Hi this is Sultana (name changed) 36 yrs old healthy Male from TARIQ KHAN FROM KARACHI 2ND STORY . If you like, the stories please say so via mail [email protected] Hi, I am Tariq friend of Sultana . This story is 32 years old which if I would share with you. In those days, extra marital sex was blasphemous. There was no TV, no net, and no phones/mobiles for entertainment for rural people.

I was married at the tender age of 18. My husband was a contractor in Texila. He would come home after two months. My first pregnancy resulted in miscarriage within 5 months. As a result, I fell ill and suffered from depression. I was so desperate that many a times I contemplated suicide but good sense prevailed. After a week of treatment, my husband left for Texila instructing his younger brother Qasim to take care of me as my FIL was very old and MIL had died. He was to return within a month.

My brother in law was tall and athletic built was preparing for Intermediate Exams. He participated in all village games. He began taking care of me reminding me of the medicines and proper rest. He used to study in my room until late night to give me medicines on time, while I slept peacefully. One night while sleeping my saree pallu slipped from its place. When I opened my eyes, I saw my brother in law gazing intently at my melons. He felt awkward when I caught him in his act. Next morning his eyes were following me everywhere. As I broom the floor, I felt a gaze on my back with an instinct only women have.

I turned to notice Qasim looking at me with a look that had nothing but raw lust in it. The sight of kneeling while sweeping with my saree hiked to thighs with a sweaty back and tight ass had turned him on. As I turned towards him supposedly unaware of him and busy with my cleaning I gave him an ample view of deep sexy cleavage. I saw him rubbing his crotch as if to pacify a raged animal. He breathed hard and I thought that he had seen the pinkish darkness of my nipple. His stares were boring hole in my back.

The rubbing became harder as I moved along the floor. I became aware of his intentions and moved closer to him apparently to sweep the floor under his chair. While doing this, my breasts casually rubbed the bare part of his hairy legs. My nipples became erect. It was unbearable for him. He moaned my name. His body became stiff. I quickly moved away and went into the kitchen. I started preparing the lunch still thinking about Qasim’s moans.

All the heat of the stove and this episode was really making me horny. The running sweat was wetting my blouse and my braless nipples were visible through the semi transparent cotton material. I had been without sex for days and the medication was pumping up my urge. I was badly missing that good for nothing husband of mine. He would never be around when you needed him the most. Qasim slowly entered the small kitchen. My heart skipped a beat. He stood near the door. To evade him, I wanted to get out of kitchen but was stuck with him at the doors. Our bodies rubbed against each other.

I was breathing heavily. Qasim started rubbing his hard crotch against mine, his muscular thighs pressing into my soft fleshy ones. His heartbeat could be heard from miles. I wanted to scold him and run away from the door but I could not do so as he blocked the door and put his hand on my mouth stifling my voice. His touch and the hot environment was igniting fire in me. I wanted to cry aloud with pleasure, but as I did so, I bit into his hand. Thinking I was resisting he pressed his lips on my lips holding my hands in his hand away from my body. I was getting horny.

With his free hand, he lifted my saree and started feeling my bare legs that were so warm against his cool hand. His hands, as they moved up found my wet and hot cunt lips. Unable to get through the lips he tugged savagely at them. I wanted to stop him but couldn’t. The soft skin gave away and he inserted his fingers inside. He took out his fingers to his nose and smelled it for the womanly hot smell. For a moment, I forgot everything and I almost smiled. Sensing my smile Qasim was crazy with passion now.

He groaned urgently that he would not let me go and if I make any noise, he would beat the shit out. And slowly he let my mouth free. My lips had become red and swollen. The mishandling had given them a deeply sensual look. We stood close to each other panting like animals. I slapped him hard on his face but our eye contact didn’t break. The next thing I did was, I grabbed him by his hair with both hands and drew his face closer. Our lips met. It was the first time that both had ever kissed. Animal instinct is a very good teacher.

Our lips met with passion. It was clumsy but hot. Each trying to drink other’s wetness and their tongues mating with one another. Our hands were exploring each other’s bodies. My hands went to his buttocks, which were as hard as a rock, and dug nails in. He squeezed my breasts over the wet blouse like ripe mangoes and twitched the nipples with his thumb and forefinger sending waves of electric current up my body. He lifted me in his arms, carried me to my room and deposited me on the bed.

He got hold of my blouse tore off all the buttons in a sexual rage. He took a deep whiff of the wet blouse to smell my sexy sweat. With a tug, he got my shirt off and then my petticoat followed on the floor. I had now nothing but my jewelry. Qasim took off his clothes in hurry. As he got out of his jeans, his huge hungry organ popped out like a spring freed out with tension. I watched it with fascination. Its thickness was equivalent to my wrist and pretty long, bigger than my husband’s cock.

The angry veins bulged all around it with a round thick bulbous head crowning it. His body was hairless except the bushy hair around his penis. As he moved on top of the bed and came closer, I had this uncontrollable desire to take his throbbing penis in to my mouth. But he pounced, grabbing my shoulders and moved his mouth on my fair breasts and started kissing them like crazy. He mouthed the nipples and started moving his wet tongue over it in circular motion. I wanted to shriek with joy but bit my lip hard. I could feel him sucking nipple as having seen a baby doing to her mother.

I wanted to stop him but instead caught his hairs and pulled his mouth closer to my nipples. I lost control over my body, which seemed to have mind of its own. Every inch of my body had become an erogenous zone and was experiencing a forbidden lust. Meanwhile he was sucking my left breasts and squeezing the right one. My right hand was caressing his hairs and my left hand was scratching my pussy in a bid to douse the fire Qasim was igniting there. I moaned, “Suck my boobs like a ripe juicy mango! Squeeze it.”

Qasim left my breast and began moving his right hand downwards along my sides. His hand moved all along my waist to the softness of thighs. My legs parted on reflex. His one hand played around with pussy hair while he continued sucking nipples. The wetness from the cunt flowed all down the thighs. Qasim's mouth traveled south making a wet trail of saliva along the path where no man had gone earlier other than my husband. Slowly he moved his tongue down to the belly button, where he lingered on.

My back arched up in response. He moved his mouth down below. With his hands, he parted my legs and watched my womanhood. The inviting pink of pussy lips and wetness all around was what he saw. I closed my eyes slightly and moaned… “Aaaaaaaa……iissssss…….Janooo …..What you are doing….. aaahhhhaaa. It is very dirty and lovely. Keep doing it.” He slowly inserted his middle finger in my cunt moving it in small circle along the rim. Although it was wet because of, lubrication but it hurt. I said, “Do it slowly you are hurting me.”

He was slowly moving his finger in and out of my cunt, after a couple of minutes I started enjoying and pain also subsided. He then inserted two of his fingers, finger fucked me, and I experienced a thunderous orgasm, which lasted for around two minutes. Then he inserted his tongue in my pussy hole and twirled it all around. He caught my clitoris and bit it. He began sucking my clitoris as if it was chocolate candy. My wetness was flowing in streams. I lifted my legs and locked his head in my thighs. In addition, he moved his lips to the opening and drank juices from it.

After some time it become unbearable and I started moanin “Hhm!Haaaann!!Aaa!!miiii!!!Ggad!aaaarrrrr please! Go faster, press harder, tear my pussy, eat it like yoghurt, lick it suck it, I am enjoying it. It is heavenly. Please!!” And he pressed his tongue deep in my pussy and lapping at it like hungry dog. I was holding his head with my two hands and urging him to increase his speed. And after five minute, I again shouted with joy, “Aaahhhhh! I am cumming aahhhh! Aaahhh!” and with passage of time I was enjoying it more and more. I climaxed with a shudder again gasping for air.

He kept on licking my cunt for around 30 minutes and in this time I reached orgasm three more times. The orgasms that I felt were like the earthquakes, I kept a pillow on my face to keep myself from crying out aloud. He moved up to put his now aching penis inside, but I pushed him away. His huge cock would really tear me apart. Instead, I took it in my mouth. He pushed it half way inside my mouth. I moved tongue on the eye of his cock’s swollen head. He groaned loudly. I moved my mouth over his penis as if I had been thirsty for years. My opened my mouth and took his entire dick in my mouth and started sucking very vigorously.

Oh my God!’ I screamed to myself as the hot flesh of his cock filled my mouth and I knew no other man would ever please me, but him. “I love you so much!” I said, tenderly sucking my brother in law. He was also helping me by pushing his dick in my mouth for a better blow job. Now my mouth was sucking him. “Suck it, sister in law! Suck me,” he moaned louder, enjoying being in the most beautiful women’s mouth. My hands moved to his buttocks and inserted a finger in his anus. The whole thing became unbearable for Kishu.

He came and his body stiffened as his semen ejaculated. It fell all over my face. I swallowed it. As his body loosened up, I sucked out his penis of all his cum. We lied side by side for sometime still feeling each other’s bodies. I was feeling very weak after all this. He asked me to sleep nude in his arms and told me we would do same thing again next day. I was not in my senses, held his cock in my hand, and screamed… “Qasim …brother in law…you have such a big cock and I am thirsty…please push it in my pussy and quench my thirst …aaaiiiiii…Qasim….Do it…please. You are killing me. Fill your sister in law’s pussy with your donkey dick.”

Qasim just sucked my hard nipples in his mouth and kept his cock at the entrance of my pussy. Oh, my god… his seven inches long cock was ready to fuck his sister in law’s cunt. He gave a thrust upon my cunt with his dick. I was in seventh heaven and waiting for his cock to tear my cunt. His cock was very big and my sparsely used pussy had not adjusted to the enormous size. So it was not going inside but paining me. I held his cock at opening of the cunt hole and asked him to push gently.

Qasim spread my legs and shouted… “You…bitch….want me to fuck you…..my sister in law…..I will tear your cunt into two ….darling…..take my cock in you…..”I started my blabbering and said…. “Oh, Qasim …my brother in law…..I am dying to be fucked by you…..You never paid attention to me or my needs…….You are always busy in studies, your brother told you to take care of me…….Who will fuck and satisfy your young and horny sister in law. When your brother is, away it is your duty to satisfy me else I will go to your father with my itching cunt…Your sister in law is thirsty for a big cock. Hai Qasim ….Satisfy my hunger…”

Qasim now kept his cock at my opening of cunt and gave a thrust and in one move, his entire dick was inside my lubricated cunt. Then he started moving fast. I was bleeding and crying in pain, enjoying Qasim’s fuck with great moans aaaaa……eeeeeee…..Fuck me dear …..Fuck me dear brother in law, tear your sister in law’s cunt.”

While fucking fast, my boobs were also dancing in the same rhythm. Seeing it, Qasim got more excited and started licking my nipples one-bye one. The nipples grew harder. I continued moaning “….Eeeeelllssssshhhh…Keep fucking ” Qasim started sucking my nipples. I was crying loudly saying “kill me………eat me.” He started chewing my boobs and nipples. My moans went more louder…….”Hhhrrgghhh.

I am coming.” He replied “I am also coming take my seeds.” I wanted to stop him from depositing it in my unprotected womb. However, he was mad and shot his load in my womb without thinking of the outcome. We both came at same time and slept together for rest of the day. We continued our sex life until the arrival of my hubby after two weeks.

He was very happy to see my radiant face and thanked his brother for taking a good care of me. He stayed for five unbearable days. We could not have fuck in his presence. We again got back to job the day my hubby left for Haryana. In due course I got pregnant and I don’t know who is the father. So that’s the story. If you like, the stories please say so via mail [email protected]

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