It was November in Minnesota, almost the worst time to be in the Midwest. It was already chilly but nowhere near as cold as it would be in January or February. I work nights so my days are free to do whatever I want. I enjoy going to the Mall of America, not to shop, but to check out the sexy young girls that are always cruising its shops. The scenery isn't quite as great in the summer, but there's still an eyeful to be had.

Today I was aimlessly wandering the mall, stopping only to casually follow any girls that got my eye. Despite the cold weather, there were plenty of preteen girls wearing skintight shirts and lowcut jeans. There's nothing I like more than the sight of a pair of budding breasts poking through a t-shirt. Then again, there's a lot to be said for a smooth tummy and hip-hugging jeans that show off a twelve year old's crack when she bends over.

I was getting progressively more horny when I wandered by a woman with what looked to be an eight or nine year old girl. She was a lovely creature with perfectly blond hair that was styled in a simple haircut with bangs in front and flowing hair that reached her shoulders. The little girl's face was adorned with a cute little button nose and bright blue eyes. Even though I prefer preteen girls, I was instantly smitten. The mother and daughter pair walked into a GapKids. Casually, I followed them.

I strolled around the boys' section, pausing between racks of clothes to admire the girl from across the store. She occasionally disappeared from sight but I was able to catch several glimpses of her as she paused to browse. She wore a pair of jeans and plain white sneakers, nothing too fancy, with a red top that stretched over her flat chest. I couldn't help but feel a stirring from my crotch.

I was staring so hard I didn't notice her mother come up to her and say something. My eyes were still glued when I felt someone looking at me. I looked up to see her mother looking at me with an expression of curiosity and annoyance. I quickly averted my eyes but out of my peripheral vision I could see the woman take her daughter by the hand and leave the store.

I let them walk for a few seconds before nonchalantly exiting the store myself. I started following them at about fifteen yards or so. I watched as they headed for the restrooms near the mall exit. The girl sat down by herself on the bench as her mother headed into the restroom. Perfect. Now I was (mostly) free to check out the little girl as much as I wanted.

Again, my eyes were so glued to her petite, lithe body that I didn't even notice the person approaching me from my right side until we almost collided. Looking up, I so the girl's mom gazing at me intently with slit eyes.

"Oh, um, excuse me..." I stammered, trying to walk around her. Trying to keep my cool, I walked around her and headed for the mall exit doors as if that's what I meant to do the whole time. Busted, I thought to myself.

"Just a minute," the woman said, following me. I turned to see her hurrying behind me, her daughter in tow. I tried to hurry but she caught up and stopped me.

"What were you doing back there?" she asked me, her eyes accusing.

My mind reeled for excuses. "What do you mean?"

"I saw you. Even before we went into GapKids. You were following us."

"No I wasn't," I replied nervously. Was she going to call the cops or something?

"Yes, you were," the woman said evenly, "you followed us into the store and then you followed us here."

"I was just leaving," I said, reaching for the mall door. The woman blockaded my passage, stepping in front of me.

"You were looking at my daughter, weren't you?" she said softly.

"No!" I insisted.

"Yes. Are you a pedophile?" she asked quietly.

"Look, I have to go," I said, avoiding her eyes. I cut around her and opened the mall door. She hurried after me.

"Wait," she said. We were now in the foyer area of the mall exit where a set of glass doors led to another set of glass doors with the parking ramp on the other side. It was quieter here.

"I know what you are," the woman said steadily. "I want to make you an offer."

I did a double-take. "What?"

"An offer," she repeated. The woman placed her hands on her daughter's shoulders who stood in front of her. The little girl didn't seem to be paying attention to this adult talk. Her eyes craned past me back into the brightly lit mall.

"What kind of offer?" I asked cautiously. If this was a sting, I knew I could plead entrapment if I let her do all the talking.

"I'll let you spend some... time with my daughter."

"Where? Be more specific." I asked.

She looked at me through her slitted eyes again. I could tell she didn't like me. She probably hated herself for what she was about to say.

"Look," she said quietly. "We're poor, okay? I'm only twenty seven but I've been out of work for almost six months now. Me and Brianna have been living out of a van since the summer." She paused, still glaring at me. "I saw you. I saw the way you looked at my daughter. So here's the deal: you can come to the van and spend thirty minutes with her."

"Alone?" I asked.

Her eyes narrowed at me again. "No. I'm going to be there the whole time. You can touch her but there's no contact other than that. No undressing. You got it?"

I paused, considering the offer. It was unbelievable that I was even hearing such a proposal. I felt like I was dreaming.

"How much do you want." She hesitated a moment. "Two hundred."

"Two hundred? What if I want to touch beneath her clothes?"

She hesitated again. She was clearly torn between her daughter's innocence and their own collective well-being. "Okay," she conceded. "Three hundred for touching beneath clothes."

"Done," I said before she could think about it some more.

"We're parked over there," she said pointing. "You got the cash?"

"No, I can use that ATM in there," I said. "I'll be right back."

I left them in the foyer entrance to the mall and hurried to the cash machine. My fingers were shaking as I punched in my PIN code. I couldn't believe this was happening. My entire body was shaking in anticipation now. I withdrew $300 and put it in my wallet. I was about to leave when I thought it might be better to have more cash, just in case. Using another bank card from a different account, I withdrew another $300.

Pocketing my wallet, I hustled back to the foyer. "Okay," I told the woman. "I've got the money." I saw her swallow hard.

"All right," she said in a husky voice. "Let's go."

We exited the mall and entered the parking ramp. It was kind of a stony silence walking along so I tried to make some conversation.

"So what's your name anyway?"

She glanced at me briefly before answering curtly. "Tara."

Her tone of voice clearly indicated she didn't want to talk anymore. We walked in silence until we reached an old Volkswagen van. Tara pulled out the keys and unlocked the door. Brianna jumped in immediately and sat down in a seat. Tara followed her and I climbed in myself, shutting the door behind me.

The van had a familiar, lived-in smell to it. The rear of the van had been converted into a bed and it was covered in sheets and blankets. On the floor I saw some travel bags with clothes spilling out, as well as a grocery bag filled with some canned goods. I took the seat next to Brianna.

Tara got into the driver's seat and started the van. It sputtered to life after the third time she revved the engine. She turned on the heat full-blast. Turning back she spoke to her daughter.

"Okay Brianna, honey," she said in a warm and perky 'mom' voice, "This man is going to examine you now, okay? He's a doctor and he's going to make sure you don't get sick this winter, okay, honey?" She smiled at her daughter with a kind face but I could tell she was getting torn apart inside.

"Okay, mommy," Brianna replied obediently. She looked at me for the first time. I almost melted when I saw her glittering blue eyes up close. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer as I reached for her.

"Come here, Brianna," I said. I remained sitting as she stood up in front of me, her head just brushing the ceiling of the van. "Take off your coat now... that's a good girl. How old are you?"

"Seven and a half," she replied.

"I see," I murmured as I ran my hands on her shoulders. The van was starting to warm up but yet I could clearly sense her warm skin underneath her t-shirt. Even at this slight touch of her body, I felt my cock start to harden. I put my head to her chest to listen to her heartbeat. I rubbed my ear against her flat chest for a bit before settling down to listen.

"Good," I told her, "your heart sounds healthy enough." I ran my hands over her body again, relishing her young skin against my palms. My hands move to her face where I brushed her angelic blond hair from her face and tucked it behind her little ears. Her neck was a perfectly clear shade of ivory, soft and unblemished.

"Let me look inside your ears now," I said, pulling her close so that her skinny body pressed against my crotch. I moved my nose to her neck and inhaled deeply. She smelled heavenly. Little girls have such a delicate and alluring scent, slightly perfumed with a hint of feminine musk. I glanced up and saw Tara with an expression of pain and anger and humiliation on her face for letting me touch her daughter like this.

"Turn around now, Brianna," I instructed her. She stood with her back to me, facing her mother now. I ran my hands along her back until I reached her little butt. I gently squeezed her flat bottom as my cock strained against my jeans.

"Move a little closer... that's a good girl," I told her as I pulled her close to my body again. Her back was now leaning against my chest but more importantly, my hard cock now poked at her butt through the material of our pants. Holding the seven year old close, I ran my hands along her slim body, openly caressing her as her mother watched. My fingers moved along to her flat chest, massaging her.

"Brianna," I said, "I need to feel underneath your clothes now. Is that okay?"

She looked at her mother for the answer. Silently, Tara nodded. "Okay," Brianna told me. I thought I was going to cum right there as the little seven year old girl gave me permission to molest her.

Slipping my hands beneath her shirt, I rubbed her flat tummy a bit before moving upwards to her chest. My rough fingertips contrasted sharply with her smooth skin. I caressed her chest for a moment before my wandering fingers detected a different texture of flesh. I saw Tara's eyes glisten with tears as I began to knead her daughter's nipples, squeezing them between my thumb and forefinger. If Brianna felt anything, she betrayed no reaction.

As I squeezed her baby nipples beneath her shirt, I pulled her closer so my cock pressed harder against her lower back. I wasn't being subtle about it and Brianna was clearly curious about it.

"What's that?" she asked me.

"What's what?" I replied playfully.

"There's something hard pressing against me," she said, craning her neck to look at me. I looked up to see Tara wipe a tear from her eye and glare at me.

"It's my penis," I told the little girl.

"Oh," she said. That seemed enough to satisfy her curiosity. I had no idea if she had seen a penis before or even knew what it was. It didn't matter. I was ready to move to stage two.

"I just need to unbutton your jeans and check down there, okay, Brianna?"

"You mean between my legs?" she asked naively.

"That's right," I said, fumbling with her jeans zipper.

"But mommy told me never to let anyone touch me down there," she said, looking anxiously to her mother.

"It's okay, Brianna," Tara spoke, clearing her throat. She tried to smile reassuringly. "He's a doctor."

Brianna nodded at her mother. Without wasting any time, I slid a shaking hand past the elastic waistband of her underwear. My palm glided along her smooth tummy as my fingers slid across her hairless crotch. I savored the feeling as my fingers reached her slit. I extended my middle finger and let it delve deeper, letting my palm press harder against the plumpy flesh of her crotch. My mouth was watering as my finger explored her private parts, caressing the entrance to her tiny vagina.

I quickly removed my hand to lick my finger. Tara looked like she was about to murder me as she saw me moisten my finger in my mouth. My hand quickly returned to the seven year old's treasure. Now slightly lubricated, my finger slid freely along her slit, dipping down to her vagina before sliding back up to the fleshy tissue of her pubic bone. I fondled some more until my wandering finger settled on the little bump above her entrance.

"Brianna," I said, "what does it feel like when I do this?"

The little girl hesitated. Her hands had moved to my knees and she was gripping them tightly as I diddled her tiny clit.

"I don't know," she said finally. "It feels kind of funny."

"Does it hurt?" I asked.


I fingered her faster, applying more pressure to her baby clit. "What about when I go like this?"

Her hips bucked slightly as she breathed sharply. "Ummmm, no, it doesn't hurt."

"Brianna," Tara interrupted, "if you don't like it, he doesn't have to do that to you." She gave me a fierce look.

"Do you want me stop, Brianna?" I asked the little girl.

"Umm, no, it's okay," she said. I saw Tara swallow hard as her daughter urged me on. Her lips were pursed in anger as she looked at me coldly.

"Good girl, Brianna," I said. "I'm going to make it so you don't get sick this winter okay?"

"Okay," she replied, ever obedient.

I doubled my efforts on her tiny clit, frigging her faster. I could feel her little fingers gripping my knee very tightly now. I looked down over Brianna's shoulder but all I could see was my hand disappearing beneath the waistband of her underwear. I wished she were naked, but rules were rules. Still, diddling a seven year old girl, albeit clothed, in front of her mother was still a pretty good deal. I could feel my cock leaking cum as it pressed hard against her back.

I moved my free hand to her front so it rested against her flat tummy. Little Brianna must have been feeling pretty good by now because she was thrusting her hips forward, presenting her open crotch to my finger. The sexy young girl was even arching her back slightly as I continued my relentless diddling of her clit.

The little seven year old was definitely getting wet now. My finger rubbed smoothly against the small bump of flesh that must have been generating powerful waves of pleasure in her young body. The telltale scent of her arousal emanated from her underpants, a sharp and pungent odor that made my cock even harder. Despite her youth, her blossoming girlhood was evident.

And then it happened. Brianna's little pussy had been getting wetter and wetter when I felt her tummy tense up beneath my hand. The seven year old girl's body went taut as her first orgasm rippled through her body. Her mouth fell half-open and I heard a single "Ahhhhh" of pleasure. Her hips bucked once against my hand, and then again, and finally a third time before her young body finally relaxed and she went limp.

"All right, I think that's enough for now, 'Doctor,'" Tara said frostily. I removed my hand from her daughter's underwear. My finger was shiny with her girl juices. Looking Tara in the eye, I sucked my finger clean, relishing the pungent taste of her seven year old daughter.

"That's enough," Tara snapped at me. She got up and pulled her daughter's body away from me, still limp as she basked in the afterglow. Tara buttoned up Brianna's jeans and said, "Okay, Brianna, why don't you go lie down in the back for a while?*"

Obediently, Brianna shuffled back to the rear of the van. Tara glared at me.

"That wasn't part of the deal for you to do that," she hissed at me.

"You said I could touch," I replied. "And so I did. It's not my fault your daughter enjoyed it so much."

"She didn't enjoy it!" Tara exploded. "You molested her!"

I shrugged. "Isn't that what we agreed on?"

Tara fumed for a bit. I could see she was clearly angry at herself as well for prostituting her daughter like this. "Okay," she said finally. "Where's the money?"

I opened my wallet and counted out $300. I handed it to her. "Three hundred. For touching beneath her clothes." Tara practically tore the money from my hand. She started counting it again herself.

"You know," I said, "I know your daughter is off limits but I've got more money if you're willing to do something for me."

She gave me a withering stare. "What," she said flatly.

I didn't beat around the bush. "I want you to go down on me."

"How much?"

"Hundred bucks," I told her.

Tara swallowed hard. She tucked the $300 into her pocket. "All right," she said at length. "I'll tell Brianna to wait for me inside the mall." She got up to rouse her tired daughter, wiped out after her first orgasm.

"No," I said stopping her. Looking Tara in the eye, I said, "I want Brianna to watch."

"What?" Tara exploded again. "Are you crazy? I'm not going to let my daughter see that."

"She doesn't have to participate. She's just going to watch. I'll give you $200."

Tara hesitated again, torn between money and protecting her daughter. "If she watches," she repeated.

"$200 if Brianna can watch you suck me off," I said, not mincing words.

Tara looked at me like I was something she'd scraped off her shoe. "All right, you sick bastard. She can watch." She went to her half-conscious daughter lying in the back.

"Brianna?" she said, gently shaking her shoulder, "are you wake, honey? I need you to get up. Mommy's going to examine the doctor now, okay? I want you to watch."

The tired little girl stirred. "Why mommy?" she said sleepily.

"You just need to watch, honey," Tara said quietly. "You'll learn about the body, okay?"

"Okay," Brianna said. Her mother led her back to the front of the van where she sat down in the passenger seat. The young girl looked expectantly at her mother and me.

"I'm going to make sure the doctor doesn't get sick now," Tara told her daughter. "It's like he just did for you, but it's a little different for men. You just watch, okay?" Brianna nodded.

I sat back as Tara knelt before me on the van floor. I undid my pants. My cock was still rock hard. I watched Brianna as I pulled it out. Her eyes were watching curiously my erect cock came into view. Her eyes were glued to my piece of meat, not even bothering to look me in the eyes. I felt incredibly turned on to expose this little girl to her first sight of cock.

Tara leaned in close. I watched Brianna's expression change to surprise as her mother opened her mouth and engulfed my cock. Tara was a pro. Her soft lips looked very sexy as they slid up and down my pole. She was pretty hot too, in her own right, but her daughter turned me on even more. Brianna continued to watch as her mother fisted my hard cock.

Tara was doing an excellent job. I think she thought it would be best to get me off as soon as possible so the ordeal could be over. Her tongue flitted playfully against the tip of my cock before she swallowed as much of my shaft as she could. Brianna was enraptured by these proceedings. The thought of the seven year old watching her mother give a blowjob turned me on so much that I was ready to cum already.

"Wait," I said, stopping Tara's bobbing head. "Stop." Tara stopped and looked at me quizzically.

"I'll give you an extra fifty dollars," I said, "if I can cum on your daughter's face." I watched Tara's shocked expression give way to rage.

"No way!" she said. "You're not coming near my daughter again!"

"One hundred then," I told her. "That'll be three hundred dollars total."

Tara hesitated. I pressed on. "Three hundred dollars. Brianna won't have to touch me or anything. I'll just jack off on her face."

Tara lowered her eyes. "Okay. You can do it." She got up and led her daughter back to the rear of the van. I heard her speaking softly to her daughter.

"Just lie down again, honey," she said in a soothing tone. "The doctor is going to do something now but I don't want you to worry or be afraid, okay? It's not going to hurt or anything. I promise."

I followed them back to the makeshift bed. Brianna lay down near the edge, her mother sat cross-legged next to her daughter while I leaned in close. I continued jerking off and moved closer until my cockhead was only inches from Brianna's little chin and pouty lips. The young girl gazed in wonder as she got a closeup look of my hard cock. Tara tried to comfort her by brushing her hair from her face and caressing her neck but Brianna paid no attention. She was too captivated by my manhood displayed before her.

I felt an approaching orgasm stir inside me. "Here it comes," I said softly as I jerked off above the hypnotized little girl.

"Brianna," Tara instructed, "close your eyes, baby." She swept her hand over Brianna's eyes. I leaned in even closer over Brianna as she pinched her eyes shut. I groaned as I felt the orgasm hit me, the pleasure exploding as my cock throbbed in my fist. The first shot of semen erupted powerfully from my cock and splashed against Brianna's forehead. Startled, she opened her eyes.

"Mommy, wh-" Brianna opened her mouth to speak but was silenced by another shot of hot cum from my cock. Her mouth was half-open as she spoke and the seven year old was rewarded by a mouthful of my cum shooting into her mouth. The little girl blinked in surprise as my cum landed on her tongue.

"Stop that!" Tara shouted, trying to push me away. I stood my ground and held her back. My third shot draped a glistening string of semen across Brianna's little baby cheeks. After that, my orgasm finally began to subside but stray drops of cum still dribbled onto Brianna's chin. Drained, I fell back onto a seat.

"Hold still, baby," Tara said, reaching for a Kleenex. She wiped my cum off her daughter's face.

"Mommy, what happened?" Brianna demanded. "What was that in my mouth? It tasted funny."

Her mother finished wiping her off and then took her into her arms. "Shush honey, it's okay now. It was nothing. Do you want to spit it out?"

Brianna shook her head. "I already swallowed it."

Tara glared at me as she consoled her daughter. I smiled at her and zipped up my pants. Pulling out my wallet, I handed her the rest of the cash I had. Tara took it without even counting it.

"Thank you, Tara. Thank you, Brianna," I said. "I hope you have enough money now."

"Just leave," Tara said, tight-lipped. Shrugging, I let myself out of the van and walked back to the mall. I was in a complete daze. It felt like an incredible dream, getting to molest a seven year old like that. I might have even thought it really was a dream, if it weren't for the pungent scent of her pussy juice still on my fingers.