Most people dreaded going to work each day. Dr Sanders, however, was
not one of them. As a pediatrician with a strong taste for pedophilia, he
looked forward to each day at the office. He worked at a private clinic
and was intelligent enough to keep his encounters discreet. Throughout his
ten years as a practicing doctor, he had never had a problem.

None of his colleagues would have expected anything out of the ordinary
from Dr Sanders. He was the top student of his graduating class at Oxford
but his demeanor was anything but conceited. A warm smile always graced Dr
Sanders' inviting face as his horn-rimmed glasses slipped down his nose.
Pleasant to work with, pleasant to be treated by, he was well-liked by
virtually everyone he encountered.

Today's first appointment was Rosa. Dr Sanders knew her and her mother
well. Rosa was seven years old and she had visited him before, today was
her fourth visit. Dr Sanders knew better than to try anything on the first
three visits. It was important to get to know the patients first. He had
to pick and choose his girls.

"Rosa J.?" Dr Sanders looked around the waiting room. A young girl
jumped to her feet. He smiled fondly as he remembered Rosa. She was a
pretty girl with straight brown hair and a little button nose. She had
expressive eyebrows that indicated all of her emotions.

"Hi Dr. Sanders," Rosa's mom said, following her daughter. "I hope you
don't mind but Eddie is in for a checkup today as well." Dr Sanders smiled
at the four-year old boy who hung back, holding his mother's hand as she
spoke. "I was hoping to get out of here as quick as possible today,"
Rosa's mom continued. "Is it okay if you do Rosa's checkup without me so I
can stay with Eddie when he goes to see Dr Hall?"

"Of course," Dr Sanders smiled genially. "Rosa's a big girl now, isn't
she?" he asked, tousling her hair. Rosa giggled. "I'm sure it won't be a
problem at all. Let's go, little lady."

Rosa's mother smiled gratefully as Dr Sanders led her daughter away.
"How are you today?" he asked the young girl.

"Good," Rosa replied.

"Me too," he said, ushering her into an exam room. "Here, why don't you
take off all your clothes and put this on," he said, handing her a medical
gown. "I'll be back in two minutes, okay?"

He shut the door and waited. Normally, he didn't ask for his patients
to get undressed but today was a special case. It wasn't often that he had
the chance to treat a young girl without a parent being present. He was
almost bouncing up and down in anticipation.

He knocked on the door and peered inside. "All done?" he asked. Rosa
sat demurely in her dressing gown. She had even taken off her shoes and
socks without being asked.

"Rosa," he asked the young girl, "could you get up on the exam table
please?" She clambered up table, crinkling the clean roll of paper that had
been stretched across it. Dr Sanders inwardly smiled as he glimpsed Rosa's
cute bum as it peeked out from her loose gown.

"Lie down, please," he instructed her. He took out his stethoscope and
straightened his glasses. She laid stiffly on the exam table with her legs
straight and her hands at her sides. He listened to her heart and lungs,
asking her to breathe deeply and exhale. Rosa did as she was told. She
liked going to the doctor. Sometimes she and her brother would pretend to
be doctors and play with the toy doctor set her mother had bought them.

"Excellent," he told her. He grinned at her and the seven year old girl
smiled in response. Dr Sanders noted approvingly that Rosa had relaxed
slightly on the exam table. He pulled a stool up close and sat down next
to her.

"I'm just going to take your pulse," he informed her, taking her wrist.
He counted for a moment before writing on his clipboard again. Then he ran
down the usual list, checking her blood pressure, looking inside her ears
and mouth, and some more poking and prodding that was more for his pleasure
than for medical reasons. Dr Sanders had her untie her gown and reveal her
flat chest to him. He caressed the smooth skin over her ribcage before
letting his fingers graze across her little nipples for a delectable

"You're doing great!" Dr Sanders smiled at her again. Rosa, more at
ease now, returned his smile with a genuine one of her own. "Can you prop
up your knees for me?" he asked the little girl. Obediently, she bent her
knees so that her feet were flat on the table, the balls of her feet almost
touching her rear.

"Good girl," he said, "now I just need you to spread you legs a bit..."
He held his breath before drawing aside the thin material of her medical
gown. This was his favorite moment of every exam. Rosa's hairless slit
yawned open before him, the pinkness of her inner lips clearly visible.

Dr Sanders picked up a bottle of lubricant. "I'm going to have to
examine your behind," he told her, "so this might feel a little funny." His
eyes devoured every inch of Rosa's innocence as his glistening finger
twitched in anticipation. His free hand slipped under the seven year old
girl's slim butt as he lifted her slightly off the exam table, allowing him
better access to her anal opening.

"I'm just spreading a little bit of this slippery stuff around," he told
her as his finger massaged the delicate and wrinkled skin of her anal
rosette. Rosa only nodded as the doctor molested her. He gently probed
her resistance. Finding none, his glistening finger slithered inside
Rosa's anus. He felt his hot blood rushing to his organ as he felt the
little girl bear down on his finger. He was in heaven.

Rosa tried not to fidget on the exam table. No doctor had done this to
her before. But since he was a doctor, she knew she had to behave and lie
still as he examined her. His finger felt funny inside her though. Rosa
thought it was weird that his finger was poking where her poop came out.

Dr Sanders wiggled his finger inside her for a few seconds, far shorter
than he wished. He reluctantly withdrew his finger, watching intently as
her tight and puckered anal muscle closed up as he exited. "You're doing
wonderful, Rosa," he said as he went to wash his hands. "Just a few more
minutes and then we'll be done. Won't your mother be proud?"

The anal part of the exam was just the first of his many tests to gauge
the reaction of his patient. Some girls balked at the anal exam, clearly
uncomfortable and embarrassed about the idea of a doctor probing their
anus. Rosa, however, did not protest at all. Moreover, slipping his finger
inside her had taken little effort, indicating that she was not tense and
clenching her muscles. So far, so good...

"Now I just need to look between your legs for a second," Dr Sanders
said. Rosa said nothing as he bent down between her raised knees. He
marveled at the sight of her girlhood. Her crotch was smooth without a
trace of hair while her pink valley splayed open beneath. He could see the
plump hood of skin that jutted out invitingly, leading his eyes to her
hidden clitoris.

"This may tickle a bit," he cautioned her. Covertly, he licked his
finger before making contact with the hood of flesh that crowned her pink
valley. He searched for a moment, probing, before finding her little
nubbin that lay at the juncture of her immature lips. Dr Sanders could
detect Rosa's scent now as he tickled her girlhood, its pungent scent
entertaining his nostrils.

Rosa lay still as he examined her. No doctor had ever touched her like
this before either. It made her feel funny inside but she couldn't decide
whether she liked or disliked the sensation. "Just a moment," he said,
pausing his exploration of the seven year old girl. Dr Sanders put on his
stethoscope again. From his pocket, he produced a tiny vibrator that was
no bigger than a tube of lipstick.

"Just relax, Rosa," he said. "This little thing is called an
oscilloscope and it might make you feel a little funny. Don't worry, it
won't hurt though." He turned on the vibrator and touched it against her
slender thigh, letting Rosa become accustomed to the sensation. He
pretended to use his stethoscope as he pressed the vibrator against her.

Rosa could feel the cold plastic against her skin as the thing tickled
her. He continued pressing the vibrator against the young girl, each time
getting closer and closer to the area between her legs. Finally he was
using it to trace the outline of her labia, just hovering over the area
where her skin went from ivory to pink. He let it delve gently into her
vagina, gauging her reaction. Some girls yelped in shock while others
remained silent. Rosa only flinched, her knees closing slightly before she
willed them back open.

Dr Sanders' cock was now tenting his pants, his precum moistening the
cotton of his briefs. His cock leapt eagerly as he moved the vibrator to
Rosa's puffy hood, searching for her pleasure button. The vibrator probed
for a moment before Rosa's hips flinched, her bottom lifting slightly off
the exam table. He knew had found her clit.

Maintaining the charade, he moved his stethoscope across her lower belly
to her hairless juncture, pretending to listen at various points. He
glanced up at the little girl's face. Rosa's eyes were closed and her
mouth slightly open, the picture of an aroused seven year old girl. His
cock was now begging for release.

"All right," he said, reluctantly withdrawing the vibrator. Rosa's eyes
snapped open. She had decided she liked what Dr Sanders was doing. The
tickly feeling made her feel very nice and relaxed.

"Are you done?" she asked, a little disappointed.

"Not quite yet, Rosa," Dr Sanders said, taking off his stethoscope.
Unable to resist, his hand moved again between her legs, his finger
stroking her hidden clit. Imperceptibly, Rosa's legs opened a little wider
as he touched her, her body unconsciously egging him on. He noted with
satisfaction that there was the slightest hint of moisture at her vaginal
opening. He knew young girls lacked the maturity to become as wet as women
but it always turned him on to feel the wetness of little girl.

He stopped touching her and drew her gown across her legs, restoring her
modesty. "I just have some medicine for you to take," Dr Sanders said,
"and then you'll be done. Okay?"


"You can put your knees back down on the table, Rosa," Dr Sanders said,
smiling. The little girl's legs were still wide open, her clit yearning
for more contact.

"Oh," Rosa said, blushing a little. She let her legs rest on the table.

Dr Sanders turned so he was facing away from Rosa as pulled an object
from the cabinet. It was a black plastic box, about the same size as a
small Kleenex box. One side of the box had a small opening in it, as well
as an identical hole on the opposite side. Swiftly, Dr Sanders unzipped
his pants and freed his erection. With his back to Rosa, he applied some
lubricant to his hard cock before inserting it into the hole. The box's
depth was so that his penis poked out the other end of the box, just enough
to reveal the reddened head.

"This is my medicine box," Dr Sanders said, turning to show Rosa the box
that he held at waist-level. The little girl sat up curiously and examined
the black box.

"What's that?" she asked, pointing to his cock head that jutted from one
end of the box.

"That's where the medicine comes out," he told her. "It's like a
faucet. I'm going to plug in the box and in a few minutes the medicine will
come out the faucet. I want you to put your mouth to it and drink the
medicine like a good girl, okay?"

Rosa nodded, uncertain. She had never seen anything like this before.
Dr Sanders took the cord that ran from one side of the box and plugged it
in. In reality, it was just a dummy plug. There were no real electronics
inside the box. What he had done instead was to place a modified male sex
toy inside the box. His erection was now inserted in this sex toy, a
smooth sheath of silicone that equipped with vibration points that would
massage him.

Dr Sanders flipped the switch on the side of the box. The toy hummed to
life, kneading his hard cock. He fought to suppress his moans, knowing
that it was best not to scare the patient. Rosa stared with curiosity at
the reddened head that poked out of the box. It had a little slit on the
end of it.

"It's dripping, Dr Sanders," Rosa announced. "Your faucet is leaking."

"That means the medicine is almost ready," he told her, his voice
shaking a little. "Why don't you use your tongue to lick it off?" Rosa
propped herself up on her elbows and pushed her hair behind her ears. Dr
Sanders watched as the little girl leaned forward and stuck her tongue out.
He felt it swipe tentatively at his sensitive cock.

Rosa smacked her lips, tasting his precum. "It tastes salty," she told

"I know," Dr Sanders said, trying to smile reassuringly. He could feel
his balls clenching up as he prepared to fire his load. "Put your mouth
back, now, the medicine is almost ready... That's right, close your lips
around it. Are you ready? Be sure to swallow it all now..."

Dr Sanders couldn't contain himself any longer. The sensation of Rosa
lips clamped around his cock head pushed him over the edge. His fingers
tightened around the box as he stifled a moan.

"G-good girl," he said. "Swallow it all..." He never knew what to
expect. In the past, some girls gagged and coughed, pulling away as he
sprayed his semen onto their face and hair. If this happened, he would
gently chide the patient and help her clean off with a moistened washcloth.
Other girls, however, would obediently swallow every drop of his spunk.
Thankfully, the patient today was one of these girls.

Rosa felt a burst of hot fluid against her tongue. Instinctively, she
swallowed the first gulp but more medicine came out so she had to quickly
swallow again. She barely had time to taste it, only noticing that it was
mineral-tasting and a little slimy. The medicine from the faucet then
slowed to a few dribbles that she easily swallowed.

"Is that all, Dr Sanders?" Rosa asked, taking her mouth from the faucet.
She noticed he was a little red-faced and was breathing heavily. "Are you

"Yes, Rosa," Dr Sanders said smoothly. "That's all the medicine. I'm
fine, it's just that this box is a little heavy is all..." He turned away
from her placed it on the counter. He quickly withdrew his softening penis
and zipped himself back up

"Did you swallow all your medicine?" he asked, turning back to face the
little girl.

"Yes, Dr Sanders," Rosa nodded. "It tasted funny though."

"Well, as long as you swallowed every drop of it, I'll be sure to tell
your mother what a good girl you were." Dr Sanders smiled warmly at her.
"Why don't you get dressed and I'll take you back to your mom?" Walking on
weak knees, Dr Sanders exited the room and collapsed into a chair outside
the exam room. He loved his job.