Bonnie Brown adjusted her beret and, straightened her sash, before knocking
on the door. The little ten-year-old was, brimming with confidence. She had
practiced her speech and, scouted potential sales, for the last two weeks.
The little girl was certain she would win, the first prize thirty-seven inch
color TV and, after all she had won, the last two years in a row. She knew
from experience that by, using the sales technique she had learned from her
older sister, the other girls didn’t have a chance. Now satisfied everything
was in order, she reached up and, lightly knocked on the door. Less than
a minute later, an attractive man, in his early fifties opened the door.
“Hello Mr. Hatch, I’m Bonnie and, I’m selling Girl Scout Cookies and, if
you would allow me to come in, I can show you, our entire line of delicious
cookies. I am also prepared to offer you a special deal.” Bonnie said, adding
a little smile, as the door opened wide enough, for her to step in.

Melvin Hatch recognized the pretty little blonde, from the apartment pool;
he remembered how her bikini bottoms had wedged themselves, in the crack
of her cute little pear shaped ass and, how she had bent over close enough
to him, he could have reached out and touched it. He didn’t of course, after
all he wasn’t a pedophile, but any man would look. He also recalled how her
loose fitting top, had offered him several glances, of her budding breast,
with their pink quarter sized nipples. He was still masturbating at night,
as thoughts of the pretty preteen flooded his brain. He figured the least
he could do, was buy a box of her cookies. “You’re in luck Bonnie, I love
the mint cookies and, the peanut butter ones as well.” Hatch replied, taking
the brochure, the girl offered him.

“Well if you buy five boxes, I’ll give twenty-five percent off, our new cream
filled cookies or our new double fudge and. If you buy eight boxes, I’ll
give you fifty percent off.” Bonnie pitched, making sure to maintain eye
contact and, keep her hands folded, in front of her, while keeping her shoulders
pushed back.

“I’m sorry Bonnie, There’s only me and, that would be, more than I could
eat and, besides I don’t really like cream cookies and, my mother sends me
more fudge, than I can eat, but I will take one each, of the peanut butter
and, the mint.” Hatch answered, reaching for his wallet.

“Well at least let me show you the cream cookies, everybody just loves them,
the only thing is, you have to supply the cream.” Bonnie said softly, reaching
down and, tugging the already short skirt up, to reveal her hairless little
clam shell cunny.

Hatch tried to look away, knowing what the little girl was offering him,
could put him under the prison yard. Try as he might, he couldn’t tear his
eyes away and, couldn’t bring himself, to have the child cover herself. Then
in a voice that almost seemed, to come from someone else, he asked, “How
much for the cream cookies, if I buy eight boxes?” His pulsating cock refused
to allow him, to lift his eyes, from the target they were locked on.

Bonnie smiled knowing that she had him, of course she knew he was going,
to be easy. He had been unable, to take his eyes off her at the pool and,
she had thought he was going to cum in his pants, when her little bikini
bottoms wedged in, her tiny ass crack and, she had bent over right, in front
of him. She had also found several excuse, to bend coming out of the pool,
to give him a decent view, of her tiny breast “Forty dollars for the eight
boxes and, Fifty for the cream cookie box.” She answered, moving her right
hand, to the zipper tab on his shorts and, ever so slowly pulling it down,
then reaching in and, freeing his impressive cock.

“Well I suppose I could give some, of the cookies to friends.” Hatch said,
reaching for his wallet and, watching that perfect little oval shaped mouth,
with its tiny bee stung lips, close in on his nine inches, of manhood. An
electrifying shock passed through his body, as the hot wet mouth, closed
around the head and, slowly swallowed four inches, of his hard shaft. Hatch’s
hand trembled, both out of fear and excitement, as he pressed the money,
into her tiny palm.

Bonnie was trying to hide some fear, of her own, she had never seen a peter,
as big as the one currently stretching her jaws, and wondered if it would
fit, in her tiny cavity. A couple of smaller ones had caused her, a good
deal of discomfort, so this would surely be painful, but at the same time,
she wanted to try. She continued to work her mouth back and fourth, on the
throbbing dick and, began to worry that, he was going to shoot in her mouth,
before she had a chance, to sample it.

Hatch considered firing his load down her throat, but the temptation, of
feeling the child’s demur body beneath him, as he filled that tiny pussy
was, over powering and, he pulled himself free. He then swept the feather
light child, into his arms and, took her to his bed.




Melvin Hatch carefully removed the sash, which displayed her merit badges,
and deafly unbuttoned, her little uniform, sliding it from her body. He couldn’t
believe, how sexy the little pixie was, just laying there, in nothing except
her beret, green knee socks and, saddle shoes. He quickly tore at his own
clothes, worried his cock would explode, before he could rip his drawers
off. Once naked he drove his face, into that sweet little clam, the light
aroma of, little girl pee filling his nostrils, as he pushed his tongue,
as far into her tight slit, as he could, without pulling it loose at, the
roots. He could feel her small body shudder, as he fucked the little cavern
with his tongue, and rubbed her tiny clit, with his thumb.

“MMMMMMUMMM SOOOOO GOOOOOD!” Bonnie moaned, holding the back of his head
and, wishing his tongue was a little longer. Disappointment flooded her body,
as he pulled free and, replaced his tongue, with a finger. It still felt
good, but not as good, till she felt the finger bend upward, as it continued
to work back and, fourth and, began to bump what, she would latter find out,
is a G-spot. Each bump would send an almost blinding rush, through her tiny
frame. She had played with herself hundreds of times, and couldn’t believe
she had missed this! She began to feel, a dampness under her behind, from
her juices, which were saturating the sheets, and she couldn’t stand it anymore,
she wanted a dick. She intertwined her fingers, in Hatch’s hair and, pulled
him upward.

Hatch felt himself being tugged, toward the head of the bed and, knew the
girl was ready, for a something a little hotter. He allowed himself to, be
pulled to her waiting mouth and, lowered his lips to hers. He felt the child’s
tongue, against his lips and, opened his mouth, to allow her exploration
and, as she cleaned his tonsils, he pressed the head of his cock, to her
tiny slit. The bulb shaped head had little, or no trouble entering the sopping
hole and, easily slid five inches deep, but then things got tight and, he
realized, her little girl cervix, was not accustomed, to cocks this big.

The girl’s baby blue eyes grew, to the size of saucers, as the huge peter
forced its way, into the tiny channel. She bit her lower lip, from the intense
pain, hoping it would soon be replaced, with an equally intense pleasure.
She did her best, to relax her muscles, but the pain grew sharper, as the
peter ground deeper, but she was a trooper and, refused to push free, even
as tears filled those beautiful blue eyes.

Finally Hatch felt the last inch, of his big cock slide, into the little
girls womb and, he stopped all movement, to allow the child, to get accustomed
to the feel. When he felt her tiny body relax, he started to work his cock,
to and fro, at a slow easy pace and, gradually he little girl began, to fuck
him back, pushing her tiny pelvis forward, to meet his thrust. “UMMMM that’s
YUMMMMY!” she exclaimed, stepped up his tempo and, lengthened his strokes.

Bonnie’s little body trembled and, she locked her legs tightly around, the
middle-aged man, as a massive orgasm rocked her tiny body. Those beautiful
baby blue eyes rolled, in her head like a slot machine wheel. She had never
known feelings like this, her young heart pounded wildly and, her brain reeled
and, that wonderful cock continued, it’s piston like movement. “OOOOOOH!
YEEEES! FUCK MEEE!” Screamed the beautiful little preteen.

Hatch fell his climax building as well, then he suddenly remembered the double
fudge cookies. “Want to sell some fudge?” He asked with a groan, as he slowed
his pace, in order to hold his climax. The dazed look, in the child’s eyes
didn’t change, but a new tenseness in her body, told him that she had doubts,
if his large cock fit, without ripping her open. Then he felt her squirming
free, of her current impalement and, watched as she climbed, to her hands
and knees.

“Yes fuck my ass, fuck it good!” The tiny girl hissed, giving her little
pear shaped ass a shake, as if to entice, the older middle aged man, into
action. Then she watched as Hatch reached, into the nightstand and, took
out a small tube marked KY and, applied a generous amount, to his cock. Bonnie
jumped when he touched her little rosebud hole, with a smaller dab of the
gel, to ready her, for the pending invasion. He then moved behind her and,
placed the bulbous head against her tiny anus. She felt a light push and,
winced as the head passed through, the first ring of her anal passage. “EEEEEEEE!”
she yelled, but made no attempt, to pull away.

Hatch’s felt as though his cock was, in a vice, as her rectal muscles clamped
down on it. Tighter and tighter they squeezed, as he plowed into the girls
poop chute, until his balls finally came to rest, against the creamy skin
of her ass. He gave the girl a moment, to get accustomed, to the girth and,
length before he began to slowly work his cock, in and out, each stroke a
little longer than the last, gradually picking up steam, as he grabbed the
little points, that would soon become her hips.





The pain had been so immense, she had eaten a hole, in the pillow, but now
the pain was fading and, the little girl eased one, of her hands down, to
her little bald cunny and, began to massage her clit. As Hatch’s motions
got faster, she rubbed harder and, in only minutes, her tiny body was again
jolted by orgasm. “I’m CUMMMMING!” She exclaimed, at the same time that Hatch,
was filling her bowels with hot semen. She felt the, mans body tense, then
go limp and, collapse on top of her.

When he recovered Hatch paid young Bonnie, for her wonderful fudge cookies,
and then gave extra, to allow him to take some video of, her tender little
body. She then promised to bring his cookies, in a week and, to continue
seeing him. Finally she gave him one last hug n kiss and, let herself out.
Once outside Bonnie glanced, at her Rug Rats watch and realized, she had
time for three more stops.