I have been married to my wife for 25 years. She was my high school sweetheart and is the mother of my children. We have 2 together.Mark, our oldest is 20 and has moved away to go to school on a lacrosse scholarship. Bethany is 18 and getting ready to graduate from high school. She will be attending a university in the fall on a soccer scholarship. I am very proud of my kids and what they are turning out to be.

Bethany started developing around the age of 14. She was in that awkward stage of adolescence for what seemed like forever. She had mosquito bites for breast, but a firm round ass. Her hair was shoulder length and blond. She was always in great shape from playing sports and was always tan from about mid-May through September.

I was always very open with my children. They both knew that they could come to me for anything, at any time. I would get up and go, when ever they called, to get them from a bad situation, or if they had been at a party and gotten drunk. I was also the one that had 'the talk' with both of them. It was not out of the ordinary for either of my kids to come into the bathroom while I was showering or shaving. Nudity in our house was not seen as something to be ashamed of. But it was also very well known that private lives and public lives had to remain separate. They knew to respect me and follow my rules, and as a reward for being well behaved, they were allowed more freedom than most kids their age. They both knew the dangers of premarital sex, STDs and the sorts. It was my job as a parent to do my best to teach them right from wrong and hope that they made wise decisions. My kids told me everything that was going on in their lives, from sports and school to friendships and relationships.

By the time that Bethany had turned 16 she was a knock out. She still kept her natural blond hair shoulder length. She had blue eyes that would cut through your soul and her ass had filled in more. Her breasts, too, had grown from two little mosquito bites to very perky and firm C-cup. At 16, she weighed no more than 100 pounds, dripping wet. She was very fit and attractive, and she knew it.

It was one Saturday afternoon in April. She had not been 16 long. My wife was at work so it was up to me to make sure Bethany got to soccer practice on time. I had the day planned out. We would go to her practice, then from there I would take her to a nice lunch for some quality father/daughter time. After lunch I would take her home, tell her to get cleaned up for a surprise. That surprise was going to be a new car, of her choice.

When her practice was over she ran up to my truck and got in. I asked her where she wanted to go for lunch.

"Dairy Queen please!" she said. She always loved going there and getting a blizzard.
"OK! Buckle up."

We walked into the restaurant, ordered our food and ice cream and sat in the corner booth, away from the rest of the people.

"So, tell me what has been going on in your life lately." I said.
"Well, you know Lucas right, my ex-boyfriend?"
"Your ex?" I questioned "I thought the two of you were dating, you seemed to really like him."
"Eh" she said as she shrugged her shoulders. "I thought I did until last Friday night."
"Go on, what happened." I said concerned. I knew that it was inevitable that both of my kids would have broken hearts at some point, but the thought of some dirt bag teenage boy breaking my baby girl's heart infuriated me. She could tell.

"Relax daddy, let me tell you." She said, in her normal soothing manner. "Last Friday night we were all hanging out at Riley's house." she started to explain.

Riley was exactly one month older than Bethany. She had an older brother that was 6 months younger than Mark. Her family lived on the same street as us since our kids were all born. My wife and I were very good friends with her parents, the kids were practically inseparable.

"Lucas came over to hang out with us," she continued "And we were having a great time. We were dancing around like idiots to 80's music, playing spin the bottle and truth or dare."
"Sounds like a good time." I said
"Yes it was. That is until Lucas took spin the bottle a little too far." She looked around the Dairy Queen, "Can we get in the truck and drive around so we can talk more in private?"
"Sure thing."

After we got out of the parking lot I started the conversation back up.

"What did you mean by he took it too far?"
"Well at first when he would kiss me, he would put his hands on my breast, on top of my shirt. No big deal right? Then he would work his hand up my shirt. Still ok with me. Then he got gutsy and worked his hand inside my bra. I was a little uncomfortable with it, but I let it go because I was worried he would break up with me if I stopped him. Besides, other than me and Riley, the rest of our girlfriends have at least had oral sex, some have gone all the way. I let him play with my boobs, hoping to fit in."
"Baby girl, don't ever compromise your comfort for what other people think. You do what you feel right. You go as far as you are comfortable with. You know the dangers, we have had this conversation. If you need me to take you to the doctor to get on birth con.." she stopped me mid-sentence.
"Daddy, let me finish first."
"After we finished playing the games, we all sat in the basement to watch a movie. We had cut the lights off and Lucas and I were sharing a blanket. After everyone settled in to watch the movie, Lucas started to rub my leg. With each pass of his hand, he got higher and higher until we was lightly brushing my....privates. I did not stop him because again, I was nervous that he would break up with me. Also, it kinda felt funny, but in a good way. After he continued that for a few more minutes he changed hands and reached over to my inner thigh. I was really starting to get uncomfortable, so I told him to stop. He kept begging and persisting. He rubbed his hand further up my shorts and tried to get his fingers into my panties. I told him to stop again. He kept on and kept on. Finally I got up and sat on the floor next to Riley. Lucas got up and left. He texted me about 20 minutes later and said that if I was not gonna put out for him, I was not worth his time. So I told him to fuck off, I have more self-respect than to give myself to the first swinging dick that wants me. Sorry for my language daddy, but that is what happened. And I wanted you to know that. I don't keep anything from you, but please don't tell mom."

I took a second and just admired my daughter. She was so beautiful and so innocent, but she was also good hearted and very smart. I was proud of her.

"First of all, Bethany, don't apologize for your language. I don't care if you cuss, just be lady-like in front of other adults, your mother included. Secondly, I am so very proud of you for standing your ground and not letting Lucas touch you where you did not want to be touched. You are a special girl and are worth more than just an easy lay for a guy. I am not telling you to wait until you are married, that is unrealistic, but I am telling you to wait until you are absolutely sure and ready before you spread your legs. Lastly, baby girl, I am glad that you are comfortable enough with me to tell me these things. It makes me happy that you are so open and willing to talk to me. I am here for you, for anything, any time. And your secrets are always safe with me. I love you."

"I love you too daddy. But I want to correct you on something."
"Whats that?"
"Well, it is not that I did not WANT to be touched, because I did, I DO. I just did not want him to be the one to touch me. I want to be touched by someone that I know loves me, not just some guy that is looking to get laid."
"That is very admirable, darling. Just be patient, that guy will come along. And when he does, take my word for it, you will be most happy that you waited."

I pulled the truck into a parking spot at a near-by park. It was a warm day so I rolled the windows down and shut off the engine. After a few moments of silence, Bethany spoke up.

"Yes baby?"
"I know someone now who loves me, who is very handsome and who, I am sure, would touch me like no one else in the world could. This guy is the only guy that I would ever want touching me."
"Well tell me, who is it? Why don't you try to talk to him and let him know how you feel. Take things slowly and see where it goes?"
"Daddy, that guy is...." there was a long, nervous pause "..You."

I was baffled. Admittedly I was turned on, but I knew that this is a line that I could not cross.

"Wow, I-I'm flattered baby. But surely you are not serious..."
"Yes Daddy, I am. I have heard the way you make mom moan in the bed. I have spied on you two having sex and can see that you know how to please the woman you love. I don't need to put on my make up in the bathroom when you are in the shower, but I love watching you through the shower doors. I want you to be the first to touch me to be my first everything."
"Bethany. You know that's not possible."
"Why daddy? Am I not pretty enough?" she got teary-eyed.
"No baby, just the opposite. You are stunning. You are very, very attractive."
"So whats the problem?"
"Well for starters you are only 16, family or not, if someone finds out about it, I would go to jail. Secondly, you are my daughter, ****** is illegal. Bethany, if I could do it and get away with it, I would. But risking my freedom, risking losing you and Mark and your mother, its not worth it."

I could see the disappointment in her eyes. She looked crushed. She just sat in the passenger seat of my truck and stared down at her feet.

"Bethany, you do understand where I am coming from don't you?" I asked her.
"Yes daddy, but I just want you to be the one. The thought of allowing anyone else to touch me is weird. I don't think I will be able to fully give myself to anyone until I have fully given myself to you."

I thought for a few seconds. I stared at my beautiful daughter. She was sexy as hell, even if she was my daughter. The thought of being her first had my cock semi-hard in my shorts. I had an idea...

"Bethany, I will tell you what. If you promise me that you will remain a virgin, untouched until you are 18, I promise to be your first once you are 'of age.'"
"Ahh... ok dad, but that is so long from now."
"Its only 2 years baby. And you never know, you may find a guy that knocks your socks off by then."
"Doubt that. But ok, you have a deal."

I thought to myself, "Whew, dodged a bullet there!" I was sure that by the time she was 18, she would have forgotten about the deal.

The next 2 years seemed to fly by. Her visits to the bathroom while I was showering went from her putting on make up to her sitting on the toilet and talking to me. When it was just the two of us, she would walk around in next to nothing. Sometimes she would be in a sports bra and thong. Sometimes it would be a waist length t-shirt, with obviously teased, hard nipples poking through and no panties. There were a few times she would walk around topless and once or twice she called me into her room when she was naked.

On the weekends, when my wife would be out shopping or at work, Bethany would come and sit on my lap, knowingly tease me, then giggle and leave. When she would hug me, her hugs became tighter and lingered longer. In public, she still kissed me on the cheek, but when we were behind closed doors, she insisted on kissing on the lips. Never with tongue though.

Over those two years we still had our normal conversations. She told me all about the guys that wanted to date her, sleep with her or fool around. She told me that her standard answer was "No. I need to concentrate on soccer and school work. I don't have time for boys."

She had also told me that her and Riley had made a promise to each other to stay pure. They did not want boys and sex to ruin their friendship. They were practically sisters and kept each other accountable.

I was so proud of her, but worried that I was actually going to have to live up to my end of the deal. I was definitely turned on thinking about sleeping with my hot daughter, but felt dirty, a dad should not think that way.

Bethany's 18th birthday fell on a Friday. I was expecting that she was going to want to have a big party with her teammates and friends. When my wife and I asked her what she wanted to do for her big day, she said that she just wanted Riley to come over for the night, and all of us go out for dinner. Mark was out of town helping with a Lacrosse camp for kids, so My wife and I took Bethany and Riley out to a very nice supper.

Both of the girls were dressed in short little dresses, but were still very modest in nature. Those two girls knew how to dress sexy without looking like whores. Their make up and hair was all done. Riley had a bit of a bigger frame and thicker build than Bethany. She had D-cups, a very firm and full ass, jet black hair and hazel eyes. She weighed probably 125 pounds but was very fit and in shape. Her skin was naturally darker than Bethany's and she was very tan to boot.

After supper, we all got in the truck to head home, the girls laughing, giggling and whispering in the back seat. On the ride Bethany spoke up, "Daddy?"

"Yes baby?"
"Do you think you could stop and buy me and Riley some beer? We promise that we won't leave the house or have anyone else over."

I looked at my wife. She just shrugged her shoulders as if to say it was ok with her.

"Sure baby girl. What kind do you all want?"
"Blue Moon?"
"Ah..that's my girl!"

I stopped and got enough beer for the two girls and myself and a bottle of Moscato for my wife.

After returning home, the girls went upstairs to change, I fixed 3 Blue Moons and a glass of wine for my wife. We all sat down in the family room to watch a movie. Before the movie started my wife asked the girls what plans they had for Saturday.

"I am hoping to sleep late and then just kinda hang out all day and chill. What do you think Riley." Bethany said.
"That sounds like a plan! Its been too long since I have had a lazy Saturday!"
"Why Mom, do you want to do something?"
"Well, I have some work to do in the morning and then the girls are talking about going to Seaville for shopping and dinner. But if you wanted to hang out, I would put them off."
"No mom, you go, have fun. We're just gonna lounge around all day."

The wine my wife was drinking kind of snuck up on her. About half way through the movie she announced that she was drunk and needed to go to bed. She asked me to help her up the stairs to the bedroom. I told the girls to keep watching the movie and I would be back down to join them shortly. They all said their good nights to each other and my wife and I headed for the room.

We had not even gotten all the way into the doorway of our room when my wife suddenly turned around, dropped to her knees and pulled my zipper down. Within a matter of seconds she had my cock out of my pants and her mouth on it. I wanted her to stop long enough to get into the room, but I did not want her to stop since she hardly ever blows me.

"Honey, we need to get in enough to close the door. If they come around the steps they are gonna see."
"Shut up. They are adults. I want to suck your cock before I go to sleep."

The chance of getting caught by my daughter and her hot friend was exciting. I placed my hands on the back of my wife's head and started to face fuck her while she was sucking me. My wife has never been great at giving head, but there have been times, like that night, when she was drunk enough to be lose, but still sober enough to have her wits, that she would suck me like no other. I let my moans escape my mouth. Loud enough for us to hear, and hopefully the girls to faintly hear, but not so loud that it was obvious. I could hear the girls downstairs moving around and giggling. I looked down at my wife who had her eyes closed, her right hand on my shaft and her left on my balls. She was making love to my cock with her mouth.

I heard footsteps and noticed that one of the girls was heading toward the kitchen. I heard them pop a few tops to pour more Blue Moons. My wife never stopped sucking. Then I heard the footsteps come towards the steps, down the hallway. I panicked and tried to pull out, but my wife put both of her hands on my ass and held me firmly in her mouth. The feeling was intense. My wife continued her cock sucking frenzy, only with a faster pace. She wanted my cum, and she wanted it now. My wife has never let me cum in her mouth before, but she was gonna get that if she continued.

"Hey Mr. D?" Riley called out.
"Yeah?" I replied, trying to sound normal.
"You coming back down or what?"

It was that one moment when I busted. I shot 3 immediate strings of cum into my wife's mouth.

"Uh-HUH!" I replied back
"OK cool, because I just poured you another beer."

I shot 4 more smaller loads into my wife's mouth and on her face and chest as she continued to suck and stroke me while I was talking to Riley.

"Go back down and hang with the girls, Honey." my wife said, "Thank you for filling me up before bed. I needed that."

Once I got myself put back together, I went back downstairs. I saw Bethany and Riley snuggled up under the same blanket. They were laughing when I sat down and grabbed my beer.

"What's so funny?" I asked, concerned that they heard us upstairs.
"It has been a long time since we have been drunk together dad. We are just talking about memories. That's all."
"Oh, OK."

By the time the movie was over, the two girls were pretty drunk. I was feeling tipsy as well. I told them that I was going to go to bed.

"Can you help me up the steps Mr. D? I don't think I can walk that well."
"Sure thing Riley." I said as I put out my hand to help her up.
"Come back and get me daddy!"
"OK, I will."

I helped Riley keep her balance going up the steps by placing one arm around her waist and the other on her arm. I stayed a step behind her. When we got to Bethany's room Riley turned around and said "Thanks Mr. D.!" and gave me a hug.

It certainly was not the first hug I had gotten from her since I had seen her grow up, but it was the first one where she held so tightly. I could feel her erect nipples pressing against my chest and she seemed to be trying to press her entire body against mine.

"You're welcome darling. Now sleep well." I said as I pulled away.

I went back down stairs to help Bethany get to bed. She was not as drunk as her friend, but still tipsy. "Will you hang out with us tomorrow daddy?" she asked as she put her arm around me to start walking.

"Of course I will baby, what do you have in mind?"
"I don't know. We just like having you around."
"I like hanging out with you all, you're fun!"

When we got to her room, I turned her around to give her a hug. She, too, leaned into me as Riley had. Holding my daughter like this had become somewhat normal over the last two years. I looked down, kissed her on the lips told her I loved her and good night.

The next morning I woke up with my wife. We ate breakfast together and then she left for work and for a girls day full of shopping and eating out. After she was gone, I went up to take a shower.

When I reached the top of the steps, I went towards Bethany's room. The door was shut, so I put my ear up to it to see if they were stirring. I heard nothing, and assumed that they were both sleeping off the night before.

I went into the bathroom, stripped off my athletic shorts and got in the shower. I had been in there probably 10 minutes when the door opened. It was Bethany, she was wearing a tank top and thong panties. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail.

"Morning daddy!"
"Morning baby, how'd you sleep?"
"Really good!" She said as she pulled her thong down and sat on the toilet to pee. "Ahh I had to piss so bad."

It was the first time she had ever peed in front of me. Even though I did not actually see her peeing, I knew she was, and something about it was oddly a turn on.

"Why did you come in here to pee baby?"
"Riley is still asleep. Besides, you know that any chance I get to come in here when you are in the shower I do."
"Oh Ok, well we just need to be careful. Do you girls want breakfast?"
"Uh, not right now, daddy. I'm gonna go back in there and lay down until she wakes up."
"OK baby. I will check on you in a little while. Let me know if you need anything."
"Sure will."

Bethany kicked her thong all the way off, bent over to pick it up and then stood up to leave. As she walked towards the shower, I could see through the door that her pussy was completely shaved. Over the last 2 years I had seen her with many different hair styles down there, from full bush to landing strip, but never before had I seen her pussy shaved. It looked fantastic. But, as quickly as I had dirty thoughts of her, I pushed them out of my mind. She left, pulled the bathroom door closed and went back to her room.

I got out of the shower and started drying off. I tried to push the image of my cleanly shaven daughter out of my mind, but it was stuck. My cock started to swell at the sight and thought of her standing bottomless in front of me. I put on some clean mesh shorts and sat down in front of the TV in my bedroom for a few minutes.

I was in the middle of watching some sports highlights when I thought I heard some whispering coming from Bethany's room.

"Ah, They both must be awake now." I said to myself as I got up from the chair and started towards her room.

When I got to her door, it was partially open. It is customary for me to poke my head in just to check on her, so I thought nothing of it. I pushed her door open and what met my eyes was nothing short of glorious.

There, laying on top of the covers of my daughter's bed was Riley, completely naked. Next to her was Bethany, just as naked, with Riley's right tit in her mouth. There are a few things about Riley's naked body that caught my attention. First of all her D sized tits were more firm and upright than you would expect from tits that big. Secondly her skin was very, very tan, but there were no tan lines whatsoever. But the most intriguing thing was that her pussy was almost just as bald as my daughter's. The only hair that she had was jet black and extended about 2 inches straight up from the top of her slit. Her landing strip was perfectly lined and no thicker than a bold permanent marker. The sight was so hot that my cock started to rise. I did not want to bother them, but I did feel guilty for standing there watching them when they did not know I was there.

"Good morning, what are you girls doing?"

Riley jumped, she looked as if she was terrified. She struggled to get the blankets to cover her body and her beat red, embarrassed face.

"Hey daddy," Bethany said. "We talked last night and decided that since neither of us have any experience sexually, we would explore each other's bodies. I mean we have seen plenty of porn on the computer but we want to be prepared the first time we do have relations with someone."
"That sounds good baby girl. I will leave you two alone. I will be downstairs if you need anything."
"OK." Bethany said.
"But before I go, Riley, please look at me."

She peeked her face out from under the covers, clearly mortified that I had seen her completely naked.

"You have no reason to be ashamed. You are a beautiful girl. You have a great body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Bethany will tell you, nudity around this house is not something we frown upon. As a family as a whole, we all regularly walk around in whatever we are comfortable in. When it is just me and Bethany, she is usually pretty close to naked. So, that said, when I am the only parent here, walk around in whatever you want, or naked if you want. This is your home away from home, so be yourself. I would be careful around Mrs. D. though, she may not want you flaunting your sexiness in front of me. Cool?"
"Yes, Mr. D." Riley replied obviously more relaxed.
"Now, you two have fun. Just holler for me if you need anything."
"Ok daddy!" Bethany said as she leaned back over to Riley's right tit to resume sucking.

I left Bethany's room and headed downstairs to watch some more highlights, although I must admit, my mind was not on the games, it was on what was going on with my sexy daughter and her hot, best friend.

It was probably only 20 minutes that had gone by, but it seemed much longer. I had gotten lost in my thoughts with the occasional baseball highlight in between.

"Daddy!" Bethany yelled from her room.
"Can you come up here for a minute?"
"Sure thing." I replied, not knowing what I was walking into.

When I got to Bethany's room, they were both still lying naked on her bed. Riley was visibly more relaxed and their arms and legs were both intertwined. The room was full of the sweet scent of two young, virgin pussies. They were both visibly wet between their legs and both of their faces were flush.

"What can I do for you?"
"Well we have kissed and made out, sucked on each others tits and played with each others clits. We agreed that we did not want to put our fingers in, we want the first thing to penetrate us to be a penis. So, what else is there for us to do?"
"Well, have you all tried oral?"
"We talked about it, but neither of us know what to do."
"All there is to it is to do it, If you go down on Riley, she will tell you what feels good and what doesn't."
"Yeah, but I learn better by watching, dad. Do you think you can go down on her to show me how to do it?"
"Bethany!" Riley yelled.
"Its ok Ri, my dad will be gentle and won't tell anyone." Bethany said.

I thought about it for a few seconds. I knew that if I crossed the line, there would be no coming back.

"Riley, will you be ok with me going down on you? I promise not to hurt you and I will stop whenever you say."
"Yeah, that is cool Mr. D. Just remember, no penetration with your fingers."

So I got on the bed, in between Riley's legs, with Bethany to her right side. I started kissing up Riley's legs rubbing my hands up her thighs to her tummy and up to her tits. When I reached her pussy, I took in a deep breath to smell her sweet scent. I began to kiss and lick around her outer folds, pressing my tongue in deeper with each pass. Her breathing started to get heavy, her hips instinctively started to grind against my face. I slowly started to bring my hands down from her D-cup tits to her tummy and down to her puss. I spread her lips apart, revealing her wetness and swelling clit. I started to massage her clit with my right index finger as I licked her down to the entrance of her virgin pussy. She started to moan as I brought my tongue slowly back up to her clit. I flicked my tongue across her clit several times before I closed my lips around it and started to suck on it. I felt her hands on the back of my head.

"Oh Mr. D. that feels so good... Oh yes, Oh my God!"

I looked up and saw Bethany staring at me, watching my every move. She had her right hand on Riley's tits, pulling on and playing with her nipples. Her left hand was on her own tits, tweaking her own nipples. I moved my hands under Riley's hips, allowing her pussy lips to close around my mouth. I began to make out with her cunt. I licked and sucked all of her from her virgin fuck hole to her clit. I moved my face up and down, back and fourth. I tasted every bit of her most sacred, private area. I picked up my pace, allowing her to buck her hips against me. Her moans became louder, her breaths shorter and more shallow. I could tell that she was on the verge of her first ever orgasm, so I slowed down. I could sense the frustration building. I looked up from Riley's pussy to my daughter.

"Bethany, I want you to be the one to give Riley her first orgasm. You need to be the one to do it." I said as I put my fingers on Riley's clit to keep her primed and ready.
"OK daddy, but I am still not sure I know what to do."
"Baby, just go down and start kissing and making out with her pussy. She knows what feels good, she will tell you."
"I know, but I have an idea." Bethany said, with a lustful look in her eyes, "How about you go down on me, and I will do to Riley what you are doing to me."
"Uh, Bethany, I don't think that is such a good idea."
"Don't worry daddy, Riley knows about our deal." she said as she winked at Riley.
"Um, OK... lay on your side with your face in her pussy."

Bethany did as I instructed and laid on her right side with her left leg bent at the knee to give me ample access to her clean shaven, virgin and very wet pussy. My heart was racing as I ran my hands up my daughter legs. I was touching her in a sexual way for the first time. It felt incredible, it felt right. I started to kiss up her thighs and noticed that she was doing the same to Riley.

I took my time with my daughter. I wanted her to feel the passion, and show the same passion to Riley. I started to massage her smooth cunt with my hand as I was licking around her upper, inner thighs. With each circular motion of my hand on her pussy I applied more pressure, finally pushing her lips apart to allow my fingers to gracefully touch her clit. About the time I started to put pressure on her clit, I could hear the two girls moan in unison. I knew that my daughter was doing exactly to Riley what I was doing to her.

After several moments of playing with her clit and teasing the rest of her cunt with my tongue, I slowly started to lick on her clit before licking down to her virgin entrance. She rocked her hips towards my face and I put my right hand under her left, propped up leg and on her ass. I held constant pressure on her ass, helping her grind her pussy into my mouth. I closed my lips around her clit, giving it a little nibble with my teeth and started to suck.

My daughter's pussy tasted fantastic, better than Riley's. Perhaps that is because it was my daughter, but I was pleased. I continued making out with her pussy, forgetting that there was even anyone else in the room with us. I could hear her muffled moans escaping Riley's legs. Riley, in turn, moaned loudly letting me know that my daughter was pleasing her.

I got so lost in eating my daughter out that I instinctively pulled her over on my face. I was now on my back, my daughter was doggy style over my face with her mouth firmly planted in Riley's pussy. I pulled her hips down and started to furiously lick, suck, kiss and nibble on every part of my daughter's cunt. My cock was rock hard, tenting obviously in my shorts.

"Oh Bethany, this feels so fucking good! Please don't stop." Riley cried out.

Bethany lifted her head for just a second, allowing her pussy to bear down on my face even harder.

"Oh daddy, you are such a good teeeacher!" She moaned before going back down on her friend.

I had my hands on Bethany's ass lightly playing with her asshole as I continued working to bring my daughter to her very first climax. Her hips started to buck as she was learning to ride my face. I laid my head still, just working my tongue and mouth as she started to rock on my face faster and faster.

Riley's moans were getting louder, Bethany's moans, although still muffled, were audibly louder.


At about the same time, Bethany put all her weight down on my face. She stopped rocking. Her body began twitching and my mouth was suddenly flooded with my daughter's sweet nectar. Her twitching was obviously uncontrollable, her hips started bucking hard. I could hear her screaming into Riley's cunt, Riley was thrashing on the bed.

When I was a younger man I was always fascinated by women squirting. Early on in my marriage I had an affair with a woman who was a squirter. It was such a turn on and ever since then I always tried to make my wife squirt, to no avail. I was very pleased to learn that my daughter was a squirter.

After both of the girls settled down, I sat up from between my daughter's legs. I let her fall over on to her best friend, now female lover. My daughter's sweet pussy was smeared all over my face, dripping from my goatee and tasted fantastic in my mouth.

"I hope you girls enjoyed your lesson."
"We did daddy!"
"Yes Mr. D. Thank you!"
"No problem."
"It looks like you enjoyed it too, daddy." Bethany commented, motioning toward the tent in my mesh shorts. My 6 inch cock was fully hard, fighting for relief from the confines of my shorts.

"Yes I did! Now, I am going to go in here, rub one out and let you two relax and hang out."
"Well, Daddy, neither one of us knows how to give a good blow job. Maybe you could teach us and we can help you cum."

I thought "well I have already come this far, why stop now."

"OK, you two get on your knees in front of me."

They both slid off the bed, Riley got on her knees to my left, Bethany to my right.

"Riley, with your right hand, Bethany your left, reach up and pull my shorts down."

They complied. Riley instinctively put her hand on my shaft and started stroking, slowly. Her soft 18 year old hand on my cock felt magical. The lust in my daughter's eyes, as she looked up to me was incredible.

"I am ready to do this daddy, to learn how to give a good blow job, to please you... but only under one condition." Bethany said.
"What's that?"
"Well, when you are ready to cum, I want you to give it to me. I want to taste and feel your cum first. I will share it with Riley, if she wants, but I want it first."
"Good with me."
"Yeah, me too!" Riley said.

Riley continued slowly stroking my aching cock with her hand. Her grip was perfect. Not too tight, but tight enough to feel intense.

"OK, Bethany, I want you to have the first taste of my cock." I said as I put my right hand behind her head. "Open your mouth."

Riley let go of my cock, and I aimed it towards my daughter's waiting mouth. She raised her hand to my shaft and wrapped her fingers around it. It was the first time my daughter had touched my cock, besides teasing me when sitting on my lap. She opened her mouth and guided my cock into it. She let her lips close around it and started bobbing her head and stroking my cock.

"Ah baby, that feels nice. Just watch your teeth. Yeah thats it, now, let your tongue slide across the bottom while you are sucking. Yes baby, just like that. Work your tongue. Oh my baby...you are a great learner. This is something your mother rarely ever does for me."

As my daughter was sucking my cock, RIley watched intently. And without any prompting from me she reached her right hand down between her own legs and started to fondle her pussy. I watched as, with her left hand, she reached down to Bethany's cunt and started rubbing her clit. Low moans started to escape my daughter's mouth, around my cock as she started to grind on Riley's hand.

"OK baby, I want you to take my cock out of your mouth, continue to stroke it slowly while you lick and suck up and down my shaft. Oh yes, like that. Play with and suck on my balls too."

She followed my instructions and did this for several moments before opening her mouth to resume sucking. All the time, she never took her hand off my cock and Riley never took her hands from her own or my daughter's pussies.

"OK baby, I want you to take your hand off my shaft, open your mouth as wide as you can and take my cock as far in your mouth and throat as you can, don't worry about gagging or drooling, it is all part of it. I will help you go as far as you can."
"MMM ok daddy."

Bethany proceeded to do as I told her. She relaxed her jaw and opened her mouth as wide as she could, she placed both hands on my ass and pulled her face into me. I had my hands on the back of her head to encourage her to go deeper. Her lips were now pressed all the way to my pubes, and I continued to push on her head. She did not resist at all, and was doing a great job of fighting her gag reflex. I bucked my hips, driving my rod deeper into her throat. She coughed a little around my cock and pulled back. She replaced her hand on my shaft and leaned in to suck and lick a few quick times before she stopped.

"OK Riley, I want you to taste my daddy's delicious cock. Are you ready?" Bethany asked of her friend, who was still playing with both pussies.
"Yes. I am!" Riley replied eagerly.

I turned my hips, pointing my cock, wet with my daughter's mouth, at Riley.

"I want you to do the same things I had Bethany do."
"Yes Mr. D."

Riley took her hands from her own, and my daughter's cunts and put one hand on my shaft. Without instruction, Bethany replaced her hands where Riley's had just been. A low moan escaped Riley's mouth as my daughter parted her pussy lips and started to massage her clit. Slowly stroking my cock and moaning, Riley opened her mouth and fed my stiff rod in. She looked up at me, with my cock in her mouth, her hazel eyes full of lust and passion, as I tenderly brushed some of her jet black hair out of her face before letting my hand come to a rest on the back of her head.

Riley started bobbing her head and working her tongue just as she had seen Bethany do. She was stroking my cock with her right hand and playing with my balls with her left. I rocked my hips forward to fuck her face some, but gently. She was doing a fantastic job, sucking and stroking at just the right pace. She was using her tongue expertly well.

She pulled her head back, letting my cock escape. She pulled it up and licked and sucked all around it, from the base of my shaft up to my head, just as I had instructed Bethany to. She then licked and sucked on my balls as she was stroking me.

"How am I doing Mr. D.?"
"You are doing fantastic Riley! Do you want to deep throat me like I had Bethany do?"
"Please..." she was practically begging.
"OK, open wide and give it a go."

She did what she saw my daughter do, placed her hands on my ass and pulled her face into it. Her jaw was not as relaxed as Bethany's had been, so she did not initially go as deep as my daughter, so I placed both hands on the back of her head and pushed my dick as far as I could. I felt her warm wet lips press against my pubes which sent a rush of passion through me. I pulled her even deeper as I thrust up into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged. She tried to fight it but she gagged. I allowed her to pull of to catch her breath, but before I knew it, she was deep throating and gagging on me again. Finally with some drool dripping from her chin and tears forming on her cheeks she pulled back.

"Good job. Now, I want the two of you to share me. Kiss and make out around my cock. Feed my cock to each other. Stroke me, suck me. I want you two to also play with each other, make each other feel good while you are pleasing me."

The girls turned to face each other. Riley pointed my dick at Bethany who took it into her mouth. She bobbed on it a few times before letting it escape. Riley then leaned in and started to kiss and tongue my daughter around my cock. I was in heaven watching these two teen girls, one of which is my daughter, sucking my cock.

After kissing and making out around it, Riley took it back into her mouth to suck some more. The girls had their hands in each other's crotch, they were both moaning and gyrating. Bethany leaned over to suck on Riley's tit. She then sat back up and for the next 5 or 10 minutes the girls frantically kissed, made out, licked, sucked and stroked my cock. I was getting close to my point of explosion.

"Bethany, are you ready to taste your daddy's cum?"
"Yes, YES!" she cooed as she t...

"Bethany, are you ready to taste your daddy's cum?"
"Yes, YES!" she cooed as she turned herself to me, seemingly cutting Riley off from any further contact with me.
She took my cock into her mouth and continued sucking. She had one hand on my ass, the other on my shaft and was sucking as fast and hungrily as she could. Riley's hand was still working my daughter's clit, and she leaned over to suck on her tits.

Bethany was sucking and stroking my cock like it was a drug that she was withdrawing from. She was doing better on her first time than her mother ever had, in 25 years.

"Oh baby, I am about to cum!"

She kept sucking and stroking until I shot 2 strings of cum into her mouth. She pulled her mouth off but kept stroking me, allowing me to shoot 4 shots of my love seed on her face, neck and chest. She stroked me until I was completely tapped, and then she started to slow down. I could see her swallowing some of my load. Finally she let her hand fall off of my softening cock.

She leaned in to Riley, placed her hand down to her clit and they continued to rub each other while they kissed. Bethany shared my cum with her friend. Riley started to lick around Bethany's face, neck and chest to get some more to share together. They laid in the floor, next to each other, rubbing each other's clits and smearing my seed all over their bodies.

I stood there and watched in amazement as my daughter and her friend brought each other to climax while sharing the taste and feel of my cum.

"Thank you girls, for allowing me to teach you today. I am going to leave you two alone now to just enjoy this moment."

I went back to my room and cleaned myself up a little. I could still taste the girls pussies in my mouth. I was in shock at what had just happened, but I was happy to have been a part of it. I had a feeling that this would not be the last time, certainly with Bethany, but with Riley either.

"Daddy?" Bethany called from my doorway.

I turned around to see both girls, naked, with the gleam of my cum all over them. They each had an arm around each other. Their faces were flush, but glowing with satisfaction.

"Yes baby?
"Are you sure mom won't be home soon?"
"I will call her."

I picked up my cell phone and dialed my wife.

"Hello?" my wife said on the other end.
"Hey honey, how's your day?"
"Good, whats up?"
"The girls were just wondering if you were still going to be gone until after dinner. I think they are finally stirring around enough and want to plan the rest of their day." I said, standing there naked, in front of my naked daughter and her friend.
"I can come home if they want, but yes that was my plan. It will be after 8 probably." It was noon now.

"Girls, do you want her to come home?"
"No, tell her to have fun."

"Did you hear that honey?"
"OK, well we were just checking on you. Love you."
"Love you too, bye."

"Daddy, I want to tell you something." Bethany spoke up, still standing in my doorway with Riley.
"What's that baby?"
"Well, I know you said that mom does not give you head that often."
"Well, anytime that you want your cock sucked, you just tell me. I don't care what time it is. If you wake up in the middle of the night wanting a blow job, sneak to my room and I will suck you off. I love you and I loved doing that for you."
"Ok. deal."
"Mr. D.?"
"Yes Riley?"
"Same thing goes. Once Bethany goes off to college I will still be here since I am going to community college for a year. Anytime that you want your cock sucked, call the house, I will be right over to service you. As long as Bethany is ok with it."
"Oh yeah. I am." Bethany replied.
"OK, sounds good."

They stepped into the door way and walked up to me. Riley was the first to look up to me and kiss me. It was a simple, but passionate, loving peck on the lips. Then Bethany turned my head to her. She leaned in for a kiss, and for the first time our tongues met. We kissed and made out passionately while Riley looked on. She pulled away.

"I love you daddy." and looking at Riley "Our pussies taste good out of his mouth!"
"I love you too baby."
"Daddy, can we use your shower to get cleaned up?"
"Sure thing!"
"Want to join us? Its big enough."

The girls got the water running and to the correct temperature. Riley stepped in first, then me, and Bethany last. I was in between the two girls. They each got some soap and gave me some. We all washed each other's bodies forever, making sure that we covered every inch of each other. Bethany and Riley leaned in to make out in front of me, then I made out with Riley and Bethany separately. We continued this passion until the water started to run cold. We all rinsed off and stepped out. We each helped each other dry off, kissed and made out some more before we left the bathroom.

The girls went into Bethany's room to get dressed. I followed because I realized that I had left my shorts in there on the floor. The girls continued to make out while they were getting their clothes on. I decided to leave them be and went down stairs.

When they came down, they were wearing the same type of outfit. My daughter was in a white tank top, no bra ( I could see her brown nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt.) And white, lacy, boy short style underwear. I could see her pussy lips through the lace. Riley's tank top was white as well. She, too, was not wearing a bra. Her panties were different though. They were a shear white, see through thong. I could see the jet black, perfectly lined landing strip pointing directly to her plump pussy lips. Both girls were really tan and the contrast of the white fabric on their skin was exotic.

We spent the rest of the day talking and flirting. Each girl would steal kisses and grabs of my cock when the other was not looking. The girls were sitting on either side of me on the couch, each with a hand on me, slowly stroking my cock. I had my arms around both of them. I was hard, but they were not stroking to make me cum, they were stroking to feel close to me. Bethany leaned over, sucked me into her mouth, gave me some quick kisses and licks, then looked back up to me.

"I can't wait to be with you completely daddy, I love you."
"I love you too."
They both continued to play with my cock until Bethany fell asleep on my stomach, her face looking directly at my cock. Riley made sure that she was sound asleep before breaking the silence.

"Mr. D.?" Riley whispered
"Bethany told me I should ask you this, but I was too nervous earlier..."
"What's that?"
"Well, after you take her virginity, would you be willing to take mine? I have had a crush on you and Mark since I can remember. I want him, but I want you to teach me everything that will make him happy."
"Well, Yeah. But like you said, after I sleep with Bethany. I don't want to betray her."

Riley said nothing more, but started stroking my cock a little faster. It was feeling good, but I did not want to wake Bethany.

"Don't worry Mr. D. She would be glad to know that I am stroking you. She told me upstairs when we were getting dressed that she did not care what I did with you, as long as I did not go further than the two of you had."

I told Riley to spit in her hand and continue on. She did as she was told and started to really stroke my cock. I let my hand wander on her body, landing on her tits. My other hand, instinctively, was wandering over my sleeping daughter. Riley's stroking was feeling fantastic, and I guess between my heavy breathing, my moans and my hand on Bethany, she woke up.

She did not speak a word, she just opened her mouth and let the head of my dick in. She licked and sucked my cock head while Riley continued to stroke me. It did not take me long to cum, and I did with out warning. I shot 3 thick strings of cum into my daughters waiting mouth. She closed her lips around my cock head to make sure she got every bit. Riley continued stroking me until I was completely empty. When I told them I was done, Bethany sat up, looked at Riley, and with a mouthful of cum, kissed her. Deeply. They shared my cum once again until they both swallowed what was in their mouths. The girls then settled down, hands across my chest and fell asleep on my shoulders. I fell asleep sometime later, after realizing the fantastic situation that I was