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i am Tariq khan and I am back with one more story for you, let me introduce myself 1st, I am tariq 6 feet tall with wrestlers personality as I am gym from last 4 year. This was the time when I was in 2nd yr. of my Engineering. me, my parents, my aunty (my mother’s sister) and her son were going to Islamabad from Lahore in a CAB My Dad was on the front seat with the driver. on the rear seat, me, my aunty, her son and my mom were sitting. I was on the window seat and my aunty was just beside me. Then her 9 yr. old son and then my mom on the other corner. it was almost 8:00 pm when we left LAHORE.

I’m not too close with my aunty and I’m a bit reserved nature too so i was sitting quietly. I generally don’t talk with anyone in my family except my cousins who are almost of same age as mine. My aunty is too funny and outgoing type. she talks a lot and makes everyone laugh easily. my mom and my aunty were talking and laughing with my dad then I started feeling sleepy coz of the hectic schedule that day so i was almost dozing off with my head pushed on the head-rest. To make us all comfortable aunty shifted ahead a bit so that she was sitting on the edge of the seat.

After just 10 minutes or so, I opened my eyes and turned my head. I could see my aunties’ boobs being squeezed by her own arms all my sleep went away. Now I was fully awake. I got excited by looking at her curvaceous body. She’s 32, fair, 5′5″, with approx. 34-30-34 figure. She was talking with my dad so her back was bent forward and I could see her smooth and white spinal cord. I got an immediate hard-on watching that little portion of her back. Then she again leaned back to the normal pos. and her saree again covered up her back but now I couldn’t resist it. I watched my mom.

She was asleep and my aunties’ son too was only half-awake. i asked for the water-bottle from my dad so that aunty knows that I’m awake now. I drank water and then placed the water bottle at my feet while pulling my hand back, I just rubbed it against her thigh side. she dint take it seriously at all. Then I slowly slid my left hand near her right thigh and pushed the hand against her thighs softly. She still ignored it easily. I felt that there are 2 possibilities. One, that she really doesn’t know that I’m trying to touch her. 2, she known’s it and still is quiet about it. so i again pushed against her thighs a bit harder.

This time I knew that she knew about it but still she kept quiet. I got encouraged by this so now I put my hand over her thigh and started rubbing it very slowly. She still dint say a word. I just started playing with her thigh. Now I was rubbing it moving my hand over her saree, holding it, trying to squeeze it and all this time she was absolutely quiet but now i knew that she too was enjoying it. it was all dark inside the car so no one knew what was going on at all moreover mom and aunties’ son were asleep now so it was just me and my aunty.

After some time aunty too couldn’t stop her desires. she slide her right hand over my crotch over my jeans. she could easily feel my hard-on and i dint miss that erotic smile on her face. She too started moving her hand over my crotch. Now I too moved my hand over he pussy and pressed hard. Aunty let out a small and soft moan, “ah”. I got scared and pulled my hand back and started watching out of the window and she too pulled her hand back from over my crotch. I again saw her smiling from the corner of my eyes. but fortunately, no one heard her moan.

So now I took my left hand over her back and she again started fondling my dick over my jeans. now i was sliding my hand over her silky-smooth back (just the portion between waist and the place where he blouse ended) but it was just too nice man. Then I try to put my hand under her blouse but it very tight and i couldn’t get my fingers in it. So I moved my fingers over her blouse’s back and tried to hold the hook of her bra from over the cloth. I caught it and aunty again let out a small moan, “ah”but this time i dint pull my hand off. i think her breasts got squeezed by that and she loved it.

So now i opened my jeans’ button with my right hand and she put her right hand inside my jeans holding my dick. She was getting very hot now and i cud sense heat coming out of her body. Now I slid my left hand over her right breast and started moving it in circles over it. She loved it. I squeezed them softly and i saw her biting her lower lip to stop herself from moaning. Now she moved her hand inside my underwear and started moving it over my shaft and unconsciously spreading my pre-cum over my shaft and her hands too. I kept on fondling her right boob for a while and then too slid my hand inside her petti-coat.

No one cud tells that my hand was inside her petticoat coz it was fully covered with her saree. (thank God she wears saree. I could never do that with salwar-suit or jeans-top )so now I was moving my fingers over her panty. Her panty too was wet. And I loved it. Then I put my hands inside her panty and started rubbing it very slowly. she closed her eyes and almost squeezed my dick very hard. Then I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy. i cud hear her breathing now she was breathing very fast. I started fingering her cunt and she just started shaking my dick very fast now I couldn’t take it anymore. I could cum any moment so i stopped her.

I put her hand off my dick and put my tool inside my underwear and closed the button of the zip. my hand was still over her pussy and i was fingering her slowly. i cud sense the pleasure on her face with her eyes closed. then as she too was about to cum she pulled my hand out of her panty and I too didn’t resist coz it was all too much to be done at the back-seat of a car. But then I smelled my fingers and they smelled like heavens. now we again started rubbing each other’s body over the clothes and I just closed my eyes and started fantasizing having passionate sex with her. Now I knew that she is not disapproving of getting physical with me so now

I started thinking of some plan to get laid with her. but then we were about to reach Ajmer and our homes so we stopped playing with each other and sat still but satisfied. Then we dropped her and her son at their home but my aunty too wanted me to fuck her and she too could find any excuse at that time. so she winked her eyes at me and just got out of the car and went inside her home we too came home. That night, I kept on fantasizing about her and i just wanted to fuck her now.

Next afternoon, at about 11 o clock, my aunty called up my mom asking to send me to her home as she had to go to the doctor. she dint have any vehicle and my uncle was at the office as usual. my mom said, “ok”. then my mom told me everything.

I knew what was going on but still I told her, “y cant she call uncle from the office??” my mom said, ” there might be some problem. Just take her to the hospital , get her checked and come home. it won’t take much time.” I said, “ok” and I just zoomed off to her home within 10 mins. I rang the door bell. Aunty opened the door she smiled at me and I too replied in a smile. we dint say a thing to each other. i just went in and aunty closed the door behind her. She was wearing her night-gown and was looking as if she too hadn’t slept last night. i sat on the sofa. She too sat beside me.

She said, “chunnu (her son) comes home at 3:00 pm.” i smiled at her for the way she disclosed her intentions. it meant that no one was home as uncle was at the office and her son was at the school. so we were alone for almost 2.5-3 hrs. she too smiled at me and held my hand and pulled it over her breasts. i immediately got aroused by that and started kissing her juicy lips. oh man. it felt as if her lips were filled with honey. I just fell in love with her. and she too was responding excitedly. she kept on moving her hands over my back and

I too was squeezing her boobs while kissing her passionately. she said, ” Guddu, u have never even talked to me nicely. you’ve just replied the formal greetings and then shut up. and look at u now. trying to sleep with me, huh?” and she started laughing. i too just smiled at her. I couldn’t think of any answer so i just said, “hmmmmm…… I don’t know… I just felt like I love u”. She smiled and while I was fondling her boobs over her night gown and she was rubbing my crotch, she said, “your uncle is a very nice man. But he too is shy like u. he doesn’t fuck me frequently.

He’s quite good at satisfying a woman with his erotic foreplays and then a decent fuck with his hard 6.5 inches cock but he’s not kinky at all. he doesn’t experiments with the positions, no oral sex and things like that. but I’ve been too much sexually-active during my college-days and now i just feel like i want something more. i just wanted an opportunity to do something and now u r here to turn me on, to satisfy my sexual desires.” i smiled at her and said, “no wonder u had sex in college. with a body like that…..” she laughed and said, ”

I never expected this from u Guddu, u r so naughty…. do u even know how to fuck a girl? have u ever done that????” i said, “never fucked anyone but I know it all. I’ve seen many porn” she started laughing and just opened my jeans’ button and slid it down to my knees. she sat down on the floor and then pulled my underwear down too. she took my dick in her hands and said, “it’s almost the same size as your uncle’s and i love it..mmm..” and she took it in her mouth directly. After a hand-job in the car, I think she waited to give me a blow-job. i just couldn’t bear the pleasure man.

It was simply pure pleasure. pleasure at its best. she was swallowing my dick till her throat, she was licking it like a lolli-pop, she was licking my balls and biting the sides of my shaft too. I just loved the way she did it. Then as I was about to cum, she stopped and looked at me and said, “did u enjoy that?” i was not in a state to answer her question. But I think she got the answer from my expressions. she laughed and said, ‘u r so sweet….” and then she stood up in front of me and pulled her gown over her waist and asked me to remove her already wet panty.

I did it in a flash and smelled her cunt it was heavens. I started fingering her and she just started removing my shirt and then vest too now I just had my jeans and underwear pulled down to my knees. Then she stopped me. She removed my jeans and underwear too and sat in my lap facing me so that my dick was not inside her pussy but between our tummies. Its tip was just touching our navels. i slid my hands under her gown (she was holding it up to her waist) and opened the hook of her bra and slid her bra steps from her shoulders and started squeezing her boobs.

She removed her bra with her gown still on and she started giving little up and down jerks while scratching my back. there was no insertion but it felt very erotic as my dick’s skin was getting shaken with her up and down movements. it was almost like shaking the dick with very light hands then I started sucking her right breast from over her gown. it was some silky material so I couldn’t get them wet with my saliva but she still enjoyed the act. Then i pulled her gown over her head. No she was all nude, sitting on my lap facing me, with my dick between our tummies.

She was still moving up and down. I was trying to swallow her right breast. it was so soft and white and so milky with that pink nipple protruding out. I was squeezing her left boob with my right hand. and she had arched her neck backwards in pleasure then I stopped her and we got up we were both naked. We went to the bed-room. I made her lie down on her back. I climbed over her in 69 pos. my dick was just touching her mouth and I started eating her pussy upside-down voraciously with my hands rubbing her pussy-lips from under her thighs. She too was licking and kissing my dick. after a while, juices started flowing out of her pussy.

She had reached her orgasm. then i got up again and sat down on the bed. now i made her sit on my lap with her face towards me and my dick inside her pussy. now we repeated the act same as that on the sofa with the difference that now my dick was inside her pussy. she was pushing my head towards her boobs n I was sucking her boobs passionately. she was moving up and down slowly but now I was about to reach orgasm so I held her round ass with both my hands and started giving jerks too. She was moaning loudly and I just kept on fucking her real hard. She asked me to cum inside her. I cum heavily and then i lied down on the bed she again started licking my dick.

After it got a little hard, she pushed it in between her boobs and started boob-fucking herself with putting my dick in between her boobs and pressing them towards it. I got it all hard again then she started riding my cock and started moving up and down real hard. She kept on screaming, “aaahhhhh aaaah aaaah aaaaah” with every thrust of hers. I kept on squeezing her bouncing boobs. This time I knew that I wont cum so easily. so after she reached her second orgasm I made her crouch on all her fours. She knew that I’ll do it the doggy style. She smiled and said, “I love u guddu.” so now

I started fucking her doggy style. I was fucking her real hard and she was screaming, “oh, guddu…. fuck me hard fuck me hard. oh, I love u. just fuck me hard…..ahhhhhh” i again ejaculated inside her and she too reached her third orgasm. Then I lied down beside her and started moving my hands over her body, her boobs, her tummy, her navel, her pussy, and her thighs. She too was doing the same with me. Now I turned her over and started massaging her back. I saw her round soft ass and I kissed her ass. I started rubbing my finger over the area between her pussy and the ass-hole. I again got it hard.

She too understood my intentions and said, “don’t be shy now. Just fuck my ass-hole. I haven’t done it since ages.” so i dint waste a second and inserted the tip of my dick inside her ass-hole. it pained her a lot and me too. she pressed her hands in the bed and was just squeezing the mattress while screaming, “eehhhhhh….eehhhhhhh…” now I started giving slow jerks and she started saying, “yes..yes…yes… aaaahhhh.. aahh… ahhh.” now I started fucking her ass real hard. She was screaming very loudly now then i took my dick out of her ass-hole and started shaking my dick with my hands. she turned again and then i ejaculated my cum over her body.

Over her face, over her boobs, her tummy, and her pussy she started rubbing it all over her body and licked some of it. then she licked my dick too and drank the remaining of the cum. then we both lied down on the bed, totally spent then we got up. got a shower together. I dried her beautiful body and dressed her again. She just loved it. She kissed me again and said, “I thought that u r too shy to do things like that but u just reminded me of my college days. u really know how to satisfy a woman.” I said, “I’ve to go now. let’s do it again someday.” she said, “yeah…. sure. We’ll do it again sweaty. But now go home.” and she kissed on my cheeks this time and I just came home thinking about the best time that I had in my life. This is my life wonderful experience and I am waiting for your reply please mail me if you like my story [email protected]

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