CHAPTER ONE - Dad Does His Daughters Girlfriend

Debbie was quite a shy child in many ways and having inherited
her mother's blonde hair and average height she did not, in her
earlier years give any hint of the store of wickedness she was
one day to open before me with such eagerness! At 16 she had
developed a voluptuous figure, full-tittied and long legged with
a sweet face which began to carry traces of lipstick and make-up
and eye-shadow quite suddenly.

I can remember looking into her eyes one evening as she walked
into the house and seeing for the first time her lovely body
dressed in its school uniform, swaying with a maturity I had not
expected, and her eyes had looked back at me with a grown-up
expression of understanding! I had felt a sudden urge of interest
rush through me as we smiled at one another and as she climbed
the stairs I looked after her with a sudden realization that I

At supper that evening I had been confused and almost ashamed at
my reaction in the hall earlier, and found it difficult to look
at Debbie without feeling embarrassed and guilty. Debbie however
was full of laughter and chatter as she talked to her mother and
me about school and her school friends, some of whom were coming
around that evening for a "session" as the younger generation
call a get-together nowadays. In my young day a "session" meant a
fucking session!

Ann was going out that evening to her Art Class and I was
therefore prepared for a long sit in front of the television set.
When Ann left the house, Debbie was upstairs getting ready to
welcome her school friends. My mind wandered as I sat in front of
the TV set and remembered how Debbie had smiled at me in that
understanding way earlier. I found myself beginning to have horny
thoughts about the pleasures to be enjoyed by a father with a
teenage daughter or one of her friends perhaps?

I sat in my arm-chair with a large glass of gin in my hand and an
experienced prick in my pants started to wriggle as my mind
started to get more and more interested in the subject I had
started to consider. As I sat dreaming about teenage thighs and
titties, sipping my drink and letting my mind recall the many
glimpses of sixteen and seventeen year old leg I had enjoyed in
my office recently, I began to realize that my jaded appetite had
been secretly trying to encourage me towards sexual adventures
with some sweet teenage bitch for a long time.

I eased myself to a more comfortable position as my prick
stiffened into a very huge length. As I wondered what Debbie
would think if she knew that her father was considering the
possible delights of getting her panties down in her own bedroom,
the door opened and she walked in!

With a guilty start I sat upright so as to hide the obvious
prick-bulge in my trousers, and when Debbie smiled at me and
walked to the sewing cabinet, I watched with a new awareness.

Long golden tresses flowed down her shoulders, framing her lovely
innocent face, and a pink blouse seemed bursting with the twin
fruits of her knockers! Some lucky man could make a FEAST of
those ripe handfuls, and imagine the sensation of having them
cradle a stiff prick between them! Her waist was narrow and
nipped in with a wide belt before her hips swelled out in a
micro-mini skirt that barely covered her curving asscheeks. Those
legs made my hot mouth start to water with excitement.

As Debbie bent over the work basket, I saw the mini-skirt rise up
above the tops of the dark nylon stockings and I stared at the
white flesh that seemed to invite me to squeeze and rub the
exposed skin or perhaps to kiss and lick a lecherous trail
upwards to hidden delights! My cock was stiff as a barbers pole
as I gazed at my daughters delicious body, and moving slowly I
managed to get the throbbing beast upright in my pants, which was
a little more comfortable! I wanted to unzip my trousers quietly
and get the monster out into my hot fist so that I could jerk it
off while I feasted my eyes on the teenage temptations so
innocently displayed across the room. BUT - were they being
displayed so innocently, I wondered, as my aching dong gave a
jerk of excitement and desire when Debbie leaned over even
further to search for some item in the sewing-box? The expanse
of naked thigh now uncovered by her mini-skirt was almost
indecently obvious and the straining nylon tops of her stockings
where the garters stretched to the full MUST have been a warning
to the girl that she was showing herself with daring! My hot
mouth was dry with excitement as I wondered if Debbie was
deliberately teasing me with her immodest display and although I
didn't dare to go so far as to take my prick out, I rubbed the
swelling outline to give myself SOME sort of relief!

"Debbie my dear" I said in as calm a voice as 1 could manage
under the circumstances, "It may interest you to know that your
skirt cannot POSSIBLY hope to keep you decent if you bend over
like that!" I felt an urgent desire to go across the room and
FUCK that little bitch as she turned towards me! Her full lips
were smiling and her eyes sparkled as she reached down to smooth
her skirt along her thighs. When she saw that my hand was
resting on my lap she gave a giggle!

"I'm sorry Dad" she said with her eyes still fixed on where my
hand was trying to hide the monstrous cock between my legs, "I
forgot that my own Father could get horny about a girl's legs.
Mary always said that you had the makings of a 'dirty old man'
and I'll tell her she was right!" With a gasp I watched the
little devil walk with an exciting and exaggerated sway of her
full hips towards the door and as she blew me a kiss from her
lipsticked lips I growled, "Remember I'm NOT OLD!".

I heard the door bell ring at that moment which stopped me
getting up and following the sexy bitch out into the hall, but I
did go to the door so as to hear who had arrived. To my secret
delight it was Mary, one of Debbie's school friends and the one
to which she had referred in her last remark. As I watched
through the half-open door, she and Debbie and another friend
June went upstairs to Debbie's bedroom whispering and giggling. I
saw that all three were wearing those mini-skirts that let every
pair of male eyes see almost to the crotch of the tight panties
which every man can imagine so easily. I looked at Mary with a
new interest as I recalled what Debbie had said! Mary was a
little taller than Debbie and her figure was, if anything, even
MORE mature.

I took advantage of my position by opening my trousers and
freeing the aching length of prick that seemed to be bursting
with impatience to be active! With a sigh of relief, I grabbed
the familiar rod of flesh in my hand and started to give myself
the pleasure of a good hard "jerk off" as I recalled the delights
that my unexpectedly provocative daughter had so recently
revealed to me. My immediate desire was to stand there and jerk
myself to the point where I shot my load onto the carpet and
gained some relief from the intolerable lust which had filled me,
but then I suddenly had another idea! At that very moment
upstairs, Debbie and her two friends were probably having a
giggle about what had happened here in this room just a few
minutes before and if I crept upstairs I might be able to listen
to whatever sly comments those three girls might be making
about ME!

With stiff prick in hand I opened the door of the living room and
was about to make my way upstairs when I heard the bedroom door
open. As I quickly stuffed my aching dong back inside my pants
and sat in my arm-chair again, I heard the three girls coming
downstairs. I thought that they were going out for the evening
and that my anticipated fun would therefore be stopped but the
living room door opened and Debbie walked in.

"Hi Dad," she said in her freshest voice, dropping her eyes to
the front of my trousers as she walked towards me. "Do you mind
if Mary and I go out for an hour but leave June here with you,"
and her hips waved with unnecessary enthusiasm as she came to
stand beside me! I looked up into her face as she smiled at me
and I could tell that this young woman had developed far more
adult understanding than I had realized. As she stood beside my
chair I felt a smooth, warm pressure on my hand which lay along
the arm and glancing down I saw that Debbie was deliberately
pushing her stockinged-thighs against my fingers! With
difficulty I refrained from lifting my hand up and under that
ridiculously short skirt to the soft, warm, nylon covered CUNT
that must be cuddled in tight fitting panties only a foot or so

"That's OK, Debbie," I managed to answer as I swallowed hard and
kept my hand still as she rubbed her leg very lightly against it.
"But what about your other friend, June?" I felt as if I would
'come' inside my pants if the little vixen didn't stop her

"You haven't met June, I know, but she wants to wait here for us
and I thought she could sit in here with you."

At that moment both Mary and June came into the room and as I
stood, I had great difficulty in making my huge prick as
inconspicuous as was possible! Mary smiled at me with an almost
lecherous expression and I knew that Debbie had already told her
about the short conversation we had had earlier, and I found
myself looking back at this delicious seventeen year old with a
similar lecherousness! I let my eyes rove up and down the girls
attractive body with open appreciation and began to sense that
very soon I might be better acquainted with these modern misses
than I had ever imagined! June was standing just behind Mary and
as Debbie moved Mary a little to one side, I saw a delightful

June was short and VERY mature for her age, just fifteen, I
learned later, with thick black hair and the most sensuous mouth
one could imagine! Her figure was magnificent, with a pair of
tits that must have measured all of thirty-eight inches, a slim
waist and hips and asscheeks that made my mouth water! If ever a
girl was MADE for fucking HERE SHE WAS!

"Dad, this is June," Debbie said as June reached out a slim hand
towards me. "Unfortunately, she is blind, but she's great fun all
the same!" and I felt a great sensation creep through me as I
shook her hand and looked into brown eyes that could not see me.
Almost before I could say or do anything Debbie pressed herself
against me with unusual enthusiasm and gave me a kiss on the
mouth. Then she and Mary waved and walked out of the room. I
tasted the lipstick that her kiss had left on my lips and as I
heard the front door close I collected my thoughts and took a
deep breath. Here I was, stiff as a ramrod, with a blind teenage
girl to try and entertain for an hour, and I really wanted to see
just how far Debbie was prepared to go. Oh well, later perhaps.
In the meantime I would get June settled in the chair and let her
listen to the radio or TV, while I went upstairs and jerked
myself off onto a pair of Debbie's panties just for fun!

"Come on June," I invited the delightful but unfortunate girl as
I took her hand and lead her to an arm chair opposite my own. As
she let me guide her, I admired the beauty of her body with a
frankness that, but for her being blind, would have been VERY
rude! The girl thanked me and sat down in the chair, assuring me
that she would be quite happy to sit and listen to the TV while I
went on with anything important. The tone of her voice made me
remember that Debbie had probably told HER about our conversation
earlier, just as she had told Mary, and I began to wonder if she
had found my ******uous interest in Debbie as amusing as the
other two obviously had!

The TV churned out its sounds as I stood beside my chair and
mused, and then my eyes began to wander over this young girls
charms with a NEW interest! I COULD SEE HER, BUT SHE COULDN'T SEE
ME! The real possibilities of the situation hit me like a BOMB!
With a sudden surge of relief I realized that I need not go
upstairs and jerk myself off into a pair of Debbie's panties
after all. I could jerk myself off here in this room, in front
of another lovely young teenager with NO fear of her finding my
enthusiasm disgusting!

My prick gave a throb of anticipation as I sat down in my arm
chair and as I asked June if she was comfortable, I began to run
the zip-front of my trousers open with a slow and deliberate
flip! June turned her face toward me and smiled, saying that she
was quite happy and for an instant I felt a panic seize me as I
sub-consciously expected her to raise her hands in horror as she
saw what I was doing! But she just smiled, and I sighed with
relief! My confidence restored I fumbled at the opening of my
under-pants, slowly making it possible for my enormous prick to
get free and as the column of hard flesh sprang upright between
my open thighs I felt a surge of depraved pleasure flood through
me! I let the long, hard stalk of lust stand and quiver for a
few moments and, just as I was about to seize it in my hand and
start to jerk it in earnest, June moved in her chair and started
to get up!

"I'm sorry to be a nuisance," she said with a smile, "But I
wonder if I could ask you to show me the bathroom?" Telling her
that it was no trouble, I stood up and guided her to the stairs.
She explained that she didn't know where the toilet was and so,
still with my throbbing cock sticking out of my pants like the
barrel of a gun, I took her upstairs relishing the obscene
situation that made my dong drip sticky trails of juice as I gave
it an occasional jerk on the way! At the door of the bathroom
June said 'thank you' and walked into the room, but as I turned
to leave she asked me to show her where the 'loo' was exactly!
By now I was ready to FUCK this gorgeous creature, but didn't
dare to make a move. So, leading her by the hand, I guided her
to the toilet and turned to leave. At the door I turned as I was
about to shut it and gasped silently! THE DELICIOUS CREATURE

In an instant I had stopped my exit and closed the door with me
on the INSIDE! My eyes were feasting on the vision before me and
as the young girl dropped her pants to her ankles and bent to sit
on the toilet, I started to jerk my poor prick for all I was
worth. My ears listened to the hard, liquid stream splashing into
the pan as this girl sat before me, skirt around her waist and
shapely legs in their sheer stockings set wide open! On her face
was a half smile that tantalized me as I pulled and shook my
tremendous hard-on within ten feet of her and I felt the powerful
throbbing of an ejaculation beginning.

I strained my loins forward so as to project the full ten inches
of my rampant dick out in front of me! As I stared at the girl
before me, she crouched a little lower and she gave a grunt and
strain with an expression of increasing pleasure growing on her
face and as she squirmed and wriggled on the toilet, I pulled my
pants open and dragged my sweating balls out into the cool air!
Great waves of delight began to run up and down the length of my
prick as my hand clamped tightly around the heated column and
every time the foreskin flashed back over the slippery, steaming
head, I felt as if I was going to shoot my sperm over the vision
before me! Suddenly I heard the sound of a gentle 'plop' and
then another and, jerking furiously, I watched the girl smile to
herself (or so SHE thought) as she had as good a shit as anyone
could wish for!

My lecherous eyes FEASTED on the bending schoolgirl and the sight
of her stockinged legs, her taunt garters, the crumpled
mini-skirt revealing the smooth sweep of her delectable ass from
which still came an occasional slither of pleasure, ALL added to
the pornographic sensation of the situation! And as June stood
up, in a half-bent position, and reached out for the tissue with
which to finish the job properly, I grabbed my balls in one hand
and jerked my prick in fierce excitement until the dam burst
within me!

I bit my lip to keep silent as the terrible joy of ejaculation
tore open the mask of civilization and left me an animal seeking
PLEASURE from the leaping spear of flesh in my hand. As the
fountains of scum blew caution to the winds so I fucked myself
furiously! Streams of hot juice spurted from my prick and I
jerked and heaved with wild abandon as I saw the school girl
displaying herself even more openly as she wiped herself, quite
unaware of the rain of sperm that was splattering onto the line
at her feet!

The ecstasy of my 'coming' made me sweat with pleasure and I
didn't stop my jerking until the last exciting dribble of thick,
white cream had been squeezed out of my satisfied cock and when
this was so, I let my slackening fuck-pole hang obscenely in
front of me as I rested back against the wash basin. I was
trembling with the effects of such a splendid 'session' and could
admire the girl's beauty more sanely as she hoisted her panties
up about her and smoothed her mini-skirt before pulling the
chain! She really WAS a peach and no mistake!

"Tell me, Mr. Carter, do you often watch a young lady on the
toilet like that?" she asked suddenly in a calm voice, turning to
face me AND I ALMOST FAINTED! For a moment, I thought she could
see me, but then as she walked towards me with her hand
outstretched, she stepped in a pool of hot sperm and slipped!

I grabbed her by instinct and suddenly found her mouth crushed to
mine in a frenzied kiss that filled me with excitement and
delight! Her lips writhed and squirmed under mine, parting
suddenly so her wet, hot tongue forced itself into my mouth like
a sensuous snake to play delicious games with my own! Our
breathing was fast and hard as we clutched one another in a
fierce embrace, and I clawed at her clothing with fresh vigor as
the length of my prick started to jerk up against the girl's
mini-skirt! She felt the hardening evidence of my lust against
her young body and suddenly reached down to slip the hot monster
IN BETWEEN HER LEGS where it grew rigid and even hotter under the
encouragement of its delightful haven!

"Oh June," I gasped as we tore our lips apart and stood pressing
close to one another, "Aren't you offended at what I did?" and
all the time I moved my hips to and fro so that the silk caress
of her thighs and stockings added fuel to the fire in my trapped
cock! She shook her head and told me that she had hoped I might
stay in the bathroom with her if she let me see her drop her
panties before I had left! HOW RIGHT SHE HAD BEEN!

"Jack, I CAN call you Jack when we are alone can't I?" she
continued reaching down to scratch her fingernails at the heavy
balls that lay squashed between her thighs. When I whispered,
"Yes," she went on, "Because I'm blind it doesn't mean I haven't
ANY INTEREST IN SEX. But most people seem to forget that a blind
girl can't follow things the same way as ordinary girls, take
hints and play sexy tricks for example."

I told her I understood and kissed her passionately as she pulled
the dick from between her thighs and started to jerk it with firm
slow movements of her warm hand! She REALLY knew how to jerk a
fellow off and when I reached down and started to caress her
belly she pulled her lips from mine and whispered, "Would you,
would you kiss it, Jack?" and gave a step back!

I watched as she lifted that ridiculous little piece of a skirt
upwards until the tiny, stretched panties came into view and then
I drew her back until she could sit on the stool beside the bath!
With a sigh she sank down, throwing apart her lovely legs so as
to reveal all the delicious details of her tightly cuddled cunt
as it was outlined through the damp nylon fabric! I slid my hands
upwards until her dimpled knees, along the smooth and sensuous
stockinged thighs until I had reached the bare, warm flesh which
lead to the twat I was after!

As my fingers reached the flimsy garment that alone stood between
me and the wet slit that this schoolgirl wanted me to kiss and
lick and suck into feverish excitement, she begged me to "Pull
them down, tear them apart you dirty old Peeping Tom you!" With a
gasp of new excitement, I thrust my fingers up the elastic leg
holes of her panties and RIPPED THE FLIMSY GARMENT TO SHREDS! Oh
it was a delight for just the sight and sound was enough to make
my naked cock dribble and drool onto the floor with a sudden
thirst of lust!

The girl leaned back against the edge of the bath and moaned
aloud as she felt my hands tearing the pretty little panties to
pieces, letting the cool air rush over the soft curls that were
revealed to my lecherous gaze as I uncovered the delicious soft
pouting shape of her cunt! June forced her shapely thighs wider
and even wider as I ripped the last, dangling piece of nylon from
her and she opened her mouth with a wail as I forced my fingers
into the wet folds of flesh that now begged for my attentions!

ALL OVER YOU!" she almost screamed as I dug my fingers into the
hot passage that gaped hungrily at me and with a sudden lunge I
leaned forwards and holding the soft lips of her cunt apart I
sank my mouth into the wet and trembling nest of teenage pussy as
if it were a ripe melon! IT WAS JUST AS DELICIOUS AS IT LOOKED,
and it smelled of perfume as I sucked and licked feverishly at
the succulent morsel, while seizing my tormented dong in my
sweating hand!

Within a matter of moments, my tongue was noisily exploring this
hot little bitch with a persistence that made her gasp and
wriggle on the stool like a belly dancer. As I sucked at the
sweet folds of young twat, she urged herself to and fro so as to
work herself off against my eager mouth! I pushed my stiff tongue
inside the dripping cunt and nibbled the tender lips that
squashed themselves against my breath, adding new excitement to
my ardent exploration. June had reached down to clasp herself
underneath the knees, lifting her legs into the air so as to give
me even more freedom as I made a meal of her juicy slit!

My hand, grasping the throbbing prick tightly, rubbed and jerked
like a piston down between my arched thighs as I knelt before
this teenage darling and any minute I knew that the scum would be
ready to spurt and fountain from the distended prick like a
stream of cream! I was in a daze of delight, sucking and jerking
with all the experience I had acquired over the years and if at
that moment my wife had entered the house I would not have been
able to stop the madness that had enveloped me! I wanted only one
thing, to make this young girl, spread-eagled before me, 'come'
as I sucked her off and at the same time to shoot my load onto
the floor with all the ecstasy possible!

The sweet smell of the girl's body was like a heavy wine and as I
gave her the benefit of years of devotion to the gentle art of
cunt-sucking so I felt and heard her beginning to approach the
moment of truth! Her cry of bliss came more and more frantic and
her arched legs jerked and waved on either side of my head until
the moment came when she could resist no longer!

THAT - AAHHHH" and releasing my throbbing prick, I grasped the
two wanton legs in my hands and forced them even wider open! I
plunged my mouth deep into the girl's flooding cunt and sucked
for all I was worth at the stiff little button of delight which
poked out with abandon from the pink cauldron of passion! My
fingers dug into the smooth stockinged legs, making June a
prisoner as I flogged her clitoris with my feverish tongue, and
as I felt the demented girl stiffen so I sucked her sexual bud
between my lips and forced her to 'come' for me!

The display of female cunt in front of me went WILD! and I held
the struggling legs apart as I made a meal of the erupting slit,
adding fuel to the dreadful fire that swept through the blind
girl who had surrendered herself to my mercy! A run zipped along
one dark stocking as my fingernails tore the nylon and a hand
seized my hair forcing my face deeper into the girlish pussy as
they jerked and struggled in the torments of sexual excitement!

For what seemed an eternity, I was almost smothered in the sweet
flesh that spread itself eagerly over my face, rubbing and
trembling as June savored every last tingle of pleasure before
falling back exhausted against the edge of the bath! I knelt
there panting for a few moments, gazing lustfully at the lustful
view that was presented to me by June's position and then as I
got up I seized my cock in both hands and started to jerk.

At that moment I heard the front door open downstairs and Debbie
called out, 'We're home,' and as June sat upright with a cry of
surprise so I felt my tortured prick start to jerk with
anticipation of a second ejaculation! "June - June, I MUST 'come'
again!" I gasped as I rubbed and squeezed at my length of hard

As she stood up I begged her to let me shoot my load over her
lovely body. Without a word the shameless young woman turned
around and bending over she lifted her skirt over her sweeping
hips and whispered "BE QUICK, DARLING, 'COME' ON MY ASS FOR ME!"
and waited! The smooth cheeks of flesh made me want to pull my
loins so that I could fuck them properly, but I contented myself
with the act suggested! Rapidly I jerked myself to the point of
no return and as the sperm rose in my cock, I aimed my throbbing
fuck-pole at the dark valley dividing the soft ass and trembled
with excitement! My balls gave a jerk of surrender as the
delightful teenage devil reached back and, with one hand on each
delicious cheek, opened the valley WIDE before me, wide enough
for me to see the tiny golden hairs around her wrinkled asshole
and the closed lips of her dripping cunt below! With a gasp I
shot a fierce jet of 'come' straight in between the girl's parted
asscheeks, seeing the creamy fountain splash against the tiny
asshole, where it began to slide and slither downwards as three
more spurts of scum failed to reach so far and fell on the floor
between us!

June murmured with pleasure as she felt her ass sprayed with my
hot juices and as I jerked myself to a standstill, she slid a
finger to her asshole and, using my hot scum as a lubricant,
pressed her finger into the delightful opening with a sigh of

I wanted to pull that wicked little finger out and replace it
with my tongue or my own finger-or even, perhaps my wicked prick
of lust! But Debbie called again from downstairs and we had to
return to normal! We kissed quickly and as I helped June to
clean herself of the mess we had made, I told her to go
downstairs and tell her friends that I would not be long! As I
let June out of the bathroom and guided her to the top of the
stairs I thanked her for the exciting 'session' we had enjoyed
together and promised that if ever she wanted to come around on
her own she would be WELCOME! AND HOW!

And she said she would come again!

CHAPTER TWO - Dad does Mom while Daughter watches.

Richard Dawson

When I arrived downstairs about ten minutes later I found Debbie,
Mary and June sitting in the living room talking. The
conversation came to a complete stop when I entered the room and
the way in which these three young girls turned to look at me as
I walked in made me quite certain that I had been in the
conversation somewhere!

The satisfied prick in my pants felt heavy, limp and swollen and
I knew that as three pairs of eyes moved down from my slightly
flushed face to the front of my fairly tight fitting trousers,
there must be a quite obvious cock bulge for all to see! Well
Debbie and Mary anyway.

"Hi, Dad!" grinned my daughter as she raised her wickedly
twinkling eyes from the front of my pants to my face, "I hear
that you have been entertaining June while Mary and I were out!"

The suggestive note in her voice convinced me that June had told
both her friends at least SOME of the details of what had
occurred upstairs! Fair enough, I thought, as I walked to the
sideboard and filled myself a glass of cider and turning to the
three young maidens (if that word was correct), I gave a broad
wink and replied "Hope she didn't leave anything out!"

The three girls broke into gales of laughter at this and it was
some time before they stopped rolling about in their chairs and
Mary was able to comment, "It sounds as if she got everything a
girl could wish for from a school friends father!" and they burst
into laughter again!

I smiled and finally, laughed with them and sitting on the arm of
June's chair I hugged her shoulder against my thigh as I choked
out, "Well I have to try and make all Debbie's friends welcome,
the girl's that is!"

Debbie was lying back in her chair with tears streaming from her
eyes as she let her legs fall open in a very immodest way and the
sight of her stocking tops and the bare thighs above made my poor
cock swell and get a little stiffer every minute! Fuck me, I
thought, as I eyed the display before me across the room, if she
doesn't stop her teasing I'll jump on her HERE AND NOW and fuck
her stiff! The gleam in my eye must have been obvious for Mary
and Debbie, but June was probably able to guess even though she
couldn't actually see my reactions.

Mary, seeing where my gaze was centered, said in a chuckling
voice to Debbie, "Better close your legs kid or it looks as if
Daddy will want you to join him in some physical jerks!" and they
all burst into new gales of mirth. The straining pecker in my
pants was livid now and aching to get among these horny little
bitches, but at that moment the front door opened and we all
heard Ann return from her Art Class.

The laughter ceased and all of us adopted more conventional
positions and attitudes to one another as my wife came into the
room. As the girls rose to leave, both Mary and June said they
hoped they would meet me again! SO DID I!

Debbie left the room with a broad wink at me as she escorted her
horny young friends to the front door and called back that she
was going up to bed. So I poured Ann a double gin and tonic and
asked her how her class had gone. With a smile she said it had
been very enjoyable and said she hoped that I had not been lonely
while she had been out.

IF ONLY SHE KNEW I thought as I shook my head and as she told me
about the people at her Art Class, I admired her good looks and
sensuous aurora of maturity. HERE WAS A WOMAN, not the teenage
wantonness and wildness of my young companions of the evening and
as I eyed her long shapely legs in black silk stockings, the
short black velvet skirt and the black silky blouse I knew WHY I
had found Ann so attractive all these years. Not only did she
look SEXY but she was sexy and it was no wonder that our daughter
Debbie made my prick stand up!

"Debbie brought two of her friends around," I said as we sat on
the sofa, sipping our drinks, and I almost added "And boy oh, boy
can that girl June get a man hot!" but didn't.

"Who were they, darling?" asked Ann, turning to look at me.

"A girl called Mary and another called June," I replied, "And
June is blind, poor kid." I added remembering OTHER things about

"June" said Ann with a puzzled look crossing her face. "June
Filton?" and her eyebrows were raised as she looked at me again
with a half-smile playing at the corners of her ruby lipsticked

"Yes, that's her name, do you know her?" I asked as Ann swallowed
her gin with a gulp and as she nodded and smiled even more I
wondered WHAT my wife knew about the girl I had so recently
cunt-sucked in our bathroom upstairs.

"Well darling, her mother is at the same Art Class as me and it
so happened that tonight we were talking about our daughters and
I found out that Mrs. Filton discovered June kneeling on her bed

As she finished her story, Ann collapsed against me with a giggle
of mirth! I had to laugh with her and folded my arms about the
delicious wife of mine as we fell sideways onto the sofa.

"The poor woman was quite outraged," Ann continued, "And told me
that she had crept out of the room undetected. I tried to tell
her that there was really no need to worry about a young girl
experimenting with sexual pleasures, but it seems that Mrs.
Filton does NOT consider the female ass as part of the sexual

I almost suggested that she have a word with YOU, you cock-happy
ass fucking BRUTE, but I didn't! " As she finished her final
remarks, Ann seized my head in her hands and dragged my face down
with a hungry groan and kissed me with a pent up frenzy that lit
an equal fire of lust in my lips and belly! I crushed my mouth
down onto the writhing lips below me and slipped a hand over the
velvet skirt (in itself a VERY sexy sensation) to squeeze the
ample but shapely ass of the woman I found so irresistible. I
pressed my palm hard into the swelling cheeks of warm flesh,
recalling the many times I had found excitement and satisfaction
in between them and remembering how WELL this woman could fuck
her ass on a man's prick!

We kissed with wet and flickering tongues until it seemed as if
we were going to eat one another alive! Kissing Ann had always
been like this, and when she set about sucking my prick with the
intention of having me shoot my load down her hungry throat, I
was always afraid that she might one day forget herself and BITE
the cock right off! So far she had not done so!

With a gasp for air, Ann tore her eager lips from mine and
wriggling a little in my lap, she reached down to caress the
outline of my huge prick. She gave a murmur of appreciation as
she discovered that it was as thick and as stiff as any woman
could wish. The two delightful helpings of sex earlier in the
evening had not stopped my being able to respond to new
stimulation, and I secretly heaved a sigh of relief! Ann lay
back over my knees, stroking the outline of my prick with her
experienced fingers and she looked into my face and suddenly
asked, "Tell me darling man, if a young girl like June were to
offer you her pussy, would you fuck her with your prick?"

I gave a smile as I tried to seek out the CORRECT answer, that is
the answer I was SUPPOSED to give, and then I nodded, yes.

With a giggle Ann squeezed my prick and forced her fingers down
to where my heated balls lay encased in my clothing and she
whispered, "I'm glad you were honest darling, because if a fine
strong young schoolboy ever comes MY way I'll have his cock up me
before you could shout FUCK"

We hugged one another and laughed at the honesty of our
admissions. As Ann struggled half-heartedly, I tugged her skirt
up to her slim waist and started to pull at the waistband of her
white nylon panties, in an effort to get my fingers on the big,
soft, hairy cunt that was hiding inside! That big, hairy cunt
that chewed at my prick as I fucked into it, and which could ram
itself over open mouth with an almost vicious need to be
satisfied when the mood was right! As I struggled, Ann twisted
sideways and ripped down the zip front of my trousers digging her
hand into the dark opening so that she could pull out the prick
which she adored so ardently and frequently! I dragged her
panties down at the moment that she dragged my straining dong
free of my pants and as I bent to bite her naked ass, I felt her
mouth suck the crown of my prick to the back of her throat.

Almost at once she flipped the trembling dong out again and
cried, "You horny fucker, you HAD IT OFF WITH SOMEONE ALREADY!"
and her hands grasped my balls and squeezed them firmly! I
didn't know what to say to this, I simply forced her legs apart
and started to fuck her big wet cunt that opened up before me
like a flower! My fingers ravished into Ann's pussy like a mole
going to earth and as I concentrated on working my fingers deeper
and still deeper into the tunnel of desire, Ann gave a moan and
murmured "Well, even if you have been with one of those
schoolgirls why should I worry! When it comes to a bit of ass,
you can't find anyone better than me!" and sucked my prick back
into her mouth!

By now we had moved so that Ann was lying on her back along the
sofa and I had turned so that I knelt astride her head, facing
her feet! I looked down at the outspread legs, stocking awry
waves of pleasure tore along the length of my prick, I gave my
wife's cunt a fucking she would relish! Ann liked a man to be
the BOSS and although she had never made any suggestion which
involved the use of whips or the like she DID enjoy having her
titties and cunt treated with some firmness! As I rubbed and
fucked at her weeping slit, revelling in the hot and wet cavern
that wanted to have my fist try and force its way up and into its
tighter depths, Ann screwed and twisted her sucking mouth around
my trembling prick until it felt as if she would rip it off !

All of a sudden my eye caught a movement across the room and
looking up I was startled to see Debbie peeping around the door
at the sight of her parents fucking away in fury on the couch!
Even as I looked into the wicked eyes, Debbie raised a finger to
her pretty mouth in a gesture of secrecy and silence and moving
into the room a couple of feet she hoisted her mini-skirt and
thrust her beautiful belly at me, wearing tightly fitting black
panties and long black nylons to excite me further!

I was caught in a trap, and there was no way out! I couldn't tell
Ann - Debbie's own MOTHER - that her daughter was standing in the
room watching her suck me off so I simply carried on with my task
and let Ann suck me while the wicked daughter in front of me
started to rub one hand lower and lower down her front until she
was rubbing herself openly and feverishly!

I gasped and panted as I watched Debbie fingering the nylon
covered slit that was wetting her panties with excitement and as
she forced a finger into the mouth of her juicy young cunt,
pushing the material of her panties inside her fuck-box, I
stuffed my fingers up her mother's cunt for good measure! Ann
gave a shudder of delight and started to heave and jerk herself
against my hand as she worked herself towards a climax all the
time sucking and jerking at my prick, loving every deep thrust of
cock that I made into her mouth!

It is difficult to describe the sensations that flooded through
me as I knelt there on the sofa, mouth fucking my wife with
desperate and feverish determination to make her 'come' as
violently as I knew she wanted to, gazing at my teenage daughter
as she leaned back against the doorframe before me with her
fingers working deep into her nylon covered pussy, while my
tremendous prick was devoured by my wife's hungry mouth! I was
full of lust and excitement and I rubbed the slippery cunt-flesh
that my wife's open legs presented to me with all the experience
that I had, flicking at the hard and quivering button of lust
that stood up like a miniature cock between the heavy lips of her
cunt! Ann was jerking and heaving beneath me like a mad woman
and when she suddenly pulled my dripping prick out of her mouth
and started to gasp and moan obscenities I knew that she was just
about ready to 'come off'!

With a groan of intense desire, I moved back so that my two hands
could ravish her agonized cunt and as I worked at her steaming
twat I felt as if I were kneading a large, slimy mass of hot
dough! I was the baker and my task was to turn this raw material
into a well finished pudding and the task was delicious!

Across the room Debbie by now arched her lovely young legs wide
apart, making her position as obscene as was possible as she
worked at her slit with frantic fingers and closed eyes! I ached
to get my hands on the gleaming, wet nylon crotch of her panties
where her fingers grovelled with feverish intensity, but I
concentrated on the cunt beneath me as my prick strained and
quivered under the combined effect of seeing my daughter
finger-fucking herself off before me.

Ann began to wail now, long, shrill cries of tortured pleasure
and desire, and as I finger-fucked her with faster and faster
movements she jerked and jerked at my hand in the throes of her
climax. The wet flesh bubbled and frothed as she shot her juices
in a furry of mad movements and at the very same moment her
daughter bit her lower lip and fucked herself viciously with
coiled fingers as her youthful body shook and shuddered in the
ecstasy of sexual satisfaction! I saw the wet patch of nylon
between Debbie's legs grow darker and shine with the profuse dew
of 'come' that she gave down and I wanted to run across and suck
the nectar into my mouth, but I didn't dare move!

I pulled Ann's legs tightly together now that she had 'come' and
was beginning to recover for I didn't want her to look down
underneath me and see Debbie recovering across the room! As I
pulled her raised knees together I felt her grab the long shaft
of my prick and the next instant she had stuffed the hot crown
into her wet mouth and had started to suck and chew at my prick
like a vacuum cleaner! I saw Debbie open her eyes and I winked
at her as the breath began to quicken even more in my heaving
chest and resting my hands on either side of Ann's hips I gave
myself up to the delicious sensations that raced up the length of
my prick!

Debbie had an expression of extreme wickedness on her lovely face
as she smiled at me, still holding her mini skirt up around her
hips so as to display her luscious pussy to me during the
suck-off her mother was giving me! With a mixture of excitement
and desire I started to move my hips up and down, forcing more
and more of my hard cock into the back of Ann's open throat and
as her hands did dreadfully intimate things to my balls, I knew
that within minutes I would be forced to shoot my load down into
the gullet that sucked and pulled at my trembling prick!

I started to fuck the delightful mouth so fiercely that Debbie
crossed her luscious legs with renewed excitement and as I gazed
at her stockinged thighs, I imagined the pleasure of FUCKING her
one evening when I had her alone in the house. But for the
present I had one woman to suck me off and another to look at
while I enjoyed the unusual situation and as Ann jerked at my
huge prick of lust I concentrated on having as much of my cock
stuffed into the hot mouth as possible.

Waves of fierce delight rippled along the flesh as my wife chewed
at the swollen crown of my prick and jerking my hips to and fro
quickly I panted out the words "SUCK ME OFF DARLING - MAKE ME
'COME' DOWN YOUR THROAT, PLEASE!" and felt Ann grab my cock and
balls even harder as she responded to my plea! Her tongue
flogged at the naked tip of my steaming dong and as she prodded
the pointed end of her stiff tongue into the tiny opening I felt
the sperm start to rise in my pecker! I wanted to shoot my load
into the delightful mouth and I fucked in between the hot tight
lips as Ann sucked so hard that I felt as if she would pull the
skin right back!

I bent down, clutching the upraised knees beneath me and gasping
as I worked harder and harder to have yet another ejaculation. As
Debbie winked again and started to peel down her panties so as to
reveal her naked cunt, dripping with juice, to my half-open eyes!
I stared at the shameless display before me, fucking all the time
like a bull and aching for the scum to spurt and jet out of my
tortured prick into the hot, wet haven of Ann's hungry mouth. All
of a sudden it happened! With a cry of anticipation I forced
myself down, making Ann gurgle as my huge prick rushed deeper
than ever into the back of her throat and as she held it there
with her grasping hand I jerked and jerked until the spasm of
ecstasy started!

The semen erupted from my balls like a fountain of hot cream and
shot out of my tool like a river of excitement to be sucked down
Ann's throat with greedy and eager gulps! I fucked her face like
a horny dog, delighting in the sense of perversion that came from
watching Debbie open the soft, teenage cunt lips to my gaze at
the same time as I fucked her mothers open mouth!

I felt as if my prick was being skinned as Ann sucked and gnawed
at the hard prick from which she drank with such pleasure and as
my pleasure was complete and my aching balls empty I had no
regrets when she pulled the satisfied cock from her mouth and
panted for air beneath me!

"Fuck me, darling, that was GOOD ! " she exclaimed as I rested on
her raised knees, breathless and almost exhausted. As she spoke,
Debbie began to pull up her panties and sneak out of the door
with a wide smile and a silent kiss, blown from her lovely lips!
I answered it with a similar gesture and as the door closed
silently I knew that one day soon I would be able to fuck that
gorgeous girl AND her friends with all the passion I had had
drained out of my prick that evening.

It was a few minutes later that Ann and I got up from the couch
and having cleaned up the messy evidence of our enthusiastic
fucking we got another couple of drinks and sat side by side once
more, talking. Ann was quite tired by now, and I certainly was
after having sucked off twice that evening in the bathroom and
having been sucked off only a few minutes before.

It wasn't long before we made our way to bed. On the landing
Debbie called "goodnight" as we passed her room and Ann whispered
to me as we entered our bedroom "I wonder if she plays sex games
like June Filton?" I almost answered "She had quite a lively time
downstairs just now while you were sucking me off darling!" but I

Basically I am a coward!

CHAPTER THREE - Dad fucks his young secretary up the ass.

Richard Dawson

The next morning I woke early and remembered that my wife had
made arrangements to visit a friend in a nearby town for the day,
and I was dressed and muddling about downstairs when Ann and
Debbie came down for breakfast.

After breakfast Debbie announced that she felt unwell and after a
chat with her mother she decided to stay home for the day and it
was agreed that I would come back at lunch time to make sure she
was OK. The "illness" from which she was supposed to be suffering
was Not specified and from the glance of sheer WICKEDNESS that
she gave me when she waved goodbye, I was quite certain that this
teenage daughter of mine was playing a trick on her mother just
to be alone with me.

As I drove to the office I felt sure that before the day was out
Debbie would be experiencing the thrill of a length of hot
******uous prick screwing up her slit and I COULD HARDLY WAIT FOR

Arriving at my office in a state of sexual excitement was not
unusual as it happened, for Ann had the habit of teasing me
before I left for work just for the perverse pleasure it gave her
to send me off with a stiff prick inside my pants! This
particular morning however, it was my daughter who was
responsible for the hard bar of flesh which seemed to force the
front of my trousers out so obviously as I walked through the
office of my secretary en route for my own office.

"Good morning Sir" was the usual greeting I received from my
secretary Miss Toogood (Toogood to be true as I called her!) as I
passed her desk, and as I answered rather shortly I heard her
push back her chair and start to follow me into my office.

Miss Toogood had been my secretary for over two years and perhaps
I had better describe her. She was only 5'2" tall, but had the
sort of figure that made men stop and stare at her wherever she
went. Her titties were really big, about 40 inches, of firm,
pointed flesh that jigged slightly as she walked and had the
full, voluptuous shape that made your fingers itch for a chance
to handle it! Her legs were very shapely, and her high heeled
shoes made the calf muscles curve out into exquisite shapes that
made your mouth water, when encased in sheer nylon stockings with
perfectly straightened seams. Her waist was slim but her hips
swelled into the perfection of a magnificent ass that wriggled as
she walked, an aspect of the woman that made me quiver with lewd
desire whenever she turned her back on me and walked out of my
office! Last but not least her face, a perfect mask of carefully
applied make-up on superb bone structure and so beautiful in a
hard, almost haughty way, that it was almost aristocratic. All in
all, a very desirable woman!
Inside my office I called her by her first name, Mary, and our
relationship was now VERY settled. I had learned that she was not
at all interested in marriage but VERY interested in sex and,
this suited me fine!

We had graduated over the past two years from a first
relationship that went as far as heavy petting, (with the door
locked of course) to a regular succession of stand-up fucks
against the wall. From here we progressed to mutual sucking
sessions, with me sitting at my desk while she knelt under it to
give me a cock sucking, and afterwards she would sit in my chair
and let me get down between her luscious thighs so as to give her
perfumed cunt a good sucking, and other variations that included
masturbation, sticking my dong between the gorgeous tits, jerking
myself off as I knelt over her, and even a short period of
experimenting with the effects of spanking as a prelude to a
good, fast fuck! Oh, and I forgot to mention that Mary was only
nineteen years old at the time I started to get interested in
Debbie, so I had had all the fun mentioned above with her, since
her seventeenth birthday!

This particular morning I have already explained that my prick
was in a state of erection as I arrived at my office, and as Mary
closed the door behind her, and I turned to face her, I was aware
of the obvious lump that made my trousers uncomfortable! Mary
was wearing a very short skirt made of a shiny nylon material and
a matching black blouse that hugged her ample titties in a
disturbing way. As usual her elegant legs were clad in dark
nylon stockings and her black leather shoes shone with the
effects of careful polishing. Her face was smiling as her eyes
rested on the ominous bulge in my pants and without raising her
eyes she said in her husky voice, "Would you like me to take
anything down for you Sir?" and I knew she wasn't referring to

"Yes Mary," I replied, as I slid my hand across the front of my
tight trousers until my fingers rubbed over the upthrust but
still hidden prick which strained to be set free! And as she put
her pad and pencil on top of my wide desk, I felt my mouth begin
to water with expectation! Only two days before Mary had hinted
that she would like to try a new experiment with me, and if I was
correct her interest was in having my randy interest centered in
her delicious ass! Recently we had both added excitement to our
sexual adventures by exploring one another's asses with saliva
wetted fingertips and the last time I had fucked her I had
managed to get the full length of my forefinger stuck right up
her asshole as far as it would go! The effect upon her had been
VERY encouraging for she had given every indication that not only
had she enjoyed it, but wanted me to be even MORE daring in my
exploration of this part of her body.

"And what would you like me to do today, Sir?" the little sex-pot

"Well Mary" I replied, swallowing hard before I went on, "Perhaps
if you lifted that skirt up and dropped your panties, I would be
able to make a suggestion that might be both new, AND interesting
to BOTH of us! My finger is feeling almost as horny as another
part of my equipment and I rather think that it wants to slip up
a tight but interesting part of your exciting body a part which
isn't usually thought as being "open to visitors" if you know
what I mean!"

"Why Sir!" the gorgeous creature retorted as she slowly lifted
her mini-skirt until it uncovered the tops of her tightly fitting
stockings, then her garters and finally her black, tight fitting
nylon panties. "I cannot THINK what you mean! Unless of course
you are disgusting enough to refer to my ass?," and she smiled
inquiringly! As I had been standing there watching this teenager
uncover her intimate loveliness to me, I reached up to unzip the
front of my trousers silently, and when she stopped speaking I
was already groping inside my underpants to release the cramped
prick from its prison, in readiness for the battle to come!

"Mary!" I gasped, as I drew the full length of my prick out of my
clothing into view, "That's EXACTLY what I am disgusting enough
to refer to! Your ass is quite PERFECT and if I had the guts I'd
admit to having a desire FAR MORE DISGUSTING than wanting to slip
a FINGER up it!"

Mary had started to lower her panties by now, her eyes fixed on
the red, swollen beast that stood proudly out of the front of my
trousers as I spoke, and as she slipped her lovely feet through
the flimsy nylon leg holes of her most intimate garment I saw the
full rounded shape of her ample ass naked and soft!

She stood upright with a look of surprise and delight on her
flushed face as she listened to my frank words and she gasped
"Darling, do you mean that you want want to fuck up
my ass?"

The expression on my face must have told her the answer, for she
gave a moan of delight, and crammed her small hands down between
the luscious tops of her thighs, seeking her juicy cunt with
excitement as she stared at my naked prick in anticipation! I
suddenly KNEW that she wanted me to try this delicious new
venture with her, and from my previous experience with other
women, I was confident, that, taking time and care, I could screw
her ass for her to the satisfaction of BOTH OF US! A sudden
dribble of scum oozed out of the swollen head of my cock as the
thought of ass-fucking this luscious teenager sank into my mind,
and as Mary saw it, she pulled her hands away from her cunt and
ran across towards me! Next moment she had seized my trembling
erection in one hand, fallen to her knees and stuffed the heavy
crown of my prick straight into her open mouth! The feeling of
delight that invaded my loins as her hands grasped me, and her
mouth began to suck avidly at my tender dong, was wonderful, and
I simply stood there letting her make a meal of my horn,
determined to control my desires so as not to 'come off' in her
delightful mouth before having had a chance to sample the
pleasures of her delectable rear!

For several minutes I stood there, legs astride, savouring the
girls expert and enthusiastic sucking, and as the excitement
mounted in my hot, heavy balls I lowered my hands to hold her
lovely head gently. If I felt myself 'coming' I could then drag
my prick out of her mouth and start exploring the delicious
possibilities of her virgin asshole before I had been tempted
into giving her a mouthful of sperm instead.

"Darling!" I groaned as her mouth twisted and turned about the
head of my rigid tool "Don't make me 'come', just get him good
and WET so that he's ready for a new experience!" and, still with
my huge dong stuck in between her encircling lips, she nodded
with enthusiasm! Suddenly she pulled my rampant prick out of her
hot mouth, revealing its slippery and shiny strength! She looked
up into my face with an expression of awe as I bent to lift her
to her feet and as we suddenly kissed with unrestrained passion,
I dropped my hands to her warm asscheeks!

They were full, heavy and hot, and as I pulled them apart so Mary
gave a wriggle of delight and thrust her wet tongue deep into my
open mouth! I sucked her writhing tongue and searched eagerly
with my fingers for the tight little asshole, and when I managed
to reach it I pushed a finger-tip into the hard ring of muscle!
It was dry and unyielding and I did not try to open it up but
contented myself with the pleasure of gently rubbing it! I
delighted in the contracting which my fingering caused and when
Mary suddenly pushed me away from her I felt deprived!

"Make me wet darling" the breathless and excited girl gasped,
turning like a bitch in heat to present her ass to me without
shame! I watched as she leaned on the top of my desk, elbows on
the leather of my blotting pad, and her head dropped almost to
the level of her small hands! Her mini-skirt was pulled up
around her waist, laying bare the full sweep of her delicious
ass, and the twin columns of her stockinged thighs and calves
made as sensuous a picture as any man could wish for! The pretty
young ass was divided by a deep, dark valley, and it was in
between the full cheeks that I was being invited to enter. I

"Darling-darling, PLEASE BE GENTLE!" the poor child pleaded as
she presented her lovely asshole to her boss for his pleasure!
"Mary my sweet, I'll be as gentle as possible! But don't be
surprised if the excitement of having you THIS way makes me
forget to be the perfect gentleman, will you?" and her chuckle of
understanding answered me.

Without any more ado I dropped to my knees and twisted my hands
on the full globes of flesh that were forced out towards me with
such frank abandon! I smelled the heady French perfume wafting
from the teenage flesh, and as I pulled the delightful cheeks of
flesh apart to thrust my eager virile prick, THERE IT WAS!

The crinkled asshole, hidden between such magnificent cheeks,
winked at me with excitement, as if realizing that it was to be
violated soon by an unseen monster! For a second, I gazed at it
and felt my fuck-pole give a jerk of anticipation as I bent
closer, and as Mary gave a gasp of wild delight, so I set my
mouth over the asshole I desired so badly! I felt it writhing
under my tongue and as I reached underneath Mary to find her wet
cunt with one hand, so I forced her asshole open with my
searching tongue tip, making the surrounding flesh and the first
inch inside, slippery with my saliva! I tasted the peculiar
flavor of her ass now, and was maddened by her wriggling
movements that forced her ass cheeks across my upturned face
while I was sucking at her rear hole! My fingers had found her
cunt now and as I grovelled into her weeping slit, Mary sobbed
and shuddered in the ecstasy of my double attack!

Down between my legs the length of hungry meat was swaying and
jerking with a life all its own and the throbbing in my loins
kept reminding me of the pleasure yet to come! This teenage ass
was mine for the taking, and soon I would. Soon I would force it
open so that the fire in my guts could be pumped out into the
depths of her bowels.

Mary was moaning and gasping harder now, and I sensed that if I
kept on finger fucking her as I was, she would 'come' before I
had even BEGUN to open up her ass with my huge prick! But why
not? Let her have her climax, and relax a little, before I
attempted to stick such a goodly length of prick up the tight
back passage, which I was now sucking and licking with such
delight! Let her be able to concentrate upon the act of being
ass-fucked without any complications to distract her, so I set
about making her come off as fast as possible!

Pulling my face from between her ass cheeks, I gasped "Come on
Mary, drop a stream of 'come' into my hands before I try to
explore your lovely little ass! If you 'come' a lot I can use it
to make my prick good and slippery for you". My hand caught her
'come', and all the time I fingered and rubbed her cunt like a

She squeezed and wriggled against the desk as if I were tearing
her guts out, and as I bit the backs of her luscious legs,
plucking at her stocking tops with my teeth, I forced three
fingers up and into the hot, slushy cavern of her twat! I
twisted and turned my rippling fingers, making her squelch and
bubble like a swamp with indigestion, and I even forced my thumb
into her asshole for good measure!

"Fuck me for fuck's sake, make me come" the poor creature cried
as her hips jerked and shuddered in the dreadful urgency of her
need, and standing up I flashed my livid cock under her belly and
shoved it full length into the open mouth of her cunt!

I slid into her like a piston ramming my trouser front against
her bare ass with a solid thump! My loins filled with sudden
delight and I clasped my arms about this lovely teenage waist as
I started to ram and fuck her with all the pent up desperation of
the moment! I forgot the fact that I had been going to stick my
cock up her ass, and instead I gave myself up to the fantastic
thrills that flooded through my racing prick, as I fucked the
living day lights out of the girl beneath me!

With a scream of delight she 'came' within a matter of moments,
and the heaving backward thrust of her hips added fuel to the
fires. I felt the sperm starting to fill the dong which I was
pistoning in and out of the hot, clutching, cunt before me, and I
would have shot my load quite happily, if Mary had not gasped out
the plea "Don't 'come' yet, darling. PLEASE FUCK MY BOTTOM,

With a struggle of self-control, I eased my screwing movements,
and managed to prevent the eruption of cream that was just about
to push out of my leaping prick, and as Mary urged me to ass fuck
her, I dragged my dick out of her delicious pussy and stabbed
viciously a little higher, searching desperately for the asshole
into which I HAD to sink soon, or I'd bust!

Mary reached back and seized my prick! She lifted it a fraction
and I felt a tight wriggle of flesh against the naked slippery
tip of my prick as she whispered, "THERE, DARLING, BUT PLEASE BE

My self control had, to a certain extent, returned but the twitch
of flesh against the sensitive tip of my prick reminded me of
WHERE I was about to find my pleasure!

With a groan of undeniable desire, I squeezed myself forwards,
keeping my arms around the teenage waist as I pressed my long and
hungry cock against the virgin asshole offered so willingly! I
shuddered as I felt the ring of muscle between Mary's ass cheeks
give a flutter of fear, and then as I pushed a little harder, I
felt the asshole opening little by little under the pressure of
my insistence!

"OH DARLING, IT'S GOING IN!" Mary cried, as she too felt the
gentle but firm opening of her ass to my huge prick, and as she
shook with excitement, I felt the first sudden ripple of
acceptance as her asshole opened like a flower to admit the huge
unusual visitor to the back ass passage beyond!

I ground my teeth with delight as I felt the skin of my prick
being peeled, unmercifully back by the tight circle of Mary's
asshole, as it fought to prevent this unnatural entry! But I
could not stop it now, and both Mary and I were delighted that
this was so!
I forced myself forwards still more, revelling in the perverted
pleasure that this girl's ass was giving to me, and anticipating
the full flavor of being full prick up her ass within a few
minutes more!

"Push back, Mary!" I pleaded as I pushed and struggled to get
another inch, and yet another inch, inside the tight asshole, and
as she responded, I gave a sigh of delight, and felt my dong
being sucked and squeezed into its new haven! This girl had an
ass tight as a virgin's cunt, tighter! And bit by bit I was
stretching it open for the fuck of a lifetime! One day I thought
some lucky man will marry this hot piece and discover that she
has a sexual repertoire fit for an Eastern Potentate, THANKS TO
ME! I may have had a self-satisfied smile on my face at that
moment, but if so, no one knew!

By now I was almost all the way up Mary's asshole, with only
about an inch of stiff prick to be stuffed inside! My loins felt
as if they were being crushed and destroyed, as I fought to get
the last inch into the hot, slippery tunnel before me, and when
Mary gave a backward heave of her ass, and slid herself right
onto my fuck-pole so that nothing was left outside, I gave a cry
of victory!

"It's ALL UP YOUR ASS, MARY!" I cried with excitement "I'm
stuffed up your ass tighter than a turd!" and my obscenity only
served to make our mutual pleasure that much greater!

demented young girl gasped, as she felt the prick in her ass
slither a little to and fro, as I savored the full bliss of being
inside her ass for the first, (but not the last time)! And I
needed no encouragement now for the tight squeezing of this
teenager's ass was enough to make a less experienced man shoot
his load without even getting all the way in!

I buried my face into the bent back before me, and pulled the
length of my prick down the sucking back passage with a slow,
deliberate desire to enjoy the obscene, and perverted fuck slowly
and fully! As the head of my iron cock reached the tight mouth
of the girl's ass, I pushed forward and sank gently, and deeply
and voluptuously, back into the depths of her asshole until every
thick inch of prick was once again rammed firmly home!

This slow rhythm went on, as the pleasure flooded through my
balls and prick like a never ending symphony. As I grew more and
more excited, so the movements became faster! Mary bent lower as
I started to fuck at her ass with quicker strokes, and as the
soft cheeks of her delicious ass wobbled under the assault of my
lust, she started to moan and pant! I knew that the friction of
my huge pecker along her back passage was beginning to excite
hidden nerves that had never before been set on fire, except
perhaps on the occasions when a particularly hard shit can make a
pleasurable shit all on its own! But now the pleasure was shared
with a MAN, and the man was stroking her to new excitement with
the slow, but quickening plunges of his stiff prick, in and out
of her hot and sensitive asshole.

I grasped the soft fleshy ass cheeks as I fucked at the perfectly
shaped behind in which I was plugged, and as I felt the squeezing
pressure about my slithering prick increase, I knew that Mary was
about to experience her first climax as a result of being ass
fucked! This drove me even MORE mad with desire to shoot my load
up her ass, and I fell to the task of ravishing this girl's ass
simply for my own perverted pleasure! I plunged in and out of
the wet and grasping tunnel with deeper and faster thrusts,
demanding the hot ass to suck my sperm out of my prick with all
vicious excitement that ass fucking can provide!

Mary struggled and moaned on the desk top in the throes of a
violent orgasm, and struggling on her writhing ass I sought to
get rid of the incredible lust which was fighting to issue from
my fevered cock.

"I'M COMING, FUCK ME I'M COMING" screamed the girl who now was
crushed helplessly beneath me, and as she struggled and jerked in
the depths of awful delight to which my perverted penetration had
forced her, so I felt the length of my prick start to swell and
throb with the news of impending ejaculation!

I fought to get even deeper into the depths of the teenagers ass,
fighting to shoot my hot juices straight into the dark, murky
asshole whether she wanted me to or not! BUT SHE WANTED ME ALL

"OH DARLING, DARLING," the sweet creature gasped, as she felt my
hard and furious ride upon her ass beginning to become helpless,
and quite uncontrollable, "COME UP MY ASS, SHOOT A HOT LOAD OF
SPERM INTO MY WILLING ASS FOR ME" and even as she pleaded so
desperately, I felt the moment arriving!

Fire belched along my leaping prick, and even as I forced it
fiercely into the deeper depths of her ass, so the scum began to
pour out of me to mix with heaven knows what in Mary's body. I
fucked the pretty ass like a dervish, driving every inch of solid
prick as far in as it was possible to go, and as I plunged and
pumped, thurst and pistoned in and out of the strained asshole,
so I almost fainted with the incredible pleasure that was mine!

I clung to her arched back, sticking my dick in and out of the
slime and the bubbling tunnel until every drop of my perverted
passion had been squeezed ruthlessly out of me, and only then did
I slow my rape of Mary's ass to a standstill. The cheeks of her
ass were on fire, and even through the material of my trousers I
could feel the heat burning into my belly! The dripping mixture
that oozed from her asshole, around the still stiff column of my
inserted prick, was staining the front of my trousers, but I did
not care! All that mattered was the realization that my
secretary was willing and able to engage in ass fucking with the
real enthusiasm that is necessary, if it is to be truly enjoyed
by both!

"Fuck me," groaned Mary as she regained her breath a little. "My
bottom feels as if it's had a telegraph pole stuffed up it!" and
she giggled at her outburst. I gave her a hug and answered
"Never mind Miss Toogood, remember that its all in a good cause
and NEXT time it will be even better you'll find!" and I knew it
COULDN'T be soon enough!

Chapters Four and Five.

CHAPTER FOUR - Dad sucks the waitress in the cafe.

Richard Dawson

The events recorded in the last chapter covered a period of about
an hour and a half, and after Mary and I had cleaned ourselves up
and settled down to the more conventional relationship of boss
and secretary, it was time for a coffee. My unusual routine was
to go across the road to a coffee house and chat with a pretty
little waitress called Veronica, who was not averse to letting me
have a quick, but very discrete feel up her leg, if there were
not too many customers around! Oh yes, I liked to keep my
interests as wide and as varied as possible.

Once across the road, I settled down into a booth, and waited for
Veronica to come over with my usual order, and when she did we
smiled and exchanged greetings. The cafe was almost empty, and
as Veronica set my cup down beside me, and leaned over the table
to brush away some crumbs, I slipped my hand up to the edge of
her panties! She was only sixteen, and she glanced around to see
if we were being watched. Finding that we were not, she opened
her legs a little, and whispered, "Go on-have a feel! I'm hot as
hell this morning, and could do with a quick finger fuck.

My gasp of surprise and delight made her smile down at me, but
then she raised her head to keep an eye open for anyone who might
come into the cafe and stop our new found sport! I left this
'watchdog' role to her, and without a moments hesitation, I
hauled her short blue, gingham skirt up high enough to see her
cute little panties, and quickly stuffed my itchy fingers up the
left leg hole, so as to give her the fun she so obviously needed!
My fingers played with the warm cunt hairs that lay hidden in her
panties, and as I felt for her cunt, she whispered "For the love

I didn't waste any more time! I forced the already, slippery
lips of the girFrom: [email protected](***)
Subject: HORNEY DAD 4/5

Chapters Four and Five.

CHAPTER FOUR - Dad sucks the waitress in the cafe.

Richard Dawson

The events recorded in the last chapter covered a period of about
an hour and a half, and after Mary and I had cleaned ourselves up
and settled down to the more conventional relationship of boss
and secretary, it was time for a coffee. My unusual routine was
to go across the road to a coffee house and chat with a pretty
little waitress called Veronica, who was not averse to letting me
have a quick, but very discrete feel up her leg, if there were
not too many customers around! Oh yes, I liked to keep my
interests as wide and as varied as possible.

Once across the road, I settled down into a booth, and waited for
Veronica to come over with my usual order, and when she did we
smiled and exchanged greetings. The cafe was almost empty, and
as Veronica set my cup down beside me, and leaned over the table
to brush away some crumbs, I slipped my hand up to the edge of
her panties! She was only sixteen, and she glanced around to see
if we were being watched. Finding that we were not, she opened
her legs a little, and whispered, "Go on-have a feel! I'm hot as
hell this morning, and could do with a quick finger fuck.

My gasp of surprise and delight made her smile down at me, but
then she raised her head to keep an eye open for anyone who might
come into the cafe and stop our new found sport! I left this
'watchdog' role to her, and without a moments hesitation, I
hauled her short blue, gingham skirt up high enough to see her
cute little panties, and quickly stuffed my itchy fingers up the
left leg hole, so as to give her the fun she so obviously needed!
My fingers played with the warm cunt hairs that lay hidden in her
panties, and as I felt for her cunt, she whispered "For the love

I didn't waste any more time! I forced the already, slippery
lips of the girl's cunt open, and prodded a long finger up into
the hot, moist, passage of her slit, making sure that my thumb
rubbed in little circles across the clitty that was quite stiff
and swollen already. I wondered if this young girl had already
given herself a quick masturbation back in the kitchen, or
whether some other male member of the staff had obliged!

I didn't care for it was quite enough for me to feel this juicy
young cunt reacting to my eager attentions, while my coffee grew
cold on the table beside me! Within a few minutes Veronica was
standing in a very fixed and awkward position, concentrating on
the finger fucking which I was giving to her, and even if someone
had come into the cafe, I don't think that she could have stopped
herself from telling them to 'fuck off'. I pulled her closer to
me, and forced her young cunt open and shut with wild and
exciting fingers, and as she began to shudder and moan beside me,
I wanted to dive my head under the skirt and finish the job off
with my mouth, but it was too risky.

Suddenly the girl stiffened and moaned, and in a strangled gasp
she pleaded, "Suck me, OHHHH?" and her last cry of questioning
surprise was the result of having my mouth suddenly latch onto
her dripping slit! I had changed my mind just before she had
spoken, and decided that if I could give the girl a finger
fucking, I could risk the quick suck I wanted to give her!

I didn't bother to try and move her panties out of the way, but
gave a twist to the situation by pushquestioning arch to her brow when
she said, "I hope you find her well." I wonder if she knew what I
was REALLY after that afternoon.

An hour later my car was parked in the garage, and I was opening
the front door of the house. As I closed it behind me, I took
off my over coat and walked towards the stairs. I had expected
Debbie to be in bed, but as I passed the living room door, which
was open, I saw that she was NOT.

Across the room and in front of the fire, Debbie was curled up in
a large armchair asleep. I almost felt a sense of being cheated
as I wondered if she was in fact unwell, and wondered if my lust
had made me imagine the veiled hint of ******uous pleasure which
had seemed so real when I had left for the office.

I walked quietly into the room, and gazed at the fifteen year old
girl as she lay curled up in the chair, and felt a surge of
desire flood through my body as I saw her helplessness. Her
blond hair had fallen over her face as she lay with her head on
the arm of the chair, and her soft body was curled around so that
I could see the swelling curve of her tits pushing the thin
material of her blouse under her bent arm! Her hips were just
covered by a pretty pink mini-skirt, but her thighs were in full
view, from well above the dark stocking tops, down to the small
feet which were without shoes!

I went a little closer and listened to her soft and regular
breathing, and being quite certain that she was asleep, I bent
down to examine the bare flesh of her lovely soft thighs.

Becoming more excited and daring, I bent lower so as to look up
to the tight, white nylon briefs that she was wearing underneath
her mini-skirt. By now my prick was stiffening into a bar of
iron again, remembering the disgraceful exhibition that Debbie
had given me the night she had watched her mother suck me off.

I had no hesitation in opening my trousers quickly and releasing
the full length of my prick into freedom. I knelt beside the
sleeping girl and stroked the sensitive tip of my prick along the
stocking nearest to me, thrilling to the tingling sensation that
this first direct sexual contact with my daughter gave me.
Becoming bolder, I started to jerk my prick against the warm leg,
moving higher as I shuffled nearer!

My balls were aching a little, no doubt with the effects of the
bouts of sex in which they had been involved in recently, but
they had a reserve stock of scum that was always ready to go into
action when the right sort of stimulation was given - AND THIS

I could smell the soft perfume which rose from the sleeping
figure before me, and still rubbing my cock along the stockinged
leg, I moved my free hand so as to lift Debbie's skirt right up
and over her swelling hips!

The breath gave a jump in my throat as I uncovered the tightly
stretched nylon panties, so full of soft, teenage ass that they
seemed on the very point of bursting open! I looked at the
garter strap which ran from the leg of the knickers to the
straining stocking top and wanted to bend over and bite the warm
flesh, before pulling the gorgeous young legs open, so that I
could rip off the flimsy material covering the juicy cunt I was
after! But I controlled myself somehow!
By now I was almost touching the side of the chair in which
Debbie was asleep, and releasing my stiff prick from my gently
moving hand, I very carefully moved a foot stool over so that I
could kneel on it and be on a level with my daughters beautiful
ass cheeks. It was a terrible temptation, kneeling there with my
rigid, hungry prick extended out towards the teenage pussy, and
as I tried to dedicate my intentions to a method of enjoying
Debbie's situation without really FUCKING her, I wondered if I
had the self control necessary to be quite so strong willed! I
had made up my mind that today I WOULD enjoy my delicious
daughter in some way, and as I reached out to touch her soft hips
I decided that I would try and lower her panties without waking
her, if only so that I could jerk myself off onto her deliciously
naked hip!

Being as careful as possible, I worked my finger tips inside the
waistband of those tight little pants, thrilling at the soft
warmth of the teenage flesh as I got the elastic firmly between
my fingers and thumbs! The girl gave a slow wriggle and a sigh
as my hands touched her intimately for the first time since she
had been a tiny tot, and remembering how I had peeled down her
panties in those days when she wanted 'Pottie' I nudged my huge
prick into the back of her thighs with lewd excitement!

Debbie didn't wake up, but her slight movement had turned her
hips a little so that her legs had now lifted away from her ass
and left her gorgeous rear perched on the edge of the chair seat,
directly in front of my out-thrust prick! If I poked my prick
forward now it would spear itself right into the junction of the
teenage buttocks, and be aimed straight at the hidden cunt that
was my eventual goal!

I grasped the waistband of the white nylon panties tightly, and
with great care started to peel the garment down and over the
sweeping curve of ass and hip until the succulent flesh was
naked, and the garment was hanging limp about the backs of the
delicious thighs! I could see the perfect valley which divided
my daughters ass, and bending low I peered up at the wisps of
golden hair that peeped out beneath her buttocks, and saw the
start of the fat little cunt which was squeezed tightly between
her legs.

I took my prick in my hand now and gave myself a long hard rub,
watching the dribble of pre-fuck juice dangle like a spider's
web, almost to the floor! For two pins, I would have jerked
myself off there and then, spurting my juice all over the
delectable ass which reminded me of the display June had given me
the day I had jerked myself off in the bathroom!

But after a long, hard jerk, I felt more in control of myself,
and releasing my prick, I decided to investigate the charms
before me a little more intimately! With breathless excitement I
put my forefinger in my mouth and wetted it liberally with
saliva, and then slipped the tip of my finger in between the
cheeks of my sleeping daughter's ass!

Oh it was a lovely feeling as the soft, heavy flesh gave a
squeeze to my invading finger, quite involuntary but almost
inviting. As I silently sought for the hidden rosebud of
Debbie's asshole, I had an urgent desire to replace my
inquisitive finger tip with the much more eager lance of my
prick! But I resisted the temptation manfully, making a mental
note that ONE DAY I would try my luck at stuffing my cock up this
lovely little asshole into which I now started to wriggle my wet

Debbie gave a sigh as my stiff finger found the opening to her
virgin asshole, and began to nose into the tightly closed anus,
and as I poked my finger to and fro very gently I was thrilled by
the slippery defiance which the asshole put up against the rude

But resistance or no resistance I had no intention of being
denied my objective, and with a little more pleasure, I mean
pressure, I managed to get my fingertip lodged firmly against the
secret doorway to Debbie's ass passage, and then with a quick jab
I forced my finger inside with a sudden and thrilling slither!
The tight elastic band gave way, and when I had penetrated to the
first joint of my finger I stopped, and taking my livid prick in
my free hand I started to jerk myself off in the same rhythm as I
used to slip my fingertip in and out of my daughter's ass!

"If you don't fuck me, Dad, I'll call the Police! "

The sudden sound of Debbie's voice, low and trembling, shook me
rigid with surprise, and the fact that she hadn't moved a
fraction while she had uttered these words made me quiver with
lust! I caught my breath, and without making any reply I pulled,
(with a tingle of regret), the fingertip out of her ass and fell
forward across the swelling hips, digging my hard prick in
between the lush thighs in search of the teenage cunt being
offered to me!

I pulled the tight legs apart with the solid end of my cock and
using the slimy covering of sperm as a lubricant, I shoved up
between the soft columns until I felt a hot barrier stop my
progress! The naked and sensitive tip of my prick told me that I
was pushing into a hairy wall, and working my tool about in eager
search for the slippery mouth that must be close at hand, I
suddenly felt Debbie lifting her upper leg a little! The
pressure at hand on my turgid prick eased, and wicked fingers
grasped me, forcing my shaft to a slightly more comfortable angle

With a gasp Debbie cried, "THERE YOU ARE DADDY, NOW FUCK ME FOR
COME", and with a wriggle, she forced herself onto the first inch
of prick without any help from me! I grabbed her silky legs
fiercely and closed my eyes for a moment, savoring the first
thrill of ******uous fucking, and then as I looked down at the
depraved girl, I dug my prick a good three inches into her cunt!

It was a tight, wet, burning hot cunt that my daughter gave so
eagerly to me that afternoon, and as I heaved to and fro the
little bitch accepted more and more of her father's prick without
a whimper! I saw the backs of her gorgeous legs quivering as my
thick fuck-pole pushed deeper between them. As I finally plunged
the last inch into her fuck-box, I rammed my belly against the
girl's ass with a loud cry of triumph.

I started to fuck her. She was as tight as hell, but all the
more delicious for being so, and it dawned on me that the teenage
whore hadn't been a virgin when I shoved my cock into her! The
fact didn't matter, but in a gasping voice I asked her how many
men or boys had fucked her before, and as she bit her lips in a
mixture of physical ecstasy and mental delight, she laughed!

"Only about a dozen, Dad," she whispered, as she gazed up at my
flushed face, seeing in my eyes and writhing mouth the reaction I
was experiencing to the driving of my pecker inside her slit!

Debbie had closed her eyes now as I rhythmically fucked in and
out of her dripping gash, and her fingers clutched desperately at
the chair cover as she bit her lower lip and moaned in ecstasy. I
arched over her tender young body thrusting in and out with a
regular piston-like movement of my hips, savoring the sight of my
daughter's obvious delight, at the same time as I enjoyed her
body with my tool of lust.

"OH DAD, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER," she suddenly gasped, thrusting
out her ass so as to make her cunt bulge back from between her
lovely thighs. I responded to the cry of urgent need with quick
excitement, fucking even faster and harder than before as Debbie
started to move her hips to and fro in unison with my forceful
penetration. Her tight cunt sucked and bubbled along the rigid
length of my prick, bathing it in a foam of cunt juice.

Suddenly I felt Debbie start to quiver and tremble under my
loins, and as I clutched her stockinged thighs tightly, and
forced myself faster and faster into her hot twat, she gasped,

I held the girl down on the seat of the arm chair as she started
to heave and jerk, and as she shouted aloud wild obscenities. I
rammed myself deeper and deeper into the tender young cunt. I
felt her give a gigantic heave back all of a sudden, and heard
her tortured cunt give a loud, noisy squelch as I shoved it full
of prick. She was coming, so I helped her climax along, at the
same time as I forced myself towards the first ejaculation inside
my young daughter's cunt!

And so Debbie came, trembling and stiffening beneath me. As she
cried out with supreme joy, I felt the skin of my prick peeled
back over the slippery crown of my cock, and as the
ultrasensitive flesh was caressed by the teenage tunnel of lust,
I started to come myself! My guts coiled up and shuddered as
blinding ecstasy flooded down my spine, through my belly to the
shaft of my prick, and then burst out of captivity in a surging
river of heated delight that spurted along my leaping prick to
explode into Debbie's cunt like a jet of hot water! I collapsed
over the motionless figure, as she lay murmuring endearments as I
slowly came to the end of my violent rape of her satisfied cunt!
At last I rested on top of her, breathless and exhausted.

But after a few minutes, I had to admit that all good things must
come to an end, if only for the time being, and as my limp prick
had been squeezed out of Debbie's tight little cunt to hang wet
and sticky beneath me, it was obvious that we had better clean up
the unavoidable evidence of our fuck session. I drew back and
looked at the delicious view before me, and seeing the soft
thighs, pink from the battering my hips had given them, and the
luscious cunt, dribbling a stream of juice down onto the carpet,
I felt incredible pleasure and satisfaction! I HAD FUCKED MY