I have two granddaughters, Jennifer and Suzanne.
They're cousins, and they are just about the same
age. I think they're separated by about a month
and a half, with Jennifer being the older of the
My wife had left me for another man about five
years ago, which was fine with me. She never even
came around, never contacted any family members.
That was ok with me too.
My two granddaughters always came over just about
every day during the summer, and used my swimming
pool. Our family stayed pretty close together, and
we had many, many barbecues and pool parties out
in the back.
They seemed to grow up awfully fast, my two
granddaughters. It seemed that one day, Jenny had
tits sprouting, and they just seemed to grow and
grow. She took after her mother, I guessed.
Suzanne bloomed a little later, and her tits were
round and firm looking in her bathing suit. I
didn't know how firm they actually were, till one
day, they came over in the middle of summer.
It was a very, very hot day, and I sat under the
veranda sipping a glass of iced tea, right by the
pool. Jenny and Suzy were splashing around in the
pool, and I could help but notice them, as they
pulled themselves out of the water to jump in
again, how they bent, how fine and smooth their
asses looked under their bathing suit. I could
feel my dick stiffen a little each time one of
them got closer to me.
I was having lascivious thoughts about my
granddaughters! That was not acceptable, I told my
cock, but, my dick had a mindless head, if you get
my drift.
Then, the two girls decided they had already had
enough fun, so they splashed at me with droplets
of water as they pulled themselves out of the pool
and came over to the veranda. They sat across from
me, and I didn't shift my position in time to hide
my hard on. It made a virtual tent out of my
trunks. Neither of the girls missed that, for
sure. Both of them stared at my crotch, and
Suzanne even giggled.
"Boner," she whispered to Jenny. "Granpa's got a
"Did we do that?" Jenny asked.
I knew my face was red. "Yes, you did, and no, you
didn't, sorta."
"Can we see it?" Jenny asked.
There was dead silence. I could hear my heart
pounding my chest.
"Nah, better not," I answered.
They leaned closer together and whispers went
between them. They were both smiling, both really
eyeing my predicament.
"What were you thinking, Granpa?" Jenny asked. She
reached out and put a hand on my leg, on my thigh,
near my knee.
I looked from one girl to the other. Jenny's hand
on my thigh was making my cock throb.
"I was thinking about the two of you," I said.
"And, about when I was younger, you know, and..."
I didn't get to finish. Jenny moved her hand to my
crotch, and squeezed my hard cock right through
the fabric of the trunks I was wearing.
"It's so hard, Granpa," she said quietly as she
squeezed it over and over. I knew I should let her
do it, but it was feeling too good to tell her no.
And then, Suzanne moved over closer and her hand,
too, was suddenly on my crotch. Her other hand
moved to my thigh, and she began massaging and
squeezing the skin there, moving inward, downward,
toward my crotch.
"Pull these off, Granpa," Jenny whispered,
squirming, her voice not quite her own. She moved
her hands up to the band of my trunks, and tugged.
I lifted my ass off the patio chair and both girls
just pulled on my trunks, pulling them down, down
past my knees.
My big dick popped up and pointed straight in the
"Good lord," Suzanne said, "Jenny, look at those
big balls!"
I must admit, my balls were rather large, and very
dark hairs covered them. I hadn't greyed yet,
except around my temples. My cock was a giant,
fat, nine inch bone sticking straight up. I wasn't
circumcised, and the head of it was peeling back
the foreskin, shining a bright, blood-engorged
red. There was a drop of pre cum at the tip of my
dick, and Jenny moved her thumb to it and touched
it, pulling it away.
"Look at this!" she said to Suzanne. Then, she
looked at me and asked, "Granpa, what is this?"
"It's called pre cum," I told her. "It's like a
Suzanne then moved away and pulled my trunks
completely off. I sat there, now, completely
naked, bone sticking straight up, my two
granddaughters looking at my swollen cock
"Can I touch it all over?" Suzanne asked. "Can I
feel of your balls, Granpa?"
I nodded and spread my legs, letting my heavy,
hairy balls fall against the fabric of the patio
"Stand up," Jenny said. "Stand up, and let me see
your dick sticking out, I want to see that."
There were two pairs of hands rubbing my balls,
touching my cock, feeling of me. I loved it, loved
the sensation of the two soft pairs of hands on
I stood, my cock sticking out straight toward
Jenny's face. Her face was less than two inches
away from my throbbing dick, and I could feel her
breath on my cock and balls.
Suzanne's fingers were hefting my balls, feeling
of them, as if weighing them for something. She
massaged them gently, running the fingers of one
hand across the hair. It tickled.
I had never felt anything so erotic, so intense,
in my entire life.
"Does that hurt?" she asked me, looking up into my
"No, not at all," I said. "It feels good, Suzy."
Jenny wrapped her fingers around my cock at the
base. "It sure is big," she said, her breath and
voice causing vibrations in my cock. Her face was
just that close.
"Do this," I said, showing her how to stroke me
slowly by moving her hand up and down. "That will
make me cum."
"Can I kiss it? Can I put my mouth on it, Granpa?"
she asked. "That's what I've heard about, you
"Yes, if you want," I said breathlessly.
Her lips moved to my dick, and she kissed the
underside of it.
"I wanna do that," said Suzanne, and to my
surprise, she moved real close, under my cock, and
I felt her tongue dart out and flick at my balls.
I'd never expected that at all. I now had two
mouths and two pairs of hands administering
painfully erotic sensations to my big, hair dick.
"Can I play with myself while I do this?" asked
"I can play with you, if you want," I said.
Both girls moved away and stripped off all their
clothing, which wasn't very much.
Jenny did, indeed, have large tits. Her nipples
were bright red, erect, her breasts firm and
large. Her tummy was a little larger than
Suzanne's, and her pubic bush was a little patch
of downy, light brown hair.
Suzanne's tits were small and firm, tipped with
erect brown nipples. Her tummy was flat, and her
pubic bush was simply a downy, light patch of dark
black, sparse hairs.
"How do we do this?" Jenny asked.
"Let's go inside," I said, my voice choking.
I followed the girls through the patio door, my
aching cock swaying with every step. I watched
their firm, young asses twitch and undulate with
every step.
We lay down on the carpeted living room floor, and
I arranged us all face-to-crotch. I opened Jenny's
legs and let my tongue travel to her pussy,
licking at her pussy lips as she moaned and
jerked. I opened her swollen lips with my fingers,
and touched her clit with my tongue.
"Argghhhh!" she moaned. She came, her body jerking
in spasms as she came again and again with my
tongue flicking at her clit.
Then, it was Suzanne's turn. She lay the same way
Jenny had been laying, and I played with her pussy
slowly, gently, running my tongue over her pussy
lips slowly, gently, tasting her juices. There
were just a few hairs punctuating the sides of her
swollen, red pussy lips. I licked them and licked
them, her body jerking and moving. Then, I touched
her clit with my tongue, flicking at it furiously.
She came and came, and then lay silent.
Then, both girls went for my aching cock. I felt a
mouth on my cock, and a mouth on my balls, hands
moving all over me.
"I'm going to cum," I warned them
I shot my load, and Jenny moved her mouth away as
my cock exploded. The girls watched and continued
stroking me as I shot a hefty load of hot cum on
their faces, their tits, in their hair. I hadn't
cum so much in ages. I'd never seen anything like
it in my life!
After that, I showed them both how to suck a cock.
All that summer, the girls and I cavorted around
the house, and in the pool, naked together. We
still do.
Now, I included a pic of Suzy and me, and one of
Jenny and me. I blurred out the faces, I hope you
can use the pics, though.