Daddy Comes for Breakfast
Daddy goes to his lovely daughter’s house for a hot breakfast and more after her kids have gone to school.
I am running around the house trying to get the kids dressed, fed and on the school bus and they aren’t cooperating very well. It’s so upsetting to me because I almost can’t wait to have them gone from the house. Compounding my anxiety is the fact that I am so very horny since I am having a very special visitor today.
Meanwhile, I know that you are probably sitting down the street impatiently watching for the kids to finally get on the school bus. I would imagine that you are very aroused too, knowing what is coming up. I am thinking that you might even be discretely stroking your cock lightly through your clothing as you sit and watch.
It is only a few moments after the bus pulls away and heads a ways down the street that you drive up in front of my house. You look like you are full of excitement as you walk up to my door; there is a spring in your step. Since I am expecting you, I immediately open the door as soon as you arrive on the little front porch so you don’t even have to knock.
When I open the door I see that you are simply dressed in blue jeans and a golf shirt and you are carrying a tool bag that we both know is just a prop for the nosy neighbors. As I stand there, I see you taking in what I am wearing, a short silky robe, with the belt very loosely tied. Although I have on nothing underneath it, I’m not sure that you can tell yet, even though it is obvious that I am braless since I purposely left it falling low on one shoulder. The partially open robe reveals a large portion of my left breast as well as the generous cleavage between my big tits. It is open far enough for you to see my belly button, but nothing below that. I glance at your crotch and it looks like your cock is already hardening at the very sexy sight before you. You must be concerned that the neighbors might see me dressed this way because you quickly walk in and close the door behind you, locking it.
Without a word, you take me into your arms and hug me. You push my hair aside and start kissing on my neck and I nearly melt into your arms when you do that since it’s something that I really love. I even lean my head back to let you kiss my throat too. I am so hot for you now and my pussy is so wet that my juices threaten to run down my inner thighs. You kiss all around my neck before I pull you towards the couch. Once we are in front of it, you push the robe off of my shoulders so that it falls in a pile at my feet, revealing my naked body to you, my large tits and bare shaven pussy now in full view. You take me in your arms again and put your hands on my firm ass cheeks to pull me tightly against you. You start kissing me passionately while you squeeze my firm ass cheeks.
My arms quickly go around your neck as I pull you towards me so that I can feel your hardening cock pushing against me. The eroticism of your fully clothed body pressing against my naked one thrills me and sends a pleasure wave down to my pussy. I allow your tongue to enter my mouth where it goes exploring and dueling with mine. At the same time, I am also probing your mouth with my tongue while taking in the scent of your wonderful cologne.
We kiss for a few minutes and then I sink down to the couch so that I am half sitting and half reclining there. For a couple of moments I see you staring at my naked body, reclining so sexily on the couch. “You are one beautiful woman, baby girl!!” you compliment, and I notice that you have to adjust your cock within your pants because it must be getting even harder at the sight of me. With agonizing slowness, you pull your golf shirt over your head and lay it in a nearby chair. I love the sight of your lightly haired chest I notice that your little nipples are hard. You add to your statement, “You are so beautiful that I can’t believe that you are my very own daughter.”
I look up at you and say, “I’m so glad that you came to have breakfast with me, Daddy!” Slightly impatient now, I reach up to grab the buckle on your belt. With my hands shaking somewhat from excitement and arousal, I quickly unfasten it just enough to get to the button on your pants. As I move forward to unfasten them, my legs spread wider, showing off my already wet pussy in a glorious fashion.
You say, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world, baby girl. I love our Wednesday morning breakfasts together.” My hand rubs against your cock as I unzip your pants and soon enough I find that you aren’t wearing any underwear. Your hard cock pops out with a pearly drop of pre-cum on the tip and the head nearly hits me in the face.
I stare at your hard cock bobbing in front of my face for a moment before my tongue slips out and touches the tip of it just enough to lick away that drop of pre-cum. When I lick away the pearly liquid, it strings between my tongue and the tip of your cock and I know that it looks so sexy to you when that happens. Then I lick my lips in anticipation as both hands grab onto your dick. Your cock jumps a little when my hands wrap around it. You are looking down at me when I look up at you so our eyes meet. I see a combination of love and lust in yours and I’m sure that you probably see pure lust in mine since I never break eye contact while my lips wrap around the head of your cock, my tongue slowly circling around the very tip of it.
“Oh fuck yeeessss!!” you moan out as my tongue swirls around tip of your cock, stopping to lick at the most sensitive place underneath it. Your hard shaft throbs in my hand as I lick it. I see you watching as your cock begins to disappear into my mouth with probably what you think is agonizing slowness, but suddenly I don’t want to rush. I want to experience every inch of your lovely cock in my mouth. You pull my hair away from my face as I take more and more of your cock in my oral cavity. My teeth are gently rubbing on the shaft as I go all the way down on it, not to hurt it, but to enhance the feelings for you.
You intertwine my hair around your fingers as I slowly engulf your cock with my warm, wet mouth. Soon I am taking it all the way into to the back of it until the crown starts sliding down my tight throat. I know that is something that you really love and you are so glad that I have taught myself how to deep throat your cock. Although your hands are on my head, you seem to resist the urge to just take control and fuck my face. I am hoping that, for a while at least, you will prefer instead to let me take as much of your cock as I can on my own in my mouth and down my throat first. You start to encourage me, “Oh Fuck, baby girl, your mouth feels so good on my cock!! Suck on Daddy’s fat cock, baby girl!! You are such a wonderful cock sucker for Daddy. Take all of Daddy’s big cock!!”
I am thinking that I do this because I love pleasing my Daddy … plus I love the feelings that it gives me! I love having your cock in my mouth. And knowing how excited that you get when my mouth engulfs your cock makes my pussy instantly wet, not that it really needs any help now. You watch as more and more of your cock disappears into my mouth and you groan and moan in pleasure. I especially love how you groan while your cock slides down my throat. I reach around to grab onto your ass cheeks, pulling you even closer to me and shoving your cock even deeper down my throat. You groan even more when I do that and your cock gives a little jerk.
I am wondering if you are a little surprised that I am not gagging right now since the tip of your cock is well past the back of my throat where I have gagged before. This is actually the first time that I have not gagged at least once on your cock, but I have been practicing on a big dildo, something that you don’t know. “Ooohhh fuuuuuck!” you moan as you watch my nose nestle into your well trimmed, short pubic hair and press against your pubic bone. I remain there for a moment until I feel that I am running out of air and then quickly withdraw. As your cock slides out of my mouth I can see that it is covered in a copious amount of gooey saliva, some of which drips down onto my heaving tits as I gasp for breath.
A moment later, I am shoving your cock down my throat again. This time when I pull back, I take your saliva covered cock in my hand and I hold it vertical so that I can begin stoking it while I go down and start licking on your balls. “Oh fuck yes!!” you moan out. Then, while still stroking your cock, I take one of your balls into my mouth and gently caress it with my tongue. I suck it in a little deeper and stroke the full length of your cock. After a minute or so, I do the same with your other one before kissing my way back up your sloppy cock and taking it in my mouth once again. Grabbing onto your ass once more, I shove your cock deep down my throat again, this time pushing my face up against your crotch and sliding my tongue out to lick at your ball sack, something else that I have never done before. “Oooohhhh Fuuuuuuck! Oh my gaaawwwd!!!” you moan out while your cock seems to be expanding in my throat. I do this a few more times, always going slow and easy because I don’t want you to cum just yet. You endure what I am sure is exquisite torture for a few more minutes until I hear you moan out, “If … you’re not careful … baby girl … I’m going to cum … in your pretty little mouth! Ohhhhhhh!”
I slowly take my mouth away from your cock and truthfully say, “Although I do love the taste of your hot cum, but right now I’d rather have you cum inside me Daddy! Please fuck me, Daddy!”
You nearly burst my bubble when you start saying, “But I’m not going to fuck you today ……” You pause for a few agonizing seconds until you finally go on, “……. before I eat that luscious pussy of yours!” Rather forcefully, you push me backwards against the back pillow of the couch and pull my ass nearer to the edge of the cushion. Then you kneel between my spread legs and lift them up into the air. After that, you push them toward me to open my wet pussy up all the way. In this folded position even I can see my sloppy wet womanhood. Then you tease me by kissing up and down my thighs without touching my sex for a few almost unbearable moments. Although I don’t have any leverage with my legs up in the air, I keep trying to push up my hips to get you to touch my most private area but you always move your mouth away at the last second. It is torture for me, but the way that I am being held I can do nothing about it but tolerate the delicious torment.
Finally, after a few more moments of sweet agony, you relent and lick my sloppy wet pussy from the back to the front, tasting the sweet juices of my arousal. My head falls back as I moan in pleasure. It feels so good to have my Daddy finally touch my pussy with his tongue. I bring my hands down and weave my fingers in your hair as my thighs spread even wider on their own to give you even more access to my wet pussy.
You begin licking and sucking on my tender pink flesh, slipping my puffy pussy lips into your mouth and sliding up to lightly suck on my clit. “Oh Daaaddy, that feels sooooo good!!” I moan. “Please don’t stop!!” After a couple of minutes, it seems that your tongue becomes a wild thing, trying to be all places within my pussy at once. Then you move down and slip your tongue into my little opening and tongue-fuck me for a few moments.
After that you lick your way back up to my clit again. Sucking it into your mouth, you flick the tip of your tongue over my sensitive nubbin while I feel you slip one of your big fingers into my fuck hole. After making sure that your finger is covered with my juices, you start finger-fucking me while you suck on my sensitive, hard little clit. I feel you probing and suddenly you find that special place inside my pussy that gives me exquisite pleasure when you rub it with what feels like a ‘come here’ motion. My hips are moving as I attempt to arch my back for even more stimulation.
Very soon I am quivering as you continue to finger-fuck my pussy. I try to wait and hold off my climax, but between your tongue on my clit and your finger rubbing the place inside my pussy, I suddenly tense up and quickly explode into fabulous orgasm with a loud scream. As the wonderful flashes of pleasure consume me, I don’t want you to stop what you are doing since it feels so fucking good. And fortunately you don’t stop playing with me with your finger or your tongue, maybe because I am still holding your head firmly in place against my now quivering pussy. You continue sucking on my clit and finger-fucking me as I ride out my orgasm, even though my clenching pussy seemingly wants to push your finger out. In retaliation, you slip a second finger inside me and I moan as they both stretch me open. Fortunately for me, you seem to be determined to give me as many orgasms as you can before you actually fuck me. A couple of minutes later your perseverance is rewarded when I come once more, even harder than before. This time I have to push your head away from my super sensitive clit.
After my quivering slows down a little, you look up me and make eye contact, and I can tell that your eyes are slightly unfocused with lust. I tug on your shoulders to pull you up toward me. I recline even further on the couch pulling you up over my still buzzing body. As you come up and over me, your cock slides along my swollen and wet pussy lips without entering me. You slide it up and down between them, rubbing your cockhead over my swollen and sensitive clit giving me exquisite feelings of pleasure. I moan, “Yes Daddy! Oh please don’t stop!” as I move my hips and keep perfect time with your thrusting. My eyes roll back into my head and my body is tensing up.
As you continue to rub your cock between pussy lips you seem to sense that I might be on the verge of climax when you say, “Cum for me, Baby!! CUM for Daddy!!” My nails begin to dig into your back and my body is quivering and I am trying to catch my breath. I am on the verge of having another grand orgasm but suddenly I find myself arching my hips trying to get your cock inside of me first. I can’t wait to feel my Daddy’s big fat cock inside of me. I want to cum with your cock deep in my pussy
You must sense that I want something else with shift of my hips so you ask, “Do you want my big fat cock inside your hot wet pussy?”
I know that you want to be sure … but I also know that you like to make me beg so I reply, “Yes Daddy! I want you inside of me! Fuck me Daddy! Please?”
But you are not satisfied with just that, you like more begging; you like me desperate. Teasingly, you slip your cockhead just slightly into my fuck-hole and ask, “Is this what you want? Do you want my cock in here?”
“Oh yes Daddy! Please! Please put your cock in there. I want all of your cock Daddy! Oh, it feels so good!”
You slowly push your cock into my hot wet pussy, and by the look on your face I know that you are reveling in the velvety feeling of my inner flesh gripping your hard shaft. But you are not done questioning me, “Are you sure that you want all of it? Do you want my big cock deep in your little girl pussy??” You push in just a little more so that you are just over half way in.
I moan while thinking about how good it feels with your cock sliding into my needy pussy. “Oh Daddy it feels so good! I love it when you fuck me! But I want all of your cock Daddy! Please give me more! I want it all!! Shove that big fat cock inside my pussy, Daddy!!” I beg as I move my hips in a way to push your rock hard cock deeper inside me.
Suddenly you push the rest of your cock deep into my throbbing pussy in one hard stroke. Our bodies meet and you grind your crotch against mine, trying to get inside me as deeply as possible. I nearly scream at your sudden entrance but I’m afraid the nosy neighbors might hear me. Instead I say loudly, “Oh yes Daddy! Yes!!! YEESS!! Fuck me, Daddy!”
You push my legs upward again, nearly folding me in half and you start pounding into me harder and faster. I then have to bite my bottom lip to keep from screaming while our bodies are slapping together when you ram your cock deep into my juicy wet pussy time after time, your cockhead bouncing against my cervix.
“Oh your cunt feels sooo fucking good!!” you moan as you drive your cock deep inside me. “Play with your clit while I fuck you!” you demand as you reach up and grasp my big tits that are swaying around on my chest. You use your grip on them as handles to pull yourself even harder against my crotch. You search out and pinch my nipples rather hard while you pummel my pussy.
I am moaning because you are fucking me just the way I want it right now, hard and fast. Obeying your command, I reach down and furiously rub my clit as you fuck me. I shout out, “Faster Daddy! Oh yes! You feel so good! Fuck me!! Fuck your little girl hard!! Oh fuck yes!!” With all of that stimulation, my arousal is rising fast. Suddenly I yell, “Oh fuck, Daddy, I’m … gonna … cum!!” Then a few seconds later I holler, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming!!” I start having an explosive orgasm that rocks my body to the core as you continue to pound into me. My pussy gets tighter and wetter as I cum, but you don’t stop or even slow down. You are obviously intent on giving me as many orgasms as you can before you fill my pussy with your hot man seed. My unseeing eyes are rolled back into my head that is rolling from side to side in extreme pleasure.
In the midst of my orgasm, I can’t help but involuntarily wrap my arms and legs around you to keep your cock deep inside of me. Your large body covers mine as I pull you even tighter against me. In this position your hardness is rubbing against my throbbing clit as you plunge in and out, sending waves of pleasure throughout me. You nuzzle and kiss my neck sloppily, leaving a wet trail there. At the end of each inward stroke, you rub your crotch tightly against mine to stimulate my clit even more. You feel my hot breath on your neck and you hear your breathing change significantly.
My breathing is changing because I am on the verge of one of the biggest orgasms that I’ve ever had. I bury my face in your neck and shoulder to keep from screaming as my whole body shudders and quakes. My trembling body and clenching cunt almost immediately take you over the edge as well and you groan, “I’m gonna cum!! AAARRRRGGGHHH!! I’m cuuuuummmmmming!!!” Even in the midst of my own orgasm, I feel your cock pulsing as it begins spurting your hot creamy cum deep into my womb, splashing against my cervix. You are groaning in such a way that I wonder if your orgasm feels so good that it almost hurts. Your face looks like you might feel like you are spurting your entire insides out through the end of your cock and into my throbbing and pulsing cunt. “Oh my gaaaawwwd!!” you moan as you fill my pussy to overflowing.
Moments later, apparently your muscles feel like rubber and you more or less collapse your perspiring body on top of me while my arms and legs are still wrapped around you. Because we are breathing so hard, neither one of us can speak for a little while, but finally I manage to say, “Oh Daddy! Thank you! That was wonderful!! You are wonderful!! I’ve never been fucked like that!!”
You slip your arms behind me and hug me tightly to you while we recover. You answer, “You are welcome, baby, but you have never responded like that either. You were HOT this morning! You are wonderful too!”
All too soon your cock is pushed out of my pulsing pussy and I feel warm cum following it. You must feel it too because you pull yourself off of me and kneel between my legs once more. I am surprised when you lap and suck up the gooey cum oozing from my well fucked hole into your mouth. But then you surprise me again when you pull my head to you and passionately kiss me while feeding me our combined cum that you kept in your mouth. I think that it is so sexy when you do that. Then, after breaking the kiss, you say, “Now, you need to lick my cock clean, baby girl, since I cleaned your pussy.”
“Yes Daddy, of course, Daddy!” I say after I swallow what is already in my mouth. Then I obediently kneel before you and slowly begin licking your cock clean. After I am done, you then take me by the hand and say, “Let’s go fix some breakfast. And then maybe we can do it again.”
While I am standing there cooking breakfast in the nude, wearing only an apron to keep from getting splattered with hot grease, your gooey cum continues to ooze out of my pussy and down my thighs. You see it and scoop it up on your fingers so that you can feed it to me while I flip the pancakes and cook the eggs. As you do that you say, “You are so beautiful, baby girl!! My beautiful baby girl! And you are even more beautiful now that you have been thoroughly fucked. I still can’t believe that you are mine …… my daughter …… AND my lover.”
“Yes, I am yours, Daddy, all yours. I love being your lover as well as your daughter. I love you fucking me, daddy. And I love feeling your gooey cum dripping out of me, it makes me feel so sexy.”
“You ARE very sexy, baby girl!!”
We sit at the table and I notice that you love looking over at my big tits while we eat. This is the first time that we have eaten in the nude together since all the times before we have eaten breakfast first and fucked afterwards. However, I was too horny for that this morning. I love how you look at me lustfully and also love it when you randomly reach over and cup my big tit in your large hand and rub your thumb over my nipple, keeping it hard and erect all during breakfast. I think that you really like it when my nipple hardens underneath your touch because you smile. And you like the fact that my right nipple hardens as well just from the stimulation on my left one. As you play, I lean toward you slightly showing you that I like you playing with them. You say, “I love your big tits, baby doll, they are much larger and firmer than your mom’s and I love playing with them. They are so lovely.”
“Thank you, Daddy; I’m glad that you like them.”
After our meal is over you have me turn my chair to face you. Then you take both of my tits in your hands and cup them. After playing with them for a few moments, you lean down and take one of my hard nipples into your mouth and you suck on it, flicking my tongue over it as you do. It feels so wonderful and I sigh heavily as my pussy starts to get wet once again. I lean towards you so you can take more of my tit into your mouth while my legs spread apart with anticipation.
After my legs spread, you slide your free hand slowly up my inner thighs until you can just barely tickle my pussy lips with your fingertips. After a bit, you change to my other nipple and suck on it while you caress my wet pussy lips. I am so wet that I am literally dripping onto the chair. I cannot tell if your cock is starting to respond yet since you are leaned over it, but I really hope that it is because I’m almost ready for you to fuck me again. You slip your finger in between my soaked lips to caress my soft, pink inner flesh. I am moaning with all sensations that you are stirring up deep within me. I put a hand on either side of your head to keep it in place so that I can keep your warm wet mouth sucking on my nipple. I lean back in the chair to let you have easier access as you continue stroking the tender flesh between my swollen pussy lips.
As you follow my movement backward, you slip your finger into my opening, pushing in knuckle deep. You wiggle your finger inside my pussy while my hands push you tighter against my tit. You suck on my hard nipple a little harder and lightly bite it and waves of pleasure go down to my already aroused pussy. I slide down a little further in the chair, spreading my legs apart even wider to give you more access to my now needy pussy. You slip a second finger into my tight hole and start finger-fucking me rather rapidly. I moan and say, “Oh fuck yes, Daddy!” I moan again before saying. “That feels so good!”
My hands grab each side of the chair to steady me to keep from sliding off. My breathing gets faster and I start squirming in the chair as my body is responding to your finger-fucking. My moans and verbal encouragements seem to drive you onward with what you are doing, much to my delight. You switch sides again and suck and nibble on my other hard nipple. I have slid down into the chair so far that my ass is barely on it and I am so wet that I feel my juices running down the crack of my ass and I imagine that they are dripping off of your fingers onto the floor too. As I continue to moan, you release my tit and cover my mouth with yours in a passionate tongue lashing kiss.
I wrap my arms around your neck, holding you close as I kiss you back just as passionately. I arch my hips to meet your fingers that are still rapidly fucking me as your thumb rubs my hard and sensitive clit. Suddenly my body tenses and my pussy clamps down tightly around your fingers. I am moaning into your mouth while you are trying to keep the same pace of stimulation on my pussy and clit. My hips rise up off of the chair on their own volition and start moving in a lewd fucking fashion and I feel that I am very close to an explosive orgasm. I try to wait because I really like to make sure Daddy is pleasured first … but the more you touch my clit, the more that I realize that I’m not going to be able to hold back. A few seconds later, I just can’t help myself and I scream into your mouth when I start cumming all over your hand, bathing it in warm fluid.
You keep kissing me as I ride out my orgasm and although you slow down quite a bit with your stimulation, you don’t completely stop. I’m glad because I hate to feel empty in the midst of fabulous orgasm. As my orgasm passes, my ass returns down to the chair where I sit on some of my girl cum that apparently has dripped off of my ass. One of your hands is holding the back of my head to keep our lips locked together. Suddenly my whole body relaxes and my orgasm passes. Soon though, aftershocks cause my body to jerk. You break the kiss and look at my slouched position before you suggest, “You can’t be very comfortable here; let’s go to the bedroom.”
I just nod my head since I still feel a little dazed. I hate to break contact with you but I’m excited about what could happen in the bedroom. You take your hand out of my pussy before you help me up and you lick your sloppy wet fingers clean. “Mmmmmm, you taste really good, baby girl!! Do you want a taste?” you ask.
“Yes Daddy!” I reply. You dip your fingers back into my pussy to gather some more of my succulent juices and place them against my mouth. I slowly suck each finger, taking my time with each one. You dip your fingers into my pussy a couple more times before you take my hand and help me to my feet. I am still a little wobbly on my feet so you hold on to me tightly while I allow you to lead me down the hall to the bedroom. Once there, you climb up on the bed and urge me to do the same.
I’m on my knees on the bed, my ass resting on my heels. You quickly assume the same position in front of me. I rest both hands on your hard chest as I lean in to kiss you. You put one of your hands behind my head as you kiss me back, our mouths melting together, our tongues licking at each other. With your other hand you go back to lightly caressing my pussy lips and I moan into your mouth.
I slowly lay back on the bed pulling you with me. I can’t wait to feel your full weight on top of me. As I get settled I raise my knees in order to spread my legs wider to give you easier access to my dripping wet pussy. I’m hoping that you are not concerned about crushing me as I pull you down on top of me and because of that I keep a tight hold on you. As you lay on top of me, your cock quickly finds my wet pussy and you begin to probe, looking for my tight little fuck hole. Since neither one of us can reach down to guide you in, I wiggle my hips to help your cock find the target. Suddenly it begins sliding into my wet and very receptive opening. My pussy is tight around your cock as you slide in deeper and deeper, not being in any hurry, we have until about lunchtime. Your breath is hot against my neck as I begin kissing yours.
I say to you, “Mmmmmmm Daddy you feel so good! Your cock feels so good inside me!” I can finally relax and enjoy the sensations that your cock creates as you take your time thrusting in and out of me. I lazily wrap my legs around your waist to pull you even deeper. It is so great to embark on a slow lovemaking journey where we can concentrate on the trip rather than the destination.
You slowly thrust in and out of you for a few strokes and then you stop with your cock buried deep in my pussy. “Squeeze your pussy around my cock,” you urge while you stay motionless inside me. You place light kisses on my cheeks and lips while I squeeze and release my muscles around your fat cock. You ask, “Are you sure that I am not crushing you?”
“Oh no Daddy, I love feeling you on top of me Daddy; it makes me feel so secure! I used to wish for this when I would spy on you and mom while you fucked her.”
You say, “I do love being pressed up against you, it feels like we are one, our torsos completely joined together, a feeling that I have never really felt before, I’ve always worried about the person underneath my big body. But I never knew that you spied on us, I always thought that we locked the door. You didn’t get grossed out by your parents having sex like some kids do?”
“Oh no, Daddy! I wasn’t grossed out … but I was very jealous! I wanted to be in Mom’s place. I wanted this special kind of love from you too. See, you thought that you locked the door, but I fixed it so it wouldn’t latch so that I could open the door enough to watch.” I think that I feel your cock get harder at my admission.
“You sneaky little minx,” you say with a chuckle. “And now you ARE in Mom’s place since she has decided that she doesn’t want sex any more, except for ‘special occasions’. It is so wonderful that you let your Daddy fuck you, baby girl!!”
“I’ll do anything to please you Daddy! And it is lots of fun for me too. You are a much better lover than my ex-husband ever thought about being, he was so selfish … all he cared about was his own pleasure … whenever he thought about having sex at all, which wasn’t very often.” Very slowly you make sweet love to me, moving your cock in such a way that I can feel every inch of you sliding in and out of my tight hole. After a while I start moving my hips a bit faster since I am feeling excited knowing you have come to me, your daughter, for your pleasure
“Oh, baby doll, your pussy feels sooo good on Daddy’s cock. Would you like to try being on top for a while? Would you like to fuck yourself on my cock?”
“Oh yes Daddy!” We change positions and I eagerly position myself above your cock as you rub it against my clit.
You say, “Sit down on my cock, baby girl. Shove Daddy’s cock deep into your little girl pussy.” I slowly lower myself on your cock, enjoying the feeling as I take every bit of it inside of me. “Oh, baby doll, that feels so good!! Now, just sit there and move your hips a little to push it even deeper inside your needy pussy. I want it deep inside your little girl cunt. I want to see your face glowing from knowing that you have your Daddy’s fat cock all the way inside you.” You hold on to my hips and guide me into your rhythm as I start to ride your throbbing cock.
I see you watching my tits bounce as I move up and down on your cock rather quickly. Your cock feels very good in this position because your cockhead rubs deliciously against my g-spot with each stroke. Your face has a blissful look on it as I fuck myself on your cock. You ask, “Do you like riding Daddy’s cock, baby girl?”
“Oh yes Daddy! It feels so good to ride your cock! It is so deep inside me.” You move both hands and lay them on my bouncing tits. To encourage you, I place my hands on yours as I throw my head back in a loud moan as you grasp them and squeeze them gently.
You say, “Mmmmmm, I love it when you moan like that while fucking Daddy’s cock!!” Then you gently squeeze my tits more firmly and lightly roll my nipples between your fingertips. As your arousal rises, you begin raising your hips slightly to meet my downward thrusts. I love it so much when you push up against me.
With my hands on yours I urge you to play a little rougher with my tits and you get the hint, squeezing them tighter and pinching my nipples hard. The sensation of pleasurable pain goes straight down to my pussy. When I feel your upward thrusts start to get harder, I slightly pick up the pace of my fucking, actually dropping my body hard down on yours. I love watching your eyes roll back as I pick up the pace and tighten my muscles around your dick while I ride you. You exclaim, “Your pussy feels so fucking good, baby girl!! Fuck Daddy’s cock!! Show Daddy how horny you are. Show him how much you like fucking his cock!!”
As I bounce in your lap with abandon I say rather loudly, “I love fucking your cock, Daddy!! I’ll do whatever you want, Daddy! I want you to cum inside me Daddy!”
I am gasping at the sensations shooting through my body from your cock touching all the places inside me. I continue to ride you hard and fast while I also try to hold back my own orgasm so we can cum at the same time. You are groaning and moaning as I ride your cock. You say, “I hope that you are going to cum soon, I’m almost ready to fill your pussy with hot cum.” That statement nearly makes me cum right now.
“Yes, Daddy, I’m always ready to cum with you inside me! Shoot your hot cum inside me!” I urge, hoping to drive you over the top.
But you use the same ploy when you say, “Cum for me, Baby!! CUM for Daddy!! Cum all over Daddy’s cock!!”
Once you give me permission, I angle myself so my clit rubs your cock while I’m riding you. In just a few seconds, I nearly stop, just barely moving my hips as my body starts to shudder with the beginnings of an orgasm. You holler out at nearly the same time, “OH FUCK, I’M CUUMMMMING!!!” just as you ram your hips upward against me and your cock starts pulsing inside me, spurting your hot cum deep in my womb. A wonderful warmth of orgasm flows over my body as you fill me with your cum. A moment later, I collapse down upon you as you continue to drive your cock into my pulsing pussy.
Then it is all over and we are still except for the occasional shudder from aftershocks. We hold each other tightly in our arms, my body lying completely on yours, my tits pressed against your lightly haired chest. I am content. I’ve been royally fucked by my Daddy. When we both stop shuddering I kiss you and say, “Thank you Daddy!”
“You are welcome, baby girl.”
“I love knowing I can please you, Daddy.”
“You always please me very well, baby girl. I’m glad that I can please you!”
We lay there for a little while more and then once my muscles work and I can see straight, I climb off of you and kneel beside you. Then I lick your cock and balls to clean them off since your crotch is a mess from our combined cum. After I clean your cock, you pull me to you once more and hug me tightly to you again as we kiss passionately. I wonder if you can taste a remnant of our combined cum on my lips. Then you break the kiss to say, “That was wonderful!! But I should be the one thanking you for fucking your old Daddy. Thank you, baby for these Wednesday mornings. I wish that we could do it more often.”
“Thank goodness Mom has her gardening club on Wednesday that allows you to get away and come here for a few hours on my day off without raising suspicion about how long you are gone.
“Yes, that works out so well.” After resting for a bit you ask, “Speaking of Mom, can we shower, baby girl? I need to get back home before your Mom gets there.”
I stretch, pressing certain parts of my body against you. “Do you really have to go Daddy? Doesn’t she realize that sometimes you need to go to the store or something?”
“Well, I suppose that I can probably stay a little longer.”
Just then, just as if it was orchestrated, you get a text from Mom. We both fear that she might already be home and wondering where you are, but it says, “Going out with the girls for lunch and some shopping afterward so I won’t be home for a quite a while. There is some meat and some other things for a sandwich in the refrigerator for lunch.”
You smile as you show the text to me and say, “We couldn’t have planned it any better than that!”
I happily snuggle up to you, pressing my large tits against you as I kiss you on the cheek. “I agree; that’s great!! Do you want to shower before or after lunch?”
“I don’t want to shower until just before I leave. I want our scents to remain on each other as long as possible. I love the smell of sex,” you reply while I remain snuggled against you, legs intertwined with yours, lazily kissing your jaw line and rubbing my hand down your side to grab your cock. You ask, “You don’t mind if we don’t shower yet, do you?” You are caressing my side and back with your hand and you are even moving it forward to grasp onto my accessible tit every once in a while.
“I don’t mind at all, Daddy! I’m just happy you don’t have to leave yet. I don’t mind smelling like sex around you.”
“Yes, I am happy about that too. It is so great being here in your arms …… and in your pussy too,” you say with a chuckle.
I reply, “Yes, ESPECIALLY in my pussy. We both doze off for a little while, intertwined in each other’s arms.
My stirring awakens you and you kiss me. Then you ask, “What’s for lunch?”
I slowly kiss you back, nibbling your lower lip before answering, “It depends on what you want.”
You reply, “I really want you …… but I do have to have some food soon. I just need a simple sandwich or something like that and then we can come back in here for some more loving.” Then you chuckle and add, “Plus I need a little recovery time … you have taken it all out of me.”
I get up and wrap myself in a robe, “I’ll meet you in the kitchen in 5 minutes.”
“Okay …… but why the robe?? Do I need to wear a robe too now?”
“Oh no Daddy; I just need to run to the mailbox before the nosy neighbors across the street get suspicious because I haven’t been out of the house yet today.”
“Oh, okay, I understand. Do I need to move my car somewhere else then?”
“No, if they ask, I’ll just tell them you are helping with repairs while mom was out.”
“Okay. I’ll bet that sometimes it is a pain that they keep such close track of what you do. But I guess it could be good too, since you are a single mom.”
“It can be a pain but I’m glad you came early and they weren’t watching yet when you arrived.”
“Okay, go get the mail and I’ll meet you in the kitchen,” you say. While you watch me walk down the hall, I give a little extra wiggle of my ass just for you. As I walk toward the door, I am thinking about the love … and the sex that we now share. It is truly mind boggling at times.
I rush to the mailbox, waving to the older couple across the street but I am horrified by something that is happening as I walk. When I get inside I haphazardly toss the mail on the table, getting out of my robe as I quickly lock the door. I find you in the kitchen reclined in one of the chairs with an amused look on your face as you watch me rush in. I think that you almost laugh at me when you ask, “What’s the rush? What’s the matter, baby girl?”
I point between my legs. “About halfway out there I had a big blob of cum slide out of my pussy and start running down my thigh. I had to get back in here before it slid below my robe to where the man across the street could see it.”
You say, “Come here and let me clean it up for you!” I can’t help but smile and chuckle as I slip into your arms. You scoop up the errant blob of cum and then press your finger against my lips, wiping your sticky cum on them like some lip gloss. For a moment I leave it there and then start licking it off. You slide your hand back down to my pussy where you slip your finger into my gooey, cum filled opening. You say with a chuckle, “You are a mess. I guess I could lick your pussy clean for you and then feed it to you an appetizer.”
“I thought you wanted actual food.” I say as I continue to lick the gooey cum off your fingers each time you bring them up.
“I do want real food ……. but we have to take care of this first. We don’t want it to go to waste. Good cum is hard to come by.” You chuckle at your own joke.
“Mmmm of course Daddy! We mustn’t waste it,” I say as you re insert your fingers into my cum filled opening and start moving them lazily, gathering up more cum. I lick your fingers clean. Then, while you are still seated, you pull me to my feet in front of you. Then you move me toward you and start licking my pussy, gathering all of the remaining combined cum in your mouth. You have your hands on my ass cheeks holding me in place while you lick and suck on my pussy. It feels so wonderful! You look up to see me smiling down at you.
I catch the look in your eyes wondering what I’m smiling at. I say, “I was just wondering what the neighbors would think if they only knew how much of a Daddy’s girl I really was.”
When you finish cleaning my pussy you pull me down for a sloppy kiss, swapping the gooey cum into my mouth, which I gratefully accept. After that you say, “Yeah, I think that they would be really shocked if they knew that I was fucking you every Wednesday instead of doing repairs.” You kiss me once more and then you declare; “Now it is lunch time.”
I make us some sandwiches and I set one in front of you along with some chips and a tall glass of cold lemonade. We are pretty quiet while we eat, each of us lost in our own thoughts. You still stare at my tits but I think that your mind might be elsewhere. Finally you say, “You know, I was just pondering over the fabulous sex and wonderful love that we are now experiencing. It is a little overwhelming at times.”
“Oh wow, I was thinking the same thing as I went to the mailbox. Yes, it is truly amazing to me. I love you so much, Daddy!!” I lean over and kiss your cheek.
“I love you just as much or more, baby girl!!” We sit there and stare into each other’s eyes for a few moments before we resume eating. After we are done you ask, “Okay, baby doll, what do you want to do now??”
“How about I curl up in your lap for a bit?” You nod your head yes and you take my hand to lead me while we move to the couch where you half sit and half recline. I sit upright as close to you as I can with my legs thrown across your lap. I press my body against your warm one and it feels so good against me.
You lightly play in my hair with one hand while the other hand rests on one of my thighs. I lay my head on your shoulder nuzzling your neck in contentment. As I slowly start kissing your neck, your hand that’s been resting on my thigh gently starts rubbing my leg, reaching around to grab my ass. Then after a few minutes of playing with my cheek, you use your grip on it to roll me toward you. My legs naturally part until I have one on each side of yours and I am laying on you, my tits pressed against your chest.
My kisses move along your jaw line until I reach your mouth and press my tits harder against you as our tongues meet. Our tongues lick at each other like wild things and it is like we are each trying to get our tongues down each other’s throat. At one point you suck on mine, keeping it between your teeth, like you are trying to draw me inside you. You reach up and caress the sides of my tits that are pushed out from between us. Then your hands travel down to my ass cheeks and you grab them firmly pulling me even tighter against you while we kiss.
I can feel your dick getting hard again as it’s pressed between my swollen pussy lips. I slowly begin rocking my hips back and forth, stroking it between my wet puffy labia. I feel you getting harder from the wet warmth of my pussy and I am sure that the movements that cause my wet pussy lips to rub against the crown of your cock feel good to you, especially when you moan into my mouth in pleasure. I know that it feels good to me as it rubs over my clit.
The sound of your moan excites me, knowing I can arouse my wonderful Daddy with just my pussy. I increase the movement of my hips and lean back enough for you to cup both tits full in your hands. You gently squeeze them while I still rub my pussy lips along the length of my cock. You moan, “Oh, baby girl: that feels so very good. Don’t stop!!” You run your thumb over my nipples, and they harden again under your touch. Then you begin to roll my nipples between your fingertips, lightly squeezing them. After a few moments, you then pinch them a little harder.
I gasp as pleasure shoots from my nipples to my clit. My head leans back; my eyes are closing as my breathing gets faster. I am enjoying your cockhead rubbing against my clit that is still rather sensitive from our last lovemaking sessions. I know that you are watching as your cockhead is sliding out from between my pussy lips while I am rocking my hips back and forth. It feels really good, but I don’t really want you to cum that way and spurt your cum all over your belly; it would be a waste of good cum.
Somehow you must be reading my mind. My eyes fly open as you place your hands on my hips, slowing their rocking. You don’t say a word, but you just ever so slightly shift my position over you so that your cock slides easily into my wet pussy on my next stroke. “OOHH!!” you moan as you slowly lower my body down on your hard manhood. “Your tight, wet pussy feels so good sliding down over my hard fat cock, baby girl. You are still really tight even though you’ve been fucked twice today. I Love It!" Using my hips as handles you gently raise and lower my body to stroke your cock within my pussy.
I place my hands on your shoulders to steady myself as I meet your every thrust. I lean over and eagerly kiss you as my bouncing tits rub against your chest. The intensity of our fucking increases after I shift my body forward so that your hips have more room to move. I keep kissing you passionately and I think that spurs you on as well as the feeling of my wet pussy sliding up and down on your cock. I love the feelings of it too. You hold my hips in place with your hands as your hips start their rapid movement up and down.
I break our kiss long enough to moan and yell in pleasure as you fuck me hard. It feels so good having you in control and I love that Daddy loves fucking his baby girl. After a couple of minutes of hard fucking you stop and pull my hips down on yours again. You say, "Let’s change positions. I want to lean you over the arm of the couch and take you from behind.”
The thought of you taking me from the rear thrills me and I kiss you one more time before I climb off and eagerly position myself over the arm of the couch. You come up behind me and caress your ass for a moment before spreading my legs a little wider. I feel you pulling my cheeks apart so that you can slide your cock back into my slippery, wet fuck hole. You sink deep into my pussy, your body pressing tightly against my ass cheeks. “Oh baby, that feels so fucking good!!” you moan as you start fucking you slowly, but forcefully. You are pulling back slowly until it feels like your cock nearly pops out of my pussy and then you ram it deep inside me, slamming into my ass and trapping me between your big body and the arm of the couch.
I moan in pleasure as you slowly fuck me somewhat roughly from behind. But suddenly my hips begin to move faster, as I am so excited knowing how much this position turns you on. I know that you love the feeling of control as you dominate me in this manner. In true fashion, you grab my hips in your big hands so you can remain in charge of the tempo.
You growl at me, “Don’t get in a hurry, baby girl. I’m gonna fuck you nice and slow so that you feel every inch of my hard cock deep in that hot, wet pussy." I feel you pull my ass cheeks apart even further so that you can get a few more millimeters of your cock inside me. I imagine that you are probably looking down at my ass and maybe still not believing that you are fucking your own daughter. I know that for me that thought is so fucking hot!! I feel like the way that I am draped over the couch arm that you might get a nice view of your cock sliding in and out of my hot wet pussy and you might even be able to see my tight little puckered asshole. I wonder if you have ever thought of fucking me there.
"Yes Daddy! I’ll try to be still, Daddy! Oh you feel so good inside of me!” I barely manage to say as I’m gasping from the sensations of your slow hard fucking. I grasp the arm of the couch to steady myself and to keep my body from being shoved across the couch cushions.
You release my ass cheeks and the next thing I feel is you grasping a handful of my hair and you pulling my head upward. You say in a low voice, “So you like your Daddy fucking you like this, don’t you, little girl? You like feeling my hard cock sliding deep into your hot wet pussy and reaching all the way inside you, don’t you?”
You accentuate your question with harder thrusts, making my tits and sensitive nipples rub against the cushions of the couch. But I can’t speak as I am gasping with each hard thrust. Oh how I love it when Daddy gets rough! Then he roughs me up verbally, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you might not be able to walk afterwards!” Those naughty words thrill me for some reason while you ram your cock into me as hard as you can. I feel my ass cheeks being deformed and bouncing with each inward thrust. Then you slap each of my ass cheeks a couple of times and that really stings, but my pussy seems to like it since I have a wave of pleasure go through me. I wonder if you spanked me hard enough to leave any pink marks.
My whole body shudders as I enjoy you fucking me so hard. Although it is very difficult, I hold back on my orgasm until I know you are ready to cum …… I want us to cum together. I must have triggered something in you because suddenly you yell, “I’m … gonna … cum!! I’m … gonna … fill … your … pussy … with … hot … cum!!" When you say that, my orgasm begins and my body starts shaking.
Then moments later you groan out loudly "I'mmmm Cuuummmmming!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!” as I feel your cock beginning to spurt hot man juice deep in my throbbing and pulsing pussy. “Aaaawwww Fuuuuck!!” you yell. Your body jerks on its own accord, and you seem to be totally out of control as you continue to ram your spurting cock deep in my pussy.
I scream out wordlessly as my orgasm matches yours. My body tenses as my pussy clenches around your cock and then suddenly I feel like my whole body releases tension as warm waves of orgasm pass through it. You pull my hips backward to hold me against you, causing my tits and nipples to drag against the fabric of the couch again. Your cock seems to pulse for what seems like forever as my pussy muscles clench around it to milk out all of the man juice from it.
Your body is trembling and you are using my body to lean against to hold you up. After your cock finally stops spurting we both have aftershocks going through our bodies, which cause us to jerk uncontrollably. After a few minutes you say, “I am still amazed at the wonderful sex that I get to share with my own daughter. Some people may consider it wrong, but it is very right for us.”
“Oh, Daddy, I agree! I love you fucking me!!” After our spasms subside you pull me partly to my feet and we somehow roll ourselves into a sitting position on the couch, not quite sure how, but we are here. The smell of hot sex assails our nostrils as it wafts up from our crotches. We know that we need to shower but we will need some time to recover after that last round. Never have I had so many orgasms in one day!!
You hug me and say, “I sure do love you, baby girl!" We sit there and cuddle together for a little bit when we realize that the kids are due home in about 30 minutes. You help me to my feet and we hurry to the shower. Washing each other and rubbing our soapy bodies against each other is fun. We spend too much time in the shower so we quickly dry each other off and dress hurriedly so that we will be presentable if the kids arrive before you leave. We also clean up a few places where cum had dripped on the floor.
About the time I am walking you to the front door we hear the school bus coming over on the next block. Our eyes lock for one last brief look. You lean down and give me one last kiss before you grab your tool bag and quickly slip out of the door. You manage to get in the car and start down the street before the school bus gets near to where it stops by my house.
As soon as the kids get in the door and head for their bedroom, I pick up my phone and call you. I know that you will wonder what is wrong when you see that it is me. When you answer I simply say, "I’m missing you already…….”
The End