, Kim looked up and smiled at
everyone. "That was fun." She said. She then looked at
me asking, "Can we go eat something?"

I nodded and took her hand.

"Drop by anytime," Scott said as we left.