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Story k name amd location change kar diya hain
By Tariq khan

am Raja from Lahore wanted to share a true incident. About me I am married and working in a private company. This incident happened when I was in Hyderabad. I use to stay in apartment. There were many families staying in the apartment. On my floor there were three houses and we were all friendly. They all use to come to our house and we also use to go to theirs. Children’s use to play together, we use to exchange the curies especially when ever some makes something special. Both ladies were very close to my wife.

One was Salma and other one was Anjali all names changed. Salma had a young daughter and Anjali and one son of 5 years and me too. Salma use to be more attached than Anajli. As Salma’s husband is a Poilet in private airlines and he use to be away for days together. Salma and daughter to be always at my house. Salma really has good assets. She is 30, 5’3 about 54 kgs. I always use to have a eye on her but never got chances for anything. She also seemed to be interested in me that was my guess. She always use to give some naughty smiles and many times

I got to touch her body parts intentionally whenever she use to be with her daughter in the name of the child and she use to give me naughty smiles. Once we went on tour to our native and I came back alone because of the paucity to leave. I was alone for about 20 days. One day I called Salma’s husband as I was getting bored we had some beer at my house and then he said to come to his house for the dinner. We had nice time had some jokes cracked and good fun up to 12.30. Then I went to my apartment saying good night to Salma and her hubby.

Salma’s hubby said he is will leaving tomorrow morning at 7am and will be back in another 5 days I did wished him happy and safe time and came and slept. Next day was Saturday and I went to office as usual and came back at about 4pm as it was half day. Slept till 7.00. Got up and was sitting watching TV. About 7.30 bell rang and I saw Salma with her daughter. I greeted and asked her to come in. She gave me her daughter and said I will get you some tea and snacks and went to her apartment and got that. We had it together and was telling that Anjali and family had also gone out and will be back on Monday only.

I was feeling bored so just came to talk, I used to think and fantasize of her but never had an opportunity to be with her alone, then we started talking in general about this that and about 9 she said she will just come back and went to her apartment but her daughter was still with me now she was feeling sleepy. Salma came back at 9.45 with some bowls and found that she had brought the dinner and she said we will have dinner together I agreed to it. By the time I took out a beer and had one and then the second. She gave food to her daughter and she slowly slept on the sofa. And then we had dinner together. We finished dinner and were still talking.

I was feeling romantic and sexy as I had the beer the It was raining outside, it was pouring heavily. She took her daughter to bed room made her sleep there. We came back to sofa were chatting. Then she said we will play cards for some time. Then we started playing cards she was wearing saree and I could see her tits cuts and her stomach. I was getting excited but did have to courage to move. As it was raining and cold I said we will sit on the bed and play and she agreed to it and we started to play sitting on bed. While playing touched each other’s hand many times, I used to touch her intentionally.

I started doing this very often and she was liking it, but did not find any objection from her end. I could see that she was getting aroused. She was enjoying my naughty touches. I touched her sexy tummy also, while playing and I could sense her green signal. One or two times I kept my hands on her thighs. Then build some courage and slowly I gave a pinch to her sexy tummy and placed my hand there. She leaned on my shoulder, felt excited, it was the first time a girl was touching me other than my wife and I had an immediate erection,

I pressed her hand, she held my hand and pressed the palm to her palm and closed her eyes and went on to feel my hands she was feeling shy and kept her eye closed. Then she looked at me and laid her head on my chest could feel her hot breath on my chest. I lifted her face and planted a passionate kiss holding my head down and sliding her tongue in my mouth tasted her tongue and could not control myself I held her tightly to me now and we were in a tight hug slowly moving my hands on her back and feeling her skin between her saree she was kissing me hungrily sucking

My tongue pulled her down beside me on the bed and kissed her again moving my hands on to her thighs and ass pressing her to me hard ,my hard on fighting to get out of the shorts was pressing her thighs and she was really hot now, she was feeling my bulge and pressing it lightly from the top, Feeling her anxiety I slowly pulled my shorts down and my dick was freed and showing his head out, I caught her hand took it my manhood she hesitatingly touched it and took hold of it, it was wet with pre cum and her sexy hands were moving around it pressing mine dick and took measure of the length and the breadth

And said you have a bit smaller than my hubby but is cute and hard. I broke the kiss and hugged her tightly and said “u r very sexy today, can I c u fully nude today” she shyly moved her head and said in a whisper nibbling my ears “yes” ,I covered both of us with a bed sheet and slid off her pallu from her chest she was breathing heavily her chest rising and falling ,she was wearing a low cut blouse and her breasts were hard in them feeling them and I undid the buttons one by one she was moaning with pleasure, ahhhh,

I kissed her breasts and took off her blouse and she hugged me tightly crushing her breasts to my chest she was wearing a transparent bra and her nipples were hard now ,sexy red nipples unhooked her bra and felt her bare back ,wow she was so smooth ,holding her for a while I pushed her down on the bed and took off her bra her breasts were hard, I felt them with my palm and she pressed my hands to it and softly moaning, ummmmm, kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples she was wriggling in my arms said , slowly, feels good after so long

I took her nipples between my teeth and was biting it slowly she pressed my head to her breasts hard and my other hand was pressing her other breast pinching her nipples slightly we were both covered in sweat our legs entwined in each other’s my hard on pressing to her pussy she was moving slowly below and we kissed again embracing each other as hard as we could, she took off my t-shirt and felt my broad smooth fair chest and kissed my nipples and bit them it was a wonderful feeling and I pressed her head to my chest now I was below and she was above me she sat down and I could get a full view of her naked upper body.

Then she went down to my stomach and was kissing going down to leg my hard manhood sprang up and she held it in her soft hands from top and was caressing it sliding it up down, up down it was wet at the tip and I held her head. She was playing with it now. I asked to suck it but just kissed it but she refused to suck. She was playing with my balls I was loving it I was in my heavens. I held the bed and was moaning aaahhhhhhh yes please don’t stop, please, and she was now holding the whole dick in her right hand and moving up down up down

I pulled her on top of me and kissed her breasts pressed to my naked chest nothing in between now pressing her pussy to my dick and moving her hips to my dick held her ass and pressed her to me and put her down on the bed again and kissing her sexy lips chest breasts I went down to her tummy and kissed her belly button there she arched her hips to my kiss and running her hand in my hairs said uuuummm so good, I pulled off her saree and petticoat and felt her pussy from her panty she was wet there very wet and

Sliding my finger in the slit kissing her tummy and put my tongue in the belly button rubbing her slit and opened her legs and covered her pussy with my palm she arched further and was screaming now please don’t stop, yes yeeeeeeessssss, I slid off her panty and saw her sexy soft pussy all wet ,it was shaved I liked it with my tongue and kissed her clitoris she pushed my head hard to her pussy and was getting wetter and wetter I was liking off the wetness from her pussy and slid my tongue in her pussy feeling her hole and was fucking

Her with my tongue she was moaning and wriggling on the bed fully covered with sweat and lifting her hips to my mouth giving me her pussy I was sliding my tongue in her hole and the entire slit now liking off the wetness she pulled me up on to her and kissed me hard on the lips sucking my tongue for her cum our bodies crushed together the cool wind blowing and we covered in sweat. I looked at her face and she was smiling and looking more sexier than before her hairs dishelmed all over her face and covered in sweat I cleared her face of the hairs

And gave her a lingering kiss and moved my hand down to her pussy she parted her legs and I was above her now my hard on and touching her pussy she held my manhood and placed it in her hole I pushed slowly she held my hands tightly as my dick got into her pussy I slowly pushed it in all the way and lay on her for some time kissing her then I started to move in out in out slowly and steadily she held on to me tighter and wriggled, slowly umaaaaaahhhhhhh, moaning in pleasure and parted her legs more I was moving steadily now she was wet and fucking was feeling smoother

I was now fucking her moving the entire length of my rod in out in out after some time she smiled and said , don’t stop ,and kissed me again and now I started to move in her faster ,faster she was raising her hips to my thrusts I held her legs and was fucking her hard now and she was crying yes go on go on yeaaaassssss, ahhhhhh hhhhhha yes, she put her legs on my shoulders and I was fucking her all along going in out in out in out moaning yes sexy.

Then she cried yes I am coming go on go on don’t stop, don’t stop even I could feel me also about to explode I wanted to cum and take it out as I told her and she said no put it all in me I want it all don’t stop now, I said ok and was fucking her faster holding her hips and moving in her faster, faster then I exploded in her she hugged me tightly as I came in here and pressed her hips to my dick hard wanting to take all of my cum in her I also hugged her tightly as I came and kissed her as her screams were getting louder and

We lay like that for some time and when my dick became silent I pulled it off her and asked her how was it, she said wonderful after so long, She my hubby is good but he does not give me so much pleasure I loved it, I told her it was my first time with any women after marriage other than my wife on bed , she kissed me and said for me too took my head on her chest and told I use to fantasize of you from long. As it was already 1.30 am by the time, we cleaned, then we slept for some time together I wore my shorts and she wore her petticoat and bra and slept together for about 2 hours, around 3.30

I woke up and started to kiss her again and she responded and we had one more round of fun after that she cleaned up dressed up and hugged me again and kissed me took her daughter and went to her apartment. Since then whenever got an opportunity we did this, but with lots of care because of married life, if we did not get the chance for some time we used to at least kiss secretly. But now I have relocated to karachi. I really missed her. Hi anybody from KARACHI looking for safe and secret fun married or unmarried mail me at [email protected] Please send me your comments did you enjoy my true story. Enjoy life to its best. Al the best to all.

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