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Thread: My Sweet Lori

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    Default My Sweet Lori

    Chapter (1)
    The first time I saw her was on the second day in
    the new apartment. I had just moved into town and
    took the first place I could find.
    It was a mid rent efficiency in a three story
    building. The building was one apartment wide so all
    the doors were on the front side of the building
    overlooking the parking lot.
    Side by side they ran the length of each floor and
    were connected by a landing that led to stairs at
    ether end. My place was on the second floor near the
    middle of the building.
    The insides of each apartment were nice but
    simple. There were just three rooms. A bath, a
    kitchen, and a living room. With a bed that pulled
    down out of the wall. On the back wall of the living
    room were a large window and a sliding glass door
    overlooking the swimming pool below.
    So you can figure all the apartments overlooked
    the pool. Outside the back glass door the rooms were
    connected in twos bye small balconies my room and
    the room next to me would share a balcony then there
    would be a small (say 8 foot) gap then two more
    rooms ect...
    It turns out her name was Lorry. And as I was
    saying the first time I saw her was my second day
    there. It was around 2:00 in the afternoon on a
    Wednesday and I was still in the process of moving
    my things in.
    When as I stopped on the landing in front of my
    The door next to mine opened just a crack and
    there she was. She couldn't have been more than
    three and a half. She was slightly taller than knee-
    high and wearing a light blue shirt, a pair of pull
    up type diapers, and a pair of socks. And that's
    God she was beautifully!!!!! She had a little
    round face framed by soft wavy light brown hair just
    barely shoulder length her skin was fair and soft as
    silk, her beautiful eyes were green, and had a
    natural glimmer in them as she peeked out to see
    what the noise was by her door.
    I met her eye as she looked up at me, and smiled
    at her. That kind of smile I always give little
    girls when there are no parents looking. The kind
    that says you have my complete attention, with just
    a touch of, I know your secret thoughts. . She
    dropped her gaze a bit and smiled one of those
    tight-lipped shy little smiles as if my gaze were
    burning her.
    But the door opened ever so slightly and she
    stepped out side a bit more. Taking the cue I
    kneeled down on my knee to get to her level and
    asked, what's your name beautifully girl. With the
    emphasize more on GIRL than beautiful.
    She grinned real big this time, a full smile, but
    wouldn't answer.
    Her smile hit me like a wave; she had those soft
    pink lips that only fair skinned children do. They
    were full and slightly down turned at the corners
    giving her a pouty look.
    Her cheeks were high, and puffy, and soft. And led
    straight down to a cute little round chin,
    That seemed to point forward more than down adding
    to the pouty look in just the most adorable way. I
    was in love at that moment. No doubt about it.
    I was just about to move my gaze down to check out
    what I could of her little frame when I herd a noise
    at the far end of the landing, and looked up to see
    another young girl coming toward me.
    She was still smiling from something said as she
    came out the door of the other apartment. . I could
    see immediately she was the sister of my little
    friend. She had the same round face, the same
    forward chin, and the same high cheeks. But her eyes
    were blue, and here hair was a lot darker brown.
    She was about chest high to me and I would say 10
    years old.
    As she got near she began to look a bit
    suspicious seeing me on my knees at her door. So I
    chimed in "Hi there names Dan" as I stood up." This
    little lady just came out to see what all the noise
    was and I was saying hello".
    I was glad I was wearing a long shirt because her
    little sis had me tingling all over and hard as a
    plank. She said hi and began to herd my little angel
    inside. I said well it looks like we will be nabors.
    So I'm sure Ill see you around.
    She smiled a nice smile back and said ok bye.
    As she did I noticed she was just barely buck
    toothed (but just barely} and somehow it worked for
    her not against. Her round cheeks were dented with
    deep dimples when she smiled, and her eyes were
    intelligent and warm (in short another absolute
    As soon as her door was closed I shoved my boxes
    inside, followed them, and closed my door.
    I went into the bathroom because it shared a wall
    with them and listened. My heart was racing, my face
    was flushed, and I was nervous energy from head to
    foot. God how could I have gotten so lucky. I can go
    months at a time and not get that close to a young
    girl. Especially not without parents near by.
    And there I was face to face with two of the
    softest, sweetest, most beautiful girls I could have
    imagined. And they lived right next door.
    Better yet there had quite obviously not been
    anyone else in that apartment just then so there
    parent or parents, must leave them alone while they
    worked. As I was thinking these things my cock had
    found its way into my hand and I was pumping
    And just as all these facts came together in my
    mind. And I realized, (OOOHH GOD THIS COULD HAPPEN}
    I herd a peal of innocent girly laughter from the
    other room and went over the edge.
    I shot a long load onto the porcelain of the
    toilet that was alongside me on the wall.
    Chapter (2)
    Ill stop hear and tell you a bit about myself. I'm
    29 years old, around 155 lbs, 5'8" tall, and look
    younger than I am.
    I probable look 22 at most. I'm rather good-looking
    so they tell me. I'm a bachelor and probably always
    will be.
    You see I'm a pedophile.
    Have been as long as I can remember.
    Looking so much younger than my years has plagued
    me all my life. During those years as a young man
    when most are learning (the important things) I
    couldn't get so much as a smile.
    To the girls my age I was a kid nothing more.
    The younger girls however giggled and cooed when I
    was around (as I said I am rather cute).
    So is it any wander my interests went that
    The odd thing is as I matured my desires didn't. If
    anything they regressed.
    So hear I am 29 with no interest at all in women.
    Now hear is a little bit of human nature I have
    figured out over the years.
    We respond in part to how people respond to us. I
    mean if on meeting a girl she shows no interest in
    me at all somehow my body knows this and responds in
    So having no interest in girls my own age they
    rarely show me any, and most of the women I know see
    me as nothing but a friend from the first meeting
    Little girls on the other hand flock to me
    immediately. Something in my demeanor or the way I
    look at them always gives away my interest and they
    react in kind. Giggling and showing for my
    I've had little girls as young as 2 or 3 grin and
    lift their dresses when they see me looking at them.
    This can be very embarrassing since at that age they
    don't know they should wait till there parents
    aren't looking. Luckily parents seldom catch on.
    Once in a plain station a woman came in with a
    little girl in tow. The girl was hiding behind her
    mother's legs. I noticed her and smiled at her to
    let her know I saw her. And all of a sudden she
    made a dash threw the room staying as far from the
    other adults as possible, and stopped right in front
    of me expectantly. What could I do? I picked her up
    and hugged her.
    These things happen to me all the time so when I
    tell you I pursue relationships with little girls.
    You will know I mean just that (relationships).
    I flirt and teez and try to win there hearts and
    desires the same way a man does a woman.
    I try to make them want to learn as much as I want
    to teach them.
    I'm infinitely patient and lovingly naughty at the
    same time.
    And it works. Little girls do get horny, and while
    this frightens some and it never goes farther.
    Others will actually take the initiative if you
    get to cautious.
    And as long as you always make sure they feel in
    control of what happens and how far it goes
    Then they never feel used and are left with a
    pleasant impression of themselves and aren't hurt at
    all by the experience
    But opportunities to get really interment with them
    are few since someone is always watching.
    But who knows, maybe this time?
    Chapter (3)
    I stayed near the window for the rest of the day
    waiting to see who went in and when.
    It was around 4:20 when a woman (mother I assumed)
    interred the apartment. She had gotten out of a
    small red Honda; it was a cheep car but new looking.
    There mother was an attractive woman around
    thirty, she looked pleasant but tired.
    And from the few things I herd that day and since a
    good and loving mother.
    The next day I was up bright and early to see when
    she left and saw that she was gone by 8:00 and had
    taken my dollies with her.
    This was on a Thursday and that's one of the two
    days a week I have to actually go in to the office
    so I didn't get home in time to see them come in. In
    fact I worked late and didn't see anything of
    anybody that day.
    But the next day (Friday) I waited and watched and
    two my surprise around 12:00 and older woman brought
    the girls home, And with a little speech about not
    opining the door till mother came home they were
    left alone
    I also noticed that no sooner than grandmother (I
    later discovered) had pulled out of the drive .The
    older girl was out the door and down the landing to
    the apartment I had seen her coming out of
    So now what I wandered, I'm alone hear, my dolls
    in there alone and her sis could come back any
    moment. I never thought of anything and the day went
    by uneventfully.
    The next day was Saturday. I lay in bed late into
    the morning listening to the kid's cartoons on TV
    next door. I listened to them get ready and go down
    to the pool,
    For a moment I thought of going down, thinking it
    would be a good idea to get to know the mother a
    little so I wouldn't be a stranger. But I was afraid
    the little one might let on she had seen me the day
    before and it would be taken wrong and put the
    mother on guard, at the very least they may get in
    trouble for opening the door. So all I did was watch
    them swim threw the window and jerk off again.
    I did begin to formulate a plan though and by
    Monday I was ready.
    In prep I had gotten a privacy screen and some
    outdoor plants and arranged them on the balcony in a
    way that would block the view of both my door and
    most of there door from the pool and the one house
    on the other side of the street, then I got some
    pots and dirt and such and I was ready
    After the girls were dropped off around 12, I
    waited to see if the older sister would leave, and
    sure enough she did about an hour later
    As soon as she was gone I went out onto the
    balcony and began to plant up some of my new plants
    (making as much noise as was possible)
    It took longer than I had hoped but after a while
    I saw the other door to the balcony open a crack and
    a little face peek out.
    I looked up, smiling a flirty smile, and said hi
    beautiful. How you doing this morning
    She stepped on out onto the balcony but only
    smiled that little shy smile again. She was wearing
    a little yellow sundress that came down to just past
    her tinny knees and a pair of sandals
    As I looked at her my mouth went dry and my heart
    began to race again
    I just couldn't believe how beautiful she really
    That same wonderful little round face smiling up
    at me, her hair was pulled back into a ponytail
    today I was glad of it to because it let me see her
    wonderful soft neck
    Her skin was so smooth and so fair as to seem
    transparent and she had just the perfect amount of
    baby fat.
    And sticking out from under that little dress was
    the most wonderful pair of chubby baby girl legs
    that any sicko could ever hope for.
    I went back to what I was doing and ignored her
    for a moment or two waiting for her to get
    interested in what I was doing then looked up and
    asked, "You want to help". Her eyes left the
    flowerpot for only a moment then she stepped forward
    and looked at the pot of dirt eagerly. "Go ahead its
    ok " I said holing out a pansy to her. Her little
    hand came forward and took the plant while her eyes
    followed me as if to ask what do I do now.
    For the next hour she helped me plant the flowers
    (most wouldn't survive the planting I was sure) but
    she had a lot of fun and so did I
    I started by bringing her around in front of me so
    I could guide her hands, and I moved her ponytail
    over her shoulder so I could easily get to her soft
    After the first two plants she took over confident
    she had it covered and I began to let my hands Rome
    her lovely little body, not the dirty parts but the
    interment ones.
    The back of her neck, down her back along her
    spine, the back side of her arms, even her legs
    below her knees and up into the backs of her knees.
    The whole time watching for her response.
    If she minded she never let on she just went on
    planting and playing, in fact I wouldn't even be
    sure she noticed if it weren't for the reaction I
    got when I forgot myself for a second and bent down
    and kissed the back of her neck right on the hair
    line, not just a peck but one with a little suction.
    She bolted out from between my knees and stopped
    about a foot outside my reach looking at me with a
    huge grin from ear to ear, little hands covered in
    potting soil held out away from her dress
    And before I could think of responding she said in
    a little voice that left no doubt this angle could
    be petulant if she chose
    Don't give me a hiccy my mom will see when she
    gives me a bath.
    NOW I don't know what you take from that statement
    but I herd two things loud and clear.
    One she new full well what all my touching was
    about and was letting it happen and second
    She understood on her own this was something
    mother shouldn't know about
    WOW what a smart little girl,:-) And what a
    naughty little girl.
    Come hear, I won't give you a hiccy (I said) I
    promise. And I motioned to her and opened my knees
    apart for her to retake her place. As she began to
    do just that my heart swelled up in me and before my
    brain could get it in check I looked down at her and
    asked very quietly (can I kiss you)
    She just shook her head no and turned to play in
    the dirt again, I knew it was silly to be but I was
    crushed and almost didn't notice when she leaned her
    warm little body up against my leg and said very
    innocently you can rub my belly, you never rubbed my
    And so I began to do just that. With both hands
    flat on her little belly, trying to get as much skin
    in contact with her as possible I began to run them
    up over her chest very slowly then on up to her
    tinny neckline.
    Then turning my hands so my fingers pointed down
    I headed in the other direction very slowly but with
    more pressure. Down over her chest, and over her
    wonderful little belly and ever so slowly I let my
    hands ease in between her legs moving to the inside
    of her thighs as I did so.
    I was hunched over her and breathing very hard by
    now so she must have felt my breath on the back of
    her little neck. She never let on just kept on
    playing in the dirt or so I thought
    Pulling my hands back up to her belly I began to
    head down the outside of her hips, my fingers
    finding every inch of her cute little but and
    stopping to explore the crease where her bottom and
    upper leg join then down the outside of her legs
    clear to her ankles.
    When I passed her knees and found the hem of her
    dress my hands hit bare skin again and my cock
    jumped in my pants.
    At her ankles I moved around to the inside of her
    legs and headed back up stopping only shortly in the
    backs of her knees then very very slowly up the
    inside of her thighs.
    This time there was no dress between us and I got
    a little response, her legs tightened up on my hands
    locking me in place
    I stopped trying to continue but held my place,
    that's when I noticed for the first time she was
    standing so still her hands were still in the dirt
    but they were motionless her head was tilted back
    ever so little and she was breathing as hard as I
    I realized I had passed the point of no return
    with her now
    When she comes down from this little high she may
    feel ashamed and never come near me again.
    Or she may get angry and tell on me, or she may be
    so exited by her new secret that she tells someone
    bragging. And perhaps she will hold her tongue and
    wait eagerly for the next time when she will be
    ready to go a little farther.
    There was no way to know so may as well get what I
    can now.
    Thinking this I removed one hand from between her
    thighs and placed it back on her chest using it to
    draw her into me harder then I leaned down farther
    and begin to kiss her on the cheek just in front of
    her ear, little kisses but with the tip of my tongue
    as well as my lips
    And just as I began to move the kisses lower down
    towards her neck I let the hand still between her
    thighs become a little more insistent about
    continuing upward.
    To my surprise and exited relief she immediately
    relented and opened her legs wide.
    So wide in fact that the hand on her chest had to
    take her wait to keep her from falling to the floor.
    I responded by leaning back and drawing her up on
    to my lap and closing my legs behind me so she was
    sitting straddle my legs as I did the hand still on
    her thigh found the edge of her tinny little panties
    and I was lost.
    I began to grope madly for the edge of them until
    my fingers found there way onto her soft little
    puffy mound and I let my middle finger slide Into
    the crease of her wonderful girlhood.
    I was still kissing on her neck and fondling her
    cunny when I opened my eyes and looked down, I could
    see her little yellow dress pulled up over me wrist
    and below that my hand so large fingers pressed
    firmly against her tinny puffy baby fat little
    Her little legs dangling to ether side of my legs
    and her feet looking tensed one of her sandals had
    fallen of as her toes were clenching and unclenching
    to the rithem of my finger in her privets.
    I leaned farther back in my chair and began to
    grind my still clothed pelvis into her tinny
    backside to the rithem of my fingering, which was
    becoming more insistent and hungry.
    She was breathing very hard and whimpering a
    little then she pulled her legs up putting her feet
    on my knees, grabbed my intruding hand in both of
    hers and clinched her knees together (I just kept
    fiddling with her as hard as I could until her
    little back arched up off me so high I thought I had
    broke her and she let a small but powerful little
    squeal escape her throat.
    I was still grinding against her backside when her
    orgasm hit her and as I thought of the feelings that
    must be coursing threw her at that moment and the
    little thoughts as she tried to register what was
    happening to her I shot my wad into my pants hard.
    Wad after wad until I could feel it sliding down
    into the crack of my ass.
    She just lay there on my lap panting, her hair was
    sticking to her sweat little face with sweat and I
    just noticed I was still rubbing at her when her
    tinny little hands began to push my hand down and
    So I pulled away and took her waist in my hands
    and pulled her up to me so I could hug her tight and
    I whispered to her very softly, god I love you
    beautiful girl
    She began to wiggle round in my arms till she
    could get her arms round my neck then began to climb
    up (with a rather painful knee to the groin) until
    she could kiss me on the cheek, then she was still.
    Without a word said she was asleep in my arms
    I stayed like that for quite a few minutes running my
    hands over her little body and thinking how lucky I
    had just gotten.
    It usually takes a while to get a little girl used to
    your affections before she will begin to let you
    touch her anywhere near that intimately.
    Of course until now the youngest girl I had been with
    was 7 so maybe the little ones have fewer
    inhabitations. Or this little girl was just an
    absolute angel one or the other.
    Anyway as the afterglow began to die away I started
    to get a little worried that her sister would come
    home. Looking down at my angels disheveled cloths
    and hair as she slept in my arms I realized there
    would be no explaining this if she did.
    Carefully I repositioned her in my arms and stood up.
    I carried her to their door and peeked in, the place
    was empty so I stepped in looking for a place to put
    my little lover and settled for the couch
    The apartment was as exact mirror image of mine, same
    layout same furniture, everything just reversed so
    my bathroom and there's shared a wall and our living
    rooms shared a wall.
    I lay her down on the couch and positioned her as
    naturally as possible then looking around I found a
    hairbrush and combed some of the sweat and tangles
    from her hair. Then I took my shirt off and wetting
    a corner of it in their sink I cleaned the potting
    soil from her tinny hands.
    I straitened her dress and wiping as much potting
    soil as possible from it stood up to examine my work
    God she was striking. So little and helpless laying
    there asleep, as I watched her breath I began to
    stiffen in my pants again which was very
    uncomfortable since I was still wearing a heavy lode
    in my pants that had already socked threw to form a
    big wet spot .I needed to jack off and I needed to
    clean myself up so I eased out of there apartment
    closing the door behind me and headed to my shower
    to do both.
    Chapter (4)
    Just as I was finishing getting dressed from the
    shower I herd a knock on the balcony door, my heart
    froze in my chest.
    The knock was to hard to be my angel and it wasn't
    time for there mother so it had to be her sister,
    she told her sister and she was coming to confront
    me I just knew it.
    I opened the door ready to except my fate and there
    she was she was wearing a one Pease pink bathing
    suit with a pair of tight jean shorts on over top
    the jeans were factory faded on both ass cheeks and
    on the fronts of both thighs making her crotch stand
    out in dark relief.
    The outfit was hot as hell on her. Her hair was
    flying everywhere and seemed freshly brushed she had
    on lip gloss that didn't hide the perfect color god
    had given her lips but made theme glisten wetly
    Like she was ready to be kissed.
    She began talking immediately and I could tell from
    her tone that I was safe after all at least for the
    Sorry to bother you ser but I think my little sister
    has been playing in your flowerpots and some of your
    flowers are messed up, she said.
    She looked guiltily at the big flower pot in the
    middle of my side of the deck and at the poor
    battered pansies scattered every where
    I just smiled real big and invited her in.
    Once she had sat down I explained to her that I had
    been out there and had let her play in the dirt and
    that I didn't care one bit about the pansies.
    She was relieved but she went on apologizing and
    telling me I didn't need to let her get away with
    that etcetera
    She interrupted herself a lot and talked on and on
    the way little girls sometimes do. And god help me I
    don't remember half of what she said but I tried to
    look interested while I reveled in her beauty and
    youthful energy
    She smiled and played with her bangs the hole time
    she talked letting me know she was a bit nerves.
    And she seemed to be striking little poses the whole
    time as well like she was trying to be noticed
    Well if that was what she wanted!
    I decided to shock her into silence for a moment so I
    could get a word in edge wise
    So out of the blue in a mesmerized voice I said (wow
    you are so beautiful)
    Her little monologue ended immediately.
    She began to blush and drop her gaze toward the floor
    I quickly began to apologize saying I'm sorry go on I
    didn't mean to interrupt you
    That's ok it wasn't important she said
    You really are a very pretty girl you know
    Oooooooookkkkkkkkkkk she said while rolling her eyes
    as if to say that enough of that
    So I quickly changed the subject to something I was
    curious about any way
    So who lives in the apartment down the hall you spend
    so much time at?
    Is it a boyfriend?
    Nnnnooooooo she said rolling her eyes again (but
    He just a friend
    He's to old for me he just likes to take pictures of
    me like a model and stuff
    My hart skipped a beet at that. Apparently I wasn't
    the only one with designs on this little angle (it
    also explained why she was dressed so hot when she
    cam to the door)
    I would have to find out more about this
    But for now I asked, why did you tell me that I bet
    he asked you to keep that a secret didn't he
    She nodded yes
    If you told the wrong person they could think he was
    being bad and you could get him in a lot of trouble
    you know (I may as well add a little lesson in
    keeping secrets).
    Bout then we herd a noise from the balcony door that
    was still open and turning I saw my little angel
    lorry fresh from her nap and looking a bit out of it
    Without even thinking I reached down and picked her
    Sitting her on my hip I looked at her and asked so
    sleepy head did you have fun playing in the dirt?
    She new what I was asking and went strait into her
    little shy smile and put her face into my shoulder
    But her sister not knowing what went on interpreted
    things a little different
    I think she has a crush on you she said
    I answered good I have one on her two while winking
    Then putting on a fake sad face I leaned close to her
    and said in a low voice lorry wouldn't hear
    I was hoping you had a crush on me, then smiled a big
    lecherous smile and bit my lower lip and lifted my
    eyebrow in question.
    It worked great now I had them both blushing and
    flustered at the same time
    Now it was time to switch gears and just show them a
    really good time so they would associate me with fun
    So I attacked them both throwing them on the couch
    and tickling them
    Then paused to ask who wants ice cream
    For the next while (not sure how long) we horse
    played and joked around with me being very cuddle
    with the little one and throwing little flirty hints
    at her sister
    At 3:50 I noticed the time and suggested they better
    go home and get ready for thee mother to get home
    So they got them selves together and started to leave
    then lorry's sister picked her up and headed towards
    the door
    I stopped them and gave lorry a hug and a kiss
    (innocent but on the lips)
    Winked at her sister and whispered, you stay away
    from boys you're my girl
    She smiled an overly dramatic flirty smile and said
    you're not my boyfriend you're to old for me
    I just made a sad face and asked then what am I
    She thought for a second then leaned over to me and
    whispered your my pervert, giggled and ran out the
    door and towards hers trying to escape before I
    could respond
    I was just then that I realized I hadn't even learned
    her name so I yelled out wait please
    Luckily she did stop just on the edge of her door and
    turn towards me still smiling
    What's your name, I asked
    Christina she said and was gone.
    I was floored
    I spent the rest of the day in a fog
    I couldn't keep my mind on what I was doing long
    enough to fix a meal so I ordered pizza and sat
    Wow one little girl 3ears old with absolutely no
    inhabitations, liked to be touched, and able to keep
    a secret
    Another little girl of ten referring to me as HER
    pervert, letting me know she knew my intentions and
    implying I had a chance.
    God could I be any more blessed.
    Now if I can just close the deal without winding up
    in prison ill be good.
    The next day was Tuesday and the other day I had to
    go in to the office so it was a bust but
    I was up bright and early Wednesday morning to watch
    my little angels leave and anticipate their return
    One of the many times that day I went to the front
    door and peeked out the window (knowing full well it
    was no where near 12 yet) but unable to help my self
    none the less I saw the guy from down the way sneak
    up and place something under the mat at my angels
    It was the first time I had gotten a look as him he
    was a squirrelly looking little man but not
    Sort of a handsome geek he had rather stylish wire
    frame glasses but thick
    He was very skinny and walked with a bit of a stoop
    but he didn't come off as clumsy or week just odd
    He was clean-shaven and well groomed but somehow
    still managed to look disheveled
    Any way Very curios I went to examine what he had
    left just as soon as he was safely back inside
    Under he mat I found a small note to Christina
    telling her he had a new outfit he wanted her to
    model for him and he was sure she was going to look
    wonderful in it.
    I put the note back and went back to waiting
    chapter (5)
    When the girls finally arrived there grandmother
    stayed in the car but waited till they were inside
    and the door closed before driving off again
    As soon as she was gone Christina popped out snatched
    the note from under the mat and disappeared back
    I would have to remember to find out how she knew
    there would be one
    Not 20 minutes later she was out the door and gone
    down the hall
    I suppose she forgot about me fast with a new outfit
    to be had
    But that was cool I had been counting on it in fact
    so I could spend the time with my first love little
    I got my self ready and went out on the balcony. The
    flowerpot was still where it had bean left and so
    was the mess
    I sat down and started making noise
    I didn't have to wait long this time. Almost before I
    knew it I looked up and there stood my wonderful
    little three-foot goddess
    She was wearing a little baby girl minni skirt in
    denim and a pink top with pictures of the creatures
    from the little mermaid
    Her hair was down and looked a bit out of place but
    her smile was wide and wonderful
    There was no hint of shyness now
    She walked over to me and without a word spoken
    nudged my knee out of the way so she could take her
    place between me legs and in front of the flower pot
    Once there though she seemed a bit out of place it
    was obvious she didn't want to get her hands dirty
    again but this was in her mind the starting place
    for what she hoped would come next
    I saved her the awkwardness and just pulled her up
    into my lap and kissed her under he ear hugging her
    tight to me
    She giggled and her tinny hand found mine and pulled
    it to rest on her knee
    Wow she was leaving no doubt what she was waiting for
    I kept kissing and massaging her inner thigh while my
    free hand roamed the rest of her soft pre-school
    I was keeping pretty much to the same formula as our
    other encounter not wanting to throw her any curves
    until I had her wound up and out of control
    But once her breathing was getting hard and she
    seemed lost in her own word I shifted her in my arms
    so I could pick her up and headed into my apartment
    I had to move her into one arm so she was riding on
    my hip in order to pull the bed down out of the wall
    so I worked fast so I didn't loose my momentum with
    I shouldn't have worried
    As I lay her down on her back on the edge of the bed
    the look on her face was one of such trust and
    patience that it made me want to cry
    She could have been any young toddler anywhere in the
    world being lain down to have her diaper changed she
    was so nonplused by it
    But her flushed cheeks and rapid breathing were the
    clues that what she was feeling right at that moment
    was no load in the pants
    She lay there not moving. Her arms limp at her sides
    and her legs bent at the knees feet flat on the bed
    but her eyes never left mine for an instant
    No mater what you may have read in other stories on
    the net little girls don't grab your wand and start
    yanking it like 3 year old prostitutes and who would
    want them to I mean really
    No she lay there passive and patient waiting for the
    adult to make her feel in her belly the way she now
    knew he could
    And loving me for it I hoped
    I knelt down on my knees at the foot of the bed right
    between her legs
    And slowly began to run my hands over the soft warm
    skin of this beautiful toddler
    I peeked up under her tiny skirt to see she was
    wearing a training diaper instead of panties this
    Her small pudgy inner thigh was so soft and smooth
    the material of the diaper seemed course and hard in
    I had to see her NOW
    I reached in and pulled her diaper down her legs and
    I was in the perfect position to examine her in
    detail and I intended to do just that
    As the diaper came off I could smell her, it was a
    sweet clean smell partly baby powder partly baby
    girl aberrantly she hadn't used the diaper yet
    Her legs opened wider now till her knees were almost
    touching the bed to ether side
    And I could see her clearly
    Her cunny mound was beautiful with just the very tip
    of her clit hood sticking up to break the otherwise
    perfect course of her slit from her belly to the
    crack of her ass
    I leaned in close and let the tip of my tongue touch
    the tip of that hood just brushing it then leaned
    back to see her response
    She was still watching me threw her legs those
    beautiful ???? Eyes following me with a look of
    curiosity, patience and need.
    My hard on was beginning to hurt so I posed and
    opened me fly pulling it out
    I was so exited there was already a wet spot in my
    When I looked back up she had rose up onto her elbows
    trying to see what I was doing with my pants
    I just laughed and pulled her arms back out from
    under her laying her back down then
    Using my thumbs I pulled open her miniature cunny
    lips to examine my prize
    What struck me first was the color
    Like a pail wet pink so perfect somehow that it
    leaves you speechless
    As I opened a bit more I could see down into her
    Her inner lips were just barely there not being more
    than undersized extensions of the hood over her clit
    Deeper in the color got darker and wetter the hole
    was very small but you could see past her hymen a
    bit into her wonderful childish body
    How soft it must be in there how hot and smooth
    I leaned forward again and pushed my tough into her
    wanting to feel it and knowing it would be to tinder
    for my rough fingers
    Immediately her small hand came down and pushed at my
    Even my tongue was too much for flesh that tender and
    At that response from her a wash of emotion came over
    me and I wanted to connect with her some how so I
    moved up between her legs advancing on her for a
    She didn't pull away instead she rose up a bit but
    she was grinning again in that tight lipped shy way
    so the kiss met only tight closed lips
    She seemed very pleased with herself though
    Starring up at me and grinning like a clever cat that
    just did something knotty
    I put my thumb on her chin and gave a bit of pressure
    down and said open up just a bit
    She opened her mouth as wide as it would go making me
    I tried again till I got her mouth open about right
    and leaned in again but before I could get there she
    was grinning again. But on the third try I got my
    kiss with one hand on the back of her head feeling
    in my hand hair as soft as silk my lips closed over
    hers. It was a strange and erotic feeling, her lips
    being so much smaller than mine. I felt the inside
    of one of my lips slide over the inside slick
    surface of hers and I was in heaven. As I kissed her
    I was grinding into the bed I was so out of control.
    I didn't want to stop but I was afraid my intensity
    would begin to frighten her so I let up and instead
    began to kiss my way down her cheek and neck to her
    shoulder softly and with only a tinny bit of
    suction, remembering her warning about hiccys.
    As my kisses reached her shoulder blade she reached
    up and took the neck of her shirt in her hands and
    pulled down hard trying to expose more skin for me.
    So knowing she really liked that I paused to pull her
    shirt over her head exposing her flat white little
    chest so small I could cover it with one stretched
    hand it rose and fell with her breathing
    I didn't mess around I went strait for her slight
    nipples, I could see them easily enough but once my
    mouth was over them they were so underdeveloped I
    could barely feel them with my mouth
    But apparently they worked because her reaction was
    She began to squirm in my hands as if trying to get
    away from someone tickling her but when I stopped to
    give her a break she just looked at me like I was
    crazy for stopping so I dove bake in letting my hand
    find her inner thigh at the same time I began to
    work on her in Ernest wanting nothing more that to
    drive her beyond anything her little life had
    reference for
    With one hand slowly massaging the yielding warmth of
    her inner thigh and my mouth feeding like mad on the
    pink dots that served for nipples and the remaining
    hand holding my wait off her I had no hands to work
    on myself with and my cock was getting very
    But I didn't want to stop ether she was just
    beginning to really let go
    She stretched her head back as far as the bed would
    allow and was making a funny little sound like
    someone whining and laughing at the same time
    Then I got an idea; suddenly I knew where to go from
    I stopped everything but quickly moving down between
    her legs I took them and lay them on my shoulders on
    ether side of my head
    I began to work on her little cunny with my tongue
    hard and fast
    She was so close to the edge I wanted to drive her
    there with force so she would take a moment or two
    to recover from the orgasm
    At first she just lifted up on her elbows again to
    look down at me, curios about why I was putting my
    face in her pretties but as soon as my tongue went
    to work she went crazy
    Leaning so far back that her head was supporting her
    wait and her back was off the bed entirely
    I moved one hand under her ass and felt a rush that
    bout sent me over the top when I felt her entire
    tiny bottom barely fill one hand
    My other hand was on my cock getting ready
    Then she went over
    Her legs though so short she couldn't touch her feet
    behind my head began to squeeze tight like she was
    trying to force me out
    And she was almost succeeding I had to give both
    hands two the task of holding her to me
    I took her delicate small waist in my hand and pulled
    her two me hard
    Even then only barely keeping the very tip of my
    tongue in contact with her clit
    I flicked back and forth as fast and hard as I could
    after several seconds she began to relax and her
    wait returned to the bed but she was still jerking
    with little aftershocks of the orgasm
    I acted as quick as a cat laying her back down
    tacking those baby soft tinny legs in my hands I
    spread them wide and pulled her to the edge of the
    bed with the same motion
    Then with my blood racing in my ears my heart
    I pressed the head of my cock into the crevice of her
    minute cunny
    And began to thrust, not into her but up and down the
    crack so that very sensitive crease at the base of
    my cock head was grinding into her clit on each
    stroke back and forth
    But I couldn't get a great stroke going because I
    hade to use my hand to keep me in contact with her
    So I took her ankle in my hand and closed her legs
    Now she was laying on her back on the very edge of
    the bed still partly out of it from her ordeal
    With her legs held tight together and pointing at the
    I transferred both little feet to one hand
    Then used the other to guide my dick head back to the
    spot where her ass and thighs meet
    Wow what a site that soft white little ass tight in
    front of me with my rod so huge in comparison
    disappearing into her tightly closed thighs
    With her feet held close to my chest I began to trust
    into to the confines of her thighs each stroke
    Bringing the underside of me cock into contact with
    her clit as before
    I was so aroused there was no shortage of precum for
    As I did I looked down at my wonderful little prize
    laying there her doll like face, heir a mess
    Head turned to the side looking.
    I ate her Pussy and she came in my mouth. Her juices were sweet.
    Then I penetrated her lil pussy and her virginity was broken and I fucked her for next ten minute.
    Sheila squeaking and happiness in the morning and dreaming on my cock finally I couldn’t hold my comp and release my load in a tie

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    Brit is a very quiet and very smart. She is my niece. In fact, quiet is not nearly
    strong enough a word. She is reserved. She doesn't hide, and will
    talk openly and directly when engaged, but she never babbles. I
    don't think I have ever had to tell her to quiet down. She has short
    blonde hair and a pretty face; all in all she is generally normal.
    She has the usual collection of toys vibrators. Her
    relationship with the family cat is strained. She really wants to
    love the poor beast but, as always happens, a middle-aged tomcat
    finds the love of a girl a bit too demanding. After a few
    minutes of her affection, he will run off with his tail twitching. I
    was to learn that the love of this teen was a bit much for
    a twenty-two year old man!
    Brit and I settled into a regular daily routine of school, meals, and
    chores -- life normal. We spent most evenings home. Brit would
    watch TV while I studied. Her bedtime was 10; I usually studied
    until around midnight. One evening I was sitting on the sofa reading
    while Brit watched a cartoon channel. I had my legs stretched out in
    front of me, crossed at the ankle. Brit was sitting astride my feet,
    watching TV and playing with a toys. She started rocking back and
    forth on my leg; I really didn't pay much attention until I noticed
    that she was getting a little bit rough. That's when I started
    watching her. She was holding the toe of my shoe, pulling it against
    her tummy and rocking back and forth, grinding the top of my foot
    into her crotch. She was masturbating with my foot!

    Her movements got more and more persistent and her breathing harder
    as her hair started to stick to the back of her neck. I found the
    whole thing kind of amusing but I was also turned on by the show. My
    tool started to firm under my 505's. Soon Brit caught her breath a
    couple of times and then stopped. I guess she had cum. She just
    kept watching the TV. Thinking about
    it, I realized that she masturbated while watching TV fairly often.
    More than once I had come into the living room during Saturday
    morning cartoons and seen her laying on her belly with her hands
    under her, rocking back and forth. I just didn't connect what she
    was doing.

    When the cartoon was over I sent her off for her bath and to get
    ready for bed, but this time I followed her into the bathroom. She
    pulled off her tee shirt and then started the bathtub filling. Then
    she stripped off her shorts and panties. Brit is about four and half feet
    tall and has short dirty blonde hair. She was well tanned in the
    summer, but by now most of the gold in her skin had faded. You could
    still see where her bathing suit covered (she had a one piece) and
    the skin on her butt and chest was white. Veins formed the shadow of
    a spider web under the skin on her chest and on the front of her
    hips. I had seen her naked many times and had always admired the
    beauty of her form. She was not fat or skinny. The barest outlines
    of her ribs could be seen on her sides. Her butt was nicely rounded
    but still firm. In front, she had full pussy lips, now they were a
    little red after their workout. Her nipples were pink nubs; her breasts were small. When she
    squatted down in the tub to adjust the water temperature, I got a
    glimpse of her clit.

    The next evening (it was Thursday), I picked up a movie for us to
    watch. This evening I sent her to bathe before we started the movie,
    so we sat down to watch with her wearing a nightee and panties.
    After a few minutes she crawled into my lap. Again, I was reading
    for a class. After a few minutes I positioned her so she was sitting
    astride my knee, facing away from me. When there was a couple of
    cartoon Arabs running across the desert on camels, I started bouncing
    my knee up and down with the music. Brit giggled and started
    pretending that she was riding a camel too, bouncing with my knee. A
    couple of minutes later, I stretched out my legs, again crossing my
    ankles. Brit slid down my shin and kneeled with my foot between her
    legs. When a cute song came on, I started moving my foot with the
    music and we were off to the races! I was surprised at how quickly
    Brit started getting herself off. She even pulled her nightgown up
    so the only things between my ankle and her slit were the thin cotton
    panties. Over the next twenty minutes she must have cum three times.
    Her panties were very wet against my skin. Meanwhile, my rod had
    pushed up against my gym shorts, its outline was clearly visible.
    When she got up, I could see that she noticed it, she gave it a sort
    of strange look, obviously not knowing what to think. When she
    looked at my face, I pretended to be engrossed in my book. After she
    had gone to bed, I must have shot a quart of sperm when I jacked off.

    On Friday, I must admit, I set the situation up. I had spent the day
    in a horny, nervous state. I was actually glad that I didn't
    currently have a girl friend. I got home before the school bus
    dropped off Brit and went to her room. Just as I had suspected,
    there were only two pairs of panties in her drawers. These found
    their way into the clothes hamper. We went out for pizza and then
    did some grocery shopping, arriving home at about eight. Brit
    watched some TV while I put the food away and then I popped a disc in
    the DVD. I had put a lot of thought into the movie and decided on a
    silly comedy that both she and I would like. When that one was over,
    I sent Brit off to bathe. About a half-hour later she came back.
    She was naked, carrying a nightgown. She complained that there were
    no panties in her drawer. I told her that they must all be in the
    laundry and that we would wash in the morning, but for now she could
    wear her nightee only. Brit accepted this and sat down on my lap for
    the second movie. This one was a little more grown up. It was not long before Brit was masturbating
    on my ankle again, but this time there was nothing between us. Her
    smooth skin felt great, and her wetness surprised me. I had once
    heard that, "Teens don't get wet, they just get sticky."
    Whoever said that never met Brittany.She was sopping wet.

    After she had cum the first time I pulled her up onto my knee. She
    reached down to steady herself and put her hand right on my stiff
    cock. She pulled it away. I told her it was OK, and put her hand
    back on my member. I was wearing a pair of shorts that were held up
    with elastic and a drawstring. They are made out of a soft fabric
    and are quite loose fitting.

    "Why is it hard like that?" she asked?

    "Well, it's the same as when you get all tingly when you're bouncing
    on my foot." I said.

    She giggled and looked embarrassed.

    "Here, let me show you." I pulled off my shirt and then lifted up
    and pulled down my shorts. My dick sprang up. Brit looked at it
    with a wry expression.

    "Mommy told me that they get like that when people have sex," she

    "That's true. It happened because you were rubbing your privates
    against me. Do you like rubbing yourself like that?" I asked.

    "Yes I do love it," she said, smiling.

    "Has Jo told you about masturbation?"

    "Mas-tur-ba-tion," she sounded out the word. "What's that?"

    "When you rub yourself watching TV."

    Brit looked even more embarrassed, but I decided to plow forward
    anyway. "Men and women rub each other like that too, it really makes
    you feel good."

    She looked at my cock, which was softening, slowly dropping down
    towards my balls.

    "Let me show you. Can I rub you?"

    Brit shrugged, "OK."

    I pulled her nightgown off over her head and then sat her down
    astride my left knee, facing away from me. I ran my hands up her
    sides and over her chest, gently rubbing her nipples. Then I pulled
    her back against me, sandwiching my dick between her and my stomach.
    She let out a little sigh when I started running my finger up and
    down her slit. Soon she was humping into my hand as I stroked her
    stiff little clit. She was getting more and more turned on,
    breathing hard. As I rubbed her slit she got surprisingly wet and I
    started pushing my finger in between her lips and into her little
    cunt, then pulling out as I moved up to her clit. I was having real
    trouble not blowing my wad on her back when she grunted and
    shuddered. As she came, I pushed my index finger into her vagina, up
    to the second knuckle. She was sweaty and sort of melted against me.
    I kept my finger in her pussy, but did not move it. My balls were
    about to explode but, with Superman effort, I kept from cumming
    myself. She lay against me, panting.

    "Did you like that?" I asked.

    "Ya," she murmured.

    "Would you make me cum?" I asked. "Do you know what happens when a
    man cums?"

    "I'm not sure," she replied with a sort of wondering expression in
    her voice.

    "Here, let me show you something," I said. I stood her up and showed
    her my penis. "When a man cums, he squirts some white sticky stuff.
    Not a lot, just a tablespoon or so.

    "It's not the same thing," I said. "It's semen. It's what starts a
    baby growing in a woman's belly. Any way, I would have to cum up inside your slit,
    and yours is too small for me to fit. But you can rub me and make me

    "Ok," she said. She reached down and started to stroke my dick. I
    told her to wrap her hands around it and run them up and down the
    shaft, concentrating on the head. I told her that, when I started to
    cum, to keep going until I said to stop. She watched my face as she
    stroked my dick. She was giving me a passable hand job when I got an

    "Let me make you cum too," I said. I turned her around and sat her
    down on my lap. My dick was between her legs, extending out in front
    of her. She was straddling my dick, just like she had been doing
    with my foot. "Let me rub you with my penis, then we can both cum."
    I said. She knew exactly what to do.

    I started humping, the top of my dick moving against her slit. She
    reached down, pushing my dick against her slit and bouncing up and
    down. She held my dick so the head was against her belly. The
    wetness of her little girl pussy made everything slippery as she
    pulled on my dick with both hands while grinding her clit against my
    rod. She started breathing harder, as did I, the pressure building
    in my balls. She leaned back against me; my face was above her
    shoulder in her hair. I could look down across her chest and see her
    hands cupping my dick against the smooth skin of her stomach. Her
    nipples were standing out above her flat chest. I caressed them,
    running the pad of my finger in circles around one while I rolled the
    other between my forefinger and thumb. She started to pant as we
    humped. She would pull up on my dick and push back with her hips.
    At the same time, I would thrust forward, rubbing my cock head
    between her hands and belly. Then she lifted her legs up, putting a
    foot on top of each of my knees. We must have made for quite a sight
    and the thought of setting up a camera some time ran through my mind.
    She broke out in a sweat as the cum boiled in my balls. With a
    short intake of breath, Brit came. At the same time I blew my load
    into her hands and onto her belly, firing seven to ten times. Some
    drops of jez even shot across her chest and onto her shoulder. She
    pushed the top of my dick against her hairless cunt; the lips spread
    wide to allow her clit to slide along my tool. She shuddered over
    and over again, having multiple orgasms. Her pussy juices and my cum
    mixed to make her slide easily back and forth along my shaft. She
    just kept humping, sliding my dick along her slit. I was long past
    climax and she was still going! She was rocked by one orgasm after
    another. From deep in her throat, a slow growl, maybe a moan, came
    as she experienced orgasm after orgasm.

    Finally, after what must have been two minutes of constant climax,
    she settled down, melting against me. Her breaths came in short
    pants. Her hair was sweaty and matted. Meanwhile, that feeling of
    relaxation ran through me. I had fired an enormous load of jiz
    across her belly and onto her chest. I cuddled her. Her whole front
    was wet with my cum, her sweat, and pussy juices. Her hair was
    stringy with sweat.

    "Damn, we need to take a shower after that." I said.

    I took her into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Once I had
    the temperature adjusted, we got in, but nothing really clicked. I
    guess Brit just didn't realize the possibilities: she didn't really
    respond when I soaped her back and her chest. I was not willing to
    force anything on her, so we showered off and got out. After drying
    ourselves off, Brit said she wanted to go to bed, so I let her go.

    After she had been in bed for about five minutes, I went in and sat
    down next to her. I had put my shirt and shorts back on; she was
    covered under the blankets.

    "Brit, are you OK?"

    "Ya," she answered.

    I was really afraid that she felt bad about what we did, I certainly
    did not want her to be scared of me or what I might do to her.

    "Did you like what we did? Are you feeling good?" I asked.

    "Don't worry, Tommy. I know that you could get in a lot of trouble."
    She paused. "At school they said that it's bad if anyone does that
    -- but I liked it. Was it bad?"

    "No darling. It's not bad if it's what you want. Did you like doing

    "Yes. It was wonderful." We sat in silence for half a minute. Then
    she said, "Would you do it again?"

    I was totally shocked! Had I awakened a little nympho? I reached
    under the covers and was surprised to find that she was naked. I
    started running my finger along her slit and watched as she closed
    her eyes and started to breathe harder. I pushed my finger into her
    vagina. She formed an "O" with her lips and writhed under the
    blanket. I pulled the covers off of her and watched her smooth
    pre-pubescent form rock as I fingered her bald pussy. Her nipples
    were contracted and stiff, just dark bebes on her white chest. Her
    smooth white belly passed down to her completely hairless crack. Her
    pussy lips opened for my finger to run between them. Brit had fat
    lips, her slit extended up in front; it was more than just a little
    crease between her legs.

    Our earlier workout had slowed me down, and my dick was firm but not
    fully erect. I knew from experience that it would be a while longer
    before I could really get off again, so I decided that I would do my
    best to make Brit happy. I leaned down and kissed her left nipple.
    Then I ran my tongue around the other one while pushing my finger
    deep into her pussy. I could tell she really enjoyed
    this. Brit wrapped one arm around my neck, holding my face to her
    chest, and she pushed my other hand harder against her pussy. I
    finger fucked her, pushing my finger in and out as she breathed
    harder and rocked against me. It was obvious that this girl
    knew what she wanted and was not at all abashed about getting it.

    I got up and moved to kneel between her legs. While I was up, I
    stripped off my clothes. When I moved back onto the bed, she didn't
    know what I was doing, and I had to tell her to spread her legs for
    me to position myself. As soon as I started licking her snatch she
    started to uncontrollably hump her hairless pussy into my face. She
    bent her knees, pulling them up to give me the best access to her. I
    ran my arms up under her, lifting her whole body below her shoulders
    as I tongued her clit. When I pushed my tongue into her vagina, she
    humped hard into my face and let out a very loud "Ahhhh!" I had
    heard of "screamers" before, but I had never dreamed of one that was
    seven. Her orgasm continued as I tongue fucked her. Her pussy
    juices ran down my chin. She had a mild womanly taste -- really
    pleasant. My tongue ached after what must have been three minutes of
    sustaining her orgasm. Finally she stopped cumming and relaxed.

    I lay down next to her. By now my dick was at full attention and I
    started humping against her thigh. I figured that, at the very
    least, I could get off on her incredibly smooth and soft skin. She
    reached down and held my tool, allowing me to slide it between her
    hand and thigh.

    "Brit, it would be really great if you would suck me." I said.
    Immediately I regretted saying that, I didn't know what she would do.

    She lifted herself up and looked at me. With that wry smile I had
    seen earlier, she said, "Ok."

    I rolled onto my back as Brit scootched down to my loins. She took
    my dick in her hand and started to suck on the head. I was amazed at
    how she seemed to know exactly what to do. I humped into her face
    and felt my cock-head hit the back of her throat. She pulled back,
    but then sucked me right back into her mouth.

    "When I cum, just swallow it and keep sucking until I stop you," I
    said as I humped my dick into her mouth.

    I don't know whether she heard me, but she started sucking harder and
    bobbing faster. She started breathing hard, blowing hard through her
    nose. She was also grinding her pussy into my leg, humping it and
    getting herself off. The jiz quickly built in my nuts and I soon
    fired into her mouth. Brit jumped at the same time, I don't know
    whether it was because of the cum I was shooting down her throat or
    if she was cumming -- probably both. As I had asked, Brit just kept
    sucking, pushing me as far into her mouth as I would fit. I fired
    load after load of cum into her mouth. Little drops of semen
    appeared at the corners of her lips as she sucked harder than I could
    believe. I fired again and again into her little mouth. When I had
    finished cumming, I reached down and lifted her chin off me. She
    looked up at me and smiled, some of my cum was at the corners of her
    mouth, a drop ran down toward her chin. I pulled her body up
    on top of me and kissed her. My dick was wet against her belly and
    thighs. I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She tasted like my cum,
    her mouth was slimy with jiz. We cuddled and giggled.

    Just before we dropped off to sleep, she said, "I think I'm going to
    like having you here, Tommy."

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