"Thank you for flying with South African Airways. We hope you enjoyed
your flight and we wish you a pleasant stay in Harare."

The Watson family were zonked, and they had only just completed the
first half of their flight. The trip across from Perth to Johannesburg
had been bad enough, but this latest stretch had really wrecked the
Australian family. Sure, they had been on long trips before to Europe
and America, but no one ever grows immune to jet lag.


Roger Watson, the father of the family, was responsible for this latest
adventure to Africa. He had spent much of his life in the continent
working as an aid Doctor for countries suffering from disease and
starvation. In fact, Roger had done such a good job as a humanitarian
that the United Nations had awarded him with a certificate of
excellence and nobility. The ceremony was being held in Lagos, Nigeria
and Roger had thought of it as the perfect opportunity to show his
family the beautiful land in which he had grown to love so much. So now
here they were in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, getting ready to
exit one plane and then board another to complete the last stretch of
their journey.

"David, honey, could you please pass me my bag from the overhead
compartment." Roger's beautiful 35 year old wife, Judy, had woken up
from her sleep and was now standing up and doing some stretches much to
the delight of the nearby men on the plane whom had been sneaking looks
at her for much of the flight.

Her teenage son, David, willingly obliged to his mothers wish and
stared down some of the knowing looks, forever protectful of his loving
mother. He knew she was hot, and he especially enjoyed perving at good
looking women himself, yet whenever he caught other men staring at his
mother or sister with their tongues hanging out, he became deeply

Once they were sure they had everything, the Watson's began filing out
of the plane and into the unbearable heat that can only be found in
Southern Africa.

The little Fokker S-144 prop plane was pulled up alongside the giant
747 cargo jet, like a baby nursing at its mother's breast. Two cargo
ramps were in constant motion as men transferred equipment from the
larger plane to the smaller one. Returning from his chat with the
Captain, Roger explained to the rest of the family that they would be
taking the smaller one-engine plane, since the 747 was far too large
for their needs now.

Judy eyed the plane worryingly and then turned to her husband, "Roger,
Darling, I really don't like the look of this plane. It looks so

Roger, being a Doctor, had a natural bedside manner and he quelled his
anxious wife's fear, giving her a snuggle and squeezing her shapely ass
cheeks. "Honey, Honey, stop worrying and enjoy the holiday. I can
assure you this plane is safe, I've done it a hundred times before and
there's never been a problem.

Several black men were loading equipment into the aeroplane, laughing
and slapping each other on the back having a fine time. David and his
older sister, Alice, were keen to know what they were joking about, but
they gathered they didn't speak English and gave up. It was all for the
best, however, as the men were ogling over the boy's mother and
sister's luscious curves and how, if given the chance, they would bury
their huge penis's into the hilt of their well-toned bodies. David knew
nothing of it, however, and he boarded the plane completely ignorant.

Five hours out of Harare, the landscape changed. Once past Goma, near
the Zaire border, they found themselves flying over the easternmost
fingers of the Congo rain forest. The kids and Judy stared out the
window fascinated.

Roger was extremely pleased. Finally his family could see the beautiful
landscape which he had attempted to describe to them back at home so
many times. He willingly answered all their questions, not growing
tired of them one bit.

Meanwhile, the man flying the plane made his last radio call back to
base before he would land and then settled in for the remaining three
or so hours of the flight.

His heart had just given a little twitch at first, and he had worried a
little, but when it had failed to persist he had thought he was fine.
However, five minutes later the Captain suffered from a heart attack
and collapsed back into his seat, a string of drool hanging from his
mouth. Not a soul was even there to witness the pilot's freak death.

Judy was the first to notice the forest getting closer. Even though she
had been taking great interest in the landscape, she had also, in the
back of her mind, been worrying about the fact that they only had one
engine and one pilot. She had therefore, practically been waiting for
the plane to drop out of the sky, and when it did she threw a nervous
fit at Roger, yelling and screaming.

They were the only ones on the plane, and so it was therefore Roger's
job to go and see what the hell was going on.

When he discovered the body, he too, almost nearly had a nervous fit.
David, who had been close behind his father when checking the cockpit,
seemed to be the only one to remain calm. He found the parachutes and
passed them around to the others, who still couldn't believe what was

Luckily, Roger had performed a paradrop before when he was just a young
man enlisted in the Army Reserve. He realised the parachutes provided
were by far simpler than the ones he had used, and he attached them to
each member of the family in the appropriate manner telling them that
there was nothing to it, and that the parachute would open by itself.

Alice seemed to have gone into a decline, however, and she refused to
do it. Roger strapped her to himself with some guy ropes before pulling
the emergency exit open with the help of David.

"David, listen to me!" Roger was shouting across to his son, the wind
nearly knocking them over, "I'm going to send you first. Remember the
parafoil opens automatically, so don't play with your chute at all. You
have lines in both hands, left and right. Pull left to go left, right
to go right. You'll land automatically too. Stay loose and relax, take
the shock in the legs. Equivalent of jumping off a ten foot ledge.
You've done it a thousand times off the school diving board. Do you

"Sure Dad, nothing to it." The words sounded ridiculous.

"Good luck son." Roger gave his son a hug before throwing him off the
ill-fated plane.

David fell, scared to death. His stomach jumped into his throat, and he
tasted bile; the wind screamed around his ears and tugged at his hair;
and the air was cold - he was instantly chilled and shivering. Below
him the rain forest lay spread across rolling hills, however he felt no
appreciation for the landscape now, and in fact he closed his eyes.

Too much time had passed. Obviously the parafoil (whatever the fuck it
was) was not going to open. Nevertheless, he dared not touch his
parachute, his fathers brave words of wisdom echoing through his head
amongst the screaming wind. He felt the fierce wind tugging at his
feet, whipping his trousers, flapping his shirt against his arms.
Nothing was happening. It had been at least three minutes since he'd
jumped from the plane. He dared not open his eyes, for fear of seeing
the trees rushing up close as his body crashed downwards toward them in
his final seconds of life... He felt like throwing up. Bile dribbled
from his mouth and flew onto his chest adding to the horrific coldness.
Oh how cold it wa...

He snapped upright with a bone-twisting jolt. The chute had opened.
David opened his eyes to see that he was now slowly descending with
thousands of feet to the ground to spare. Obviously he had only been in
the sky for three seconds or so, and his imagination had got the better
of him.

Nevertheless, the 'thousands of feet' were chewed up within minutes and
David soon found himself steering into a clump of trees. He pulled his
cords and twisted to the right, his whole body tilting. He closed his
eyes and felt the branch scratching at his face and body as he crashed
down and rolled onto the ground.

Not before long, David's mother came crashing down behind him. In fact,
crashing was a bad way of describing it, elegant would be more
appropriate and David was stunned when he realised his mother's landing
had in fact been better then his. This didn't stop him from offering
her a hand anyway, not that it seemed as though she needed one, but
Judy gratefully accepted her son's hand and then gave him a big hug of
relief followed by a fat, sloppy kiss. David just blushed, embarrassed
at his mother's affection and love.

After rubbing themselves down and disconnecting themselves from their
parachutes the two of them went out in search of Roger and Alice. Just
as Judy was beginning to panic they heard some voices in the nearby
bushes. They ran across worried that the others might be injured or
perhaps worse, however what lay around the corner allowed everybody to
laugh, despite the situation they were in.

Roger and Alice hung together from the tree bobbing up and down. Their
parafoil had caught in the branches. Roger the man of the moment in the
dying plane only a few moments ago had made the worst landing out of
all of them. After they had finished laughing, Roger managed to
disconnect himself and Alice from their harness, and they dropped to
the earth with a thud.

Once they realised they were all safe and well, the family indulged in
minutes of hugging and kissing, tears pouring down their cheeks. The
happiness didn't last long, however, as Roger had already started to
worry about food and shelter and protection. The African jungle was
full of dangerous animals who would also be looking for food.

"What about the plane?"

It was starting to get dark, and the Watson's were now sitting down on
logs discussing what to do. They had been doing so for at least two
hours and they were finally beginning to realise that they were in a
hopeless situation. They didn't have any food, apart from some berries
on a nearby bush, but Judy didn't want anybody to eat them in case they
were poisonous; they didn't have any water and they didn't have any
shelter, apart from the trees. They all felt doomed.

"I think it crashed into a mountain ages that way and then exploded,"
answered Alice pointing East.

"Yeah, I heard the explosion too. Even if we found it, there wouldn't
be anything worth retrieving from it, apart from the radio which was
probably blown to smithereens."

"Look. Hopefully we didn't land all that far away from the plane so
we'll at least be in the radius of the search party's se..." David
stopped mid-sentence, a look of shock in his eyes.

"Yeah, go on so..." Roger also stopped, the kaban having stepped out of
the bush and into full view of everyone.

He was a light-skinned man about four and a half feet tall,
barrel-chested, wearing only a loincloth, with a spear in his hand. He
looked around the family, apparently not all that familiar with white

The kaban started speaking non-stop, until Roger realised he could
speak this dialect of Swahili, and stood up replying quickly in a
language that seemed very odd to all the other members of the family.

A brief conversation followed. Roger doing lots of hand pictures,
waving his arms around as though he was a plane, and then pointing in
the direction where they thought the plane had crashed.

The kaban nodded vigorously and then pointed his finger off into a
direction deep in the jungle. Roger suddenly looked relieved, he began
nodding and saying a word over and over again, trying to express his
overwhelming gratitude. The kaban made some sort of signal, and then
three more tribesmen emerged from the bush looking friendly and

Roger wasn't given much time to explain to the others what they had
spoken about, but apparently now everything was O.K, and that the
tribesmen were taking them to their village where they would give them
food and water.

The kabans didn't walk through the forest: they ran at a brisk trot,
slipping through the forest vines and branches, dodging rain puddles
and gnarled tree roots with deceptive ease. Occasionally they glanced
over their shoulder and giggled at the difficulties of the four white
people who followed.

It wasn't a long trip, however, and after about twenty minutes all four
members of the Watson family could smell distinct whiffs of smoke,
their mouths beginning to drool at the thought of hot food and water.
They were closer then they had expected and all of a sudden they found
themselves in a clearing beside a stream where the village was located.

There were ten low rounded huts no more than four feet high, arranged
in a semicircle. The villagers were all outside in the remnants of the
afternoon light, the women clearing mushrooms and berries picked during
the day, or cooking grubs and turtles on crackling fires; the men
preparing a large fire in the middle of the village.

Their arrival provoked great interest; the children giggled and
pointed; the women touched Judy and Alice's blonde hair, and argued
about it; the men just stared. They were led to a newly constructed
house at the far end of the village where they were told they could
spend the night. They were then provided with food and water, before
being told they didn't have to meet the village leader tonight as they
were obviously tired, and that they could meet him in the morning and
then participate in that day's 'dawn ritual'.

Roger didn't know what the hell they were talking about, and he was too
tired to care. He settled himself down onto his 'bed' next to Judy,
thinking about what he had seen when entering the village. A girl who
looked about 15 years of age had been sitting on an older man's lap
allowing him to suck on her breasts. Roger had thought of it as rather
odd, but a lot of these African tribes practised strange sexual habits,
and obviously sex with a minor to them was the norm. He dozed off,
thinking nothing more of it, feeling safe and warm.

When the guide said 'dawn ritual', he really meant dawn. The sun had
barely risen an inch above the horizon when the kaban whom they had
grown accustomed to, and obviously been assigned in charge of them,
came and woke the exhausted family up. They were only given a few
minutes to get themselves together before being led out of the hut and
down to the other side of the village by the young tribesmen. Roger
noticed that the kaban seemed a lot more serious this morning than the
previous night, perhaps this dawn ritual was a bigger thing then he had
first thought.

Once they reached a substantially larger hut than that of any of the
others, they were told to wait, while the guide went inside to check
everything was O.K. The family had grown a little nervous together and
they waited in anticipation outside the hut, staring in fascination at
the two large warriors who stood perfectly still guarding the 'house'.

After about 5 minutes, the familiar kaban popped his head out the door
waving his hand for them to come in. The Watsons started to file in,
but there had been a misunderstanding which was quickly sorted out
between Roger and the kaban. The chief only wanted to see the family's
'leader', and the tribesmen had assumed Roger was the man. Judy felt
insulted, but at the same time she agreed it was better Roger went as
he could speak the tribe's language almost fluently.

They were in there for some time, and Judy and the kids eventually
found themselves sitting down outside the hut as their legs had grown
tired from standing. Roger eventually emerged however, yet the
expression on his face didn't look like a good sign.

Judy ran up to her husband, anxious to find out what had happened, but
she was roughly knocked away by one of the warriors who had come out of
the hut with Roger. Several more came out and then apprehended each
member of the family, tying their wrists together with some sort of
grassy string and then leading them towards the middle of the village
where a large clearing of soft grass lay.

Judy managed to ask Roger what was going on, and receive a quick reply:
"It's OK," before being told to hush by the same guide who had been so
friendly the previous night.

Nothing happened at first, but Roger and the others were puzzled and
confused. However, not before long the drums started to play and kaban
families started to emerge from their huts, paint on their faces, and
decorations hanging around their necks. For a second, Judy started to
wonder if they were going to be eaten, and the tribe had fattened them
up last night in a Hansel and Gretel manner, yet it seemed unlikely as
no cannibal pots were visible, nor any weapons or fires.

Once the entire village had assembled around the clearing of short
grass, the drums and singing stopped. Four huge looking black men
walked into the middle of the clearing carrying the leader's throne
with him sitting in it - their straining biceps making it obvious the
load wasn't that of a light one.

The 'chieftain' (as that was what the family later came to call him)
was placed down on a small hill slightly above the clearing. What
looked like his wife, or wives, swarmed around him and placed
themselves on various areas of his throne. The music then started again
and four more big looking warriors strode into the middle of the
clearing carrying some type of totem-pole. It was stood up, towering
above the villagers, who now seemed to have arranged themselves in
groups of four or five, obviously their respective immediate family.

Then a man of a notably lighter blackness then the rest of the tribe
entered the circle which had been created. He started screaming and
dancing around, gathering up momentum from the tribe. Many of them were
staring into the sky, humming and singing in glass breaking decibels.
All of a sudden the music stopped, and the tribal dancer man fell to
his knees screeching some African word. The village repeated the word
in unison and then began undressing, discarding the very few pieces of
clothing which they had on in the first place. The Watson family stared
on in awe, absolutely baffled at what was going on.

All but Roger, that is. Roger knew exactly what was about to happen.
The chieftain had told him inside the hut and had, in fact, invited
Roger and his family to join in. At first Roger, had thought there was
some misinterpretation, that he was getting some words mixed up, but he
had been right the first time - botsi was Swahilian for ******.

When Roger immediately refused, it turned out the chieftain's
invitation hadn't really been an option, it had been a request. The
chieftain had insisted, and Roger had remained stubborn, he wouldn't
make his family take part in such a degenerate act. The village's
leader was deeply offended by his guests' rejection of tribe tradition
and he subsequently punished them. The family was to watch the mornings
'dawn ritual' and if they felt like it they could join in. If not, they
would be led away by two warriors to an area far from the village
without food or water. They would be left there for the night. The next
morning some men would return for them to see if they had 'changed
their mind', if not they would be left again and so on, and so on,
until they either starved to death or complied to the tribe's wishes.

None of the Watson's but Roger knew this of course. They wouldn't learn
the full story until later that day, out in the jungle, after they had
been left to die by the merciless tribe. So when the naked tribesmen
started 'making love' to what appeared to be either their mother or
father, or son or daughter, or even brother or sister, Judy and the
kids had to work out what was going on for themselves.

Judy made a couple of attempts to block David and Alice's eyes, but she
was stopped each time by one of the unusually large warriors. It didn't
seem as though either of them minded watching the 'show' anyway, David
in particular. Alice was more subtle in her approach, but it was still
obvious she was interested.

Judy even caught herself staring more than once. There was a mother and
son couple only a few metres away from her, and she was somewhat
fascinated with the looks of extreme pleasure on both of their faces.
The woman also kept letting out little moans and groans of sheer bliss.
'Was it really that good?' Judy thought. An image of her and David in a
similar position suddenly shot through her mind, but Judy quickly shook
the picture from her head.

David and to some extent Roger as well, despite the drastic knowledge
he held, were both having the most difficulty. To their embarrassment
both had acquired rather large hard-ons and both were terrified of
being discovered by one of the girls. Both tried to think of other
things, but they failed dismally. Such a task was impossible with all
the things that were happening directly in front of them, especially
for David who was going through some of the most sexual years of his

After a while, the family gave up trying to look away. They all stared
in fascination and amazement. Towards the end, David's tongue was
practically hanging out. He had just watched a father inject a shit
load of come into what appeared to be his daughter. The sight had
nearly caused the boy to cream his pants. Sure they were African
tribesmen with big noses, and saggy tits, but the concept of ******
made the boy's perverted young mind want to explode.

The entire ritual lasted about half an hour; it had seemed like an
eternity to the Watson's. Once the tribe had finished indulging in
their 'religious' homage to their God, Roger was told once again the
choice they had. They could join them; or they could starve to death.
Roger didn't even reconsider his first choice.

The family was lead in single file far away from the village through
thick jungle along a 'path'. They then left this 'path' and were
directed into the very deep midst of the rainforest to where they would
be left until the morning. The entire trip had taken more than hour.
Roger had made an attempt of remembering the way, but it was useless -
most of the jungle appeared to be identical and obvious landmarks were
hard to find. The Watsons were doomed, and this is generally all they
talked about once they had been left and Roger had explained

A few attempts were made to forage for food, but it seemed the tribe
had chosen a fruitless area on purpose. The family dared not go
exploring further for fear of getting lost and not being able to find
their way back to the clearing.

"Why do you think they practice ******? I mean sure, they might worship
sex and all, but why not just stick to that instead of...y'know having
family sex?"

It was now dark, and the Watson's were lying down on the cold ground,
cuddled up together for warmth. They had all started to feel their
stomachs rumbling a couple of hours ago, and Alice was trying to talk
to keep her and everybody else's mind off it.

"They think it's purer than the normal stuff."

There was a short, stunned silence. It was the first thing Roger had
said since finishing telling his story about his meeting with the
chieftain. He went on, "****** that is. They believe sexual intercourse
between immediate family members will preserve their tribe in the best
possible manner. Well, it's something like that. I'm not quite sure
about what they said, I was too shocked after they told me the first
bit to listen to anything else."

"At least they don't sacrifice people to their Gods or anything, that
would be worse."

It was David.

"At least they're not cannibals," said Judy, shivering at the thought
she had had earlier in the day.

"Well, I tell ya what. They're not far from it. Fancy, starving us to
death, just because we won't practice their filthy habits. It makes me
so angry!"

It was unusual for Roger to get angry, and the family weren't very used
to it.

Not much was said after that, they had all been reminded of the life
and death situation which they were in. They had survived a plane
crash, but might some sex-crazed tribe get the better of them. It was
the topic of much thought that night out in the rainforest of the
Congo. The Watson's eventually fell asleep, their dreams fuelled with
the devious images they had witnessed earlier in the day.

Roger woke at the very first sign of sunlight the next day, his stomach
surprisingly in reasonable condition, despite his 18 hour or so fast.
He had made sure that he was awake before everybody else, he wanted to
see the warriors by himself. He didn't know exactly what time they
would come, but he had a feeling it would be early.

While he waited for their arrival, the Doctor searched the nearby area
for a heavy log. He found a perfect match - a club like branch which
had fallen off a tree in the night. "Excellent," Roger thought, as the
wood would still be alive and therefore a lot harder than that of any
rotting stuff.

He placed himself strategically, near the area in which the kabans had
dropped them off, hoping the warriors would enter from the same
direction. There was a nice shrub of bushes to hide in too, and he
waited patiently for the warriors to arrive.

They emerged from the jungle so quietly that Roger hardly noticed them.
One minute he had been thinking about how hard he was going to beat
them with the large stick he had in his hand, and the next minute one
of them was standing right next to him. They hadn't seen him though,
and Roger rugby tackled the first from his crouching position. It was a
rather pointless manoeuvre however, as the Doctor found himself down on
the ground struggling with a very big warrior, while the other one
stood above them motioning a spear at his forehead shouting

The next thing he knew, the rest of the family were up shouting at him
to stop, and begging the other tribesmen not to kill him.

Roger stopped his struggling and let go, getting up and holding his
hands up in the 'surrender' fashion.

The tackled tribesmen also got up, and brushed himself down. He turned
to Roger, "Never! Never again." The other then asked him if they agreed
to participate in tomorrow's ritual. Roger spat at him, but the warrior
did not react like Roger had anticipated. Instead they brazenly turned
their backs to the family, and disappeared back into the jungle where
they had come from.

"Wait! Wait! Please don't go!" Judy cried in despair, "God Dammit! We
need you! We need food!"

Nobody returned. Silence fell upon the small clearing. Everything had
happened so fast. In a way, most had been looking forward to the
meeting, it brought some meaning to their day. But now they had gone,
and the family was back to where they had started.

It was much the same that night as it had been the previous. This time,
however, they were a lot hungrier, a lot sicker, and a little more
crazy. The highlight of the day had been managing to drink water out of
a enormous tree leaf which had collected the rain during the previous

Less was said as well. Before falling asleep, Alice asked a question.
"Daddy, you never asked us what we wanted to do."

There was no reply.

The family didn't fall asleep that night. They passed out.

The two kaban's found the bodies in a pile the next day. They looked
dead, but they weren't.

One crouched down in front of Roger, 'the leader'.

"Do you agree?"

The Swahilian words echoed in Roger's head and he struggled to make the
translation in his unhealthy state, he even answered in English

"Yes. Yes," he whispered, "We'll do it."

The tribesmen responded in confused Swahili. 'What was he saying? What
do you mean?'

Roger realised his mistake and replied in the African tongue.

The warriors stood up with big grins on their faces, and sprinted off
into the forest. Roger panicked, terrified that they were leaving him
and that they thought he had said no, but they had understood him.

They returned with 18 or so strong men, followed by women carrying huge
dishes of food, and jugs of water.

The Watson's were treated like royal family after that. They were fed,
re-hydrated, and carried back to the village where they were left to
sleep and recuperate for the big ritual in the morning.

Not a word was spoken between the family. Roger couldn't look at any of
them, let alone tell them the decision he had made on behalf of all of
them. They knew though, they would have given their consent at the time
if they had had the strength to do so.

The family were woken extra early the next morning. They needed to be
'prepared' for the ritual.

They were led down to the creek, where they were made to jump in and
bathe. They weren't asked to remove their clothes, so none of them did.
They needed the wash anyway, and the Watson's were still modest despite
the fate which they all knew lay ahead of them.

After washing they were left on a sunny bank to dry while their
breakfast was brought to them. They were all amazed at how well they
were treated, now that they had conceded to the chieftain's wishes.

Judy brought the subject up. "Honey you made the right decision," she
said taking a hand up from the ground to stroke her husbands cheek.

He didn't say anything, just looked away in the opposite direction.
Alice noticed and tried to make her father feel better. "Daddy, it's
alright. It isn't your fault, we all would have said yes, if we could

"She's right dad, you made the right decision."

Roger felt like crying. What a wonderful family he had. He turned to
them, "Thanks kids. It means a lot." Then they all hugged like they had
after the plane crash, glad to be alive and together.

Breakfast didn't last long however, and they were soon summoned to the
same clearing where they had witnessed the 'ritual' a couple of days
ago. The chieftain was carried out just like he had been before, and
his several daughters perched themselves on either side of his throne
or lap. He then shouted something in Swahili, and the two warriors
looking after the Watson's came to attention, and led the family over
in front of the leader.

A long conversation between Roger and the chieftain followed, the
leader of the kabans even laughing at one stage. Unfortunately, Roger
didn't look so happy. He turned around to Judy.

"Well? Hurry up, what is it?" Judy demanded, the anticipation killing

"We have to go first."

Judy's heart sunk.

"In front of everybody."

It sunk again.

"Why, damn it, why?" Judy complained.

"There's more..."

"What? What!?"

Roger had trouble saying it. "They want you and David to go first."

"Oh God, Why?"

Judy and David now stood in the middle of the clearing, the ******uous
tribe gathered round them, including Roger and Alice. Both of them were
held firmly by guards just in case they tried to stop anything and just
prolong the inevitable. Both had to watch, however, that was all part
of the tradition and besides, Roger had to act as the translator

"Romeddi. Romeddi." The chieftain was giving the orders.

It killed Roger to say it, but he knew he had to.

"Judy, David," Roger managed to mumble.

Mother and son both looked up, nervously awaiting the first of their

"Take off your clothes."

It should have been the easiest order of the lot, getting down to
business would be the hard stuff, yet Judy and David struggled just to
disrobe despite the fate which they both knew lay ahead of them.

Judy slowly slid her now dirty skirt down her long legs, and then
placed it neatly on the ground. The blue mini looked ridiculous sitting
there on the jungle floor. The young mother then removed her t-shirt
and placed it next to the skirt. She had removed her bra sometime after
the plane crash as it had quickly grown uncomfortable in the bush.

David finished removing his khaki pants and then shyly flung off his
boxers. He then stood up straight and looked across at his beautiful
mother who was now only in a pair of skimpy white panties. The
tribesmen barked another order and Judy, not having to be told, slowly
slipped off her cotton underwear.

The chieftain then passed the next order through Roger who seemed to be
having trouble working out what a word meant. They gave up trying and
instead a guard entered the circle, grabbed Judy roughly by the wrist
and dragged her across to David. She was then made to kneel at her
son's knees. The chieftain repeated the command to Roger, and this time
the father understood, repeating the order with a look of gloom on his

Judy had been expecting the order, so she was prepared in a way. Still
what could prepare a mother for sucking on her own son's penis? A tear
rolled down her cheek as she reached out and took a hold of David's
cock and began pumping it, simultaneously playing with his balls. The
boy's cock was limp, but he was a teenager, and despite the fact that
it was his mother kneeling in front of him David's cock still responded
to its treatment. When her son's penis had grown to its full 7 inches
Judy opened her mouth and then engulfed the head of David's cock. The
boy emitted a groan of lust, and despite himself thrust his pelvis
forward jamming an extra inch into his mother's mouth. Judy had to grab
his cock to control him, and was soon fisting the bottom of the teen's
member while sucking on the top.

Meanwhile, Alice and Roger stood completely still, not daring to look
away from the shocking image occurring directly in front of them, let
alone at each other, both knowing that they would soon find themselves
in a similar position.

Judy closed her eyes while she sucked on her son's rod trying to
imagine that it was Roger's, but it was useless; both had such
different tastes. She swallowed another inch, and David emitted yet
another load groan, but this time it meant something. The boy was about
to come.

The tribesmen realised David was close to orgasm and they quickly broke
up the ******uous scene, giving the boy time to recover. David was then
told to lie down on his back and Judy instructed to 'mount' him. The
young mother did as she was told and squatted above her son's groin,
her legs straining to keep her up. The order was repeated and when Judy
did nothing a warrior slapped her in the face. He then yanked at her
hair until she finally took hold of David's cock and positioned it
below her vagina. Her cheek still stinging, Judy grabbed her son's
erect penis and held it in place while she attempted to 'board' it.
There was some trouble getting it in at first, but not before long Judy
impaled herself on her very own son's penis. The effects on the boy
were mind-blowing; not only was he experiencing his very first act of
sexual intercourse, but he was also feeling the warm depths of the
forbidden territory of his mother's pussy.

The couple remained silent and still for a minute as they lay there
connected, inside one another. The mood of the tribe had changed and
every member of the family could sense their excitement.

Judy did not have to be told to begin riding David's cock, she did it
of her own will hoping to get the torture over and done with. The
teenager could only respond to his mother's thrusts and he naturally
began pumping just as he had seen on the adult movies at home. Not
before long mother and son were in perfect time and their genitalia
crushed together in exact unison.

The event didn't last long however, as it was David's first fuck and
that meant he had been dying to blow his load from the very start. The
boy stopped dead, terrified by the thought of injecting his jism into
his mum's womb and impregnating her. Nevertheless, the kabans would
have none of it and they mercilessly forced the family to go on. David
did as he was told and despite Judy's struggles gave one final grunt
and let his semen fly deep up inside his mother's belly. Wad after wad
of hot ******uous sperm unloaded into Judy's pussy until David was
fully drained.

The two then lay motionless, shocked and absolutely stunned at what
they had just done. Roger and Alice didn't move a hair. They were pale.

The two of them stood there wide apart both naked and both afraid to
look at one another in the eye. They were experiencing the awkwardness
of a situation which a mother and son are never meant to experience.

Nobody had spoken a word since Judy and David had been ordered to get
up and watch the completion of their family's 'initiation'. Silence
fell upon the village again as a guard slowly dragged Alice along the
ground by her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees in front of
her father. Two other dark black burly looking warriors made sure Roger
did not move as Alice with trembling hands began to unhook his belt and
open the buttons of his pants.

Roger Watson could not help himself as the ******uous scene was being
played out. An unstoppable stirring in his cock became an almost
instant erection contained only by his trousers. As Alice opened the
last button, his firm shaft sprang up with its dark red head almost
hitting her in the face. Alice stared at her fathers shaft and knew
what she was to do but couldn't. A warrior helped by pushing her head
down until her lips were pressed against it. Slowly she opened her lips
and felt the warm cock slide into her mouth. Some inbuilt sense that
all women were born with began to control her as she sucked and pumped
the length of his cock.

The kaban tribe enjoyed the scene for a while but the chieftain wanted
the main event to proceed. He quickly shouted an order to one of his
henchmen standing behind Alice who promptly cut the tube top she was
wearing allowing her breasts to flop out into the open. Seeing that
Roger was almost ready to come the warrior pulled her away and laid her
down on the rug. Pulling her jeans and panties off he exposed another
golden thatch of hair even more impressive than her mothers. Two
warriors each grabbed one of Roger's arms and lifted him up and pressed
him on top of his daughter. "Ibani uck dinto onto onto," said the
warrior as he poked the spear into Roger's neck. The literal
translation was "put your cock in your daughter now." The middle-aged
man was too close to coming to resist. He looked down at the fantastic
figure of his daughter and taking his cock in hand guided it into her
virgin cunt.

There was no hymen to be broken as Alice had made a bloody discovery of
it in her early days of masturbation. This was, however, like her
brother, Alice's first time. It's said that the losing of one's
virginity is 'bad' for a male and 'terrible' for a woman. In Alice's
case, fucking her father didn't make it any easier.

Roger thrust in and out of Alice's young vagina despite her groans of
pain, and cursed himself for actually feeling the pleasure from the
experience. Sure, he hated what he was doing, but the sheer warmth and
tightness of Alice's pussy was like something in a wet dream.

Like David, Roger stopped moving when he was about to ejaculate. He
just couldn't, wouldn't impregnate his darling little girl. He paid the
price and the tribesmen poured down on him with sticks and clubs, but
Roger wouldn't give.

Finally, Alice spoke up to her belaboured father. "Daddy, it's O.K. You
can 'go' my cycle's out of sync."

That and the continuous blows which were pounding down on Roger's back
were enough to let him make his decision. He once again began pumping
in and out of Alice's teenage pussy and did so until he climaxed, his
jizz flying up into his little girl's womb.


It meant "Get up."

Roger Watson rolled over onto his side.