I am Ranjan aged 40. My wife Sheetal is 35. We are having a a son aged 8 years who stays in boarding school. Because of my job we need to change our location in every few years. Recently we are shifted to a small town having a servant quarter behind our house. When we reached to our new house Ishwar and his wife soma were staying in the servant quarter. Earlier they were working for the previous employee. They requested us to allow them to stay there. Because of their good behavior my wife asked me to allow them. Since then Ishwar used to do the gardening and cleaning of car and Soma used to help my wife do all the house hold work. Ishwar is aged 50 and Soma is his Secondwife aged 30.
Recently I was watching a movie with my wife in which a girl was having fun with 2 boys. I asked in joke to my wife should we try something like that. She just gave a naughty smile a said if people we come to know then our reputation will be finished in no time. But the answer encouraged me to see my wife being fucked by others. So regularly I started teasing my wife about similar topic and ask her to have fun with others. After about one month my wife agreed but asked me to be careful.
One day I asked my wife how about Ishwar ? She said a big NO. She said that she had seen his tool twice. Once while standing on stool and cleaning the fan and once he was on ladder to do some repairing work(Ishwar used to wear lungi). His tool is too big and his normal tool is bigger than my erect tool and she is really afraid of that. So I also didn’t force her.
It was a Sunday and I was sleeping after my midday meal. When I woke up it was 3.30pm. It was a hot summer. Very few people were on road. I heard my wife talking with someone in the drawing room. I peeped through the screen and found that it was a Nepali sales man came to sale some sari. After few minutes my wife came inside the bed room and asked me should she buy one or two. But I was in a different world. I asked how about being fucked by this boy. My wife was a little bit shocked to hear a question like that? She just thought for a few seconds and then asked me are you sure it will be safe? I said yes. Then she said ok lets have some fun with the boy today.
She went to the drawing room. The entrance door was already closed as it is too hot outside. My wife asked the sales man that she is interested in buying a few but she wants to take trial. The sales man said wrinkles would come on sari while taking trial so my wife can only wrap it around. My wife selected a sari and asked for a matching blouse. He enquired about the size and handed a 34 size normal blouse. My wife came inside the bedroom. She was wearing a nighty. She removed her nighty. Now she was on petticoat and blouse. Then she wore the blouse. My wife was looking hot in blouse and petticoat.
Then my wife entered into the drawing room. The sales man was shocked to see my wife. Then my wife tried a sari. Looked in the mirror and then said no. show me another one. This time she selected another sari of different colour and asked for matching blouse to try. While the salesman was searching for another blouse piece my wife was sitting in blouse and petticoat. After a minute he gave the matching blouse. My wife can now see the tent in the salesman’s pant. To tease him more this time she removes the blouse in the drawing room but facing opposite to him. The salesman was now adjusting his tool after seeing my wife in bra. But he could not see the boobs as my wife was facing opposite side. Then my wife tried the other blouse and sari and looked in the mirror. This continued for few more sari trials. Then after all that my wife selected 3 saris.
She then told the sales man that the saris are good, but the material of the blouse is not so soft. She asked to show few with some good material. The salesman started searching few. While the sales man was searching for some. To tease him more my wife started unhooking the blouse. While seeing this view the sales man wanted to see more and took more time in searching. Now my wife removed the blouse completely and was sitting only in bra and petticoat. The person stated sweating a little bit now. Now he was looking the boobs of my wife popping out of the tight bra. He was now interested in watching my wife in that condition.
So he said that he is not having those right now. But will bring those next time. My wife also said that its ok but she will pay him next time when he will bring the blouses. Then the salesman asked for a glass of water. My wife in that condition went to the kitchen and brought a glass of water. Actually the person was now interested in staying more time in the room to see the boobs of my wife. He then told that they are having a garment shop. His brother sits there. Sale sari door to door was their earlier family profession which he continues from his father and so and so. My wife was also behaving normally. After 10 minutes the salesman told that he will return after 2 days and went.
After that my wife came inside the bedroom and we had a real wild sex that day. My wife asked me to take leave after 2 days to see. I said how I could miss it.
After 2 days I took leave and was in the bed room. Servants were in their quarters. I asked my wife to wear some sexy dress. She wore an almost transparent bra and panty. Then she wore a semi transparent nighty. She was looking really hot. To make her more hot I asked her to remove her bra. She obeyed my instructions. Now anyone can see her nipples through the nighty. Now thinking about the upcoming situation I could not control myself and started folding her. She was now really in a honey mood. It was 2.00pm.just then the calling bell rang.
I entered inside the bed room and my wife saw in the keyhole. It was the sales man. My wife opened the door and asked him to come inside and then closed the door. To see my wife and her see through dress the man had an instant erection. To hide that he sat and started disclosing blouse of different materials. After a minute he picked one and asked my wife to try my wife removed the nighty immediately. Now she was only in panty. She was behaving absolutely normal as if nothing was wrong. Her big boobs were feeling proud to be shown to a stranger. Now she shamelessly took the blouse and started wearing it in front of him.
The sales man could not remove her eyes from her boobs. Now she said that the material is really nice but the size is not ok. The sales man immediately came for help. Actually he had intentionally given a smaller size blouse. Now he tried to help my wife to fit the blouse. But actually he was feeling the boobs of my wife. Initially he gently squeezed her boobs from outside the blouse and then started to press her boobs harder. My wife was enjoying it very much. Now he started feeling the boobs inside the blouse. My wife was not at all opposing that. After seeing that, he started pressing the boobs harder and twist the nipples gently.
After few minutes the man said that the blouse is really small and removed it to give another one. Now he handed another one and asked to try it. It was having a really low neck. Now my wife could put all the hooks of the blouse with the help of the sales man. My wife still complained that it is also a bit tight. The sales man said actually she is not wearing bra so it seems to be tight but after putting a bra it will be ok. Then the sales man also showed 5 to 6 other types of blouse to try. Each time he helped my wife to wear the blouse and fold the naked boobs of my wife. After 15 to 20 minutes wife was out of control.
She had closed her eyes and enjoying the situation. Then the sales man came to the front and started to give kiss on my wifes lips. My wife slightly opened her mouth and responded it positively. Now the sales man made my wife nude and with no time the sales man removed all his dresses and started squeeze the boobs of my wife along with kissing the lips. Now my wife’s one hand was on his back and the other was holding the erect cock of the sales man. After few minutes they were on the sofa in 69 position.
My wife was sucking the cock like a lollipop. The tool of the nepali was not so big. So my wife was taking the cock completely inside the mouth.
I just could not control myself and took my tool outside of my pant and started masturbating. After sucking for few minutes the sales man placed my wife on the table and stared inserting his cock in my wife’s wet pussy. Although the person was having a small cock but he was a good fucker.
I could see his cock entering and coming out of my wife’s pussy. He fucked my wife for almost half an hour. I could see the satisfaction in my wife’s face. After having a good season the salesman wore all his dresses my wife came inside the bedroom and took money and paid him.
She was still roaming nude in the room. Then she asked him to bring some good material next time. The sales man took all his dress material and went outside. My wife closed the door and entered the bedroom and hugged me tight. I could see the satisfaction in her face. That night we had a really wild season.
After a week I returned from the office and found my wife really upset. I asked the reason then she said the nepali sales man was back in the afternoon. They were fucking but had not closed the door and our servant Ishwar entered. He caught both of them red handedly.
He kicked the salesman out of the house and had told my wife that he will give punishment to my wife. If she disagrees the he will tell me (because he was thinking that all this was happening behind my knowledge). I asked my wife then what is the problem? I said to my wife that I will stay inside and if he tortures her heavily then I will come out. Otherwise let her enjoy the punishment. Then my wife agreed. The next day I took my car early in the morning in front of Ishwar. Gave it to the nearest garage and returned. I came inside the house when Ishwar was in the servant quarter. So Ishwar had no idea that I am inside the room.
It was 8.00am. Our maid soma (Ishwar’s wife) was cleaning all the utensils. Soon she finished all the work and went to the servant’s quarter.
My wife just woke up and was brushing her teeth. Just then Ishwar entered. He told my wife that for the day my wife must obey everything that he says else he will tell me. My wife nodded her head. He asked my wife to remove all the clothes and stay nude all the day till 6.00pm (when I return from office). Till then what ever happens or who else comes she must stay nude. My wife agreed and removed all her dress. Then our servant did nothing and returned to his servant quarters. After an hour my wife had done all her works and took the breakfast.
Ishwar came inside and closed the entrance door. My wife was watching TV sitting absolutely nude. And I was watching from the bedroom window to the gate if some unknown person comes to our house. Ishwar came near my wife and asked her to remove his dress and apply oil on his body. My wife removed his dresses one by one till he was completely nude. I could now realize why she was afraid. His cock is about 7 inches long in non erect stage. Now my wife started applying oil all over his body.
Slowly his cock started warming up. Then she took some oil and applied on his cock gradually it became rock hard. It was about 10 inches long and a really thick one. Then he asked my wife to bath him. They entered the bathroom and both of them took bath and returned after 30 minutes.
Now both of them sat in front of TV in the sofa like husband and wife but with no clothes. Now he ordered my wife to play a BLUE FILM CD. My wife took one and played in CD player and sat beside him. Both were watching the film. After few minutes he ordered my wife to sit on his thigh. His cock was not completely hard. He started playing with my wifes boobs. Then he sucked the nipples like a child and then asked my wife to suck his cock. My wife tried hard but could not take more than 6 inches.
He asked my wife to take it completely. The cock was still 6 inches inside the mouth. My wife denied by nodding his head sidewise. He instantly got angry and started using slang language. Then he gave a light slap on her ass. My wife tried to shout. But he pushed her head with full pressure. After two to three thrust the cock was completely inside the mouth. I could realize that the cock must be 3 to 4 inches inside her throat. She was crying with big red eyes as she could nor breathe. After few seconds he took his cock out. My wife was breathing heavily. Then he again placed his cock in my wife and forcefully pushed up to her throat. He was in a wild mood.
I don’t know why but was enjoying the situation. After 10 minutes of sucking season he asked to sleep on sofa. He stated entering his fingers one by one in her pussy. When his three thick fingers entered inside, my wife cried in pain. After that be started entering his cock in it. First he pushed 5 inches and started fucking slowly. Then he tried to push further my wife had closed her eyes and teeth. But when he gave a big thrust to push it completely, my wife cried in pain like a virgin.
Then he kept for few seconds the cock inside. After a while when my wife became normal he again started stroking. My wife was now crying but my heart was saying that she was enjoying it too. Now he started fucking like a dog. He continued fucking my wife in different poses for about an hour. Then he discharged his cum inside my wife’s cunt. My wife was lying flat on the sofa like a dead body. He left the room with his clothes. Then I closed the entrance door and went to my wife. I thought she must be angry because I allowed him to do all, but she thanked me not to disturb them.
My wife was in deep pain but she also enjoyed all this. I took her to the bedroom and she rested for five to six hours.
After that day my wife started behaving differently. She was now hungry to be fucked by Ishwar. But our servant was not at all showing as if he had fucked my wife ever. Neither was he taking any undue advantage. One night my wife said that she wants to be fucked again by Ishwar but I should be inside the house.
Again we planned for a fucking season on a Wednesday. This time I parked my car in the market and returned. My wife was ready with a sexy transparent night dress. She called Ishwar to help her clean the fans. But I was Shocked to see that today Ishwar was not at all showing any interest. He behaved absolutely normal. Then after the cleaning season when he started to go, my wife could not control herself. She just removed all her dress asked for punishment like that he had given that day. I was shocked to see my wife begging for sex.
But Ishwar said that he will not give her a free service this time. She needs to please his. Then only he will fuck her. My wife asked what to do to please him? He said that she needs to obey all that he says. My wife agreed in no time. She was standing nude waiting for his instruction. Then he asked her to pee outside. My wife was about to wear a grown but he asked to go nude.
Our house was having a brick wall boundary. One can only see through the gate only My wife was not in a condition to think. She slightly opened the door and peeped outside. She saw no one outside. She ran to the boundary wall so that any one going in the street can see her, pissed there and ran inside. I was shocked to see my wife behaving like a slut.
Then he asked my wife to bring all clothes that are on the roof as nude condition. I realized that its becoming too much. I was about to protest but my wife hinted to stay inside. My wife went to the terrace completely nude and brought all dry clothes. Luckily in the summer very rare people remain outside. So most probably noone saw my wife.
Then my wife was waiting for his next instruction. Just after 10minutes the calling bell rang. Ishwar saw through the hole that it is a courier boy. He asked my wife to show her boob to the courier boy while receiving the courier. This time my wife wrapped a towel and went to receive the courier.
She received the courier and behaved as if the towel slipped and showed her one boob. Then she quickly wrapped again and closed the door. The courier boy could not believe his luck and remained outside the door for 5 minutes before leaving. Now Ishwar said that this will not do. She needs to show complete nude body to a stranger or known person. Unluckily the doorbell again rang.
This time it was newspaper supplier. He came to collect the monthly bill. Ishwar instructed my wife to go and talk with him completely nude. This time without thinking for a second my wife went to open the door. She opened the door completely with no shame and asked “kya hua.” He was shocked and remained like a statue watching my wife. Again my wife asked “ kya hua?” He said “bill Rs.102.
My wife went to the bed room and brought and handed him the money and closed the door. This time she came to our servent and started begging to fuck her. Now he started playing with her body; sucking her boobs, giving tight slaps all over her body etc. I could see the finger marks on her body.
Then he fucked my wife like a dog fucks a bitch.
That day I realized that I will lose my wife and applied for a transfer. It took a month for my transfer. During that month my wife was just a slave of our servant.
She obeyed every single instruction without a second thought. My wife did all those things that I had never thought. One day she even went with him to the town market in simple salwar kameez like his wife and exposed her cleavage in the market. He also enjoyed her boobs in public bus while returning to home.
After a month we came to a different town. It took about six months to recover my wife from that addiction. Now we are having an absolute normal life and I never ask my wife to have fun with others