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Hi, I am Ayesha. I am 26 yrs old. I am a physics teacher. This incident happened when I was teaching at a school in Delhi. Natasha was one of my students in the X th grade. She was around 15yrs old. She was slim, tall and was strikingly beautiful. She was very fair and had a voluptuous curvy body which was at its prime.

She was very intelligent and smart. She used to come to me with numerous intelligent questions. I was very much attached to this girl and her sensual figure. I had asked her to come to the lab and help me with the projects, on the annual day of the school. I had thought that the whole school would be busy with the functions and I would get Natasha alone in the lab. "Good morning ma'am", Natasha came in to the lab. As I had thought the lab was deserted and here was Natasha. She was wearing a white shirt and sky blue knee length skirt. Her hair was tied neatly at the back in a ponytail. A pair of new blue canvas shoes covered her feet. She had no ornaments on her, except for the earrings and one bangle on each hand. I could see the bulge of her breasts through the shirt and I imagined the sight of it without the shirt. I felt a sensual pleasure down in my lower stomach. "You can start by getting these files for me", I said, giving her a list of files. She checked the files with the cupboard. "It seems to be on the top of the cupboard", she said. "Climb on the desk and get it". She removed her shoes and climbed on the desk. Still, she had trouble reaching the top. "Could you hold me ma'am".

I went behind her and held her legs. Her legs were as soft as a feather. I felt her smooth skin on my hands. She was leaning forwards, and was on her toes. I tried to peep inside her skirt, trying to catch a glimpse of her hidden treasure. I caught a glimpse of her white panties. "You have to hold me from the front ma'am", Natasha told me. I came around her and stood between her and the cupboard. "Hold my waist and try to lift me", she said. I held her waist and pushed her to the top. She was leaning to the cupboard, her hands trying to reach the top. My face was close to her waist. I could smell her body. Her shirt tucked under her skirt was trying hard to pop out. I slowly pulled down her skirt a little, and the shirt was out. I could see her sensual navel peeping at me. I felt aroused at the sight of her navel. "Push me up ma'am", she said. I held her knees from behind and pushed her up. Slowly pretending to push, I let my hands move under skirt. My hands moved along her knees to her thighs under her skirt. Natasha did not seemed to notice this and was busy checking on the files. Her thighs felt soft against my hands. I could feel my breathing becoming deeper. I placed my hands over to her ass slowly. Her ass was round, tight and very firm.

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I rested my hands on her ass over her panties. Gently I squeezed her ass. Natasha looked down at me. But she did not protest and went back to her job. Gaining in confidence, I tried to put my fingers under her panties. My finger barely went inside the panties and felt her ass when she protested. "Ma'am, you shouldn't do that", she protested. Not able to contain myself now, I pushed her towards me and kissed her navel. Natasha let out a gasp of shock. I started kissing and licking her navel. My hands were squeezing her ass hard over the panties. Natasha was looking at me in wonder and shock. But she was not protesting and I guessed that she was starting to enjoy it too. I reached for her ass from the sides under her panties. Her bare ass felt good. With one hand I pulled her panties to one side and with the other, I started rubbing her between her arse. I was literally sucking her navel. She was really short of breath now. Her hands were placed on my shoulders and she was leaning on to me. Her knees were bent, unable to handle all the sensations. I placed my hand on her inner thighs, and at once felt the sweat running down her thighs. I led Natasha from the table on to the floor. Standing in front and facing her, I started kissing her on the lips, while my hands pondered for her shirt buttons. After some kisses, she began to respond by opening her mouth and letting my tongue slide inside. I explored her mouth with my tongue. My hands were successful in unbuttoning her shirt. I broke our kiss lock and removed her shirt letting it drop on the floor. Her young breasts were small and tight. It was visibly bursting out of her bra. Her erect nipples were quite evident through the bra. I removed her bra and cupped her breasts with my hands. I kissed and licked her nipples one by one. She was really enjoying this now and was moaning with each kiss.

Her nipples were as hard as it could get. I knelt down and kissed her navel. Still kissing her navel with one swift stroke I pulled down her skirt and panties up to her feet. I helped her out of those and threw it on one side. I looked at her. She covered her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other, and looked down in shyness. I kissed her on her hands and forcefully removed her hands. There, standing in front of me was my Natasha, completely nude, not even a thread on her body. I felt a chill running down my spine. Natasha was breathing hard. Her tight breasts and erect nipples were moving along with her breathing. Her well shaped belly and her navel was a treat to the eyes. Her young pussy was unexplored. There was a faint line of hair from navel to the top of her clit. Other than that there was not even a trace of hair, not even under her arms. She was too young for that. I turned her around and kissed her round tight ass. I made her kneel down with her back to me. I pushed her on to her elbows. She was prone on her knees and elbows with her ass facing me. I made her separate her knees a little. Her pussy lips parted a little and a drop of her juice fell to the floor. Her pink pussy was glistening with droplets ready to fall. I started squeezing her ass with my hands. I ran my fingers between her ass and started rubbing her furiously. I separated her ass as far as I could with my hands and started licking her between them. My tongue ran over her ass hole trying to go inside it. She was letting out moans of pleasure and excitement. Natasha let out a scream when I tried to insert my finger into her asshole. I pushed my finger slowly inside her to the very end. She was screaming in pain.

I removed my finger and moved to her side. With my right hand I started rubbing and squeezing her tits. Suddenly, without warning, I inserted my left middle finger inside her asshole again. She gasped out for breath. I started moving my finger back and forth furiously while squeezing her nipples with the other hand. Now she was getting into the mood. Her screams had changed to moans. A few drops of fluid fell from her pussy to the floor. I knew that she was getting ready. I turned her around and made her lie on her back. I spread her legs as far it could go. Her pussy lips opened up. It was all wet. I parted her pussy lips and saw her hymen.
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Still parting her pussy, I started licking inside. I tasted her urine and fluid. Her whole body was shivering as my tongue ran inside her vagina. Her moans were now becoming louder. Her breath was in short gasps. Suddenly, she gave a shudder and a scream. Her fluids began to erupt from her pussy. I kept licking her pussy through the flow of fluids. Her juices were on to my tongue and mouth. She shuddered again. Her whole body arched backwards. This time she gave out a louder scream. More fluids began to flow. I sat back and watched her orgasm. She lay back panting. White fluids were all over her pussy and had dripped to the floor. This was the biggest orgasm I had ever seen. I went to the desk and brought back a vibrator. Natasha was too tired . So I decided to help myself. I removed all my clothes. Completely nude, I went and sat facing her. She was staring at me in wonder. Opening up my legs wide apart, I exhibited my private area to my love. She sat staring at my cleanly shaved pussy. Watching her lying on her own juices and the fluids dripping down from her pussy to the floor, I inserted the vibrator into my pussy. I started moving back and forth rapidly. I was moaning with the motion of the vibrator. Natasha sat straight and held the vibrator over my hands. I removed my hands. She started moving the vibrator back forth in my vagina. Her inexperienced hands were trying hard. I could sense my climax building up. I started to moan loudly. She furiously moved the vibrator in and out. With one loud scream, I climaxed over her hands and the vibrator. She stared at my pussy in amazement. She had never seen someone orgasm before. We lay there holding each others hand for some time. Then we cleaned the place. Got ourselves cleaned and dressed up. I could sense that Natasha enjoyed this very much. I was making more plans for the future as we went out to attend the annual day functions.