Holly McGovern jumped out of the car and ran into her grandfather's
house. The pretty ten year old always liked visiting him because they played
such funny games, and he gave her nice presents, too.

Holly remembered that the first game she had played with her Grampa
was the one where her Grampa would try and guess what colour her
underwear was. She would stand beside his big chair and let him guess. After
he had guessed, she would lift up her skirt and show him if he had got it right.
After they had done this several times, he said he thought he could guess
better if he put his hand up her skirt and touched her underwear, so she let
him. Besides, he was very gentle and touched her underwear ever so softly
all over her bum and especially all over her trickle and on her crack. He
always admired her underpants and said how pretty she was in them. He
would pull them down and see if they were the same colour on the inside as
they were on the outside. He said it was important to make sure they were the
right size and touched them to make sure they fitted her right, smoothing them
down specially over her trickle because he said that the bump of her trickle
and the crack in between them were special problems for underwear makers.
Holly remembered the first time he had bought her a pair of special
underpants with the bottom of the front cut out so that her trickle poked right
out through the hole. She laughed when she saw them because she had
never seen a pair like that before but he helped her put them on and showed
her that this way there was no problem getting the material to fit over the big
bump of her trickle and into her crack.

Holly liked playing other games with her Grampa too. When she was
just a very little girl and they were in the swimming pool he helped her learn to
swim by holding her up and letting her rest on his big hands and she would
kick her legs. She liked this because she lay with her trickle bump on one of
his big hands and when she kicked her legs up and down it made her trickle
feel nice. And every night when she was ready for bed he would show her
how to do somersaults and he even taught her to stand on her head. Her
Grampa always helped her and held onto her to guide her the proper way.
The little girl giggled to herself as she remembered how he had taught her to
stand on her head. Her Grampa was standing holding her legs to keep them
steady and her nightgown kept falling down over her head and she hadn't
been able to see what she was doing. So they took it off and from then on she
did her gymnastics naked.

He stood right next to her gently holding onto her so she wouldn't fall
while she practiced standing on her head. Her Grampa suggested she keep
her legs spread wide apart to keep her balance better and she found it
worked. After awhile she got good enough to do it all by herself and her
Grampa was so proud of her he took a video of her doing her somersaults
and headstands. He told her she could be a ballet dancer if she did her
exercises properly, and taught her leg exercises where she lay on her back or
her tummy or knelt with her bum in the air and stretched her legs up and out to
the sides. She liked the one where she lay on her back and stretched her legs
as far as she could to each side, and her Grampa would measure how far
apart her legs would go.

One game she always liked was the one where her Grampa hid a coin in his
pants and she had to find it. She got to keep the coin after she had found it, so
the little girl looked very hard to find it. She thought he was very silly always to
hide it in the same place, because she knew right where to look for it. Holly
knew it was hidden inside her Grampa's underpants, and that in order to find
it she had to unzip his pants and fumble around inside his underpants with
both small hands. That funny thing that boys had got in the way, too, because
every time she put her hands inside his underpants her GrampaÕs thing got all
big and stiff and it took up so much room it was hard to find the coin. He let her
take it out and make it wave back and forth in the air. Sometimes it wouldn't
be hard yet when she let it out and then he would let her hold the funny baggy
thing that hung underneath iyt and see how big and heavy her Grampa's balls
were, and while she was doing this his thing would get all big and poke out
straight up in the air. That turned it into her Grampa's Magic Cream Pump!
Then he would let her pump up and down on his Magic Cream Pump till the
magic cream came out. Holly had to use both hands do do this because her
little hands were too small to go around his big Pump. Holly liked it when the
magic cream came out because it squirted up in the air like a fountain and
splashedall over the place,. Her Grmaps showed her how good the magic
cream was to eat, and Holly would lick up all the cream from where it had
splashed all over her Grmapa. Except that her Grmapa told her that the cream
was verygod to rub into her skin, specially on her little trickle, and he would
always let her have some to rub into her trickle, and would watch her while
she did it and even help her do it. While he was rubbing it in his thing would
get all big and trun into a magic pump again.

Grampa let her play with his thing all she wanted. He would dip his
thing in sweet stuff and let her lick it off. As she licked it it would get bigger and
longer and straighter and harder. She liked to put the whole thing in her
mouth like a sucker and suck at it gently and feel it growing inside her mouth.
He said it was like a big stick of candy or and all day sucker becuase she
could suckon it all day and it wouldn't get any smaller, only bigger and harder.
But Holly knew that wasn't really true because after she had sucked on it for
awhile the cream came out the hole in the end and then her Grampa's thing
got smaller and softer, at least for awhile. But if she kept licking and sucking
on it, it did get big again! Holly liked to drink the magic cream because it
tasted so nice, all thick and gloopy, like yogurt.

Now she bounced up to him and gave him a big kiss and he stood her
back and admired her. "You're getting prettier all the time," he said, loving the
way her new little pointy tits poked out the thin mauve material of her dress.
"My titties are starting to grow, Grampa, just like you said they would.
Remember, the last time I was here my nipples were just sort of puffy and big,"
said Holly happily, "I play with my nipples and rub them like you told me, and
my titties are growing. Besides, when I rub them they feel all nice. Look, I'll
show you." She looked down at her titties and began feeling her tender
nipples with the thumb and two fingers of each hand, writhing with pleasure at
the feeling. "Oooo, that feels nice!" she reported, "It's funny, Grampa, the more
I play with my titties the more my trickle feels funny. It makes me want to play
with it too!" "And do you play with your trickle?" asked her grandfather. "Oh,
Grampa, you know I do! I just can't play with my titties and my trickle at the
same time because I've only got two hands and I have to play with three

"Would you like me to help?" asked her grandfather, "I can touch your
trickle if you want me to." "Sure," said Holly, coming closer, "And you won't
even have to reach inside my underpants or pull them down like usual. Look!"
The little girl grasped the hem of her skirt and hoisted it to her waist. Her
grandfather was surprised to see his little granddaughter was wearing a pair
of crotchless underpants. Made of a shiny silk material, they had a large
opening which perfectly framed the child's hairless cunny and let the bulge of
her fat lips protrude from it. Holly looked down at herself. "See, my trickle
sticks right out the hole," she said. "Where did you get them?" asked Howard,
running a finger up and down his granddaughter's crack." Holly giggled,
"Daddy gave them to me. Would you like me to tell you about it?" Howard
nodded and Holly settled herself on his knee, spreading her legs so her
grandfather could feel her in between them as much as he wanted to while
she told her story.

"One time I was lying on my bed rubbing my trickle and I had my skirt
up and my underpants pulled down but not all the way off. When I looked up
Daddy was standing in the doorway watching me and he had a funny look on
his face. He asked me if I liked playing with my trickle and if I did it a lot and I
said Yes because it felt so nice. I wanted to show him where I liked to rub it
but I couldn't spread my legs very much because my underpants were only
partway down, by my knees. He helped me take them off and then I showed
him all in between my legs, just like I like to show you, Grampa. Then I
showed him how I rub my bump at the top and my peehole and how I put my
finger in my hole and he touched me there too because he said it was
important that he knew how to make his little girl feel good. I told him where it
felt the best and he rubbed me like you do, till I got the good feeling. Daddy
said if I had a pair like this I could play with my trickle any time I wanted to
without having to pull them down. He said he would take me to get some if I
wanted to and I said Yes Please!

"So we went downtown and we went in the back of this place because
Daddy said it was more private that way. He said something to the man that
came to the door and he looked at me and said OK come into my private
office. That's good said Daddy This is John and he's going to give you some
special treatment. John must have used his private office to sleep in
sometimes because there was a big bed at one side of it and some video stuff

I have an idea said John How would you like to be a movie star? I'll
make a video of us fitting you with your new underpants and if it comes out
well you can have the underpants for free. Can we have a copy of the video
my Daddy asked and John said Sure and I brought it with me for you to watch
later, Grampa. I was excited about being the star and John got the camera
ready and I went and stood in front of it, by the big bed. First I stood there and
then he told me to lift up my skirt and show my underpants so I did. Then John
said to lie down on the bed and leave my skirt up around my waist. He said
Are your underpants tight? and I nodded Yes and he said Pull them up higher
and letÕs see if they can get any tighter and when I did this it was really tight
over my trickle and my underwear went right into my crack. John took a close
picture of how tight it was and then I put my hand inside my underwear and
showed him how I played with my trickle with my underpants on. Then I pulled
them down partway to my knees and showed them how I had to keep my legs
right close together if they were only partway down. I showed them how I put
my finger in my crack and played with my trickle and John took a good close
picture of my bare naked trickle. Then I pulled my underpants off the rest of
the way.

John told me to lie with my legs together at first and then gradually
spread them wide open while I smiled at the camera. Spread your crack nice
and wide and hold it wide open he said So I can get a good picture of all the
places you like to play with. Shall I play with them a little I asked and he said
That's a good idea and I said Can my Daddy help me because if I hold my
crack all open with both hands I can't play with my special places at the same
time and John said What a good idea so my Daddy stood beside where I was
lying on the bed and first he held my trickle open while I played with my
places and then I held my crack open and he showed that he remembered
where I liked to rub. He opened up my trickle hole really wide and John took a
close picture of how open it was and how my finger went up inside of it, and
even how I liked to tickle my peehole. Then Daddy put his finger up inside it
and made it go in and out while I rubbed my bump and made the nice feeling
come. Then John gave me this pair of underpants to put on and he took a nice
picture of me first with my legs close together with my crack poking through
the hole and then I opened my legs again and showed how I could still play
with my trickle even with my underpants on. This time John helped me play
with my trickle and Daddy took the video.

Then John asked me if I had ever seen what a man had in between his
legs and I said Yes I've seen my Grampa's because you know we like to show
each other our things Grampa. And Daddy said What? and he was surprised
and I said Oh yes Grampa and I have fun together when I visit him and Daddy
said to John Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised because he and I used to
play with each other when I was little. Anyway John asked me if I would like to
see if his was the same as my Grampa's and I said Sure and undid his pants
and pulled his underpants down and his thing was all big and hard like yours,
Grampa. And I said Oh wow John you have a nice big hard one and he said
Do you know how to make it get soft again and I said Sure do you want me to
rub it or suck it? And I said Let me rub it a little and then I'll suck it so I can
drink your magic cream and John said Okay but when IÕm going to make the
magic cream I'll tell you and then we will play Target and you let me rub it and
shoot the magic cream into your mouth. So I opened my mouth up nice and
wide, Grampa, and Daddy took a close picture of just my mouth and his thing
and him rubbing it and when the white stuff came out he got it all in my mouth
and I kept it all in my mouth and after he finished making it go in my mouth I
showed my Daddy how much he had put in there and then I swallowed it.
I didn’t like the taste in beginning but after couple of days I asked him to squirt on my salad.