Where does one begin in a story like this? Should I try to defend myself? Try to excuse my actions with some story about my childhood? Frankly I don't think there's an excuse to be made, but maybe a little backstory…

I got married right out of high-school. The girl I married was a little fiery to begin with but after we got married she went full-on psycho. To be fair, I gave as good as I got, but the writing was on the wall within a month of saying "I do". Put bluntly, the divorce was more civil than our marriage.

Eight years later, I get this really cryptic call from the ex. She says we gotta meet. I figure she wants a booty call or some shit. She was THAT kind of crazy, and I’m THAT kind of stupid (I wasn't getting a lot of ass back then). My life's really good, but i haven't had a slick dick in a year or two so I say fuck it and agree to meet.

At a truck stop in the middle of fucking nowhere, my ex shows up with a little girl and a shitload of paperwork. She tells me this is MY child and that she’s sick of the kid "fucking up her relationships". She wants ME to take HER little girl!

Obviously I have no clue what the fuck she’s talking about, then the little girl starts silently crying. In a moment of weakness, I ask for her name... Amy... My moms name. God dammit. Obviously I'm taking her home with me. My mom's namesake isn't going home with a trucker.

That night I hit the phone hard and spend a week calling everyone I can think of from CPS to lawyers. When the dust settles, I have a kid. Paternity aside, my names on the birth certificate and hasn't been challenged for eight years. So legally shes my daughter. That doesn't mean I'm stuck with her if I don't want to be. My new lawyer was very specific about that. I had options. But after a week of hosting her, I was getting a little attached. Amy’s a good kid, if not a little shy. After a few months of adjustment, and for the next ten years, I have a daughter! Better yet, Amy finally has a parent she can count on. I was there for everything. I taught her to ride a bike AND drive a car. When she started puberty, I bought her pads and tampons. I introduced her to STAR WARS for christ’s sake! I made sure she wanted for nothing and I was VERY diligent to attend to her every need. When the kids at school started bullying her, I was there at the school, with my lawyer the next fucking day. When she was sad, I took her out for movies and ice-cream. I was the soft place she never had and I gotta say, it was pretty fucking great. Everything was perfect and I thought nothing could fuck it up. But every day I had this little question eating up my brain... Is she BIOLOGICALLY mine? Of course, like a good dad, I pushed it to the back of my head, but it never went away. Still, I may not have been there from birth, but I was there when it counted. I’m a Dad!

Then it happened...

A few weeks before she turned 18, I ask Amy what she wants for her birthday. It was early in the morning so she wasn't fully awake yet when she replied "laid". I had no idea how to reply to that so I laughed and asked if she had someone in mind or do we need to make a trip to Vegas? She didn't laugh, but she looked me dead in the eye and said "I have someone in mind." again, i didn't know how to react so I just laughed it off. A few days later, I asked again. This time she was definitely awake, and again, she made eye contact. Then she calmly and deliberately said, "I want to get laid." Instantly my heart was racing. I was getting some pretty hot signals from my own daughter and I had no idea how to react. One thing I was sure of, this HAD to be a joke... Right?

Like before I jokingly asked her if she had someone in mind, trying to play it off like a joke. She wasn't laughing. She just raised one eyebrow and slowly nodded.

I was convinced I wasn't reading her right. But I was too scared to call her on it. I don’t know how a dad’s supposed to react to this kind of thing. For fucks sake, Dads don’t get this kind of shit thrown at them… right? For years I had encouraged Amy to go on dates. I even tried to set her up with some of the kids I knew from work (teenagers working summer jobs). She had ZERO interest. I just figured she was a lesbian or something! I was too scared to press it further so I abandoned ship on the conversation, and left the room laughing.

The next three weeks were fucking intense. She started walking around the house in extremely skimpy clothes. When she joined me for breakfast, or to watch TV, she'd come out in panties and a partially open bathrobe. I was dying on the inside. The perverse sub-human brain in me was curious just how serious she was, but I was too chicken shit to even ask for clarification. When her birthday came around, the whole thing was stuck in my head like a deer tick on a hunting dog. Because I have no imagination, I wound up giving her $200 in cash with a funny card. I hoped that would be the end of it... It wasn't.

The next day, I heard her crying in her room. Like a good father, I went to investigate, but I was so completely torn apart about it. Was this a trap? Was she the kind of girl to set that kind of trap? Was I spending WAY too much time on pornhub?! Probably, but this felt surreal.

Confused and concerned, I went in blindly, hoping she was at least dressed... She was... But she was wearing her PMS clothes. Every girl has PMS clothes. It’s a standard uniform of sweats and a tee-shirt. But Amy’s tee-shirt was pretty shear and her breasts were on the larger side so it wasn’t hard to make out her areolas. She might as well have been topless! Right off, I knew I was in for a wild ride!

The conversation started off easy enough, I asked her what was wrong, she tried to laugh it off as PMS trouble, but we both knew it wasn’t her time of the month (We shop together, and I know the level of her stock of tampons at ALL times). Of course I knew where we had to take the conversation, and though I was terrified to go there, I knew we had to, or else our relationship would take a nasty hit. So I cornered her. Asked her what she really wanted for her birthday… She looked at me like she did on the day we first met. Terrified and rejected. “Sex.” she quietly admitted.

I've always been open and honest with Amy when it came to sex, so I hoped this was just a matter of her needing a wingman. THAT I could handle!

“Ok, so why don’t you find a nice boy to have sex with?” I hopefully replied, with my heart firmly between my ears, “I'm sure we can find one on tindr or something!” Almost immediately she broke down and started sobbing. “You daddy.” she said between snotty breaths, “I want YOU to take my virginity!” Through tears and strained breaths, she said she wanted her first time to be with someone she actually trusted. Then she hit me right in the balls. Said she couldn’t trust anyone because no one in her life had ever wanted her… except for me.

We went back and forth for the better part of an hour. The harder I tried to encourage her to get out and give OTHER men a chance, the harder she refuted each and every one of my attempts. She painted a pretty damn bleak picture of the dating pool and men in general. Handing me example after example of men being men. Useless and unfaithful… Apparently my ex was quite the whore after we split. Apparently some of her boyfriends were violent. Apparently I was the only man in Amy’s life she knew she could trust. Of course I tried to come back with the whole “inbreeding” stigma, not to mention the legality of it all. But she shot that down too. She’d been on the pill since she was sixteen, and I was getting to that age when motility starts dropping drastically. A conversation I NEVER imagined I would have with my daughter to be sure! On top of that she’d been doing research on the matter of legality because she was able to fucking site statutes and example cases. I guess the only things illegal in our state would be if she was underage, or if we tried to get married. By the end, I was more confused than ever. and I felt cornered.

After everything was finally out, it became a dare to see who would speak first. Of course, I had to be the one to crack, but I had no idea how to handle this. In the end, I promised I would think about it, but this was a lot to think about. She managed to give me a hopeful smile, but I could already see her dyeing a little inside. Sure I promised to think about it, but until that moment, that usually meant, “I don’t want to say no, but no”.

That night, I got precisely zero hours of sleep. All I could think about was Amy’s indecent proposal, “Daddy, I want you to take my virginity.” those were the words that kept me awake. It was a lot to ask a man who’s forsaking the normal male instinct to fuck the second she showed signs of sexual maturity, fighting his base instincts into submission until he is no longer capable of seeing this sexually beautiful woman as anything more than his baby. THAT’S what it’s like being a dad. You just forget that part of human instinct until it just stops working.

And then there was still that little shred of doubt in the back of my mind. WAS she my daughter? Or was she someone else’s daughter that I’d taken in? Was it possible she had no biological connection to me at all, and while still lewd (considering the 19 year age gap), might this be socially acceptable? Obviously, I knew the answer. OF COURSE NOT! Despite the fact she was growing more independent and would soon be moving on to college, I was still her primay caregiver and had been for 10 god damn years! I'M HER FATHER! There is NO part of this that's okay. For all her valid points, there's no way this doesn’t add up to permanent psychological damage. I was sick and fucked up just for thinking about it!!

All night, I flipped back and forth. Whatever the outcome, Amy would be scarred. Take her virginity and she’ll carry the stigma of ****** at the back of her mind. DON’T and I’m still a good dad, but now she has another fucked up example of rejection. With less than an hour to go before I had to get ready for work, I came to a decision, but even then I was uneasy with my choice. The next morning, I called in sick to work. Having gone all night without sleep, I SOUNDED like shit and it was Friday (it’s usually quiet on Fridays), so my director didn’t question it. After that, I checked that Amy was still sleeping before I went back to bed and crashed.

I didn’t get much sleep that morning either. I dreamed Amy came into my room, pinned me down, and forced herself on me. I kept telling her it was wrong, but I couldn’t move… cliché, I know, but that was the dream! I don’t remember much else about the dream past that, but I slept very restless and woke up sweating in a blanket burrito. I was still pretty exhausted when I untangled and dragged myself to my bathroom. But I was awake enough to stare at myself judgmentally in the mirror. Was I making the right choice? Was there a “right” choice in this situation?

I took a quick shower and shaved, hoping it would make me feel a little less dirty before heading out to finally face Amy. Wrapped in a towel, I stepped from my bathroom and headed toward the closet when something caught my eye. The outline of Amy, sleeping on my bed, right next to where I had been sleeping not thirty minutes before. She was curled up in a little ball... naked.

I wasn’t sure if she snuck in while I was sleeping, or while I was in the shower. To be honest, I was so out of it when I got up, the room could have been full of people and I wouldn’t have noticed a damn thing. Even so, the sight of her bare skin shocked me. My first instinct was to yell at her. Tell her to get out and put some clothes on. Then the sound of her breathing stopped me. She was asleep. She had been there when I woke up. Suddenly my dreams started making sense. Possibly in a desperate attempt to ‘change my mind’ she must have slipped in while I slept. Failing to rouse me, she probably just curled up and fell asleep beside me… rejected yet again. I knew what I had to do. I had already made my choice, and this was it. As the conflict in my head abated a little, I let my towel slip to the floor and quietly made my way back to bed.

Every step was torture. Though I wasn’t any louder than I had been since getting up, every move I made seemed loud to me. The sound of my feet on the carpet, my knees on the bed spread, and finally, the shifting of the mattress as I knelt next to her, sounded like a fucking Michael Bay movie. Looking back I should have been out of my mind with adrenaline. But in actuality I’ve never been so calm as I was when I gently laid my hand on her hip. She stirred a little as I slowly began caressing up her side to the base of her ribs. By the time my fingers traversed her body to the crease of her left breast her eyes were open.

She looked confused at first, and I braced myself in case she had a change of heart. But as soon as our eyes met, she just smiled wide, like I had just given her the keys to a new car. She maintained eye contact, watching my reaction, as she rolled onto her back exposing her body to me. A part of me still felt the instinct of a father – look away… But I had a job to do, and Amy’s self esteem required absolute confidence. I wasn't going to just fuck my daughter to satisfy her request. She deserved better. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right.

Gazing over Amy’s body, I couldn't help but feel a swell of pride. She was absolutely beautiful, and built a lot like her mother at that age, slender and refined, yet somewhat on the busty side. Her breasts were a full D cup, but with her slight frame they weren’t exactly massive. Her areolas were average sized, and along with her nipples appeared very pink. Her belly and abdomen were slim and flat, with a hint of muscle showing through. She had smooth curves to her hips, not too thick, but not too bony either, and her pubic area was clean and bare without even a hint of razor burn. I suspect she had been grooming herself daily for a long time, considering how smooth and inviting her skin was.

Making myself comfortable, I explored her curves with my fingers, beginning with her neck and shoulders, and continuing down to the sides of her breasts. As I said she had full breasts, but she was only eighteen so they were quite soft and supple. I was careful to tease her areolas, but I held back a little, allowing the anticipation to build. As the tips of my fingers finally slid around her nipples, she let out a soft sigh of relief and bit her lip in excitement.

In time, I allowed my hands to slide further south and as I approached her loins, she spread her legs in anticipation. Her breathing quickened and I could feel her pulse in my fingertips as they passed over her femoral artery. Part of me should have felt a little shame at what we were doing, but for the moment, I suspended all inhibitions and focused only on pleasing the woman on my bed.

Sliding my fingers lightly up and down her leg, I traced a line to her knee, then back up toward her labia where I gently caressed her lips until her vaginal juices began seeping out. It felt a little fast, but as she laid herself wide, inviting me, I knew I was moving on pace.

Watching for any sign of change, I eased myself in between her legs, and positioned myself over her. There was no change in her expression, only aroused curiosity as she watched with anticipation. Easing myself down, I approached her left breast and drew her nipple into my mouth. Amy took in a sharp breath in excitement at the sensation of my tongue sliding over her tender nipple. There was a familiarity to the experience. Maybe because she and her mother were so physically similar, or maybe it was simply because she and I were so close. Either way, I felt comfortable and I followed my instincts.

After a moment of lingering on her breasts, I made my way down her body, tenderly kissing every few inches until I arrived at her groin where I softly kissed the cleft over her swelling clitoris. She let out a soft moan as I slid my tongue between the folds of her labia and began slowly lapping with my tongue. Settling in, I laid my palms on either side of her hips. Then I carefully nuzzled onto her vulva, parting her lips while I wrapped mine around her clitoris, drawing it into my mouth and softly sucking while extending my tongue down toward her vaginal opening.

For a long time, I lay there gently sucking on her clitoris while caressing the length of her vagina with my tongue. Occasionally, I would pull back to check that she was still enjoying herself. Each time, she would give me a pained look until I resumed my oral stimulation. After several minutes of this, she drew in a deep breath and arched her back as she reached down and gripped the sides of my head just as her vagina began rhythmically clenching.

Hoping to maximize the the orgasm, I planted my lips firmly around her clitoris, shielding it from my tongue while applying only a little suction as I gently stroked her hips and thighs, massaging her through the orgasm while she helplessly flailed on the bed around me. Before long, the orgasm subsided and I pulled away from her and sat up to survey her body once more.

Amy laid there, spread wide and occasionally gripping her breasts and massaging her body as the endorphins coursed through her veins. I was under no delusions about this being her first orgasm. Hell, she told me everything! But I’d like to think this was the best she’d had till then. Even so, my work wasn’t quite done yet. She had asked me to take her virginity, and great oral does not a virginity take. Sure enough, after several minutes of recovery, Amy spread her legs wide again while cupping her breasts and biting her lip in anticipation. It was time to make my daughter a woman.

Leaning forward, I positioned myself over her once more, resting my penis over her clitoris, where I began gently stroking her labia with the head of my penis. She was still quite sensitive so the move must have been overwhelming for Amy because every muscle in her body convulsed beneath me. But when I slowed and started to back off, she gave me a little disappointed whimper.

After a while my glans was properly slick and I lowered my shaft to the opening and prepared for penetration.

“Will it hurt?” she nervously asked. I looked deep into her eyes, slightly doubting the sincerity of the question. Realizing she was serious, I simply shook my head and waited for permission to proceed. Reassured, Amy let out a massive smile and a giggle, then she looked at me sideways and gave a little nod.

Then without so much as a hint of friction, I pressed forward slightly, slipping the head of my penis past her labia and into her vagina. Amy’s eyes rolled into the back of her head while her mouth opened in breathless ecstasy as I carefully slid my hips forward and back, advancing my shaft deeper and deeper into her body with each thrust until our pubic bones pressed together. Then, with a shrill sigh and a wide smile, she wrapped her legs and arms around me, pulling me down onto her. A lesser man would have ejaculated right there, but this wasn’t my first rodeo, even if it WAS my daughter.

Sliding my hands under her sides, I sat back, pulling her up and into my lap, kicking my legs out and resting her fully on my pelvis. Our bodies intertwined and she looked into my eyes with a hungry expression. Sliding my fingers down her back, I curled my hands under her butt as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a series of little kisses. We had kissed before, but that was the normal “daddy/daughter” kind of kiss. Amy was shooting for something else entirely. These were soft little kisses, filled with desire, and her eyes, never left mine.

Slowly, I began rocking my hips forward and back, pressing myself deeper into her body with each thrust until I could feel the rim of her cervix against the head of my penis. I don’t know if women have access to the nerves at the opening of their womb, but every time, the top of my glans rubbed over the rim of her cervix, her eyes rolled back and she let out a soft moan. As the thrusting began to intensify, she arched her back, tipping her pelvis forward and pressing her clitoris into my pubic bone. I relaxed my grip a little and rolled back onto the bed, leaving her upright as I began exploring her body with my hands again. Then I cupped her breasts, slipping my thumb and index fingers around her nipples which I gently twisted and pinched. Within minutes, I could feel her vaginal muscles clamping down around my shaft as her second orgasm began.

“Oh daddy.” she murmured, pawing helplessly at my chest and abdomen. Under any other circumstance, that would have been more than I could handle and I would have shoved her off me right then. But somehow, even though she was my daughter and I should have felt nothing but shame for what we were doing, she was still a beautiful woman. Instantly, I felt the edge of an orgasm, and I fought with everything I had to hold it back. Though she came twice, I could tell by the look in her eyes, she wanted more and I was getting a little worried that any more and I’d ejaculate inside her. Even on the pill, with low motility, and knowing she wasn’t ovulating, there was STILL a minute possibility of pregnancy. I couldn’t risk it.

Amy must have sensed my struggle, because her eyes softened and she eased to a stop, while softly caressing my chest. We sat there for several minutes just staring at each other. Still connected. After what felt like an eternity, Amy eased herself off me, and laid to one side, draping herself over me. Though the father in me hoped we were done, I knew we weren’t. Sure enough, once she was settled, Amy laid her free hand on my shaft and began petting it softly. In that moment, I knew, this was far from over. Though I still felt a little dirty, some part of me was glad. Amy’s caresses felt more relaxing than arousing and I was still a little tired from the night before. Before long, I started dozing and we drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

I awoke several hours later to the feeling of Amy’s fingers caressing my chest. It felt good but it took a moment to disable the “dad” modules in my brain again. I shuddered during the momentary lapse and Amy froze with a nervous expression. I laughed it off and told her she just tickled me. Then to drive in the last nail, I asked her if she wanted to take a shower with me. She smiled very wide and accepted the offer. I’m not sure what that made me feel more, happy or disappointed.

In the bathroom, we took turns using the toilet before climbing into the shower. Of course, Amy had to get back out for a moment to go get her own soap and shampoo. As I stood there under the hot water, I realized I was starting to get comfortable with Amy, maybe a little excited even. Just how far was this all going to go? How much farther COULD it go?! Once Amy was back, we started washing ourselves normally—well… as normally as we COULD under the circumstances. The first thing we both did was wash our hair. Amy took a bit longer than I did, but her hair was short so it didn’t take as long as it does other women. Even so, while her eyes were closed, I enjoyed watching her breasts bounce and sway on her chest as she massaged her scalp. To be honest, I was tempted to reach out and play with them, but I kept it together. When it came time to wash our bodies, she wasn't nearly so shy.

She grabbed my body wash out of my hand, squeezed out a slug of soap into her palm, and began lathering me up. We were playing HER game now, so I just relaxed and let it happen. I have to admit, her hands felt amazing on my body, and when she lingered on my crotch, I got pretty aroused. But before I knew it I was rinsed and clean. Then Amy handed me her body wash, folded her arms behind her head and gave me a devilish smile. I took a kind of sick pleasure washing her body. Of course I was sure to actually WASH her, but I took my time and massaged every millimeter of her skin, taking extra care of her breasts, crotch, and ass. I still felt dirty, but I was beginning to enjoy it. Once she was properly washed, I took my time rinsing her as well, spending just as much time caressing and exploring every inch of her body as before.

Just as I was finishing up, Amy reached out and pulled me into a tight embrace. Her body felt incredible against mine despite the awkward erection between us and we began kissing passionately. Pretty soon, my hands found her ass and I lifted her up and pressed her against the shower wall (thank god for no-slip traction stickers!). I don’t even remember inserting my penis this time, but in the space of only a few seconds we were flat out fucking in my shower.

The feel of her lips on mine, her breasts bouncing against my chest, and her soft and warm vagina wrapped around my dick was incredible. The sound of her moans mixed with my grunting was intoxicating and I quickly lost track of time. With every thrust she began whispering encouraging things into my ear. It was subtle at first, just a “yes” or “right there”. But then she added things like, “fuck me Daddy”. By this point what little shame I had left was smashed into oblivion and the dirtier she talked, the more aroused I became.

Pretty soon, the shower water turned cold, and we had to stop to shut it off. But we didn’t even make it out of the bathroom from there. The second we got clear of the shower stall, she just collapsed to the floor, pulling me down on top of her and we were right back at it. Fucking like dirty animals while Amy continued talking dirty, “do you like my pussy, daddy?” and “I love your dick inside me, daddy.”

Everything had changed and what little decency I had left in me simply vanished. I was fucking my daughter, and I LIKED it! From then on, I was a slave to my animalistic hungers. Drawing my knees up for traction and pushing her legs wide, I angled myself for deep penetration, and rammed my shaft as deep as humanly possible while grinding her clitoris with my pubic bone. I could tell the feeling was intense, but Amy didn’t let up. She just gave me a sleazy grin and said, “cum inside me, daddy. Fill me up.” We locked eyes and with only a few more thrusts, my prostate relented and my dick began throbbing deep inside her. As the cocktail of endorphins and adrenaline surged over my spine, Amy’s eyes rolled back and she began moaning loudly. I could feel her vagina rhythmically pulsing in time with my penis. We were cumming together. It was the single most powerful orgasm of my life, and I was sharing it with the most important woman in my life.

When it was over, we didn’t bother cleaning ourselves, we just wondered back to my bed, and collapsed. Dripping wet and coated in sweat, semen, and vaginal fluids. We just lay there cuddling. Neither of us was sleepy, but we were tired. As we lay there, filthy, Amy gently stroked my chest and abdomen, occasionally patting my penis with a little “good boy”. I still felt dirty, but it no longer felt like a bad thing.

After a rest, we managed to wander downstairs for food, before retreating back to my room for more cuddling. By this point I was curious when it was going to end, when we were going to go back to being a normal father and daughter… IF we even could… but before I could muster up the courage to say anything, Amy was back on my lap, fucking my brains out.

We continued having sex like this over the entire weekend, taking little breaks here and there for food and sleep, but somehow I managed to sustain a near constant erection for a solid seventy two hours. I showed her every sex act I knew of, including a few I'd only seen in porn (but wasn’t really able to pull off). I lost track of the number of orgasms that were had, but she claims she got me to cum a total of eighteen times. She said she wanted one for each of her years. Some were had in her mouth, some were dribbled over her beautiful breasts and ass, most were in her incredible pussy. The more depraved we got, the more aroused she became. It seemed like this was to become the new normal for us. Then Monday came.

We stopped having sex after I went back to work. We talked about it and though she wanted to continue, we agreed to wait until after her next period. I thought if I let her stew about what we were doing maybe she’d realize how bad it was. Not that I wanted her to feel bad about it. But part of me was dying inside knowing this was now a cancer on her mind that might come back to haunt her. Maybe in a year, maybe years after I was dead. But either way, I hate the thought of my daughter looking back on me and my decisions that weekend with contempt. I want to give her a chance to breath and think. I swore to her nothing had to change. I told her that if she wanted to pretend it never happened, I’d go along with it. I said if she wanted to never see me again, I’d understand that too! We both laughed about that, but I was serious.

Its been a little over a month now. She just finished her period and she’s been dropping hints all week. Tomorrow’s a holiday, I have the next 4 days off. I’m going home in a few hours and I know one of two things is going to happen. Either she’s waiting for me naked on my bed, or she’s not.

I’m not sure which one I want more.

Every day for a month, I tortured myself. Did I make the right choice? Was I the worst parent of all time? Or was this just something Amy and I needed to get through together? I had no idea, and the more I questioned it, the worse I felt. My relationship with my daughter was changed into something strange and uncomfortable. But I can't tell Amy that. She can NEVER know something she wanted, felt wrong to me. It would be like telling her something was wrong with HER, and there’s not a DAMN thing wrong with my little girl!

Eventually I concluded there was nothing I could do to change where this was going any more than I could change whats already happend. Weather I'm comfortable with it or not, Amy's in control now. If I try to break it off, it's just another rejection – one that comes with a terrible set of consequences that would scar and torment my daughter for the rest of her life. She'd probably learn to hate me bitterly. At best, she’d need counseling. At worst, she’d become a statistic at the wrong end of a razor blade. I couldn’t live with myself either way. It's her choice now. I have to follow her lead and hope to god she knows what shes doing.

As the thanksgiving weekend approached, I resolved myself to fate. I only hope, Amy never regrets it.

When I got home on Wednesday night (Thursday morning actually – night shift), Amy was waiting for me in my room. She was wearing one of my Teeshirts and nothing else. She asked if I minded, of course I didn’t. Show me a man who doesn't like to see a beautiful woman wearing his shirt!

I had mixed feelings when she started playfully pulling my clothes off. I guess I was still hoping she'd come to her senses or something. I managed to hide my conflict, but I was still pretty tired from work (4 tens can kick your ass!) I felt old and haggard.

I think she knew something was up because she only stripping me to my underwear. She hesitated for a second then gave me a soft smile and ushered me to bed, climbing in after me. Then she snuggled into my side, have me a warm hug, and whispered, "good night". It felt good to be hugged by my little girl again. The platonic gesture gave me a little bit of false hope. I knew I'd only been given a temporary reprieve, but it still felt good.

That night I slept like the dead. When I woke up the next morning, Amy was draped over me. Her body felt warm and comforting. She had spread her leg over me awkwardly and in my sleepy state it felt like she was falling so I put my hand on her butt to catch her... That's when I realized she wasn't wearing panties.

I’m not quite over my hangups on the state of our relationship so when it finally registered my fingers were nestled into the bare crack of her perfect ass, my heart skipped and I was awake. She started moaning softly in her sleep. Not bad sounds... More like pleasure, and I instinctively removed my hand.

"Put it back." She sleepily mumbled, cozying up to me and sliding her hand down my front. I only had a moment of doubt, but I quickly put my hand back on her butt as instructed. I thought she was waking up and I started psyching myself up. But after a moment, she nuzzled into my chest and started lightly snoring.

She seemed so peaceful and for another moment, I felt like 'dad' again - despite the placement of my hand! It felt good, and it didn't really bother me to be touching her so intimately anymore so I just relaxed and went back to sleep.

About an hour later, we woke up together. It was kind of eerie. We both opened our eyes at the same time and just lay there staring at one another. The sun was just coming up and she was laying across me looking up into my face. She looked so beautiful, I wanted time to stop. Then I felt her breathing quicken, and she smiled wide as my morning wood started poking her side. The father in me was ashamed and wanted to cross my legs and run to the bathroom. But the depraved animal in me was happy to see her arousal at the touch of my manhood.

It was Amy who moved first. Slow and tender, she began caressing my chest and belly before sliding her fingers down my abdomen and caressing my penis through my underwear. She asked me if I was okay with it. I told her I was, but in a moment of doubt, I asked her if SHE was okay with it. She said yes with a condescending voice and a sexy grin then started working my penis out of my underwear through the front opening.

It didn’t take her long to coax it out of hiding and she lay there for a while stroking me before she began kissing my chest. It felt pretty good, and I began caressing down her back. Once again, I found her bare butt, and I slid my fingers down along her crack. She's pretty petite and her legs were spread wide, so my fingers quickly found her perineum. Her breathing quickened as I began playing at the opening of her vagina, parting the lips and slipping the tips of my fingers just inside. After a few minutes, Amy looked up and slowly pulled away, crawled up on me and centering herself over me.

Her skin glowed in the morning light, and her breasts swung under the cotton teeshirt as she moved. It was beautiful and my heart was racing as she pulled the shirt off, freeing them at last. Then, she locked her eyes on me seriously and didn't look away while she reached down and took hold of my dick. She didn’t look away when she began rubbing my glans over her labia. Her eyes barely even fluttered as she eased herself down. When I finally felt her warm vagina sliding around my dick, my heart was racing, but she was still staring intently into my eyes. Once she was settled, she calmly asked if I was still okay with this.

I was a little distracted so I had to think about it for a second. Am I okay with having sex? Hell yeah! What man isn't? Am I okay having sex...with Amy? I'll be honest, I'm still a little shy about it, and the taboo made the act all the more exciting, but she was still my little girl! I must have looked like a deer in headlights.

Amy calmly leaned forward and nervously whispered in my ear, "do you want to stop?" This was it. Amy was doubting herself. In that second I knew if I didn't step up and affirm her desires were okay, everything I was so scared of happening, would become a reality. In answer, I looked her in the eyes, placed my hands around her hips, and arched my pelvis upward burying my dick all the way in.

Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy as she began grinding against my pelvis. Watching her bounce and grind on me like that was insanely hot and I held on for dear life. Then she sat up straight and folded her arms behind her head, bouncing her tits around with a devious grin. I have to say, her breasts are amazing. They look a LOT like Connie Carters early on. I almost lost it.

I needed a distraction. Something to occupy me and distract from what was happening to my dick. I knew if Amy was anything like her mother (other than appearance), she wanted her nipples played with, so I slid my hands up her body and cupped her breasts. She eagerly leaned into my hands as I began twisting and pinching her nipples. Probably not the distraction I needed, but with my hands occupied, at least the pleasure plateaued.

I took my time after that, and enjoyed every minute. Each and every thrust was like taking a new drug and I just got higher and higher. Pretty soon, Amy started mumbling things like "oh daddy” and “do you like how I feel, daddy?” I was noticing a pattern. I cant remember exactly what I said, but it was something like, “Do you like daddy’s dick inside you?” Amy gave a little shudder, and her face turned white. Then she pulled me upright, wrapped her arms and legs around me, and whimpered “fuck me, daddy.” I wasn’t sure where it came from, but I had found her kink. Amy has a daddy fetish! Seeing her like this made me feel powerful and I started kissing her passionately.

She went completely feral with pleasure, and with each bounce she moaned louder and louder. If we had any neighbors, I might have been worried someone might call the police. But I was too busy trying to hold back the urge to ejaculate! Then, with a little whimper she kind of squeaked, "oh daddy... Im gonna cum!". Sure enough, with only a few more thrusts, she flung her head back, arched, and called out, "Im cumming!!"

As her vagina began convulsing, I had to fight the urge to surrender completely and release my load into her. I may have ejaculated in Amy before, but it had been a while and some of my defenses had been rebuilt since the last time. On top of that, I knew this one was going to be absolutely epic, I'm pretty sure my balls were packed with close to triple capacity. I hadn't had an orgasm in about a month... I wasn't saving it or anything. But every time I tried to jack off I envisioned Amy. Somehow it felt like cheating... How fucked up is that?

The feeling of her vaginal walls contracting and the sight of her breasts bouncing inches from my face was almost too much, but I managed to keep it together. I just held her tight, bucking her through the orgasm. After a little post orgasm grinding, she relaxed her arms around my neck, tenderly kissing me slow and softly. I was still inside her, and she occasionally rocked her hips which made me twitch involuntarily. After a few minutes of holding her like this, she looked into my eyes and happily said, "I love you, daddy."

The phrase had a new meaning now, and I couldn't help but smile back as realization dawned. I'm 37 years old and in bed with an 18 year old. That's hot enough on its own, but I'm literally and presently having sexual intercourse with my own daughter. Is this becoming MY kink now?! My dick twitched involuntarily and Amy giggled, "your still hard!" Then her face changed to excitement and she almost yelled, "you haven't cum yet!" The excitement in her voice made me nervous. Then she looked at me with malicious intent.

She quickly pulled free and pushed me back down on the bed. Then she leaned down and gave me a kiss on my right pectoral. Then another. And another. She began kissing down my body like this, slowly making her way toward my crotch. It was the same move I did to her that first day, and it wasn't the first time she'd done it with me, so I knew what was coming.

Reaching my waistline, her kisses were blocked by my underwear. She quickly sat up and playfully pulled my underwear off, giggling the whole time. Once I was naked, she noticed I had trimmed my pubic area. I may be older, but I know good bedroom etiquette. Though I didn't wax it bare like she did, my balls were clean and the patch over my shaft was edged and trimmed to a respectable level. The important thing was Amy liked it. That's all I cared about... until she reached for my shaft. It was caked in sex, but she didn't shy away from the slick film of vaginal fluid coating me. She just slipped it into her mouth and began gently sucking.

Her technique had advanced since our last weekend together. She wasn't so shy, and seemed to have picked up a few tricks from somewhere - probably porn, but I don't really know. She started simple, sucking on my glans while licking the neck. Then she started twirling her tongue around the head and occasionally pressing my shaft further and further into her mouth.

We've all watched porn, so we’ve all seen "great" blowjobs, right? They come with gagging and sloppy gargling noises, right? Wrong! The only sound I heard was a soft, wet sound of my shaft sliding against her lips. Occasionally she would urge the tip back into her throat and she didn't even gag! She just swallowed hard a few times, caressing my glans with her throat before easing back and sucking some more. I've had blowjobs before, but this was on another level.

I felt drunk and unable to control myself. I began stroking her neck and scalp encouragingly as I felt the edge of orgasm approaching. For a few minutes, I tried to resist. It felt so good, and I didn't want it to end just yet. But eventually the desire becomes a demand, and the urge becomes involuntary.

I warned Amy I was getting close and I expected her to stop and just stroke me to orgasm. But she didn't stop... I warned her again, in case she hadn't heard, but again she didn't stop. She just looked up at me with a devious smile in her eyes as she dipped down pressing my glans to the back of her throat once more. Instantly my prostate clenched.

For a split second Amy was surprised when my penis throbbed to life and she sharply pulled back into a shallow suck. But my dick never left her mouth as the semen began to flow and I could see the hint of a smile in her eyes. She continued sucking through the orgasm, timing her draws with my ejaculations, and gently fondling my testicles, occasionally giving me an encouraging moan.

Amy continued to suck long after the last throb and when my penis began to go limp, she gripped my shaft at the base, pressing down on my urethra with her thumb, sliding her hand up the shaft and greedily milking the last drops into her mouth. It was amazing to watch, and it was definitely something I didn’t teach her! Once she was satisfied I was empty, she sat up abruptly, releasing me with an wet pop.

For a moment, Amy sat there rolling her tongue around inquisitively checking the contents of her mouth. Then, with a little smile she opened her mouth, showing me the pool of semen inside. Owing to my little bout of celibacy and her tiny mouth, there was quite a bit in there and a little dribbled down her chin. She giggled and made this little "oopsie" noise as she sat back. Then she playfully rolled her tongue and more spilled out, dripping onto her chest. She quickly re-positioned, leaning back on her hands and laying her legs wide. Then she looked at me seductively and opened her mouth wide, allowing most of the contents to spill out onto her chest and run down her body. I felt like getting upset about it getting on my blankets, but the scene was just so raunchy, all I could do was watch as she stuck her tongue out and started drooling and smearing it down her front.

If I'm honest, I'm a little surprised how much was actually there. Even having held it for so long in her mouth without swallowing, there shouldn't have been more than half a teaspoon or so, but she seemed to be covered from neck to clitoris. Then I realized she was creating a little river of drool leading down her front, between her breasts, past her naval, and straight to her vagina. Whats more, she was shepherding the creamy slugs of sperm along the line using her saliva as lubricant. The whole process took her about five minutes to coax the majority of my sperm down her front and into her vaginal opening, and I'm kinda proud to say, once she was done I had another erection!

Amy looked at my growing penis then up at me with that sleazy grin of hers then she said something Ill never forget as long as I live.

"Did you like that daddy?"




"...I want to be lovers"

I didn't say anything. I just crawled back into her embrace and slid my dick into her like I was simply going home. Her eyes grew wide as I slid in and I kept eye contact as I whispered, "sweetie... we already are."

She started moaning and gyrating her hips immediately while muttering things like "yes daddy" and "I love you inside me daddy". I still saw her as my little girl, but that fatherly instinct was breaking down and her ******uous comments were starting to turn me on. I wanted to reciprocate, but there's not a lot I can say with the same impact. "Oh yes, DAUGHTER" just doesn't have quite the same effect, and speaking in the third person gets old pretty fast. So instead I focused on my technique. I let her do most of the talking, but I did manage to slip in a "you like that baby?" here and there. It wasn't the same, but she knew what I was getting at and it seemed to be working because she'd start moaning even louder while begging for more.

Having already emptied my testicles, I was able to go for at least fifteen minutes before another load was ready, so I just jack-hammered away at her crotch until she came. Then, I kept going until she came again. I think I managed to coax a good two or three orgasms out of her before I started to feel the tingling behind my balls. Even then it took quite a bit of hard grinding to bring myself back to the edge.

Once I knew I was about to ejaculate again, I wanted to maximize its effect. I had plenty of time to think about it, but I could only come up with one thing to say. When I got close enough, I leaned in to Amy's ear and muttered "do you want daddy to cum inside you, baby girl?" Immediately she wrapped herself around me tightly and started begging. Saying things like “cum inside me, daddy!” and “fill me up daddy!” while rocking her hips up toward me for every thrust.

Successive orgasms had shortly after the first are weaker for men. The endorphin rush tends to be a little diluted too, so I wasn't expecting much out of this one. My objective was purely to make a statement to Amy. I didn;t think it would be that significant to me. Boy was I wrong!

Everyone knows ejaculating into a woman feels great, but only a fraction of men know what it feels like to cum into a truly beautiful woman. Less know the feeling of sex with their daughter! Combine the purely pornographic acts we were doing, Amy's perfect body, the taboo of ******, AND the feeling of a mutual orgasm? I feel like I'm alone on this mountain.

At the last second, Amy drew a sharp breath and held it just as my dick began to throb. I could feel her rhythmically clenching around my shaft and the feeling seemed to amplify the pleasure exponentially. The look on Amy's face, the color of her skin, the feel of her body - at once sticky, slick, and soft - the feeling of her cervix brushing the tip of my penis mid ejaculation, everything we had done leading to that moment and the promise of things to come. All of it added up to an orgasm I will NEVER forget.

Once the endorphins began flooding over us, I eased myself down onto Amy and repeatedly kissed her neck and shoulder while caressing the sides of her head as our genitals continued to pulse and throb in unison. Once our breathing came back under control, I finally pulled out and sat up to survey the damage. Amy just lay there with a dirty smirk, her body was shiny and slick with sweat and sex. Her vagina was an angry red. The look on her face said she wanted more but her limp body told me she lacked the energy to do anything but smile. We were greasy and dirty and it felt amazing.

Needing a break, and still too tired to shower or forage for breakfast, I piled up the blankets and pillows at the head of the bed, hunted down the remote, and pulled Amy into my lap for some post coital entertainment. But just as she turned, I spotted something just over her right butt-cheek. A tattoo... It was new, the lettering was still a little swollen and red and when I brushed it, Amy winced. She was a little shy about it at first, but eventually after a little coaxing she sat up to show it off...

"Daddy's little girl" with a little heart underneath. We both chuckled at the new meaning. It was a safe tattoo, if anyone else saw it they wouldn't understand the REAL meaning. Amy admitted she was scared to show it to me. I told her I love it, and we shared a kiss before laying back against the pile of pillows and blankets.

As we settled in to watch tv, Amy lifted my hands to her breasts and asked me to play with them gently. It made me smile and I happily began caressing her. I guess that last barrier was finally smashed. As we lay there watching the holiday specials together, it reminded me of our old holiday traditions. When Amy was young, we would veg out in front of the tv all weekend. Just me and Amy. Father and Daughter. I guess this wasn't THAT much different. But I will admit it's a lot more fun watching shitty movies together while fondling her incredible body!