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Thread: Strawberries and Cream Men Creamy Cum

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    Default Strawberries and Cream Men Creamy Cum

    Strawberries and Cream

    My friend and his wife belong to a dance club and go out every Saturday
    night. For the last three months, I have been going over to their
    house and
    baby-sitting Cassie, their Young daughter.

    Cassie is a very pretty little girl with big brown eyes, silky
    shoulder-length hair, and a cute little slender body. For her age, she
    quite appealing and, in a few years, will be a fine looking young girl.

    The Saturday night before last was like the others: I arrived and had
    couple of beers with Tom before he and Joan went out for the night.
    they left, I popped another beer and went to watch a little TV. Little
    Cassie had been in her room and I had checked on her just before going
    the living room. She sat on the floor in her nightie playing with a

    After about half an hour of watching TV, it was time to go to the
    and take a good leak. The three beers had done their job and I had to
    The bathroom is just down the end of the hall and I had to pass by
    room to get to it. I poked my head in and she was doing what she was
    before, so I didn't disturb her. I went into the bathroom and closed
    door. Lifted the toilet seat and starting taking a piss.

    Just about when my bladder was half-empty, the door opened and little
    walked in. I looked at her and said, "Hi, Cassie ... you gotta go?"
    shook her little head and said, "Uh-uh."

    Cassie stood there watching me and I figured, "What the fuck!" I love
    little girls and if Cassie wants to watch me piss, that's OK with me.
    As I
    occasionally glanced over at her, I could see that she was looking
    at my dick with the piss coming out of it. "Do you know what I'm
    Cassie?" I asked her. "You're doing pee-pee," she answered
    "That's right," I said, "What a smart little girl you are!" As I
    and shook my dick, I almost started putting it back in my pants when a
    notion came over me. I decided to stroke it a little until my dick got
    a little stiff. I then turned toward Cassie and asked if she knew what
    is as I sort of waved my dick a little at her. She nodded and said,
    daddy has one." Again, I praised her, "You're right again! How come
    so smart, Cassie?" Not knowing what to say, she answered, "I dunno."
    rubbed the top of her little head and the feel of her soft hair made a
    a little harder.

    "Do you like looking at it, Cassie?" I asked. "Uh-huh," she nodded
    "Why does it look like that?" she asked. "Why does it look like what,
    Cassie?" I asked her. "Sticking out like that," she said. By now, my
    was nice and big and stiff and I figure the young Cassie
    seen a full-fledged hard-on like the one I was holding just inches from
    sweet little face. "It's because it likes you, Cassie" I reassured
    "Would you like to touch it?" I could see the wheels spinning in her
    behind those wide brown little eyes of hers. She shook her head a
    "Uh-uh." I coaxed her on. "It's OK, Cassie. It likes you. Go ahead
    touch it. It will feel real nice." Hesitantly, Cassie reached her
    hand and touched it. Her tiny fingers softly touched the shaft and
    head of
    my penis and I could feel the instantaneous growth and hardening in my
    already sizable boner. After just a moment, Cassie pulled her hand
    away and
    I could tell she was feeling very awkward with this new experience on

    "That felt really nice, Cassie!" I told her. Her mood lightened a bit
    that encouragement and I knew I could get this thing to go further.
    ahead and touch it again, Cassie . it's OK because I really like it
    when you
    touch me there!" Cassie's eyes brightened a little as she realized
    that the
    situation wasn't as horrible as she had first thought. But, it was all
    still very strange to her. "This time, hold it in your hand like
    this," I
    said as she watched me demonstrate holding the top of my penis in my
    hand. "Go ahead and then tell me what it feels like," I urged. Young
    Cassie reached out again and grasped the head of my penis just as she
    shown. "OK, just leave it there for awhile Cassie and tell me what it
    like," I instructed her. She looked up at me and said, "Warm." I had
    had a little girl's hand on my penis before tonight and I just couldn't
    believe how great it felt! I had butterflies on my chest and my balls
    like the cum was boiling inside!

    Cassie moved her hand as I again demonstrated for her. "Rub it like
    with your hand, Cassie. It's like petting your kitty and it likes it a
    and makes it feel real good." The 5-year old didn't seem afraid of my
    anymore and she did as she was instructed. She put her tiny hand on
    shaft of my penis and starting rubbing it just a little. "Rub it all
    Cassie. All the way up and down . make it feel real nice!" Cassie
    did as she was told and rubbed her tiny little hand awkwardly up and
    down my
    shaft! "Oh, you're a good girl, Cassie! That feels REAL nice!" I
    her as I looked down at her. As she rubbed, she would occasionally
    look up
    at me for reassurance and I smiled at her and told her what a god
    girl she was. For the most part, her innocent little eyes were taking
    the sight of this strange new experience. I could feel that even at
    young age, Cassie knew that what we were doing was taboo and not
    you tell mommy and daddy about. To be sure, I cautioned her that this
    our little secret and she should never tell anybody. "OK," she agreed.

    My penis was throbbing now and Cassie's little hand seemed almost
    from the heat of my dick and her own little hand combined with the
    of the gentle little hand-job she was giving me. "Go ahead and use
    hands, Cassie!" I coaxed. "It will make it feel REAL nice and warm."
    Cassie put her other hand on my dick and began moving both hands up and
    simultaneously. "Oh, Cassie! That feels SOOOO good!" I moaned.
    knew instinctively that something strange and wonderful was happening
    to me
    and that she was causing it! Her rubbing became more intense and I
    feel the beginning of an orgasm starting deep from inside me! This was
    simply incredible! Getting jacked-off by an inquisitive innocent
    old girl who had never been this close to a dick in her life. Now,
    here she
    was stroking an incredible throbbing hard-on in her tiny little hands
    learning about a new and strange and oddly wonderful experience.

    I could tell Cassie was enjoying herself. As young as she is, she knew
    this was something "sexual" and that she was indeed making her
    feel very good. I couldn't help but wonder if she was getting
    turned-on a
    little because she was definitely now into what she was doing. Cassie
    rubbed up and down, up and down and I could see the pleasure on her
    face as
    I moaned and reassured her what a good little girl she was! As I
    down watching this little angel at work, a bit of pre-cum oozed from
    head of my penis. Cassie noticed it, too and I told her that it was a
    reward for rubbing her new friend. "It's for you, Cassie . go ahead
    lick it off," I urged. "Uh-uh," she said as she shook her head. "It's
    Cassie. It will make me feel REALLY good!" "No, I don't want to," she
    answered. By now, the pre-cum was starting to really ooze and I really
    wanted to cum in Cassie's mouth. Unfortunately, the more I pleaded,
    more resolved she was in telling me that she had no desire whatsoever
    to get
    her mouth near this strange looking "thing" she was rubbing only inches
    her face.

    As the pre-cum starting oozing down the shaft of my dick, it was
    that it would find its way to Cassie's tiny hands. Her hands became
    slippery with the clear pre-cum and it must have scared her because she
    pulled her hands away. She was looking at her hands and the sticky
    liquid on them and I told her that it was OK and it was there because
    was such a good little girl and made me feel good. I urged her to
    rubbing again, but she was spooked by this strange experience. I
    coaxed a
    bit more, but resigned myself to the fact that not only would I not get
    Cassie to lick or suck my dick, I wouldn't be able to get her to jack
    me off
    all the way which, I must admit, felt perverted in my mind but highly

    I was too close to cumming now to just put an end to the whole episode,
    so I
    decided that I would jack myself off right there in front of her. I
    never masturbated in front of a little girl before. In fact, now that
    think of it, I have never jacked-off in front of ANYBODY before! I
    Cassie to watch and decided to give her the whole show! I unbuttoned
    pants and let them drop to the floor and pulled my underwear down to my
    hips. Cassie watched wide-eyed as I began stroking my hard-on and I
    her how good it felt. I told her I do this all the time to make myself
    nice, but it would feel better if she would do it for me. No dice .
    wasn't taking the bait! Her little brain was busy trying to absorb and
    decipher the strange scene in front of her face and she didn't
    the sticky pre-cum of her tiny hands. I thought about cumming on her
    since it was right there in front of my dick, but decided that might be
    much for her very first experience with an adult man and his throbbing
    She watched intently, almost in awe, as I stroked. I could feel the
    welling-up inside again and stroked faster and harder. "OK, Cassie .
    this!" I said as I cupped my other hand by the head of my penis. As I
    to cum, I stopped stroking my hard-on and pumped squirt after squirt of
    white hot cum into my cupped hand. My legs flapped a bit as I expelled
    sex from my body. As I was nearing the end of my spasms, I stroke a
    bit and
    worked the rest of the cum out from my erection. Cassie stared
    wide-eyed at
    the glob of cum in my hand and I told her how good that felt! "It
    have been better if you did it, Cassie because this is what you get
    when you
    rub it real nice," I told her as I held my cupped hand up for her to
    inspect. She studied it, trying to make sense out of what it was. I
    her that it tastes real good and would she like to try a lick. She
    shook her head no and (don't hold this against me) dipped my tongue in
    and said, "Mmmm . that IS go!
    od! Here try tasting it!" I offered the cupped hand to her and to my
    delight, stuck out her little tongue and got just a dab of cum on it.
    made a nasty face as she rolled the flavor around her mouth and said,
    That's tastes YUCKY!" I told her it always tastes yucky the first time
    try it, but it gets real delicious if you keep tasting it. Didn't work
    Cassie had tasted enough cum for her liking and there was no going back

    I told Cassie it was time to wash our hands and got the water in the
    going. Cassie rubber the bar of soap in her tiny hands and washed the
    sticky pre-cum off. I washed my hands and watched the cum (intended
    Cassie little mouth) go down the drain. I got dressed and we went back
    to the living room. I again emphasized to Cassie that it was out
    secret and that she should never tell anybody. "Only you and me . OK
    Cassie?" She nodded, "Uh-huh." One can never be too sure what goes on
    the brain of a 5-year old girl. I all I do is that she would keep the
    secret and not blurt something out the next time she saw her daddy
    taking a
    piss! One can only hope.

    I spent the next week jacking-off while fantasizing about my hand being
    Cassie's little mouth. There just had to be a way to get her to suck
    dick! Then, an idea dawned on me that was almost guaranteed to work if
    could get Cassie to play along with the idea which would trick her into
    sucking my dick. I mentally thought of an idea for my plan for this
    Saturday night . I called it "Strawberries and Cream"!

    Story2: Saturday was a long time coming! The plan I had was, in my
    perfect! The only thing in my way at the moment was TIME . the days
    weren't going by fast enough!

    Not wanting to leave my fate totally in the hands of a 5-year old girl,
    executed my plan with a trip to the supermarket Saturday afternoon.
    Afterall, I was planning on giving little Cassie a strange and totally
    experience and I couldn't be sure she wouldn't blab something to mommy
    daddy. I had to think ahead! At the store, I bought the fixings for
    Strawberry Shortcake: A package of those little angel food-type
    shortcake cupcakes, a package of frozen strawberries in thick juice
    would be thawed by the time I arrived for my baby-sitting gig) and a
    can of
    whipped cream to squirt all over the strawberry concoction I would call
    "Strawberries and Cream" in the presence of little Cassie.

    Later in the evening that Saturday (which finally came after what
    like an eternity) I arrived at Tom and Joan's. Tom was enjoying the
    before he left for the dance session by sitting back with a couple of
    and shooting the shit with me. Tom and Joan both asked about the bag I
    brought with me and I told them that I was going to make strawberry
    shortcake for Cassie and me a little later in the evening. They both
    thought that was a wonderful idea and I told them that when I was a
    kid, my
    mom used to call it "Strawberries and Cream" instead of Strawberry
    Shortcake. They laughed and thought that was cute and told me that
    were sure that Cassie would enjoy it no matter what it was called! As
    was nursing his beer, I had other things on my mind, but did my best to
    my impatience. All I really wanted was for Tom and Joan to be finally
    their way!

    At last, it was time for them to go and, as usual, Joan had Cassie
    ready for
    bed in her little nightie (actually a long T-shirt with some kind of
    little huggy-bear type design on it) and panties. Cassie is such a
    little girl anyway and the bedtime attire she was wearing just made her
    simply irresistible!

    I waited for them to pull away in the car and asked Cassie if she
    wanted to
    play a game and then have something nice to eat. She thought the game
    was a
    GREAT idea and I told Cassie that to play the game, we had to go to the
    kitchen. I figured that she thought that at least she wouldn't be
    and end-up playing with her doll all night while I watched TV!

    NOTE: First thing to do in a situation like this is look around and
    sure all the blinds are closed and the shades and/or curtains are drawn
    lest you get busted by a neighbor or passerby!

    Cassie and I went to the kitchen and I told her to sit down at one of
    chairs. She obediently complied as I began looking through the
    cabinets for
    the "tools" I would need to pull my plan off. I found a squeeze-bottle
    Nestle's chocolate syrup, one of those squeezable bear-shaped
    containers of
    honey, and then I got the can of whipped cream from the bag I brought
    me. Finally, I emptied the small carton of now-thawed frozen
    (in heavy syrup) into a small bowl.

    I began to give Cassie the instructions for the game. I told her that
    play it, she had to close her eyes . and keep them closed! . and guess
    flavor on my finger. Cassie appeared to understand the simple rules of
    game. I demonstrated by squirting some of the Nestle's chocolate syrup
    my finger. I put it in my mouth and made a point of sucking it for a
    long time with my eyes closed. "Chocolate!" I said.

    "See? Wasn't that easy? I asked her. Cassie nodded and said "Yes."
    I took the can of whipped cream, squirted some on my finger and then
    it around my finger. I closed my eyes, stuck my finger in my mouth,
    on it for a few moments and said, "Cream!" Cassie was excited with
    game now and blurted, "Right!" I praised her by saying, "You're a very
    smart little girl, Cassie! I think you're going to WIN this game! Are
    ready to play it now?"

    Little Cassie was enthusiastic and was so excited she almost couldn't
    seated on the chair. I cautioned her that when we start the game, she
    close her eyes and KEEP them closed until I said it was OK to open
    "You've got to promise me that you'll keep you eyes closed or else you
    the game!" I cautioned. Cassie promised she would keep her eyes closed
    I said, "If you promise to keep you eyes closed until I tell you to
    them, we can play the game." Cassie PROMISED she'd keep her eyes
    closed and
    wouldn't open them until I said it was OK to open them.

    "OK, here we go. Close your eyes!" I commanded. Little Cassie sat in
    chair with her hands folded in her lap and squeezed her little eyes
    shut as
    tight as she could. I quietly opened my zipper and worked my dick out
    of my
    pants. Then, I squirted a dab of the chocolate syrup on my dick and
    it in so the head of my penis was coated in the sticky, sweet and brown
    syrup. "Keep your eyes closed, Cassie!" I told her. She said, "OK!"
    then told her, "OK, open you mouth and let me put my finger in. Taste
    real good, then tell me what you think the flavor is, OK?" Cassie,
    with her
    eyes shut as tight as she could nodded and said, "OK!"

    "Open your mouth, Cassie and when I put my finger in, you close your
    and taste the flavor, OK?" Cassie said, "Uh-huh" and opened her little
    mouth as wide as she could. I moved toward her and guided the head of
    penis into her mouth. "Go ahead and suck on my finger for awhile,
    When I tell you it's OK, you tell me what the flavor is, OK?" Cassie
    a little and closed her hot little mouth around the head of my penis
    started sucking-off the flavor. Cassie must not have noticed (but I
    did!) that the penis in her mouth was MUCH bigger than the finger I put
    my mouth when I was demonstrating to her how the game is played. My
    head filled her mouth and my dick was growing into a tremendous boner!

    As Cassie sucked, I said "OK, keep your eyes closed . no cheating! .
    tell me what flavor it is!" As I pulled my dick from her mouth, Cassie
    yelled "Chocolate!"

    "Good girl!" I praised and reminded her that she must keep her eyes
    or she will lose the game. "Are you ready for the next one?" I asked
    "Yes!" she said enthusiastically. "OK, here we go!" I said as I picked
    the can of whipped cream and sprayed some on my dick. I spread the
    generously on the head of my penis and said, "Open your mouth, Cassie
    tell me what you taste this time!" She closed her mouth around the
    head of
    my penis as I guided my dick to her mouth and began sucking hungrily on
    I let her suck for a few moments then said, "Time's up . what flavor is

    "Whipped cream!" she exclaimed proudly. "Keep your eyes closed,
    You are so smart! You're right again!"

    "Ready?" I asked. Cassie said, "Uh-huh" and I squirted some of the
    from the little plastic bear on the head of my dick and rubbed it in.
    wide!" Cassie opened her tiny mouth as wide as she could and, again, I
    guided the head of my now throbbing hard-on into her tiny, hot. and wet
    little mouth! Cassie sucked on my dick and I noticed drool from the
    of her mouth and running down her chin. I could feel the cum boiling
    in my
    balls and I knew that she was most likely getting pre-cum mixed-in with
    honey! "OK, what flavor is that?" I asked her as I pulled my dick from
    mouth with a lovely sucking sound.

    "Uh ." Cassie said. Again she couldn't figure the flavor. "OK, keep
    eyes closed and let's try it again," I instructed her. I took the
    bear bottle and again squirted a very generous amount of honey on the
    of my dick and rubbed it around to cover the entire head and some of
    shaft. "Open your mouth and let's try the same flavor again, Cassie!
    time, suck on my finger really good and then wave your hand when you
    you know what it is, OK?" Cassie nodded and, with her eyes still
    tight, opened her little mouth. I guided my dick in between her open
    and she immediately began sucking on my penis! I could tell she was
    thinking very hard trying to guess the strange flavor of the honey. It
    nice and sticky and I knew my oozing pre-cum was masked by the intense
    flavor! I was feeling the beginning of an incredible orgasm and could
    my dick throbbing in her mouth. My pre-cum was flowing and my thighs
    beginning to quiver as I watched the sweet little Cassie suck
    innocently on
    my dick! (I suddenly thought what a fool I was for not bringing my
    to capture the sight of looking down at this sweet little angel sucking
    dick with her eyes closed tight!)

    I was getting very close to cumming when I pulled my dick out of her
    (again, with that delicious-sounding sucking sound). "Keep your eyes
    tight, Cassie and tell me what flavor it is," I commanded. Cassie
    have a clue. "It's HONEY, silly!" I told her. She giggled and
    for not knowing what the flavor was. I told her, "That's OK, honey!
    going to try one last flavor and I'll bet you CAN guess what it is!"
    Cassie's spirits were up again and she said, "OK, I'm ready!" This
    5-year old was a real trouper after all!

    I dipped my fingers in the bowl of diced strawberries (in that thick
    heavy strawberry syrup) and spread it all over the head of my dick. I
    dipped my finger again and smeared it on my dick until it the red syrup
    oozing down the shaft of my throbbing, pre-cum oozing erection. I was
    close to cumming now that my dick was pulsing and the pre-cum (which
    actually DRIPPING from my penis) was starting to get a milky look to
    "Here we go, Cassie . last flavor! Ready?" She said, "Uh-huh" as she
    opened her tiny mouth as wide as she could. Right now, just a breath
    of air
    of my dick would make me cum . my penis was throbbing and pulsing and
    cumming was the only thing on my mind!

    Again, I guided the head of my penis into her innocent and waiting
    mouth and
    she closed it tight and began to suck the delicious strawberry flavor.
    felt my balls tighten and my thighs were flapping back and forth as the
    orgasm of a lifetime began in my chest and worked it's way down into my
    balls! I started cumming FURIOUSLY and got two quick bursts of hot cum
    into little Cassie's mouth before she was able to pull her head back!
    dick popped-out of her mouth with that now-familiar sucking sound as my
    spurted cum uncontrollably! Cassie opened her eyes wide as my cum shot
    forcefully onto her sweet little innocent face which had an expression
    complete surprise! My erect penis shot, I don't know, six, eight, ten
    of hot white cum on Cassie's face, hair, and slender little neck. I
    count! When the pulsing finally subsided from what was one of the most
    INTENSE orgasms I can remember, little Cassie was covered with cum! It
    all over her face, it was in her hair, it was oozing down her neck, and
    the front of her cute little nightie wasn't spared . there were shots
    of cum
    all over the fabric of that cure little huggy-bear T-shirt nightie! I
    t know I had that much cum in me!!!!

    Cassie's mouth was open and her face and eyes expressed a look which
    combined surprise, disbelief, and awe! Looking down at her, I could
    that her tiny mouth was FULL of my white hot cum and it drooled out of
    mouth and down her chin . the white cum mixed with a tinge of the red
    strawberry juice.

    After the initial shock began to wear off, I asked her, "OK, Cassie .
    flavor was it?" She looked up at me with the mouth still partly open
    drooling cum and said shyly, "Strawberry?" I looked down at the
    yet almost shocking sight of little cum-covered Cassie and said, "Close
    . it
    was strawberries and CREAM!" I waited a moment and asked her, "Do you
    it?" Cassie closed her mouth and swallowed some of the cum in her
    mouth as
    my dick began to sag with the cum still oozing from the tip of my

    "You tricked me," she said . suddenly sounding more mature than her 5
    "That wasn't your finger!" she protested. Then she began to giggle!

    "It was the only way I could give you the cream with your
    strawberries," I
    assured her. "Do you like it?" Carrie was still swallowing the cum in
    mouth and the sounds from her mouth and throat were still turning me
    "Do the strawberries and cream taste good?" I coaxed. I knew the taste
    the sweet strawberry syrup would mask the bitter taste of my cum.
    why I had used all sweet sticky stuff on my dick in anticipation of
    when I
    would cum it wouldn't taste so bad to her.

    She was still looking up at me and swallowing the contents of her tiny
    when I again asked, "Well, do you like it?" Cassie swallowed again and
    looked up at me with those big bright eyes and finally said, "Uh-huh."
    Again, she giggled nervously.

    I sighed a breath of relief and told her, "That's a good girl . you're
    a BIG
    girl now!" Cassie began to smile as I told her how very good she made
    feel and that the cream I gave her was only for special little girls
    sucked on my special "finger". As I put my limp, wet and still sticky
    back in my pants, I cautioned Cassie that this was our special little
    and made her promise me not to EVER tell anybody . even mommy and
    This special game "Strawberries and Cream" was our secret little game
    and we
    should never tell anybody about it. Cassie nodded and said she
    ever tell ANYBODY! I praised her and, again, told her what a good girl
    is. Cassie giggled and said, "I like that you ticked me . it was fun!"

    I took Cassie to the bathroom and got her cleaned-up. I helped her
    pull her
    nightie off over her head so I could wash the cum from it and wring it
    As little Cassie stood there in only her pretty little panties with her
    naked legs, tummy and undeveloped breast . I felt my dick stirring
    again in
    my pants. However, mommy and daddy would be home before too long and
    further adventures with Cassie would have to wait until next week! I
    decided to educate little Cassie's brain about the name of the game we
    just played and was confident when she said excitedly, "Strawberries

    Story3: I spent the entire week just waiting for Saturday and my next
    adventure with little Cassie. I have to admit that I did lots of
    masturbating while fantasizing about little Cassie's hot mouth sucking
    hungrily on my dick. Every time I came, I would fantasize about the
    girl swallowing the gobs of cum I squirted into the toilet!

    FINALLY . Saturday came and, again, I went to the store and bought the
    ingredients for the strawberry shortcake.
    I arrived at Tom and Joan's a little later than usual. They were ready
    leave when I arrived when Joan noticed the bag and asked, "Strawberry
    shortcake again?" I nodded, "Yup!" Joan said , "Thank God! All
    talked about all week was strawberries and cream . she really loves
    it!" I
    agreed that we both really enjoyed our strawberries and cream last week
    that Cassie thought it was delicious!

    Cassie came out of her bedroom in her cute little nightie just as Tom
    Joan were getting ready to walk out the door. Cassie looked at me and
    bag I was holding and exclaimed, "Strawberries and cream!" Tom and
    laughed as they walked out the door and Joan said, "Have fun, you two!"

    "Ready, Cassie?" I asked her with a big smile. "Yeah! Let's play that
    again!" she squealed. I couldn't believe the excitement in little
    voice and how excited she was! "OK, let's go to the kitchen!" I told
    She ran ahead of me and jumped up in the chair and, "Ready!"

    I went through the cabinets and, just like last week, pulled out the
    bottle of Nestle's chocolate syrup, the cute little plastic bear-type
    container of honey and, from my bag, pulled out the can of whipped
    cream and
    frozen strawberries. I, again, bought the strawberries early enough in
    day to ensure they'd be thawed. I poured the red, sticky concoction
    into a
    small bowl and then asked Cassie, "So, are you sure you're ready to
    the game?" She nodded excitedly and said, "Uh-huh!"

    "OK . here we go! Close your eyes!" Cassie's little face
    instantly took on a slight pout as she said, "I want to keep my eyes
    this time." I couldn't believe my ears! "Are you SURE, Cassie?" I
    Again, nodding with excited anticipation she said, "Uh-huh!"

    I felt a little strange, about knowing how she would react with what I
    just about to do! "OK, here we go . sure you're ready?", I asked one
    time. "Uh-huh!" she said eagerly. I turned away from her and opened
    zipper on my pants and pulled my soft and limp dick out. I squirted
    honey on it and spread it all over the head of my penis and then down
    shaft. I squirted another dab of honey on my penis and spread it in,
    working it all over my entire dick. I looked over my shoulder and saw
    Cassie watching with a noticeable excited anticipation! "Are you sure
    re ready to start the game, Cassie?" I asked one final time. "Uh-huh .
    ready!" she giggled.

    I turned around holding my honey-coated dick in my hand and said, "OK .
    wide!" Little Cassie opened her mouth as wide as she could while her
    were fixed on my dick which was completely coated with the clear,
    honey. I walked to her and guided the head of my penis into her
    mouth. She closed her mouth and began sucking. I told Cassie to hold
    penis with her hands so it would fall out. Her tiny hands came up from
    little bare legs and she grasped the shaft of my penis while she sucked
    swallowed her saliva and the honey from my dick! I used my non-sticky
    to caress the back of her head and enjoyed the feeling of my dick
    growing to
    a full erection in her sucking little mouth! At first, she had almost
    entire dick in her mouth! But now, with my stiff throbbing hard-on,
    the tip of my penis could fit in her tiny little sucking mouth! I was
    already starting to get close to cumming with the intensity of her
    and decided to make it last a bit longer. I pulled back and my penis
    out with a wet sucking sound! "What flavor is that, Cassie?" I
    "Honey!" she answered with a giggle. Her face was flushed and I began
    think that maybe she was getting pretty turned-on. "Impossible," I
    to myself. "How can a 5-year old girl get turned-on sexually . even if
    is sucking her adult male baby-sitter's dick!"

    My dick was already dripping pre-cum and most of the honey was gone.
    cleaned it off around the tip of my penis, but it was still very sticky
    around the shaft where she hadn't sucked as much. Knowing how close I
    to cumming, I decided it was already time for the strawberries (in
    with the tradition of "Strawberries and Cream)! I dipped my fingers in
    bowl of red, sticky strawberry goo and smeared it all over the tip of
    penis. I dipped again and, turning toward Cassie, coated my dick with
    enough strawberry juice that it was beginning to run down the shaft of
    throbbing, pre-cum oozing erection. Little Cassie's brown eyes were
    wide at
    she watched me stroking my dick and working the strawberry juice into
    skin of my erection. I slowly masturbated with the sticky strawberry
    just to give Cassie a good show. To my surprise, little Cassie's hands
    down at her crotch and she was massaging herself through her cute
    panties! She was turned-on, after all! I just wouldn't have believed
    young girl could be this "sexual" to the point that she was
    MASTURBATING to the sight of my stroking my dick! I almost came just
    watching her rub her little crotch through those cute white panties
    those tiny hands and her wide eyes staring intently at my pulsing and

    "Ready, Cassie?" I asked. "Uh-huh" she said as she continued rubbing
    little crotch. I moved close to her and slowly guided my penis into
    mouth as she looked down at the erection going in. Even though I knew
    would, I moaned, "Start sucking, Cassie and make me feel REAL good!"
    little wet lips closed around my penis and her hot little mouth began
    sucking hungrily! Cassie was sucking with more intensity than she ever
    and I looked down at her as she looked up at me with those beautiful
    eyes and sucked me like her favorite baby bottle! Her hands moved
    her panties and I could tell by her breathing that she was very hot!
    Cassie was almost PANTING through her tiny nose and she was drooling
    crazy. I could her swallowing saliva, strawberry juice, and pre-cum as
    breathing became more rapid and her hands massaged her tiny pussy under
    little white panties furiously!

    My legs quivered as my balls tightened and the spasms of an intense
    began. "Oh, Cassie!" I cooed! "You're such a good little girl! Suck
    honey and get all my juice!" The pulsing began and my penis ejaculated
    first, second and third shots of hot cum into little Cassie's throat.
    thighs were now drawn tight in toward Cassie's soft little head and I
    the softness of her hair between my thighs as I squeezed them in tight.
    held the back of her soft little head with one hand while masturbating
    shaft of my penis with the other to ensure that I would squeeze every
    drop of cum from my penis into her sucking mouth. I pulled her head
    in toward me which would prevent her from removing her mouth from my
    penis! White cum was oozing from her small mouth and drooling down her
    as she sucked and swallowed what she could. There was too much cum for
    tiny mouth to handle and the rest made its way down onto her little
    as it dripped from her chin!

    Finally, the orgasm came to an end and my red hot penis was tender from
    orgasm and the sucking. Cassie continued to swallow the cum in her
    and I left my dick in her mouth to serve as a pacifier as she swallowed
    than sucked. Her tiny hands were still at work under her panties and
    saliva drooling from her mouth replaced the cum which indicated that
    she had
    pretty much swallowed it all!

    I released my grasp from the back of her head and let her soft baby
    slip through my fingers. I pulled back and slowly withdrew my penis
    her mouth. Again, there was a wet sucking pop as her tiny lips sucked
    as the head of my penis came into contact with the cool air of the
    Cassie looked up at me with a slight smile and cum and saliva drooling
    her chin. Her tiny hands were still inside her panties and she was
    massaging her little pussy although as not as frantically as before. I
    I had to satisfy little Cassie now . it was my DUTY!

    "Cassie, you made me feel VERY good . and now it's time for me to make
    feel good, OK?" I asked. Cassie nodded shyly. I took the bottle of
    from the counter and told Cassie to follow me. She followed as I
    walked her
    to her bedroom with my dick still hanging from the opening of the
    zipper of
    my pants. When we got into the bedroom, I undid my pants and pulled
    off. My dick was now hanging out from the opening in my underwear. It
    still wet with Cassie's spit and cum was still dripping from the head
    of my

    "Get up on the bed, Cassie" I told her. Little Cassie climbed up on
    her bed
    and sat down with her legs hanging over the edge. Cassie was still
    wide-eyed at my penis sticking out through my underwear as I moved
    close to
    her and gently laid her back into a lying position on the bed. I
    lifted her
    tiny ass and pulled her panties down her legs and then tossed them on
    floor. Grasping her by the waist, I gently pulled her crotch toward me
    the edge of the bed. I took the bear-shaped plastic honey bottle and
    squirted a bead of honey along the crack of her tiny hairless slit.
    pussy was so small, it looked like more of a slit than a pussy. This
    the closest I had ever been to the pussy of a girl this young.
    legs jumped a little as the cool honey came in contact with her tender
    little pussy slit. I watched as the gold liquid flowed down the length
    her crack and worked it's way inside the slit.

    "OK, Cassie, I'm going to play MY part of the game now and make you
    good, OK?" Cassie pushed her pelvis up toward me just a little as she

    I leaned my face toward her tiny pelvic area and stuck my tongue out.
    licked along the crack of her tiny pussy and Cassie's legs jumped as my
    tongue made contact with the flesh of her tiny slit! As I drew my
    along her crack, I breathed deeply through my nose and enjoyed the
    of the little girl. She smelled so clean and sweet and pure! I
    worked my
    tongue back and forth along the crack swallowing the sticky sweet honey
    as I

    Cassie began to squirm and I brought my hands up and cupped them under
    tiny ass to pull her closer to me! I worked my tongue along the slit
    began working the tip of it deeper into her. I had stopped licking and
    now working on getting the tip of my tongue into her pussy! I began to
    taste her sweetness as the honey subsided and I worked my tongue deep
    little Cassie.

    I began to feel her little ass contracting in my cupped hands and she
    instinctively began to hump her pelvis up and down. Her entire
    her waist was squirming all around and her humping and bucking became
    intense as I sucked the moisture from her 5-year old virgin pussy! I
    my mouth tightly onto her tiny mound and began sucking the juices from
    As I continued to tongue-fuck the little girl and swallow her juices,
    hips and pelvis were fucking my mouth in return!

    Suddenly, little Cassie's hands grabbed my head and she pulled me tight
    her. She squirmed and bucked wildly as she squeaked incoherent words
    her tiny mouth! As I sucked on her, I still couldn't believe that a
    old girl could actual CUM like little Cassie was doing right now! Her
    juice was delicious and I swallowed it like precious morning dew! "If
    could bottle this little-girl flavor and sell it . I'd probably make a
    fortune!" I thought as I sucked the squirming pre-teen!

    Cassie stiffened with her pelvis pushed hard against my face and I knew
    was having her first-ever orgasm. I stopped sucking and just left my
    in her pussy to prolong the moment of her pleasure as long as possible!
    relaxed a little then bucked her pelvis again a few more tomes and
    again. I started sucking her juices again as little Cassie experienced
    second orgasm!

    Finally, she was through and her body went limp on the bed with her
    hanging over the edge on wither side of my head. Reluctantly, I sucked
    remaining moisture form the sweet little girl and pulled my tongue from
    reddened wet pussy. I took a good long look at her little mound and
    the peach fuzz on her pubic area and even on her thighs. Her pussy was
    from the whiskers of my face and the assault of my mouth! I had an
    incredible hard-on again from being such a close witness to this little
    's orgasm and there was pre-cum dripping from my dick onto the floor!
    crawled up on the bed with Cassie and positioned her tiny head near my
    exposed throbbing erection. "Suck me, Cassie and make me feel good!" I
    whispered. As she opened her tiny mouth, I guided my penis in and she
    to suck. Her eyes were closed and she was till breathing heavily
    her nostrils . she looked almost like a little baby girl lying there
    her bottle!

    I laid there for awhile with my pulsing erection and the head of my
    penis in
    her sucking mouth.

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    Nothing eating a young pussy. It tastes delicious saltish little pee and sweet pungent aroma.

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